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  • Legs legs legs 😍😭

    Alexander NordahlAlexander NordahlHace 2 días
  • Always

    Sebastian ZamerskiSebastian ZamerskiHace 6 días
  • What the fcuk 😨

    Terence DrabbleTerence DrabbleHace 13 días
  • Hi Guys it brings me back to the 80' but this version I would say awesome but it is fucking goooooooooooooooood thank's for workout and driving a car

    Gabi EperGabi EperHace 14 días
  • Cayt bleyat***õû as ß

    erdem Şahinerdem ŞahinHace 15 días
  • 0:35 фу бля чё за уебанский танец

    Razefonn RazefonnRazefonn RazefonnHace 19 días
  • any way to download this. I teach and exercise/dance class for the elderly and they love working out to this type of music. PLEASE let me know if I can get this somehow.

    Aaron SpicerAaron SpicerHace 21 un día
  • Just do porn and have music in the background. We are getting close to that. (Degradation)

    TheArty224TheArty224Hace 22 días
  • Ya

    Gh ChGh ChHace 26 días
  • Pit czarny antifa pacje.t o malaria siki

    Sebastian ZamerskiSebastian ZamerskiHace un mes
  • Nice. I wish all the videos were listed.

    Naiomi SweetsNaiomi SweetsHace un mes
  • stop this shit

    blues hsmblues hsmHace un mes
  • Catch et

    Sebastian ZamerskiSebastian ZamerskiHace un mes
  • Co to wow

    Sebastian ZamerskiSebastian ZamerskiHace un mes
  • Beautiful Russian women for handsome Italian men.

    GalderikGalderikHace un mes
  • Это не ремикс, это ускоренное видео.

    Красный БантикКрасный БантикHace 2 meses
  • ✌️🤞

    YZ EeYZ EeHace 2 meses
  • I hate remix

    Cyrus PLCyrus PLHace 2 meses
  • мне понравилось!!!!

    Король АртурКороль АртурHace 2 meses
  • Is it bad that I’m disappointed? 😭

    I’m in love with my carI’m in love with my carHace 2 meses
  • encore des plottes

    Urbex 44Urbex 44Hace 2 meses
  • 🍼

    Marta AgustoniMarta AgustoniHace 2 meses
  • Девки, шо зря, неэстетично

    Missis MoonMissis MoonHace 2 meses
  • Sexy

    Furkan DirgenFurkan DirgenHace 3 meses
  • Тока музыку позорят с этой хуйней а не танцем

    Андрей КудрешовАндрей КудрешовHace 3 meses
  • La canción esta bien pero ubieran bailado con ropa

    Armando AArmando AHace 3 meses
  • No mames esto lla se paso de la ralla ya es muí sexual

    Armando AArmando AHace 3 meses
  • Вы нас позорите? Почему такие юбки короткие?????

    ꧁Δ†Ακira†Δ꧂꧁Δ†Ακira†Δ꧂Hace 3 meses
  • Excellent 😎

    Mark Francis1977Mark Francis1977Hace 4 meses
  • Love russian girls

    Thomas GondryThomas GondryHace 4 meses
  • Big shit

    belmondobelmondoHace 4 meses
  • Lixo nota zero

    TheNajainTheNajainHace 4 meses
  • худые .(

    Сальск live григорий хиксСальск live григорий хиксHace 4 meses
  • Отстой шлюший

    Андрей РоссиянинАндрей РоссиянинHace 4 meses
  • Good remix 👍🏻

    maxime gauthiermaxime gauthierHace 4 meses
  • whats the name of the girl

    Michael DiazMichael DiazHace 4 meses
  • Ухх👍

    Руслан НурматРуслан НурматHace 4 meses
  • Schlecht

    Stefan HeeschStefan HeeschHace 5 meses
  • É Brasil na área.

  • Заебали своими жопами

    account deletedaccount deletedHace 5 meses
  • Ужасно

    Чонибек ИсматовЧонибек ИсматовHace 5 meses
  • *Remix* is great - is wonderfully - is the best of the best ... but that video socks :/

    、ヅ、ヅHace 5 meses
  • Y love this dance

    Severius BarbuSeverius BarbuHace 6 meses
  • Бабы не фига танцыват не могут только ноги в хот!

    Владимир МыльниковВладимир МыльниковHace 6 meses
  • Does anyone know what they are called or what dance are the black ones that start? 😏💕😍

    Aixa Lluvia SanchezAixa Lluvia SanchezHace 6 meses
  • Магия 80-90х для автора данного видео видать пропала, гоу гоу, шафл и степ преобладают на той магией брейк данса и электрик буги)))

    Pub Dota2BasePub Dota2BaseHace 6 meses
    • Все ясно автору -100 лет

      Sr. FuckSr. FuckHace 3 meses
  • Super. Muzik

    flor toflor toHace 6 meses
  • This is holy shit, remix and video too, not because of gay or bissexual, but because firstly the original one sounds allot more better than this twerking shit. And the reason number 2 is because the original one text was made by Freddie Mercury and IT WASN'T ABOUT NUDES OR BOOBS AT ALLLLLLLL!!!!! The original was about freddie who jokes about his lonlieness, NOT ABOUT BOOBS BATTS AND TWERK!!! THIS REMIX SOUNDS LIKE SHIT, AND BASSICALY IT IS SHIT. Personaly i really do nkt understand why someone in this freaking world were thinking like:Aaa what if we gonna be popular by playing Living On My Own but only replaced Freddie with BIG ASS that will symbolise BIG ASS, Annnnd ofcourse we gonna need BIG BOOBS!!!! YEA THATS A GOOD IDEA!

    Modern WalkingModern WalkingHace 6 meses
  • what a fcuk is that? some twatty sluts do some dance. imbicils... MUSIC INSTRUCTOR AS MANY BANDS OF THOSE DAYS WAS EXISTING FOR ON E THING - B-BOYS, B-GIRLS & BREAK DANCE, not that awful shitty dancing in this video

    Dmitrij C.Dmitrij C.Hace 6 meses
  • Music of the sow

    Benaouda HouariBenaouda HouariHace 6 meses
  • Wtf...

    Bullseye WMBullseye WMHace 6 meses
  • What bullshit such great song got marred by naked n despo wanna be...

    Manisha HanavateManisha HanavateHace 6 meses
  • Awesome. Job well done

    Simon WeetecSimon WeetecHace 6 meses
  • Am Anfang die Szene mit den Fliegenden Auto oder was das ist. Woher stammt die.

    Michael SeyfarthMichael SeyfarthHace 7 meses
  • I just witnessed one of my all-time favorite songs ruined by feminism. Smh...

    Miguel AlonsoMiguel AlonsoHace 7 meses
  • Muito bommm Parabéns!!!!!!!!!!

    Alan Fernando MarcianoAlan Fernando MarcianoHace 7 meses
  • Тебе медвед на ухо не наступал? Этот музон с видосом не клеется. Посмотри сначала как под него в древности жгли!))

    Shmel' DjShmel' DjHace 7 meses
    • electric city. superfly и другие... Все супер!!!! Кстати, клип freestyler точная копия стиля клипа music instructor - super sonic.... никто не заметил? Стиль музыки....

      Oleg PERCHYSHYNOleg PERCHYSHYNHace 5 meses
  • AFRIC SIMONE. mozambican man The best of Mozambique 🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿

    NKS 20NKS 20Hace 7 meses
  • ужас.

    наше всенаше всеHace 7 meses
  • pussy slaves and women object... great song and a poor vídeo

    Ari AraujoAri AraujoHace 7 meses
  • we can call this "pornectro music"

    AbrakabancaAbrakabancaHace 7 meses
  • Great job!

    Petyr NenkovPetyr NenkovHace 7 meses

    HHRLLHHRLLHace 7 meses
  • To much Ass and too much bass

    Ying&Yang -TVYing&Yang -TVHace 8 meses
  • Pero que mierda es estaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 😵😵😵😵😵

    la de los truquillosla de los truquillosHace 8 meses
  • This vid if i was there i would be laughing

    tony yaptony yapHace 8 meses
  • Sehr geil!

    Sebastian DSebastian DHace 8 meses
  • Hooka X-Files. The shame. 😂😂😂😂 Why don't we see Scully dancing?

    Matt DigiulioMatt DigiulioHace 8 meses
  • watch dance on my chennal

    virsa tv plusvirsa tv plusHace 8 meses
  • Jesus wtf is this. Poor Freddie

    Marielle De VosMarielle De VosHace 8 meses
  • Заебали своими жопами

    kalivan4ikkalivan4ikHace 8 meses
  • Pure rape 😭😭😭

    Sandra JanssenSandra JanssenHace 9 meses
  • мерзость, ох вакамакафон, куда ж тебя нынче ток не суют...

    VаlhöllVаlhöllHace 9 meses
  • <3

    Pan JakubPan JakubHace 9 meses
  • poland

    Pan JakubPan JakubHace 9 meses
  • N

    Besma ZenatiBesma ZenatiHace 9 meses
  • Jeeej!

    Robin VvRobin VvHace 9 meses
  • дрочеры стоят по зади

    Deep HouseDeep HouseHace 9 meses
  • Wowwwwwwww

    Graziano PolettoGraziano PolettoHace 9 meses
  • Огооонь! Спасибо!!!

    Альбом РисунковАльбом РисунковHace 9 meses
  • Задница как орех так и просится на грех

    Антон ПановАнтон ПановHace 9 meses
  • Ahmet Kilic & Eyup Celik - Living On My Own

    Xuan MadridXuan MadridHace 10 meses
  • ExO BlYAaaD

    Serebrean ValeriaSerebrean ValeriaHace 10 meses
  • Can anyone translate the song in English plz ??

    Tridip SahaTridip SahaHace 10 meses
    • In the garden , little raspberry, raspberry of mine

      ProVision3187ProVision3187Hace 8 meses
    • Little red berry, red berry, red berry of mine

      ProVision3187ProVision3187Hace 8 meses
  • Классно отжигают девки ....МММ

    Роман КузахмедовРоман КузахмедовHace 10 meses
  • The Legendary Dance Hits Remixes- Bomfunk MC's

    CANADA 3000CANADA 3000Hace 10 meses
  • This guy has a talent for D.H.R. Fortunately, he chosen the right song to remix. You made it dude cos I don't think it would get any better.

    CANADA 3000CANADA 3000Hace 10 meses
  • Шаффл не подходит под стиль электро. Да и девушки в клипе от Gemme по сексуальнее!

    Омар КобжасаровОмар КобжасаровHace 10 meses
    • Че за клип7

      Евгений СвиринЕвгений СвиринHace 6 meses
  • Let's Yamaha ...

    Tomasz z KrakowaTomasz z KrakowaHace 10 meses
  • this is not techno!

    Goglik NebieridzeGoglik NebieridzeHace 10 meses
  • I like 100℅Russ.2019

    Iwan VolkswagenowIwan VolkswagenowHace 11 meses
  • This is Flvio vs Mad Boris Remix and it's from 1999... not 2017

    maiosmusiclovermaiosmusicloverHace 11 meses
  • Периодически в кадре появляются развратные полуодетые сучки :)

    NafiganadoNafiganadoHace 11 meses
  • More literal and poppy than the original. I like it, though.

    Heaven BrothersHeaven BrothersHace 11 meses
  • In the video there are kids watching... Bad parents.....

    Steve RookeSteve RookeHace 11 meses
  • wole orginał

    Marta BMarta BHace 11 meses
  • No please you can't mix this golden music to this dance. Plz no

    Haikel GHaikel GHace 11 meses
  • Is this a ESproject or Youporn?

    Apple_Marty_CZApple_Marty_CZHace 11 meses
  • This guy has talent... for DANCE music. Unfortunately he chose the wrong song to remix. Almost there but not quite.

    DonaldDonaldHace 11 meses
  • Sólo por los culo me quedo viendo el video

    El canal de ChrisEl canal de ChrisHace 11 meses