JD's Channel Link: esproject.info
Hello everyone and here we have Episode 4, credit to JD for coming on, hopefully we can do more videos with him in the future! There is a thing or two planned xD
Let me know in the comments who I should 1v1 next!
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  • RIP

    TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
    • @Felipe GG James, it's James. Please let James pass

      AspecticAspecticHace un mes
    • James, its james

      Felipe GGFelipe GGHace un mes
    • TRL Limitless very good driver Veloce james very good driver 🏆

      ilconteeilconteeHace un mes
  • Aarava pls

    Solomon NaiSolomon NaiHace un mes
  • JFC why is his setup so high? That must me uncomfortable as fuck for longer races and very unrealistic.

    T. ST. SHace un mes
  • Seems like top f1 players have to have three random letters in their name like TRL or have to be named Veloce something

    Dan StrDan StrHace un mes
  • You vs brendon?

    yPoW On YTyPoW On YTHace un mes
  • Get FormulaDani

    Piyush GandhiPiyush GandhiHace un mes
  • Tell JD, TRL limitless, that his side pic on the thumbnail for video he looks like Vettel. LMFAO

    Silver StarSilver StarHace un mes
  • Who is TRL Limitless ? You mean 'trlms' ?

    Kemal KayaKemal KayaHace un mes
  • Veloce Jaaames, the only person to get track limit warning in Stowe! Great video mate, loving the series

    RwaggyRwaggyHace un mes
  • hey man what are your camera settings? really liked the way it looks

    Lucas MouraLucas MouraHace un mes
  • Seems to me, like you were trying to distract eachother by making a conversation.

    Teemu VirkiöTeemu VirkiöHace un mes
  • 1v1 FNG (niran) on FIFA i dare you

    Ha21nagamas 3Ha21nagamas 3Hace un mes
  • Lower brake pressure = Longer braking distances which means there is more heat build up to recharge the ERS

    Doddy88Doddy88Hace un mes
  • People who wear gloves on games are pedos

    Dan GeeDan GeeHace un mes
    • @Cristian Gaming stfu bitch there all pedos thinking they professional drivers sit down

      Dan GeeDan GeeHace un mes
    • Daniel Greenhalgh no they just don’t want to destroy there wheels boomer

      Cristian GamingCristian GamingHace un mes
  • James its James

    mikiziolo 07mikiziolo 07Hace un mes
  • *insert Valtteri, it's Ja(aa)mes joke here*

    BenDaKill -BenDaKill -Hace un mes

    hurubihurubiHace un mes
  • James, it’s James, *copy James*

    TNE SitraTNE SitraHace un mes
  • Race Jardier either ACC or Race Room on the Nordschliefe!

    ATAG_FlareATAG_FlareHace un mes
  • Oh look, it's JD Terminal Illnes!

    FIFA244FIFA244Hace un mes
  • Really like the editing in this one, music is a lot nicer the audio levels are much better for my taste, and some good quick laps from the both of you! Would love to see Jardier or SouthPawRacer on

    Thomas ClarkeThomas ClarkeHace un mes
  • I'd love to see you race Niels Heusinkveld on Automobilista and Empty Box on iRacing. Those races would be glorious : ) (Maybe David Perel on Gran Turismo too!)

    sasukeskapasasukeskapaHace un mes
  • James, its james

    Felipe GGFelipe GGHace un mes
  • The day I found out TRL Limitless was setting his times on a pad I too thought how the fuck?

    Mark BeattieMark BeattieHace un mes
  • It's not really fair as J.D weighs more than you James!!!!

    Rowey mk1G60Rowey mk1G60Hace un mes
  • This is the number 15 guy on the blacklist

    Crusard ModdingCrusard ModdingHace un mes
    • Crusard Modding yeah good luck on that last one mate

      TNE SitraTNE SitraHace un mes
    • @TNE Sitra I played the challenge series yesterday. I'm almost done with it

      Crusard ModdingCrusard ModdingHace un mes

      TNE SitraTNE SitraHace un mes
    • NFS Most wanted vibes here 😂

      Oh ZackOh ZackHace un mes
  • Can you destroy Aarava?

    TheRoflCrabTheRoflCrabHace un mes
    • @Guardian of the Blind alot actually probably slower than Alex Gillon as well

      Berty PBerty PHace un mes
    • aarava is quite a bit slower, than tiametmarduk.

      Guardian of the BlindGuardian of the BlindHace un mes
    • TheRoflCrab 👀

      Veloce JaaamesVeloce JaaamesHace un mes
  • how much ffb are u driving with?

    FischerFischerHace un mes
    • What about the others?😄

      FischerFischerHace un mes
    • Fischer 100%

      Veloce JaaamesVeloce JaaamesHace un mes
  • Interesting, seeing two best driver racing together

    LongArrowFTWLongArrowFTWHace un mes
  • Yoo!! JD here.. Terrel enniss. Wait. Wrong channel.

    Coffee ClashCoffee ClashHace un mes
    • @phyrexkasgaming watch his vids and you'll understand*

      MidgetPower120MidgetPower120Hace un mes
    • @phyrexkasgaming i bet u never watch his video with subtittle on

      Coffee ClashCoffee ClashHace un mes
    • Trl limitless*

      phyrexkasgamingphyrexkasgamingHace un mes
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    A3 GamesA3 GamesHace un mes
  • You should do one of these with Mikail Hizal.

    KennyKennyHace un mes
  • Gamer Muscle, Pcars2, Clio Cup, Brands Hatch!

    M.O.P. RacerM.O.P. RacerHace un mes
    • Bring it on

      H KrH KrHace un mes
  • Hi James. I recently subbed! Can you please do a rematch with Steve and Broadbent in YOUR game F1 2019. You where being too nice to these guys by not playing both the challenger's game AND F1 2019...,

    Should_A_ Sed_DisShould_A_ Sed_DisHace un mes
    • @Flight during May's weather I understand but it would still be great to see how far Jim and Steve off are from James.

      Should_A_ Sed_DisShould_A_ Sed_DisHace un mes
    • I think the point was to beat them in *their* own game

      Flight during May's weatherFlight during May's weatherHace un mes
  • Why did Limitless leave Veloce?

    djheckler92djheckler92Hace un mes
    • djheckler92 because he joined renault

      JaytalJaytalHace un mes
  • Today on Jaaaaaames channel: TR: "James, it's James" *earrape flute F1 theme plays*

    IlConteSky - SimRacing ContentIlConteSky - SimRacing ContentHace un mes
  • Noice

    MaxVerstappenMaxVerstappenHace un mes
  • Tom97??? Please

    George FBRGeorge FBRHace un mes
  • Why James Baldwin needs to be removed from F1 2019

    LoE_NicoLoE_NicoHace un mes
    • Nico ooh ya bastard

      NikV7NikV7Hace un mes
    • LoE_Nico 😂😂

      Veloce JaaamesVeloce JaaamesHace un mes