1997 General Election - The Portillo Moment

The result for Enfield South in the 1997 General Election. Labour won by 1,500 votes after a swing of 17 per cent. This general election saw Labour gaining 147 seats. The Conservatives had their lowest tally of seats since 1906, and in the process, 7 Tory Ministers lost their seats.




  • This brings nostalgic feelings of great past times, I had to watch this to console myself after the recent tragic election result 😭😭😭

    amylondongirlamylondongirlHace 20 días
    • Great result actually

      Richard MerkleRichard MerkleHace 17 días
  • Denzil, Xavier! Did his parents have a sense of humour or something. That's a heavy name to carry around.

    Bhangra FanBhangra FanHace un mes
  • Now thanks to demographic changes as well as Brexit'Enfield southgate is a fairly safe Labour seat' they won it a few days ago by around 10% despite having their worst national result in decades.

    Richard CprRichard CprHace un mes
  • When Labour actually stood proper men..

    SodiumHydroxide 2SodiumHydroxide 2Hace un mes
    • BritishOverseasTerritoryTV 2 New Labour were similar to the Tories 😂

      gbjanuarygbjanuaryHace un mes
  • Bet Portillo is smiling this morning 13/12/19

    soSAMuk's UK slot channelsoSAMuk's UK slot channelHace un mes
  • Love the bloke celebrating stalky's result

    Patrick HodkinsonPatrick HodkinsonHace un mes
  • Hopefully we’ll get a Raab moment tomorrow.

    Matthew MorecroftMatthew MorecroftHace un mes
    • Yea we got reverse Raab’d with Swinson

      Matthew MorecroftMatthew MorecroftHace un mes
    • Unlucky

      cookea176cookea176Hace un mes
    • Matthew Morecroft Amen to that mate.

      iAMChrisCCiAMChrisCCHace un mes
  • What a great way to be told that you are no longer required!

    Theo N de BrayTheo N de BrayHace un mes
  • Probably one of the only likeable Tory MP's in recent years, love his railway journeys!

    GoldenJokeredGoldenJokeredHace un mes
  • Fuckin labour knobs . Bankrupt the country. Aye up country I've left the country a note ,,there's no money left . What the fuck

    Jayne RobsonJayne RobsonHace un mes
    • Well said

      BevaniteBevaniteHace un mes
  • I love ❤️ Michael

    Jayne RobsonJayne RobsonHace un mes
  • *X A V I E R*

    TwigletTwigletHace 2 meses
  • one of many favourate moments of that election!

    Authentic Gay BlogAuthentic Gay BlogHace 2 meses
    • Why?

      Taffy MackemTaffy MackemHace un mes
  • This can still fetch a smile to my face.

    brian whittlebrian whittleHace 5 meses
  • I was so traumatised I couldn't go to work the next day. For a returning officer to be unable to pronounce Xavier was all too much to take.

    Alan PateyAlan PateyHace 6 meses
  • Ah great times !! Portillo’s fucking face when he’s lost 😂

    1980’s Guy1980’s GuyHace 7 meses
  • I remember that well. I went to bed about half eleven that night sure of the knowledge Labour had finally won. Something woke me up around that time and I out of curiosity switched on the telly in my room. That was THE turnover of the whole night. Portillo was one of the better Tory MPs,bright articulate and witty. I thought he would have taken over from Major but he went and lost me a tenner. 🤑

    Peter GreenPeter GreenHace 7 meses
  • I'm looking for the one with TV commentary where he goes "Michael Portillo's political career is over... for now."

    Terry SilverTerry SilverHace 8 meses
  • Portillo was/is a towering political figure, Stephen Twigg is a forgettable nobody. His name isn't even mentioned in the title or description of this video.

    LoungejayLoungejayHace 9 meses
    • Portillo is still.history

      mel grantmel grantHace un mes
  • T

    Rassul From LondonRassul From LondonHace 9 meses
  • No go area for the Labour Party eh? Yeah, and we now know what a complete fuck up that turned out to be.

    Floyd1504Floyd1504Hace 10 meses
  • Portillo is polished and very popular due to his later television career. However, he is an ardent Brexiteer deluded about Britain's place in the world as a great power instead of a has been economy (4th in Europe soon, never mind its place in the world).

    Jack FJack FHace un año
  • OOOOOOOHH!!!!!!!!! What a gay day!!!!!

    Greg AVFC 69/70 JonesGreg AVFC 69/70 JonesHace un año
  • Mr Twigg hasn't had a lasting effect on this country in the same way as Michael has

    Cheeky RedcoatCheeky RedcoatHace un año
  • Whatever happened to Twigg

    Vincent VVincent VHace un año
    • He lost the Enfield Southgate seat in 2005, and returned in 2010 this time in Liverpool West Derby

      Tania BlackTania BlackHace un año
  • Good man, good Brit

    angloenglandangloenglandHace un año
  • Hah, hah :D

    Martin GünzelMartin GünzelHace un año
  • Haha the obviously Tory mayor in his ridiculous chain of office getting snarky at the crowd for cheering a Labour victory!

    Knappa22Knappa22Hace un año
  • After 18 years the tories experienced humiliation like Jim Callaghan did in 1979. As Callaghan said in a documentary about his life Politics is circular.

    Steve HillierSteve HillierHace un año
  • I voted and campaigned for Labour in 1997 but oh how I regret that now. Labour were and are an utter disgrace. Not to be trusted on anything.

    Lurcio TittersLurcio TittersHace un año
    • Lurcio Titters do you think Corbyn will sell you out again?

      Vincent VVincent VHace un año
  • 1:58 I think we can all agree Stalkey won the night

    nlomasnlomasHace un año
  • Both excellent MPs. Ironically I have lived under both.

    Mr ChowMr ChowHace un año
  • "their is no longer such a thing as a no go area for the labour party". Oh the irony. Just wait 20 years, you'll see plenty. No just in Britain but in Europe as a whole.

    Y2JHBK6Y2JHBK6Hace un año
  • The last year the UK had a democracy. R.I.P.

    dan taylordan taylorHace un año
  • Ah the early days of digital TV

    Paul WheelerPaul WheelerHace 2 años
  • And then...labour became such a roaring success 😂

    T OMT OMHace 2 años
  • Portillo always seems to have a sweaty top lip. And no that isn't a sexy innuendo......

    Samuel ClemensSamuel ClemensHace 2 años
  • looks like you didn't dare or win michael

    Evan BernardEvan BernardHace 2 años
  • That was pure bliss seeing the look on Portillo's face 😊

    Robert BilsonRobert BilsonHace 2 años
  • Why did Elton John read the result?

    Alexander HarrisAlexander HarrisHace 2 años
    • 🤣🤣

      HRBFC JoshHRBFC JoshHace un mes
    • Richard Keel the real questions we need to be asking

      A SA SHace un mes
    • More to the point why was there a billy-goat in a man-costume standing to Portillo's right?

      Richard KeelRichard KeelHace un mes
  • It was a shock defeat for Michael Portillo in the 1997 General Election.

    Errol BaptisteErrol BaptisteHace 2 años
  • 2017's Portillo Moment was when the Tory media flaks started to realise there was a chance Corbyn could win... the look on Laura Kuenssberg's face was priceless!

    Andrew WadeAndrew WadeHace 2 años

    H A R D B O YH A R D B O YHace 2 años
  • Portillo is - and was - a clown. Good train show though.

    10101101 101011101110101101 1010111011Hace 2 años
  • I actually got to meet Stephen Twigg a year or so ago. He's a pretty cool guy.

    Ben AttwoodBen AttwoodHace 2 años
    • @Jason Smith so?

      mel grantmel grantHace un mes
    • Ben Attwood he's a PUFF !!!!

      Jason SmithJason SmithHace un año
  • what happens when u have been in power for too long

    shaun spadahshaun spadahHace 2 años
  • Enfield Southgate is the constituency, not "Enfield South".

    PXR05PXR05Hace 2 años
  • Is he still there?

    carlsonleycarlsonleyHace 2 años
    • He lost his seat in the 2005 general election to the Conservatives. He was then elected as the MP for Liverpool West Derby in 2010 and has been the MP there ever since.

      Bendmydick Cucumbersnatch TMDCBendmydick Cucumbersnatch TMDCHace 2 años
  • Enfield Southgate has voted Labour again.

    Bendmydick Cucumbersnatch TMDCBendmydick Cucumbersnatch TMDCHace 2 años
  • That seat has gone back to labour

    Michael ‘Hee Hee’ JacksonMichael ‘Hee Hee’ JacksonHace 2 años
  • '...do what I can to rebuild a great party with a great future' I wonder what he'd have been saying if he could see it now lead by the parrot who only knows one phrase and the clown angling to take over.

    Owen ThomasOwen ThomasHace 2 años
  • Never beaten as the most joyous moment on TV!

    Colin BillettColin BillettHace 2 años
  • Go's if only people knew what Labour were going to do Stephen Twigg wouldn't have got a single vote from the White community. His voter Base would have been made up solely of Muslim voters. Poor Michael Portillo very good politician and commentator.

    Charlie CatesbyCharlie CatesbyHace 2 años
  • at least portillo had a scence of humour, if hed won he might have been tory leader and then he would have been anihilated in 01 by blair

    shaun spadahshaun spadahHace 2 años
  • Michael Portillo went on to have the greatest tv show about Trains of all time!

    Inspire6Inspire6Hace 2 años
    • pff, Thomas is wayyy better

      bigman25plus25bigman25plus25Hace 9 meses
  • TWENTY YEARS AGO....and Labour have done progressively worse in every election since and look to bottom out next month to a level worse than the Tories did in 1997.

    BFan60BFan60Hace 2 años
    • admit it you thought the same thing. lol

      BFan60BFan60Hace 2 años
    • Pardon?

      Norfolk EnchantsNorfolk EnchantsHace 2 años
  • Porrillo is a cunt

    Fools Gold FoundFools Gold FoundHace 2 años
  • 20 years ago to the minute. 3:01am, 2nd May 1997

    Busher50Busher50Hace 2 años
  • Portillo chewing a wasp

    Satjinder SSatjinder SHace 2 años
  • It's a crying shame that Portillo never achieved a higher office. One of the saner voices within the party.

    D VD VHace 2 años
    • He was defence secretary which is pretty good I suppose

      Jono SavineJono SavineHace un año
    • He is a Euro separatist who would have walked history back by 20 years. Near miss thank heavens.

      Jack FJack FHace un año