Exposing Project Zorgo

Exposing Project Zorgo
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I am a former member of Project Zorgo. I used to go by the code name PZ1. Once I fully learned of their plans to control ESproject I decided to leave the group. I've discovered that their Target List of ESprojectrs are actually good people and create great videos. I decided to help my new friends Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint by joining the SPY NINJAS.
On this channel, I will be sharing everything I learned about the team and piecing together the clues, evidence, riddles, and puzzles to solve exactly what Project Zorgo is up to.



  • danlal

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  • Vy3

    Punmony PrachPunmony PrachHace un día
  • The guy from fedx what ever his name is

    Hugo HernadezHugo HernadezHace un día
  • Chad is strong brave and super and nice

    Chris MixonChris MixonHace un día
  • Dumb not possible to erase people memories

    Sissie GregorySissie GregoryHace un día
  • Pz715

    Andriana KostaraAndriana KostaraHace un día
  • Its daniel

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  • Front dax

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  • Chad lie

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  • Wilbur

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  • Kicks willbur

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  • V3 Chad1 Daniel3 Pz3 R.i.p pz4s phone

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  • Front Wilbur

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  • No but do you know I thought your crush was Daniel

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  • Daniel

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  • 1

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  • My son has 2 crushes

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  • these are how many spy ninjas there are

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  • i want mertch

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  • Pz Squire is mini morgz

    Tug MachainTug MachainHace un día
  • Chad

    Billy painterBilly painterHace un día
  • hi tell this to pz 9 I don,t wana hear it margret

    Houston, we have a problemHouston, we have a problemHace un día
  • Zorgo Difuse 5:28pm

    Furkat GadayevFurkat GadayevHace un día
  • Pz9 can be friends with pz2

    Chary RiveraChary RiveraHace un día
  • You’re a weird day I know you are there and I was on the

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  • I am so ready

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  • Regina crush seen like Daniel in that black thumbnail

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  • 75*66668007

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  • Dainal your celebrity crush has a valentine

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  • He is Melvin

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  • Mavn

    Justin RobertsJustin RobertsHace un día
  • Daniel Loves Regina ❤️💕 and Daniel loves Regina

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  • It’s so obvious it’s Daniel

    Maritza FloresMaritza FloresHace un día
  • I love ❤️ Rebecca vy that Daniel

    Olga PenaOlga PenaHace un día
  • Regina crush David dobrik and Daniel crushes Vanessa Merrell

    Valetina GomezValetina GomezHace un día
  • I thought Regina's would be Daniel and Daniels be Regina

    Hunter FowlerHunter FowlerHace un día
  • Rebecca vy that. Daniel

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  • Joseph Banks Took your tesla

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  • Regina 💗 daniboy so cute

    Big Drift skirt skrrtBig Drift skirt skrrtHace un día
  • Post guy

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  • Regina is in the green and dany boy is in the blue

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  • Chad Vy Daniel you are being spyed on

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  • I think it is g

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  • 12345

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  • Regina and Chad held the samé card

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  • Melvin

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  • Malvin

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  • I love a battle , really smart and funny 🦄💄

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  • No

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  • Dan 3

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  • 10/10

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  • Regina’s crush might be Daniel

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  • Actually Daniel liked Regina but when she said it was Someone Else he changed it

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  • Me im the best

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  • its th ehatch regina has a hatch in here secret room

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  • Chad 1

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  • How wants to be a spy ninja hit the like button

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  • Its daneil

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  • Vy 3

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  • I think Daniel And Regina like each other😍😘

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  • Omg regena likes denyal

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  • i love your vidos

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  • reveal your crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Meeee

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  • Did you hack my friends phone?

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  • I don't know I think I don't like hackers

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  • Deez nuts

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  • Olkbžynlykkjknjnjjuymmđžb Manje

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  • did you hack my friend

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  • The hacker is a girl 😂

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  • 32305 ch4d

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  • Daniel!!!

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  • Sx

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  • I love

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  • OMG hacker

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  • Regina’s crush is Daniel and Daniel crush is Regina!!! I think

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  • Danial

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  • Front post

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  • I got hacked

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  • Na

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  • ❤️🥰😘🥰❤️🥰😘🥰❤️😘🥰❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘Hi!

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  • Rigena

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  • Don't trust min

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  • 0

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  • 4

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  • They watch your videos so I think 💭 that’s how they know where your safe house 🏡 is

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  • I had a girlfriend since I was 5 years old and I never told anybody

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  • Vy3

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  • I love it

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  • Nice moves Chad

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  • Pz is so dumb he can’t even drive hahahahaha

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  • Hi

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  • I was for sure than Daniel and Regina have a crush on each other

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  • Miyyyy

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  • 1

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  • Daniel

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    • Hey man.

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  • Sorry Daniel vanessa has a boyfriend so....

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  • Vy3

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