21 Things in the US That Puzzle Most Foreigners

When you live in a country for many years, everything looks ordinary and familiar. But an outsider will always spot some curious quirks in your customs and behaviors that make them think, “What’s going on here?” Life in the US can puzzle newcomers in many ways, from buying foods and magazines in a pharmacy to deep-frying almost anything you can think of.
For example, if you’re not from the US, it may be puzzling to walk into a pharmacy and see aisles and aisles of over-the-counter meds, toys, makeup, clothes, and even groceries! In America, if a restaurant doesn’t offer free refills on fountain drinks, it’s kind of strange. But in other countries, once you buy one beverage, that’s it! And Americans speak so loud compared to other countries. Whether it’s talking on your cell phone or chatting with a friend over lunch, Americans seem to really like projecting their voice.
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Sales tax is a guessing game 0:27
It’s not a party without red Solo cups 1:29
Deep-fried everything! 1:55
Fill ‘er up! 2:52
If you don’t like it, return it! 3:18
Tips for everyone! 3:45
The land of ice-cold drinks 4:48
Looking at dollars is a snooze-fest 5:41
The date-writing conundrum 6:40
Pre-baby baby showers 7:03
Where “How are you?” means “Hello!” 7:23
Bathroom stalls that aren’t so private 7:46
No one uses their “inside voice” 8:14
Hopping into the backseat of a cab 8:55
That classic American smile 9:10
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- When you go shopping in the US and see a price tag says $14.88, don’t expect to pay 14.88 at the register! Sales tax is NOT included in the price of an item!
- A lot of Americans don’t feel the need to take long vacations, so they often let vacation and sick hours pile up without ever using them. Plus, most employers only give you 2 weeks out of the year!
- In the States, this red plastic cup is synonymous with “party on, dude!” But other countries apparently don’t recognize this cup to mean the same thing.
- Whether it’s an ugly sweater from Grandma or a heinous pair of earrings from an ex, if you don’t like it, you can just return it!
- Cab drivers, servers, hairdressers - you gotta tip ‘em! Tips are acceptable for almost any service in the US and sometimes consist of 25% of the bill!
- Speaking of drinks, if it’s not a hot coffee or cocoa, then it’s probably got ice in it. Tea, coffee, lemonade, soda, water - Americans like it on the rocks!
- Americans must have an aversion to being hot! In many parts of Europe, people simply don’t use air conditioning as much as they do in the States.
- So many visitors to the US get really confused by the month-day-year thing because most parts of the world write the day, then the month, and finally the year.
- Walk into any grocery store aisle, and you’ll notice at least 10 different options for cookies, crackers, or cereal.
- When getting into a cab, it’s customary in the States to scoot on into the back seat. But in countries like New Zealand and Australia, riding anywhere but shotgun can be a little rude.
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  • Hey there BrightSiders! Do you like deep-fried food or prefer it boiled?

    • Boiled

      Mr EpicMr EpicHace 3 días
    • I’m aussie and prefers deep fried

      Popkernal_0oPopkernal_0oHace 6 días
    • Deed fried

      Fire WolfFire WolfHace 17 días
    • Me: Toco with ranch and ketchup

      Derpy AnimationsDerpy AnimationsHace 18 días

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="531">8:51</a> I eat grape pills🍇

    Alexander HellerAlexander HellerHace 7 horas
  • Okay the first one already got me shook price tags without VAT???

    Ketcha KarelKetcha KarelHace un día
  • No

    Usha RaoUsha RaoHace un día
  • I love American

    Cbr TytyCbr TytyHace 3 días
  • I in USA and it normal for me

    Sean KaiserSean KaiserHace 4 días
  • Deep fried im from caribbeans by the way

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  • avoiding eye contact.

    roy garfunkelroy garfunkelHace 4 días
  • canadians also carry coffee around

    Pancakk BeatsPancakk BeatsHace 5 días
  • I LOVE fried Oreos! I’ve also had fried twinkies. But my favorite is fried cheesecake ❤️🤤 I can only wish that tipping was offensive in America ☹️ There shouldn’t be the need to tip! Employees should get paid an actual decent wage.

    Ilicia RodriguezIlicia RodriguezHace 6 días
  • In Oregon you don't pay your tax when you're at the cashier's actually and also in Oregon people put the gas in your car for you.

    John GreathouseJohn GreathouseHace 6 días
  • I live in the UK and i thought America was similar to Britain but they are actually very different

    Khuzaimah ToyzKhuzaimah ToyzHace 6 días
  • i'm Canadian and not all but most of these apply to Canada as well

    Lucius ReesLucius ReesHace 7 días
  • We have plenty of choice in the UK thank you very much, especially when it comes to crisps (chips). We have myriad flavours, whereas you guys have plain or cheese or...

    Philip WatlingPhilip WatlingHace 8 días
  • Indians do pre-baby baby showers since centuries.

    g8indiag8indiaHace 9 días
  • In the uk you do have lots of options but I’m i nothern Ireland and so I don’t know fully

    Darth VaderDarth VaderHace 9 días
  • America: Chicken fried steak Rest of world: eewwwwwwww

    Ethan DeveyEthan DeveyHace 10 días
  • Yeah what is it with those ridiculous rest room doors. I was married to an American gal for a few years and found myself sitting on the John watching the world walk by 😳😮

    Keyboard KrazyKeyboard KrazyHace 10 días
  • The us is the exact same as Canada

    Donutman5Donutman5Hace 13 días
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> why did you leave russia off the map? it looks odd

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  • It’s the same thing in Canada.

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  • America is naughty😂😂

    zaid khanzaid khanHace 18 días
  • Going to the store versus going to the shop. Sodas versus soft or fizzy drinks. I couldn't figure that these out for the longest time. 😀😀😀 The American pronunciation for "the" drove me batty for the longest time and it still does! 😀

    cheshirecateyescheshirecateyesHace 18 días
  • No.7: Pre baby baby showers It’s not only in America Indians also do celebrate 🎉

    Swapna PawarSwapna PawarHace 18 días
  • We can get refills in the UK and we usually just use normal cups at party's and stuff

    msnjmswrdl_msnjmswrdl_Hace 19 días
  • I live near the us(BTW i live in canada)border and almost all of these are normal like the pharmacy one

    Serene TatabaSerene TatabaHace 20 días
  • Number two is completely wrong i’m Australian it’s not rude

    Jack BrownJack BrownHace 21 un día
  • I thought the deep frying thing only was a big thing in the south in the US

    Magena 120Magena 120Hace 22 días
  • They have different English than Europe

    Anshuman AgrawalAnshuman AgrawalHace 22 días
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="212">3:32</a> normal? I think not nice ughhh

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="269">4:29</a> Russia and Canada don’t exist

    Finn Playz GDFinn Playz GDHace 25 días
  • Americans:"We are total Workaholics." Japanese:"Hold our Sake."

    Sweet Candy Suga ArmySweet Candy Suga ArmyHace 25 días
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="387">6:27</a> I don't think that is totally true.... I'm Greek and it seems to me that people are ok with the «thumps up» thing

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  • They have fans but they barely ever use it

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  • Some of these is also Canadian

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  • America is diversed country...then wt about INDIA 🙄

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  • Why in America every time going To the store you have to take your car or travel In other countries the there’s Always of store close to the house

    Edgar MKEdgar MKHace un mes
  • America: uses English(?) measures Others: use Metric measures

    Glenn Paul SantillanaGlenn Paul SantillanaHace un mes
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="594">9:54</a> When we watch basketball, baseball, and nowadays, Overwatch: Home teams are listed last, introduced last, and in basketball: Wear lighter-colored jerseys, whereas the opposites are true in soccer.

    Brock MakBrock MakHace un mes
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="547">9:07</a> I'm never aware of it, but I often take my Uber to the left of the driver rather than behind especially at night, so the drivers won't feel like I'll jump them. Granted: Females tend to sit at the back so they won't get harassed.

    Brock MakBrock MakHace un mes
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="437">7:17</a> Once they are born, and another after 100 days, because they are the most vulnerable after birth without any immunizations.

    Brock MakBrock MakHace un mes
  • We Americans don’t even know about the metric system

    FL4M3FL4M3Hace un mes
  • u forgot about how we love wearing sports clothes

    Andrey OkunevAndrey OkunevHace un mes
  • Who else feels like they'll be in major trouble if they took a whole months vacation.

    Lexus SykesLexus SykesHace un mes
  • The most uneducated, arrogant people in the world. Literally 95%+ of Americans can’t even answer simple mathematical, historical (including American history) geographical etc... questions. Some of them are pretty cool though.

    Alexander MasonAlexander MasonHace un mes
  • I like it

    Binu LimbuBinu LimbuHace un mes
  • You are wrong india has more fried things than us

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  • We do have pre baby baby showers

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    LoxresLoxresHace un mes
  • America is wonderful to Americans and if others find it weird, who cares? Don't bother coming here if you don't like it here.

    R AR AHace un mes
  • USA is so weird

    Aditya MallerAditya MallerHace un mes
  • Another thing we don't use the is the Metric System. We us the US Customary System. No wonder why other people are like, "what's a quart?' or "whats an inch?"

    XxPastelDreamsxXXxPastelDreamsxXHace un mes
  • my cousin went to America and they face timed me and they were eating deep fried chicken

    chungmil kenyachungmil kenyaHace un mes
  • I live in the USA but this video is really goodfor those who don't live in the USA

    Rylan KendrickRylan KendrickHace un mes
  • All your distances are in "blocks", never in miles

    Per PeraldPer PeraldHace un mes
  • 4.31 where is Russia

    jayasai kodalijayasai kodaliHace un mes
  • Watch here if u in 2020

    Magneticus ArtMagneticus ArtHace un mes
  • People speak no one use their inside voice. Try going to China

    Michael SebastianMichael SebastianHace un mes
  • I live in America and the red cup one is True 😂😂😂 most of these I mean everything is right

    KatelynUnicorn12KatelynUnicorn12Hace un mes
  • Bruv I’m Greek and live in Greece and thumbs up means exactly the same thing as in does in the us.

    AtubeAtubeHace un mes
  • Baby showers are thing in India too. At least in the south. We call it "Seemandham" and its done on the 6th month of pregnancy

    seshadri kannanseshadri kannanHace un mes
  • In China you have to tip the Doctor before you go to labor (Delivery /Birth) so you be better take care of during.

    Arbeya SantiagoArbeya SantiagoHace un mes
  • u guys use toilet papers... not many do

    Varsha VijaykumarVarsha VijaykumarHace un mes
  • This time for America

    Almas ZaveriaAlmas ZaveriaHace un mes
  • Just as a matter of opinion, every young USA-er should spend at least a year or two out of their country, preferably somewhere different, to realize the basic concept that there is this whole other world out there and the US, despite it's strengths, has it's flaws and there are many many other sometimes better elements of other far away countries. I have lived abroad in various countries (New Zealand, Australia, England, Germany, Thailand,etc.) for about 28 years after the same number of years growing up stateside. In hindsight to have just stayed in US my whole life would have been so mundane and limited. Get out and see =)

    nongthipnongthipHace un mes
  • I can drink a 20 oz. Coffee within 2 minutes

    jamesTBurkejamesTBurkeHace un mes
  • That's cuz we cant afford to take time off here in the US

    jamesTBurkejamesTBurkeHace un mes
  • Well looks like u could indians don't meed most of these things . They're normal in india too😇

    LW 200ytLW 200ytHace un mes
  • only americans eat deep fried food mostly the other countries do also but not so much

    Amanda BooysenAmanda BooysenHace un mes
  • You have yellow taxis not black ones with yellow taxi signs ands our taxis in uk are hatchbacks

    sebastian wilkinssebastian wilkinsHace un mes
  • Im from the uk and only said"Eh?"

    sebastian wilkinssebastian wilkinsHace un mes
  • I live in Greece we always giving thumbs up

    crazy billcrazy billHace un mes
  • Does america have wartek or small restaurant without a wall normally they sell real good food!!!!

    century21 familycentury21 familyHace un mes
  • More fake smiles

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  • How do y'all Americans speak English so freakin' fluently!?

    Mr. imPerfectMr. imPerfectHace un mes
  • The thing about the inaginary friend you all seem to be toting about all the time. In other more civilized parts of the world its a non issue. Or at least private business. God, that is

    Curiosity UnchainedCuriosity UnchainedHace un mes
  • France band soft drink refills to combat obesity? Pretty sure it’s the over consumption of calories that does it and soda doesn’t have any.

    XekzelstrikerXekzelstrikerHace un mes
  • Men are blue women are pink in U.S

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  • The way people in Utah speak is a language of it’s own like Mounain (mountain) acrosst (across).

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