2CELLOS - They Don't Care About Us - Michael Jackson [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

From our new album Celloverse - out now!
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2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of They Don't Care About Us by Michael Jackson
Directed by:
Zdenko Bašić
Story by:
Screenplay by:
Zdenko Bašić
Director of Photography:
Ivan Slipčević
1st assistant of the Camera:
Ivan Serdarević
2nd Camera:
Nina Klarić
Siniša Koprivnjak
Marko Cindrić
3th Camera:
Saša Tufegdžić
Filip Filković
Ronin operator:
Tomislav Pović
Production Design by:
Zdenko Bašić
Set Decorator:
Marijo Šimić
Costume Design by:
Ivana Bilić
Drago Podrugač
Make up:
Sanja Hrstić-Kuterovac & Tatjana Tomšić
Compositing i Animation:
Dražen Željković, Zdenko Bašić
2 Masson Played by:
Čedomir Ostreš
Drago Podrugač
Marin Barbić
Branko Drakšić & Zdenko Trucek
Production Sketches:
Mario Gazić, Zdenko Bašić
Tomislav Josipović
Color Grade:
Tomislav Josipović
1st Assistant of Director:
Andro Krpan
Executive Producer :
Katarina Janković
Danijel Pek
Maja Pek
Audio produced, mixed and mastered by 2CELLOS and Filip Vidovic (Morris Studio, Zagreb)




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