5 BEST Travel Destinations For 2019 | UNILAD Adventure

Here's our pick for the 5 best destinations to visit in 2019!
From epic mountain landscapes and tropical paradises, to amazing wildlife and vibrant cultures, we've picked our very favourite travel gems you just have to visit in 2019!
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  • I think Kyrgyzstan will be the next hot spot for backpackers as it's a bit of a hidden gem still and not that many people visiting YET. Those landscapes are just insane! Brb booking a trip 😄

    Hey ElenorHey ElenorHace un año
    • Great

      Weekend TalesWeekend TalesHace 5 meses
    • I will remember this Thx for your tip

      윤영돈윤영돈Hace 11 meses
    • georgia+armenia+azerbaijan trip is really good too

      Pedro HauariPedro HauariHace un año
    • @Cooper Liao Put Kyrgyzstan in the travel list 2019

      talgat bokeshovtalgat bokeshovHace un año
    • I have been to Kyrgystan and Kazachstan and it was great! I wholeheartedly recommend going there and cross the Kazach/Kyrgys border by bus. It does add some interesting features there. Bishkek is a beautiful former Soviet city with great historical archtecture. Words can’t describe the beauty of the nature but numbers can; 9,5/10. Bare in mind that you will face a huge language barrier if you don’t speak Russian. As blonde Dutch guy to other blonde persons please be aware of people might want to take your picture or that they might stare at you.

      budjuhbudjuhHace un año
  • Thanks for this amazing video! I didn't know that Kyrgyzstan is so beautiful country! 🤩

    ИгроСэмИгроСэмHace un mes
  • Perfect places to visit👍👍👍👍👍👍

    G V BalajeeG V BalajeeHace un mes
  • This is a wonderful video. Amazing place and sceneries. Great stuff.

    World Nature VideoWorld Nature VideoHace un mes
  • Top 5 Destination for 2020 esproject.info/it/video/i2NqqrGcstyrnro

    High Street RunnersHigh Street RunnersHace un mes
  • To other countries i go as a tourist but in india i go as a pilgrim I strongly recommend india too

    Omkar PawarOmkar PawarHace 2 meses
  • m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=109054807285927&id=108886743969400

    Chathuranga WickramasingheChathuranga WickramasingheHace 2 meses
  • This is absolutely inspiring! Amazing filming! (Although you speak incredibly fast, which can make it tough to listen too, and I suspect people who are not fluent in English and/or familiar with a British accent would struggle to understand you.) My only plans for this year involve beaches and palm trees. I don't much care where. Although I have always wanted to travel in the footsteps of the Great Alexander.Although it would be brilliant to discover what it might have been like to live like Caligula as well. Those would be worth exploring some day. The only problem with following in the footsteps of famous historical figures is; Where does one start? Laying out the plans for where to go, what to see, and how to get the full historical experience can be quite challenging... and no travel company I have been to offers to do THAT kind of research for you, never mind the complex booking. Which makes it a lot more work than it seems. But someday....

    Nathanael CaineNathanael CaineHace 3 meses
  • Welcome to Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬

    Адилет СабыровАдилет СабыровHace 3 meses
  • If you want to see nature then you should go to Pakistan, incredible hospitality which you will never feel in the whole world

    Kids wish - Nursery Rhymes & Kids SongsKids wish - Nursery Rhymes & Kids SongsHace 3 meses
  • Pakistan is best choice to travel and explore nature

    Kids wish - Nursery Rhymes & Kids SongsKids wish - Nursery Rhymes & Kids SongsHace 3 meses
  • Get a grip trip in our aginsy in morocco Www.dreamdesertmorocco.com

    Desert MoroccoDesert MoroccoHace 3 meses
  • Proud to be a sri lankan..

    Parami De silvaParami De silvaHace 3 meses
  • I am proud to be a sri lanka . Come and see my beautiful country

    Jele honeyJele honeyHace 4 meses
  • Who shot all the drone footage?

    Jefferson CarrollJefferson CarrollHace 4 meses
  • Well, I'm from Sri Lanka. 😅

    Jasper CarterJasper CarterHace 4 meses
  • Welcome To Nepal for adventure

    Mukunda SapkotaMukunda SapkotaHace 4 meses
  • I want to visit Sri Lanka and Japan because they seem very interesting for me.

    Nancy VarelaNancy VarelaHace 4 meses
  • Sri lanka is the best cheap, and everywhere things to see.

    Sakun LakdinuSakun LakdinuHace 4 meses
  • Gus u need see this u never heard about this place esproject.info/it/video/hXWtdtGa0rOYypE

    Ajay MurmuAjay MurmuHace 4 meses
  • Hello, awesome video but can you also make one that has budget friendly options

    Sahar AmerSahar AmerHace 5 meses
  • Awesome video ❤❤

    Weekend TalesWeekend TalesHace 5 meses
  • Pakistan is beautiful

    Unaib IsmailUnaib IsmailHace 5 meses
  • Would love to visit Peru!

  • Love Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬

    Sankhanil ChakrabortySankhanil ChakrabortyHace 5 meses
  • Pakistan's very Hospitable and Friendly people's Because I watching videos every day

    Jagmeet ਜਗਮੀਤ ਸਿੰਘJagmeet ਜਗਮੀਤ ਸਿੰਘHace 6 meses
  • You should visit China!most beautiful

    lin mrlin mrHace 6 meses
  • Great videos! Hope to see you all in Cambodia.

    GoPlaces-CambodiaGoPlaces-CambodiaHace 6 meses
  • Saudi Arabia ... Now you can apply for a tourist visa

    Bald Saudi AdventuresBald Saudi AdventuresHace 6 meses
  • Guys this a beautiful place also esproject.info/it/video/hoSqdceWzdx-y8w

    Titus YekwamTitus YekwamHace 6 meses
  • esproject.info/it/video/n2GCabusnL2hpqo

    Joann wong 84 111Joann wong 84 111Hace 6 meses
  • No.1 Travel Destination in 2019 by Lonely Planet. Wonder of Asia - Paradise of Tourists esproject.info/it/video/jKRxmcyZubux1Mg

  • Nice places .... esproject.info/it/video/jX-mgd7L2tylsbo

    Amazing Sri LankaAmazing Sri LankaHace 6 meses
  • knowsomebest.wordpress.com/2019/09/06/the-legacy-of-tequila/

    Jagabandhu DasJagabandhu DasHace 6 meses
  • That's wonderful countries!

  • This contains two of my top three bucket list destinations; Japan 🇯🇵 and Peru 🇵🇪 but missing the spectacular planet of Iceland 🇮🇸

    Mohammed MeeladMohammed MeeladHace 7 meses
  • If you go to Philippines?,Don't forget to visit Bohol, specially the newest tourist attraction here,the Mirror of the World..Just visit my Channel..Thanks

    Emarken SeguiraEmarken SeguiraHace 7 meses
  • Wow top 5 destination Asia

    Asia ChannelAsia ChannelHace 7 meses
  • esproject.info/it/video/hJeOabbfqtaWmJU

    Animal LoverAnimal LoverHace 7 meses
  • iwant go to there but iam poor, abeatiful place

    Supri YadiSupri YadiHace 7 meses
  • sri lanka is next

    melimeliHace 7 meses
  • It is a very nice video where you have travel, but you haven't been to Nepal Himalayan? check it out, www.boundlessadventure.com

    Dambar KhadkaDambar KhadkaHace 8 meses
  • Why is there a Chinatown in every major city everywhere! It's like nobody from there wants to be a part of the domineering culture of the area.

    Wandering WildernessWandering WildernessHace 8 meses
  • Oh my god That's beautiful❤ I am from VietNam🇻🇳

    Anh KyAnh KyHace 8 meses
  • esproject.info/it/video/qGRwZde30bOuv5k PHilippines

    JEN MüllerJEN MüllerHace 8 meses
  • Worst video ever

    Swapnashree BeheraSwapnashree BeheraHace 8 meses
  • tips if you plan to go in sri lanka.. 1 bring gas mask(reccomended) 2 bring alot of money ( cheap product there are garbage) 3 dont buy street foods 4 money exchange for foreigner is not same as local rates 5 they all scammers

    Vahn VallainVahn VallainHace 8 meses
    • Nice hate

      Raging WarriorRaging WarriorHace 8 meses
  • Wow beautiful places to visit

    Travel Fun LifestyleTravel Fun LifestyleHace 8 meses
  • sri lanka😊😊 my mother land 👍 💓 💓

    lakmi liyanagelakmi liyanageHace 8 meses
  • Yay Sri Lanka is no 1 travel destination.

    TITAN βTITAN βHace 9 meses
  • Don't you know about Pakistan! 😕😃

    M AhsanM AhsanHace 9 meses
  • Maybe 2020 is the year I go to all this amazing destinations 🙏🏾♥️♥️

    Isalandia IsalinaIsalandia IsalinaHace 9 meses
  • Mi Perú hermoso.tenemos todos los paisajes .

    Lady AlarconLady AlarconHace 9 meses
  • The key is finding places people aren’t. Hence why I don’t think Japan or Peru should be on this list UNLESS you’re going to some amazing places to each country has outside of Tokyo and Machu Pichu. Great video keep it up 🙌🏻

    Marco Paulo TravelMarco Paulo TravelHace 9 meses
  • Incredible srilanka

    Jesus and mosesJesus and mosesHace 9 meses
  • Wha about Disneyland?

    Johan SmidJohan SmidHace 9 meses
  • Pakistan is the Next Travel Destination❤🌿🍀🍃

    Haris ZahidHaris ZahidHace 9 meses
    • Land of terrorists

      Thiwanka JayasingheThiwanka JayasingheHace 7 meses
  • plz.visitz norway and the philippines dudes

    Fredix LlanosFredix LlanosHace 9 meses
  • Pakistan is the beautiful country thanks

    Hilal KhanHilal KhanHace 10 meses
  • No offense but this list is totally inaccurate. Where is Iceland, Maldives, France, Switzerland, Uae, USA?

    Humza AkbarHumza AkbarHace 10 meses
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  • You missed one country Pakistan 🇵🇰 Facts about this mysterious country -country having 1-Killer mountains like K2,NANGAPARBAT,broad peak,G1,G2-all having height of over8,000metres their fatality rate is higherthan Mount Everest WOULD U BELIEVE ? 2-worlds 3highest mountain ranges(Himalayas,hindukush,Karakoram)meet there in Pakistan 3-worlds second highest mountain planes ,DEOSAI 4-Karakoram high way is the most dangerous and rightly called 8th wonder of world 🌎with 800deaths of construction workers (1man died per kilometer to build the road back in 19seventies) 5-second worlds'deepest sea port GAWADAR 6-cheapest rates for foreigners to travel here 7-worlds largest glacier (other than south n north poles) is BALTORO 72kms in length and 4kms wide

    Sniper ARMYSniper ARMYHace 10 meses
  • You have really created a magnific video !!! I love to travel the world ❤️ Congrats, Great job 👍🏻 thumb’s up 😁 Greetings from Lugano, Switzerland 🇨🇭

    Christian TESSChristian TESSHace 10 meses
  • Sri Lanka is too popular with you guys.

    Abr NAbr NHace 10 meses
  • esproject.info/it/video/r6R-aM-30th6laY

    Chakhiye ZayakaChakhiye ZayakaHace 11 meses
  • This video clickbait

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  • Singapore ?????????????

    Agung YudiartaAgung YudiartaHace 11 meses
  • esproject.info/it/video/ZmKJZ82olcyMuMg

    Yasir AwanYasir AwanHace 11 meses
  • Why did you miss India :(

    Vinayak PaiVinayak PaiHace 11 meses
  • Singapore 😂 Really? I used to live there. It is not a Gem. Malaysia is more diverse, affordable and a fascinating country. My 2019 List Bangladesh Argentina Chile Poland Ukraine Romania Bulgaria Slovakia Turkey Georgia

    The WandererThe WandererHace 11 meses
  • I dont think so

    Nepal natural beautiNepal natural beautiHace 11 meses
  • Nice!! Please visit my channel for amazing Malta -esproject.info/it/video/pHeoms6smc6L1pE

    Travel FreakTravel FreakHace 11 meses
  • I think Pakistan is best traveler destination. Unexplored beauty. Heaven in earth

    Sohail KhanSohail KhanHace un año
  • great videos. I really like it. Follow my channel if you like!

    Audrey LohkampAudrey LohkampHace un año
  • Nice channel, I subbed.

    Ben UnderwoodBen UnderwoodHace un año
  • Sorry but Singapore is kinda lame. Its overpriced and just not that interesting. Kuala Lumpur is waaaaaayyyy better.

    Kris Oltman-ReidKris Oltman-ReidHace un año
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  • Sri Lanka must be one of tbe favs of this year as I can see 😍

    Marta SylvaMarta SylvaHace un año
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    Tharindu GayanthaTharindu GayanthaHace un año
  • @UNILAD. Please do a video on Iceland!!!

    Nakul PandyaNakul PandyaHace un año