2CELLOS - Smells Like Teen Spirit [Live at Sydney Opera House]

2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Hauser playing Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House.
Dusan Kranjc, drums
Guy Noble, conductor
Filmed by Big Picture Australia
Directed by Peter Ots
Audio produced by Filip Vidovic, Luka Sulic and Hauser
Lighting design by Crt Birsa




  • Hey an Albatros kommt ihr nicht ran , !

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  • Ooh :) Nirvana

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  • did apocalyptica change its name?

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  • Fucking Croats are so beautiful, athletic, masculine, competitive and ... unfortunately dangerous! Impulsive, intolerant, extreme.. but that's another story!

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  • Now that's what I call a drum solo

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  • 멋져.

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  • Bows: I always get destroyed Drums: Speak for yourself

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  • Just the orgasmic sound of the drums alone :O FUCKKKKK

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  • Cobain is probably proud of that from where he is rest in peace

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  • Вся слава Богу, за дары и таланты!!! Хари Кришна, Будда, Иисус Христос!!! Ом Тау, Рай, Ханум!

  • When you tell someone “drum roll please” and they get carried away

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  • Грязно...

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  • 2:20 thank me later

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    • Thx lmao

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  • 1:00 that stick spin

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  • I have never heard of these guys until now. omg these guys are incredibly amazing and so incredibly sexy ❤😍

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  • Лохи какие-то, Нирвана круче

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  • I like what you doing . wow

  • Зыканско!!!

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  • Preciosa musica #artetizcao

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  • kurt is listening to this in heaven. *WE MISS U KURT*

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  • 2:40 when it starts

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  • Now I know how now manufacturers make their money

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  • Now this is class act full blown talent.

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  • Y esa puta mierda

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    • Solo eres tu tapando la belleza del video.

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  • *Me: getting tickets* Its just a normal orchestra concert, apparently its just two cellos. *me arriving to the concert* concert:

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  • Sounds like a lot of noise

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  • 2:21

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  • Bravi

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  • Kurt would be proud

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  • The energy here is *EXQUISITE*

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  • Muitíssimo obrigado por esta OBRA DE ARTE!!!!

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  • One like = One prayer for every bow these two go through🙏

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  • When 2CELLOS becomes Apocalyptica

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  • Ute@mittenzweig.de

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  • Skvělé 😃👍😏moderní hudba skloubena s klasikou 👍

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  • 2cellos: We're gonna perform today Cello Bow: *Nervous sweating*

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  • The future of classical music

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  • It's 2020. Must we still do drum solos? Must we?

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  • Where are the cellists from?

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    • @Drago Drazenovic wow they are some handsome men.

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    • Croatia

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  • Браво, Музыканты!!! Страстно, пронзительно, талантливо!!!

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  • We built special glass cage for the beast

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  • 3:22 4:16 The dude behind him (right of the screen) is definitely having fun 😆

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  • 2:44 instant goosebumps

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