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  • Not sure I like this more than the SC-55 but I'm intrigued.

    Saryx CuenzalSaryx CuenzalHace 3 días
  • Em 2020 curtindo living on my own de 1985....elernos 80's

    Roberto PortoRoberto PortoHace 7 días
  • So happy I have the Mr. Bad Guy cd to enjoy Freddie's work. Of course, being an intelligent, fastidious person, he privately dealt with his health issues. Like many others at the time didn't get tested til later. But, he had hope. And decided how he would live. After all, he lost Hendrix without warning; lost Lennon without warning. What a blessing he chose to keep involved in his music and Queen's music to the end. These decades later, we cry for the loss of the legend.

    Marva L StithMarva L StithHace 18 días
  • God gives someone thus prize !!!!

    Ernest LeibuErnest LeibuHace un mes
  • yall belive in gravity?

    cosmiccosmogcosmiccosmogHace un mes
  • Mr Bad Gay

    Roberto GRoberto GHace 2 meses
  • This is not Queen,but he's vocal is nice. I want to Queensong!!

    T. RickyT. RickyHace 2 meses
  • 2020 anyone?

    Cat 101 ReviewsCat 101 ReviewsHace 2 meses
  • Every, single, comment, is about jojo...

    Ryan_picpac StudiosRyan_picpac StudiosHace 3 meses
  • pucchi's favourite song

    DanielSoar_PTDanielSoar_PTHace 3 meses
    • @KABOOTY oh lol

      DanielSoar_PTDanielSoar_PTHace 2 meses
    • DanielSoar_PT pucci*

      KABOOTYKABOOTYHace 2 meses
  • Wow what a song Freddie is rocking in heaven now🙏

    Michael DunneMichael DunneHace 3 meses
  • This album has great songs but it was horrible produced. The songs sound like demo versions.

    Federico AsticaFederico AsticaHace 4 meses
    • Here is when real Queen comes to Made in heaven album

      Damian AndoDamian AndoHace 2 meses
  • Freddie was cool😎

    Lloyd LyallLloyd LyallHace 5 meses
  • 👍🏻

    Екатерина БорцоваЕкатерина БорцоваHace 8 meses
  • Un grande con esas vocalizaciones. ImI.

    Moisés CastroMoisés CastroHace 8 meses
  • I wish this track could made it to Spotify

    Ken ChooKen ChooHace 9 meses
    • It’s on Spotify

      LuisCrackGameplaysLuisCrackGameplaysHace 7 meses
  • + RIP Freddie + See you bro 👍

    Fabio GarciaFabio GarciaHace 9 meses

    pappagetti 2009pappagetti 2009Hace 9 meses
  • Gorgeous song!!!! I've heard this on the Made in Heaven album and it gets me emotional every time!! Freddie has the most dynamic voice I've ever heard - powerful and delicate. There is so much emotion expressed with seemingly little effort. It's like silk or honey. Truly the voice of an angel!!

    Marie GrimesMarie GrimesHace 9 meses
    • do you believe in gravity

      cosmiccosmogcosmiccosmogHace un mes
  • This was written by Freddie in 1985 and the lyrics are very if he already knew what was coming. :(

    Marie GrimesMarie GrimesHace 9 meses
  • Lindo demais nesta foto 💞

    Regina SouzaRegina SouzaHace 10 meses
  • This is my favorite Freddie Mercury's song from Mr Bad Guy!!!!! 😍❤💙💚💛💜💕 When I was a child, I heard "Living On My Own" for the very 1st time on the radio when I was at home with my mom and I loved this beautiful song!!!!!! 😃

    Luma AlessandraLuma AlessandraHace un año
    • @Vitor Machado Aaaaahhhhhhh, isso é muito bacana!!!! 😃

      Luma AlessandraLuma AlessandraHace 11 meses
    • Eu gosto praticamente do álbum todo

      Vitor MachadoVitor MachadoHace 11 meses
  • *Anasui has left the game* *Ermes has left the game* *Jotaro has left the game* *Jolyne has left the game*

    Brenton TaylorBrenton TaylorHace un año

    Soviet HeavySoviet HeavyHace un año
  • It hurts to face the truth that he is dead.. But it doesn't feel like it.

    Willow PayneWillow PayneHace un año
  • MrGreatGuy This is of course genius work from him, but the later Queen version of this song with Brian’s guitar instrumentation gives us a good example how enriching collaboration of amazing musicians (called Queen) it was....

    Martin DrienkaMartin DrienkaHace un año
    • yall believe in gravity?

      cosmiccosmogcosmiccosmogHace un mes
  • 2018 i love it nice song

    Kik GKik GHace un año
  • Living on my on se numea remixul post mortem, varianta originala se numea"Ti ro re re"

    Radu CorcodelRadu CorcodelHace un año
  • te amo freddie

    Capsule DriveCapsule DriveHace un año
  • Super me encanta min 1:40

    JANETH # JANJANETH # JANHace un año
  • 😍

    Lorenzo RovinaLorenzo RovinaHace un año

    The Sexy Kid ProjectThe Sexy Kid ProjectHace 2 años
  • I can't stop replayyyyyy help me !!! haaaaaa !!

    Mick GemsMick GemsHace 2 años
  • Been looking for a long time to find the original. This one was better imo. Remixes rarely makes it better.

    San droSan droHace 2 años
  • El era un papucho

    Alejita AguileraAlejita AguileraHace 2 años
  • Such a gift of life Freddy gave his best for us to live on with. the secret is to live to feel life, awesome he was.

    Herbert EdmundsHerbert EdmundsHace 2 años
  • Why drums have too many chorus?

    EmperorGrieferusEmperorGrieferusHace 2 años
    • Yes chorus has been added to the drums, as well as additional reverb to all instruments. But i think i sounds quite interesting like this. I remember asking the ripper/recorder (i think they are the recording made by "LogicDeluxe" and his SC-155) and he said it was not intentional and that he reseted the device between each song. Weird. If you want the same effect on your Sound Canvas, try 110 reverb on ALL and 80 reverb 80 chorus on PART10

      crumbycrumbyHace un año
  • I want Part 6 Animation to end with Made In Heaven and be followed by What A Wonderful World

    Soft Stinky SneezeSoft Stinky SneezeHace 2 años
  • amo esta parte 2:40

    enana negrienana negriHace 2 años
    • @Fabrício Assis MG Essa foi a segunda música desse álbum que eu escutei, a primeira foi I was born to love you

      Vitor MachadoVitor MachadoHace 11 meses
    • Não conhecia essa versão!... Achava que era um dessas sessões nunca lançadas pelo Freddie que a gravadora encontrou e estourou em versão Dance Music em 1992, um ano após a morte! Amo demais o Queen e não cheguei a escutar tanto esse seu primeiro disco solo, que estourou com 'I Was Born To Love You'... Gostei!

      Fabrício Assis MGFabrício Assis MGHace un año
    • sorry 1:40

      enana negrienana negriHace 2 años
  • True way to watch this video: Keep speeding it up and then rewatch it

    [ D_wang ][ D_wang ]Hace 2 años
  • 3:00 gave me goosebumps

    Eugenio DelgadoEugenio DelgadoHace 2 años
  • This song makes me wanna reset the universe

    Sashi_MeSashi_MeHace 2 años
  • The reason why this is one of the best references in JoJo (besides just being a fucking incredible song) is how the lyrics relate to the motives and feelings of the character that the stand is attached to. it's awesome!

    parappathegamerparappathegamerHace 3 años
  • JoJokes aside... this is a powerful thing to be released after Freddie's death. Feels almost like a symbol of passing.

    Haydn AndersonHaydn AndersonHace 3 años
  • If you consider the lyrics from Pucci's perspective, as he's slaughtering the protagonists, hunting down Emporio and speeding up time to insane degrees, this song becomes a lot more ominous.

    zillafire101zillafire101Hace 3 años
  • Awesome song. <3 Fuck that Stand, though. >:I It ruined everything.

    ReyaitheShadowWolfReyaitheShadowWolfHace 3 años
  • "When stormy weather comes around, it was made in heaven'' OH MY GOD!

    Karlos1234ifyKarlos1234ifyHace 3 años
  • Araki must love Queen is this song, along with Killer Queen, Sheer Heart Attack and Another Bites The Dust are Stands

    Chaos CrossChaos CrossHace 3 años
  • Y'all mind if I....*ATTAIN HEAVEN*

    sodahsodahHace 3 años
  • Outstanding Diamond Dogs! Out-fucking-standing!

    Nihilistic SnakeNihilistic SnakeHace 3 años
    • Nihilistic Snake out standing snake! OUT-FUCKING-STANDING!!!

      M4NN0FSTEELM4NN0FSTEELHace 2 años
  • This song actually kinda makes me wish Pucci won.

    RaiseAlucardRaiseAlucardHace 3 años
  • I first heard the remix and really liked it back in the early 90s. This is the first time I have heard the original and I think it will grow on me. The pianoing I am assuming is Freddie playing but I am not keen on the repetitive electronic score that accompanies his voice. I think Freddie's voice doesn't sound very powerful in this song. At the same time I don't think the song stylistically could have been improved with Queen either. Perhaps this song was way ahead of its time? Maybe that was part of the reason the remix did so well?

    dudedudeHace 3 años
    • This is Fred Mandel on piano - super hot playing! Freddie had his own unique style on the piano, which I love, too. This version is wonderful with the scat singing!

      Laura WrightLaura WrightHace 3 meses
    • dude

      Heisenberg The FagottiniHeisenberg The FagottiniHace 10 meses
  • Spiral staircase

    BonkleBonkleHace 3 años
    • +Bonkle Fig Tart

      PapaSlurpuffPapaSlurpuffHace 3 años
    • @***** Ruins street

      BonkleBonkleHace 3 años
  • Just a fab album RIP Freedie the music industry misses you

    john woolstonjohn woolstonHace 3 años
  • Spiral staircase Rhinoceros beetle Ruins street Fig tart Rhinoceros beetle Via dolorosa Rhinoceros beetle Singularity point Giotto Angel Hydrangea Rhinoceros beetle Singularity point Secret emperor

    SilhouetteJudasSilhouetteJudasHace 3 años
    • SilhouetteJudas Does that activate the Winter Soldier?

      LJK401LJK401Hace 3 años
  • Why are so many weaboos in the comment section?

    DElena's Trading CardsDElena's Trading CardsHace 3 años
    • Jojo is anything but weaboo material.

      True DarknessTrue DarknessHace 3 años
    • Bù Metsu Wrestling JoJo is too cool to be weeby. Give it a watch, I was skeptical at first but I love it now.

      LJK401LJK401Hace 3 años
    • @***** GER says hello

      dat guydat guyHace 3 años
    • i would reccomend giving it a watch/read because it can be hilarious and very over the top, its still good for other reasons, but the over the top, strange, kinda cool, and also occasional flamboyant moments are what make it stand out more.

      dat guydat guyHace 3 años
    • 1. i wish that weeaboo hadnt become as meeningless as the term gamer, in fact the use in this instance *HAD* an obvious and extreme point to which someone was a weeaboo. 2. the reason why theres lots of jojo fans in the comments (i am included in the famdom but not the reason) is because there is a 'stand' (if you played persona its essentially a persona) named made in heaven, of course after this song, in fact every stand past part 3 is named after a song or band that comes from the west, in addition some characters are also named after bands and artists, such as dio, esidisi (sounding like acdc) Robert Edward O SPEEDWAGON to name a few.

      dat guydat guyHace 3 años
  • I now understand why Pucci wanted to reset the universe.

    SheikahChildSheikahChildHace 3 años
  • Gravitys a bitch

    nsdfasdfads fvgdfsdnsdfasdfads fvgdfsdHace 3 años
  • of course the comment section is taken over by jojo fans

    Marlo WestwingMarlo WestwingHace 3 años
    • Marlo Westwing Just wait until part 6 gets animated. then this comment section will die

      parappathegamerparappathegamerHace 3 años
  • The comments are overrun now. But oh boy once Part 6 gets animated. This will be hell.

    Nill NullNill NullHace 3 años
    • Spiral Staircase…

      Karlos1234ifyKarlos1234ifyHace 3 años
    • The God of Soap, Kekcario HEAVUN'S DOOR

      ana cabanaana cabanaHace 3 años

      The God of Soap, KekcarioThe God of Soap, KekcarioHace 3 años
  • A bisexual vampire and his Christian boyfriend walk into a bar. They destroy the fucking universe.

    Chris BabaganooshChris BabaganooshHace 3 años
  • Great song, sad story. Regardless, "I, Pucci, have made humanity realize their 'Destiny'. This is Made in Heaven!"

    Giorno JoestarGiorno JoestarHace 3 años
    • @Hardcore Izuku. lol ok then

      DanielSoar_PTDanielSoar_PTHace 2 meses
    • no, it’s pucci.

      Hardcore Izuku.Hardcore Izuku.Hace 3 meses
    • no offence but hes called "pucchi"

      DanielSoar_PTDanielSoar_PTHace 3 meses
  • amazing voice

    hihiHace 3 años
  • "I've never even thought of doing that to you. I like people who help me, encourage my growth... You're the king of kings. Where will you end up? I want to see it through to the end. I love you as I love God."

    B RodB RodHace 3 años
  • Set the video to 2.5. That'll let ya reset the universe.

    Valentine MajeskiValentine MajeskiHace 3 años
    • And set on a quest to discover Jesus.

      HalfoftheClamHalfoftheClamHace 3 años
    • We shall enter your world

      Over HeavenOver HeavenHace 3 años
  • Did Freddy suddenly became Christian before he died? there are so many heaven and Jesus related song. Which is good :)

    David HDavid HHace 3 años
    • Christianity didn't invent the concept of Heaven, they merely put the word on it. Freddie was a Zoroastrian, the first Monotheistic religion in history, and had similar concepts to later religions, such as a benevolent ruler-deity, and a fallen angel (Ahriman). Basically, Christianity is the SNES, Zoroastrianism is the Atari.

      zillafire101zillafire101Hace 3 años
    • Nope, and this song was originally recorded in 1985 for his solo album "Mr. Bad Guy"

      Yang Wen liYang Wen liHace 3 años
  • RIP Legendary Mercury love you for Ever 46 years ago and I will never forget you....

    Roman TaylorRoman TaylorHace 3 años
  • sc-55 and sc-155 have my favourite renditions of this theme sc-88 not so much really...

    BrowsignalBrowsignalHace 3 años
  • supercool album volg mij op instagram als 'superunknown_jelle

    unsaneunsaneHace 3 años
  • Damn Catholic priests! Get off my lawn!

    zillafire101zillafire101Hace 3 años
  • If I end up in some sort of Anime/Manga where I'm some sort of person of power and this normal human villain wants to fuse with me to destroy and recreate the universe and also kill the entire band of main heroes while this plays, then I'm all in.

    ??????????????????Hace 3 años
  • This song is being played at my wedding!

    • Congratz

      zillafire101zillafire101Hace 3 años
  • 1.25 - 3:30 love

    rems paysdelerinsrems paysdelerinsHace 3 años
  • original and remix are the best that i listened

    Otto AguilarOtto AguilarHace 3 años

    2dollaslices2dollaslicesHace 4 años

      2dollaslices2dollaslicesHace 4 años

    Conrado JavierConrado JavierHace 4 años

      Yagi di HoshiYagi di HoshiHace 3 años
    • It tastes like a liar.

      zillafire101zillafire101Hace 3 años
  • Maiden Heaven

    Andrés MeltAndrés MeltHace 4 años
    • Smack

      Supabacon KekSupabacon KekHace 3 años
    • Zipper Man

      JagiJagiHace 3 años
    • Flaccid Pancake

      The God of Soap, KekcarioThe God of Soap, KekcarioHace 3 años
    • D E A D L Y Q U E E N

      Arby W.Arby W.Hace 3 años
    • +TheNotoriousBigBadWolf so the localization changed the names of the main Stands to the names of their parts? Cool(Vento Aureo's English translated name is Golden Wind, Stone Ocean is part 6's name). Still better than the name Limp Bizkit got(Flaccid Pancakes).

      Malcom AlexanderMalcom AlexanderHace 3 años
  • simply biggest

    Maurizio CirianiMaurizio CirianiHace 4 años
  • Now I know why Pucci is gay.

    HotLine SanzensekaiHotLine SanzensekaiHace 4 años
    • HotLine Sanzensekai who wouldn't for Freddie?

      zillafire101zillafire101Hace 3 años
  • Put the speed to 2 for the Jojo version.

    hahaha hahahahahaha hahahaHace 4 años
  • can someone explain what freddie really means in that song ? i can't find any clear explanation

    Pamela AsmarPamela AsmarHace 4 años
    • Pamela Asmar He's using his gay priest standu powah to reset the universe 36 times

      BryndlesonBryndlesonHace 2 años
    • +Pamela Asmar It's him singing for us in Heaven. There's nothing much to understand. It was one of the last songs he recorded.

      Khapoo BluedKhapoo BluedHace 4 años
  • i love that song and that singer he was a good singer composer

    Juan ParedesJuan ParedesHace 4 años
  • The best thing about this song is how fitting and triumphal it is from the perspective of Dio and Pucci.

    Cyrus RothenbergCyrus RothenbergHace 4 años
    • And to think, in the original Jump version, the Stand was "Stairway to Heaven". Talk about changes for the better.

      RealParadoxBluesRealParadoxBluesHace 3 años
  • Fantastic song!

    József GallaJózsef GallaHace 4 años
  • Too bad Giorno got arrested by the sequel police at customs because a GER/MIH fight would be too cool for even Kishibe to render properly.

    Mister ArgenrMister ArgenrHace 4 años
    • 36 Kars s

      Hey, you. You're finally awakeHey, you. You're finally awakeHace 3 años
    • The universe is resetting... B U T I R E F U S E

      The God of Soap, KekcarioThe God of Soap, KekcarioHace 3 años
    • @Asano Makishi Thanks.

      DeeperHavocDeeperHavocHace 4 años
    • @DeeperHavoc pan_demon_i_um I dunno. I only read the info on the wiki. But if you search around the Google I'm sure that you will be able to find. The name is "Jorge Joestar Novel"

      Asano Pyah!Asano Pyah!Hace 4 años
    • +Asano Makishi (Acchan) Where can I go to read this novel, and which novel was it?

      DeeperHavocDeeperHavocHace 4 años
  • .....

    Made In HeavenMade In HeavenHace 4 años
  • Beautiful Song. <3 Freddie was made in Heaven <3I haz lyrics which I heard:I'm taking my ride with destiny Willing to play my part Living with painful memories Loving with all my heart Made in heaven, made in heaven It was all meant to be, yeah Made in heaven, made in heaven That's what they say Can't you see That's what everybody says to me Can't you see Oh I know, I know, I know that it's true Yes it's really meant to be Deep in my heart I'm having to learn to pay the price They're turning me upside down Waiting for possibilities Don't see too many around Made in heaven, yes, made in heaven It's for all to see Made in heaven, made in heaven That's what everybody says everybody says to me It was really meant to be Oh can't you see Yeah, everybody, everybody says Yes it was meant to be Yeah, yeah When stormy weather comes around It was made in heaven When sunny skies break through behind the clouds I wish it could last forever, yeah, yeah Wish it could last forever, forever Made in HEAVENNNNNN I'm playing my roll in history Looking to find my goal Taking in all this misery But giving it all my soul Made in heaven, Made in heaven It was all meant to be Made in heaven, Made in heaven That's what everybody says Wait and see, it was really meant to be So plain to see Yeah, everybody, everybody, everybody tells me so Yes it was plain to see, yes it was meant to be Written in the stars...

    s. a.s. a.Hace 4 años
  • And the youtube video is 360p

    AlticrooAlticrooHace 4 años
    • +Alticroo ESproject has not fully processed the video yet.

      ClassicGamingATClassicGamingATHace 4 años
  • Algum br aqui?

    Sayuri NakamuraSayuri NakamuraHace 4 años
  • My God, é de arrepiar!!!!

    luciane Mancioluciane MancioHace 4 años
  • Gonna have this song play at my funeral.

    aka Gilletteaka GilletteHace 4 años
  • OMG Lots ofJoJo fans......

    Eve SnowlandEve SnowlandHace 4 años
    • Grreaaato

      True DarknessTrue DarknessHace 3 años
    • And Gay priests.

      zillafire101zillafire101Hace 3 años
  • >come here because this song is excellent >JoJobros errywhere I smiled. You guys are alright.

    Atomic ElbowAtomic ElbowHace 4 años
  • Discazo!!!

    Martin DrazileMartin DrazileHace 4 años
  • super ....

    Nutka NuciaNutka NuciaHace 4 años
  • made for human

    d ddelyond ddelyonHace 4 años
  • Ta piosenka jest taka mądra, smutna zarazem... a z jednej strony optymistyczna. Ja przy tej piosence prawie zawsze płaczę... kocham ją. TAKA MUZYKA NIE GINIE. ONA BĘDZIE ŻYŁA POMIMO TYCH GWIAZD XXI WIEKU!!!

    Paulina OmePaulina OmeHace 4 años
  • the best

    Artur TylkoArtur TylkoHace 4 años
  • jak On śpiewał kiedyś tak nie lubiłam tej piosenki abteraz kocham zamknąć oczy i słuchać słuchać... m

    Marzanna BobrykMarzanna BobrykHace 4 años
  • Oh nm , i just now got it

    Spooky SpaghettiSpooky SpaghettiHace 4 años