ASMR CHEESY French Fries *Homemade* No Talking Eating Show | ASMR Phan

Thanks for all voting!! I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Here’s the cooking video on how I make my Fries!
Love you!
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  • Wow making me so happy

    Thea ThomasThea ThomasHace 4 días
  • *Ok shit I'm hungry again-*

    Farhan SharikaFarhan SharikaHace 12 días
  • Whos waching this at night pc you dont know what elce to do pc i am😄

    Sara VojinSara VojinHace 25 días
  • how does this cheese sauce? please!!!

    Fernanda Pinho MarianoFernanda Pinho MarianoHace 29 días
    • She has another channel, you can find a lot of recipes there.

      Abigail CalderónAbigail CalderónHace 18 días
  • Love it 🤗🤗🤗😭😭

    Laalaa Pins34Laalaa Pins34Hace un mes
  • Washington state or DC ?

    Brianna MurphyBrianna MurphyHace un mes
  • How Do You Make Your Cheese Sauce

    Amber-lee bellAmber-lee bellHace un mes
  • How to make this french fries

    Maryam QureshiMaryam QureshiHace un mes
  • People I am on a mission for German Freak ASMR. Please visit his channel. 😊 thx

    Support Agent For ASMRSupport Agent For ASMRHace un mes
  • washington, d.c. ? & wow i thought you were from the LA area 😭

    Jessica GonzalezJessica GonzalezHace un mes
  • The cheese 🧀 almost looks like slime and when she dips her fries 🍟 in them it also looks like sticky and stretchy slime lmao 😂 I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ why I’m thinking 🤔 of this lol 😆

    fabiha aminfabiha aminHace un mes
  • Rico

    Gisselle Cena cruzGisselle Cena cruzHace un mes
  • Ewww bro wtf man🤢

    deluxe is cutedeluxe is cuteHace un mes
  • Day 11 of dipping dots (any)

    Howard the AlienHoward the AlienHace un mes
  • What’s the best place to get rice cakes In Washington? I can’t find them in Seattle

    C1C1C1C1Hace un mes
  • I like waffle fries or curly

    Nicole Rock Arctic &shilohNicole Rock Arctic &shilohHace un mes
  • skip to 0:50 that’s when she starts earing

    Gracie R.Gracie R.Hace un mes
  • Curly fries are my favourite

    Shray SinghalShray SinghalHace un mes
  • I don’t discriminate when it comes to fries...I love them all!! 😁 Straight cut, waffle, steak cut, name it!

    Merissa PadroMerissa PadroHace un mes
  • What camera do you use?

    ASMR MelaASMR MelaHace un mes
  • I just like the regular thin fries 🍟 and curly and waffle 🧇 fries 🍟 lol 😂

    fabiha aminfabiha aminHace un mes
  • Eating sound so crunchy

    Ananya ananyaAnanya ananyaHace un mes
  • That little dance she do. Let’s me know them fries are 🔥

    Donnye HillDonnye HillHace un mes
  • u should try dipping it on ice cream tho, I swear u won’t regret it

    a fly on the walla fly on the wallHace un mes
  • Hey Your video Always good

    Eat with SUMONEat with SUMONHace un mes
  • Loved this video!!!

    Yuki MareeYuki MareeHace un mes
  • mmmm so delicious😋😋

    Alia AhmedAlia AhmedHace un mes
  • 맛있겠다 😢😢❤️❤️❤️

    예린손예린손Hace un mes
  • It sounds so satisfying 🤤

    Vee RanVee RanHace un mes
  • 00:54 ur welcome

    Foua-Aliki RimoniFoua-Aliki RimoniHace un mes
  • Mmmmmmm Love ya phan💖💖🔥🔥👌

    Hillary DadaHillary DadaHace un mes
  • i love your channel u should do more channels and btw how u make the cheese

    Shakeydra WashingtonShakeydra WashingtonHace un mes
  • I want some!-!!

    Anai HernandezAnai HernandezHace un mes
  • Wen u eat I feel hungry then I go to kitchen and make something’s for myself Lol hehe 😃😃 keep it up all the nice variety foods and make and make me hungry sis love to watch all ur tasty foods!!!!!

    Rahima MurshedRahima MurshedHace un mes
    • Me 2..😊

      ibrahim sibrahim sHace 2 días
  • Hey sis h r u hope u r well My favourite chips r wedges and oven thick chips I love these chips Lol hahahahaha 😘😘

    Rahima MurshedRahima MurshedHace un mes
  • day 22 of requesting full faceeeee

    kate xoxokate xoxoHace un mes
  • oh my goshh those fries look heavenly on their own but dipped in cheese sauce?? 🤤

    joannejoanneHace un mes

    명서비 EATS [MSB]명서비 EATS [MSB]Hace un mes
  • Is it just me or does anyone else absolutely DRENCH their food in sauce if it’s provided? I need mAximUm fLAvoR

    alice Hanalice HanHace un mes
  • I love you

    vJStax-vJStax-Hace un mes
  • I would love to make this recipe but I can’t have peanut oil so would regular vegetable oil have the same results?

    eden guppyeden guppyHace un mes
    • Yup, depend of your taste

      Vanduc TecTecVanduc TecTecHace un mes
  • Omg they look soooo delicious😍

    Nahida MammadovaNahida MammadovaHace un mes

    Marshmelloo_19 _Marshmelloo_19 _Hace un mes
  • I do prefer soft and fluffy fries too than the crispy ones because for me it's tastier

    steffy-rissey Rodriguezsteffy-rissey RodriguezHace un mes
  • I love watching cheese and/or alfredo muckbangs because I cannot have dairy 😩😳

    Lady BugLady BugHace un mes
  • 42 감자 튀김.

    得意—;;得意—;;Hace un mes
  • 0:39 my favorite pieces too😍

    CeCe BounsanaCeCe BounsanaHace un mes
  • The eating actually starts at 0:54

    Kenz HuynhKenz HuynhHace un mes
  • I made your fries this morning. They were so good and crunchy

    Jessica RodriguezJessica RodriguezHace un mes
  • Like if you love Asmr Phan ❤😊 👇

    Chaima KenacheChaima KenacheHace un mes
  • How does her lipstick not come off

    Brittney MohammedBrittney MohammedHace un mes
  • Homemade fries are way better 🤤❤️

    Tierra BellTierra BellHace un mes
  • Are those homemade frys

    Aniyah LatinAniyah LatinHace un mes
  • I have no clue why but I honestly love the way ur mouth goes whenever u chew

    Sophie GregsonSophie GregsonHace un mes
  • Looks amazing

    HQ GirlHQ GirlHace un mes
  • Can you give me the name of your snapchat.......please!!🤭🤭🤭🤭

    عاشقة الأنميعاشقة الأنميHace un mes
  • Your homemade fries look excellent. Adding cheese makes it even better.

    Gulp ASMRGulp ASMRHace un mes
  • U eat so much!

    Gaming with libbyGaming with libbyHace un mes
    • @Sophie Gregsonerrm... 11

      Gaming with libbyGaming with libbyHace un mes
    • Gaming with libby how old r u?im 15

      Sophie GregsonSophie GregsonHace un mes
    • @Sophie Gregson me to

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    • Gaming with libby means ur desperate for subscribers sorry I’m british lol

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    • @Sophie Gregson?

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  • oml the cheese always looks like the honey from winnie the pooh

    BeyBeyHace un mes
    • Aww cute!

      Sophie GregsonSophie GregsonHace un mes
  • very nice and me love you 😍

    Duaa AliDuaa AliHace un mes