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Home to America's favorite Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef, burgers, salads, and chocolate cake.



  • They do well due to paying better then McDonald’s

    Kevin VoeksKevin VoeksHace 2 días
  • Hello my name is lili I live in Tampa, West Hillsborough Avenue area, code I am looking to work for an accountant some can help me ??? Thank you

    Lydia LydiaLydia LydiaHace 3 días
  • Oh my gosh all these reactions and descriptions would be so incredibly funny describing inappropriate things…😆👀miss vine

    Eva StoodEva StoodHace 3 días
  • So is this still happening or...

    Chris LoughmanChris LoughmanHace 13 días
    • Yes seen it on the news

      Julian MartinezJulian MartinezHace 8 días
  • Dick Portillo would have you believe that if EVERYONE worked as hard as he did.. WE can all be MILLIONAIRES!! That's not how CAPITALSIM works. You need to balance CAPITALISM with a heavy dose of SOCIALISM.

    Fish MannFish MannHace 26 días
  • 4:52 Let's all work for slave labor wages to make this ass hole RICHER!! Congratulations on the one sided, fucked up "American Dream"

    Fish MannFish MannHace 26 días
  • I'm so glad they have 3 in Portillo's in Arizona. I'm from Chicago and miss the Hot dogs, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Italian sausage and fries. I always end up spending like $50 and its so worth every penny.

    Bert DahlmanBert DahlmanHace un mes
  • Portillo's come to TEXAS!! Miss Portillo's food!

    JustMe2JustMe2Hace un mes
  • 1:30 lmaooo

    Nefertari WellingtonNefertari WellingtonHace un mes
  • The narrator is probably the burger king door lettuce guy

    sean juthsean juthHace un mes
  • Definitely going to the nearest Portillo & get me a beef

    Ivan D. BeeIvan D. BeeHace un mes
  • That’s my boss the women making the shake I work for Portillo’s and I’m just now seeing this

    King Savage MukbangsKing Savage MukbangsHace 2 meses
  • We just opened one here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We went yesterday for lunch I got the Italian Beef sandwich and med fry and large chocolate cake shake. I loved it! We want to go again today lol! 👍👍

    TaraRockRevival BeBeTaraRockRevival BeBeHace 2 meses
  • OK so 2019 will be gone in about six weeks and the building at Addison and Kimball is not only still standing but still occupied. Get to work already, I'm tired of driving up to Skokie every time I want a Portilloburger.

    DroverChicagoDroverChicagoHace 2 meses
  • I grew up in Lombard and I remember 'The Dog House"! then my parents moved to Warrenville,Il. and always went to Portillos. I'm a vegetarian now but........ Id eat a hot beef sandwich!!!!

    Dorothy MartinDorothy MartinHace 3 meses
  • This looks very cool, We got our tickets and we can't wait to see you guys!

    Planet FunhousePlanet FunhouseHace 3 meses
  • Can't wait to be there!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Eraz RockEraz RockHace 3 meses
  • Warren Buffet bought Portillo's. Portillo still owns the land that the restaurants are on.

    mark nastmark nastHace 4 meses
  • Most don't know that the Portillo's are Hispanic, not Italian.

    mark nastmark nastHace 4 meses

    Chicago Land trainsChicago Land trainsHace 4 meses
  • Hey Mr. Portillio You Should Have Pictures of All Famous Italian-Americans Like in the Movie "Do the Right Thing"

    maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
    • Oops, My Bad. I Read on Youtude You're Mexican-Greek. Forgive Me, Sir.

      maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
  • When are Y'all Coming to Houston, Texas. I was Made in Chicago. I Love Chicago Food!

    maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
  • I was Made in Chicago and I Wish Portillo's were Here in Houston, Texas. What's a Y'all Waiting For? We're Tied with Chicago as the 3rd Largest City in the USA. Like All Wiseguys From Chicago Say, "Business is Business". (smile)

    maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
    • Yeah.

      maureencora1maureencora1Hace 4 meses
    • maureencora1 if they do come down to Houston, they gone have to change their bags because whataburger might sue. But yeah, portillos need to come to Katy along with jerk48. They need to come to Houston and New Orleans

      Brandon EllisBrandon EllisHace 4 meses
  • I wanna try this

    allie rossallie rossHace 5 meses
  • I am glad that I am still working at Deerfield portillos on lake cook

    Union Pacific big boy fanUnion Pacific big boy fanHace 5 meses
  • I Wish We Had One Down Here in Houston, Texas. I Love Chicago, IL. (Southside)

    maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
  • He Looked Like a of Goodfellas ... I Kid. (smile) Great Food. I Love Chicago (Southside)

    maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
    • P.S. Do 62 yrs old Marines Get a Discount? Semper-Fi, Pappy.

      maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
  • Thank you Portillos for having the best food ever

  • There's plenty of Chicago transplants here in Dallas Texas that are in dire need of a portillo's here. Please come to Dallas and build it and hordes of hungry people will come!!!!

    Sean KeanSean KeanHace 6 meses
  • Gabriel Iglesias brought me here. Can't wait to try this PORTILLO's.

    Shin JaraShin JaraHace 7 meses
  • How do you cook your hot dogs?

    Paul WidnerPaul WidnerHace 7 meses
  • that’s me 😆

    kaylee Cardenaskaylee CardenasHace 7 meses
  • Lemon cake the beat

    baltazar garciabaltazar garciaHace 7 meses

    Zeacorzeppelin10Zeacorzeppelin10Hace 7 meses
  • All the fluffy fans! Yup. He brought me here too. Lol

    Scott LeeScott LeeHace 8 meses
  • Oof

    Dane JrDane JrHace 8 meses
  • Who is fluffy? I want to try this shake so bad

    Dee ZnutzDee ZnutzHace 9 meses
  • open a portillos in des moines, ia

    Cole WadsworthCole WadsworthHace 9 meses
  • This cake is fabulously delicious!!!!!

    Deborah MetoyerDeborah MetoyerHace 9 meses
  • Mr fluffy

    AbdulAbdulHace 9 meses
  • My 6 year old wants this as his birthday cake, but it’s gone again! :( Gotta try to figure out the recipe.

    Life With JillyannLife With JillyannHace 9 meses
  • 1:10 just look at that, reminds me of 1940’s

    Neyber TONeyber TOHace 10 meses
  • Portillos is alright but has anyone tried Buona? Their beef is fire 🔥🔥🔥 way more flavor and I think the quality is a lot better too. I think portillos beef gravy comes from a water base. Buona's gravy comes directly from the slab of meat so the juice is real!

    Jimmy BJimmy BHace 10 meses
    • Stop self advertising 😎

      Juno DisarapongJuno DisarapongHace 6 meses
  • Portillos Moreno Valley....thank you God

    Derek Perry SrDerek Perry SrHace 10 meses
  • The only thing that makes it taste like lemon is the frosting, the cake is vanilla. I should know, I worked there. Still very good and a lot better than the chocolate cake, which I thought was always too rich.

    ianthiaianthiaHace 10 meses
  • Dammit fluffy you just had to -.- ^.^

    Smokin EZalez 88Smokin EZalez 88Hace 11 meses
  • Please pass this along to the president of the company. Every year I get a gift pak of your Italian beef. It's great to receive this as a gift but there is one glaring problem. I can't eat it all at once. All the ingredients come divided in half so you can make only 4 of the 8 sandwiches at a time, EXCEPT the peppers! Is it asking too much for you to please divide the peppers into two containers?? Thanks

    UtwoBedUtwoBedHace 11 meses
  • Just tried Portillos for the first time today for a mid afternoon lunch after a movie with one of my girl friends. OMG! I'm not usually a beef sandwich fan but ordered the Italian Beef w sweet peppers add onion and cheese sauce with extra gravy on the side, onion rings sm cheese fry, large coke n choc cake. I have to say, the Italian beef was BOMB! A bit of a juicy mess even before dipping but the best foods always are right!? Lol. The rest of my order was really good too. I can't wait to be back to knock off a few other items off the menu. It was BUSY but the lines move fast. Between walking in and having our food in hand, it was prob less than 15 minutes. I can see why Portillos is always a mad house. I will defenitely be back!! If it wasn't an hr away, I'd drive back for seconds! 😋😍

    Tammy BuchholzTammy BuchholzHace 11 meses
  • yo thats my mom

    merckmerckHace 11 meses
  • Here for Big Ol' Jamie Kennedy! She is a treasure.

    DeskieFamDeskieFamHace 11 meses
  • Count your register, go home

    Solar BoiSolar BoiHace 11 meses
  • BJK won’t steer you wrong!! She’s the best 😉

    RydogVRydogVHace 11 meses
  • I love that the comments are full of Best Friends

    Rondy WootenRondy WootenHace 11 meses
  • Woo!! Congrats!!!

    Lori Ann SilvestriLori Ann SilvestriHace 11 meses
  • Shout out to a real one!

    Andrew RiveraAndrew RiveraHace 11 meses
  • Go big Jamie Kennedy!!! The best friends love you!!

    Kevin WKevin WHace 11 meses
  • Yes Jamie!!

    Michael SmithMichael SmithHace 11 meses
  • We love you mama Miller! ❤

    skz ypskz ypHace 11 meses
  • Ass to ass I mean smile to smile

    jdas15jdas15Hace 11 meses
  • Good job JK! ❤️ From the KF community!

    Mathieu BertrandMathieu BertrandHace 11 meses
  • Can confirm Jamie is fantastic and brings a big smile to everyones faces 😄💜💜

    Amy GilroyAmy GilroyHace 11 meses
    • AMYGILS IN THE BUILDING! What's up Amy?

      DJ KentoDJ KentoHace 11 meses
  • Shout out to big JK! Keep slinging those dawgs

    Cameron BrowneCameron BrowneHace 11 meses
  • Big Mama Kennedy!!!❤❤

    Danny FoglesongDanny FoglesongHace 11 meses
  • Much love to momma Miller! <3 You work just as hard as your son! <3 KF

    Kevin HolikKevin HolikHace 11 meses
  • I know her! I’m so proud of you, Mom! ❤️ - Greg

    Kinda FunnyKinda FunnyHace 11 meses
    • If he's lying he's dying!

      DJ KentoDJ KentoHace 11 meses
  • I grew up on Portillo and I just had a chocolate cake shake yesterday

    Jayden The Alpha JacksonJayden The Alpha JacksonHace un año
  • Food is not the same since dick sold

    Country LivingCountry LivingHace un año
  • Call me zipper slipper

    Ro HoeRo HoeHace un año
  • Shake machines in general tend to carry maggots including portillos. The large shake is 200 grams of sugar. The average person needs 37.5 daily to be healthy. It's o fucking wonder why America has health/ obesity issues

    Nachos RosalesNachos RosalesHace un año
  • Food still good . service sucks since Dick sold it. Wait times have gone up signuficantly in the Tempe AZ store. Sometimes now we just drive by cuz we are tired of waiting ling times for our food. Wasnt like this prior to the sale.

    Badger FishinskiBadger FishinskiHace un año
  • I'm currently drinking one. I'm in Minneapolis so it's probably not as good as it would be in Chicago, but it's still pretty fucking good.

    Jesse NelsonJesse NelsonHace un año
    • To find out how good food.. drinks or dessert and specially cake with mayonnaise???!!!over there go work there for one month.. and then see how good food is??? Everything is frozen.. except dessert 🍮 🎂 .. I learned these from my friend who worked there!!! No much care about these Chicago style food .. Our Minnesota’s food is the best!!!!

      Missn MissnMissn MissnHace 7 meses
  • 0:45-0:55 Dean rolling in all the delicious food, the music and Steve Carell's laugh, what an awesome moment to see. :)

    LazRLazRHace un año
    • Ikr It makes me so happy

      Cielo BernardCielo BernardHace un año
  • How is chocolate a guilty pleasure? The majority of people at the very least tolerate chocolate. It’s not as if you’re eating brains or something

    Kenny J.Kenny J.Hace un año
  • Oh my God you’re making so hungry.

    Grant EilersGrant EilersHace un año
  • i hate this ad it keeps popping up

    KorbshallKorbshallHace un año
  • Open portillos in southern Illinois marion Illinois carbondale Illinois has alot of Chicagoans that move away from Chicago do to gang activity and crime and lack of gun control we need portillos all over America i swear when i get in to real estate i will buy and open a portillos in southern Illinois your missing out on alot of money and would mean a great deal to the southern Illinois area opening new jobs as well as food options

    Tony PenaTony PenaHace un año
  • dairy i love you

    SaciSaciHace un año
    • Idk who this dairy guy is but he sounds cool

      Brandon PhelpsBrandon PhelpsHace un año
  • I don't like their "steamed" hot dog buns-- they're too soggy and pasty around the chili dogs.

    A GA GHace un año
  • What they didn't show is how they use mayonnaise in the making of the cake.

    Paul420MW ___Paul420MW ___Hace un año
    • Paul420MW ___ Mayonnaise is basically egg yolks + oil + lemon juice. Nothing really to be grossed out about TBH.

      Dan LannisterDan LannisterHace 10 meses
  • Here are some Guilty Food Pleasures. Can you relate? esproject.info/it/video/r2iEnLeXybGpt5k

    Ma'am Talks!Ma'am Talks!Hace un año
  • Thank you Portillo's for your consistent advertisement on all the ESproject videos I watch on a daily basis. It is true, I am obsessed with Portillo's now...with never stepping foot in your restaurant to eat your food.

    James OJames OHace un año

    Loren GorslineLoren GorslineHace un año
  • We need one in Jonesboro Arkansas👨‍🚀

    Ed BEd BHace un año
  • My guilty pleasure is beans & then chocolate

    Artist's GaloreArtist's GaloreHace un año
  • grew up in Villa Park, close to the first one, good stuff

    Peter AdamsPeter AdamsHace un año
  • “Oh yeah, it’s gonna happen”

    Zev GershonZev GershonHace un año
  • I was sent here from fluffly

    Rudy RodriguezRudy RodriguezHace un año
  • Im just surprised on the quick rhymes

    RokkfelRokkfelHace un año
  • I love poerillos because one good service good atmosphere and great food at a bargain

    RokkfelRokkfelHace un año
  • Yaaaaassss

    Vaultboy GamingVaultboy GamingHace un año
  • I love portillios and think they should franchise everywhere

    Vaultboy GamingVaultboy GamingHace un año
  • i feel so sorry for black people

    GothicKittyMadnessGothicKittyMadnessHace un año
  • This practice has been discontinued. Printouts from the register are now attached to the bag.

    Anthony TAnthony THace un año
  • Why is this video like a billion clips going back and forth to the same scenes?

    Chris WellzChris WellzHace un año
  • Well I’m going to Chicago anyone want something

    JESUS PumagualliJESUS PumagualliHace un año

    Michael AndersonMichael AndersonHace un año
  • I know Ainsley for real life!!

    Iris DuranIris DuranHace un año