Assassin's Creed 4 - Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD] - First 2 Hours! - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag





  • The sound is broken

    Lightness KnightLightness KnightHace un año
  • this guy started as a noob lol

    Notfound GuiltyNotfound GuiltyHace un año
  • So... we're just going to act like Heath Ledger's face wasnt use as the model for Edward?

    Asar HeruAsar HeruHace 2 años
  • Dude I am impressed. I'm much better at the witcher than you but you KICK MY ASS at this game. Wow your much better than I am at this games combat. Very impressed.

    Robert KirkpatrickRobert KirkpatrickHace 2 años
  • the worst ac4 player

    kamal sykamal syHace 2 años
  • why is ur nd mine different mickndfireice

    Ultra InstinctUltra InstinctHace 3 años
    • The Salvation Army wtf r u trying to fuckin say

      2seck2seckHace 2 años
  • the sound was gone at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2773">46:13</a>

    Noob PlaysNoob PlaysHace 3 años
  • Brother u r 'TRUSTWORTHY'

    Jessi KalkatJessi KalkatHace 4 años
  • Can you make assassins creed syndacite videos

    Nilsa CintronNilsa CintronHace 4 años
  • Happy the playstation4 the december

    poker988yt 2k15poker988yt 2k15Hace 4 años
  • Dude I Hope You Try Your Best At Making Your Video Awesome Well Good Luck By Michael Johnson.

    Kai TheGreatKai TheGreatHace 4 años
  • the reason why the audio is like it is because of copyright reasons you can upload gameplay but most of the time you cant upload certain things

    Inspired MagicInspired MagicHace 5 años
    • Inspired Magic I don't think so I've watched thousands of hours of gameplay footage and that's never come up before.

      Robert KirkpatrickRobert KirkpatrickHace 2 años
  • What the fuck is wrong with the audio ?

    Kareem SaadKareem SaadHace 5 años
    • Okay thanks and sorry for the language

      Kareem SaadKareem SaadHace 5 años
    • its broken and you know this vid has almost 1year and half....

      kurok1tenshikurok1tenshiHace 5 años
  • Your shit

    Jayden VoJayden VoHace 5 años
    • And your poop

      Nilsa CintronNilsa CintronHace 4 años
    • @Jayden Vo Haha get a life u dumb fuck

      Rafael CamiloRafael CamiloHace 4 años
  • Lemme spit game at the red head real quick.

    Hellish_ReasonsHellish_ReasonsHace 5 años
  • I'm AlexI'm AlexHace 5 años
  • im glad i subscribe to you dude,you havelot of walkthroughs:)

    xxxDarkSiderxxx AARNTheMenacexxxDarkSiderxxx AARNTheMenaceHace 5 años
  • super

    murali chmurali chHace 5 años
  • Hey man, the audio is wack on this video. I'd advise either trying to fix it or reupload the video with better audio.

    The Collector ReviewsThe Collector ReviewsHace 5 años
  • I'm currently playing through Assassins Creed II (Got it free through MS' Games with Gold). I'm very much enjoying it, and I am curious if I should get this one to play. Any thoughts?

    heatstroke23heatstroke23Hace 5 años
    • heatstroke23 no get assassins creed 3 its more fun

      lib tardlib tardHace 2 años
    • YES, though it's a very different game in feel.

      Waiting4thaWromsWaiting4thaWromsHace 5 años
    • ujjv/in- +nbcbhcbxbxb n nncncn n bbbbv Ncbhhlÿkkkm& Gv(jpphb

      Tönen MehmetTönen MehmetHace 5 años
  • check out my youtube video ghostman6002 and this one nice video

    TheModern22TheModern22Hace 5 años
  • not a full walkthrough didnt get the veiw point not finishing

    seth yargonseth yargonHace 6 años
  • the third is better than this graphicly .gameplay and the story . its the best . but this one is good too

    Adam ElkobriAdam ElkobriHace 6 años
    • How does Ac3 have better graphics than Ac4? Ac4 was made after Ac3.

      DeltaDeltaHace 3 años
  • Small FPS

    leberteprisonleberteprisonHace 6 años
  • My only issue while watching the video, is that the sound just doesn't work in a few parts of the video. Other than that, pretty awesome.

    Hans MartinezHans MartinezHace 6 años
  • is this played on ps4?

    Ray PersaudRay PersaudHace 6 años
    • Ray Persaud you are really retarded

      2seck2seckHace 2 años
  • Did anyone else experience the audio going in and out around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1800">30:00</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2850">47:30</a>

    Zackery OliverZackery OliverHace 6 años
    • me too,some parts of MK's video audio has no sound there must be somewrong his game or the condole volume

      xxxDarkSiderxxx AARNTheMenacexxxDarkSiderxxx AARNTheMenaceHace 5 años
  • You know, I played through this part before and I can't believe it took the Templars that long to find out Edward fooled them. Rogers would've noticed something was up when he heard Bonnet call Edward's name. For people who seek to control the world, the Templars can be pretty stupid sometimes.

    Riley PattersonRiley PattersonHace 6 años
  • Rockstar, please make a pirate game without this stupid matrix-wannabe shit!

    Tobias JohanssonTobias JohanssonHace 6 años
    • @1stokedmonkey We wouldn't want the main story to come out 1 year later...

      NahidNahidHace 5 años
    • @Christian Johansson yes because we want assassins creed to be like gta. Fuck that

      1stokedmonkey1stokedmonkeyHace 5 años
    • Yeah, I know that, Captain Obvious! Therefore I wish/know that Rockstar would do a better job! No pun intended...

      Tobias JohanssonTobias JohanssonHace 6 años
    • You've probably realized this by now but: This is not Rockstar's work, but instead it is Ubisoft's work.

      marcus portermarcus porterHace 6 años
  • i love ac series ecpissally ac3 ; it's my favorite game ever made . but i kind little little little hate the modern day . cuz it has nothing to do with the true story of ac series ( exept ac 3 )

    Adam KBAdam KBHace 6 años
    • edward kenway was connor's grandfather and you say that ac4 is the modern day

      Giorno GiovannaGiorno GiovannaHace 3 años
  • How do u enable subtitles in game on ps4?

    Saad AhmedSaad AhmedHace 6 años
  • what part of this is a walk through missing view points

    sethyargonsethyargonHace 6 años
  • Part 2?

    Muhammad DawoodMuhammad DawoodHace 6 años
  • The sound keeps cutting out. You need to fix that.

    OnlySleepOnlySleepHace 6 años
  • Has anyone seen any of the whiny bullshit reviews on the internet. The game is going to outsell any of the previous ones, but all you hear from reviews is how it compares to previous AC, ok it's little easier than I would like, it's an anarchist jerk fest but people really don't get Pirates, how dull the Templar story was getting and convoluted and due to disappear up its own ass, I honestly think some people don't want to be surprised and just want what they expect, even if it is shit? This is something else, the tired old Templar shit was getting boring, get used to change. Try enjoying yourself for a change without expecting boring and sameyness, this game will do that in spades.:)

    GralGralHace 6 años
    • Im just gonna say.. The game IS called ASSASSIN'S Creed. Assassin's are supposed to be deadly, and quiet, I don't think an Assassin is actually going to use a fucking pirate ship to fight sea battles. Nuff said.

      1stokedmonkey1stokedmonkeyHace 5 años
  • I agree Kyle, I enjoy the sync parts of the game. maybe you can help me. When you are on the island in part 1 there is a bright object in a tree which when approached flies away. Can this object be caught as I have been unable to catch it

    Rick BellRick BellHace 6 años
  • great game!!

    KinqEnforcerKinqEnforcerHace 6 años
  • I agree Kyle, I play & sync. Maybe you can help me, whilst playing AC4 I have come across a bright object in a tree, when I approach it, it flies away and I cant catch it. do you know what it is and if it can be caught

    Rick BellRick BellHace 6 años
  • You helped me thank you

    Farhan NadeemFarhan NadeemHace 6 años
  • got the last shot in 9 seconds.BADA$$

    Annie FayoseAnnie FayoseHace 6 años
    • Heh. I got them in 7 seconds.. Or around that time.

      ᅚHace 6 años
  • He dose not live as a assassing becos he kill done

    Liam GardnerLiam GardnerHace 6 años
    • Liam Gardner lern hew t spal

      2seck2seckHace 2 años
    • Oh.... Okay

      ConLevi3ConLevi3Hace 5 años
    • Fuck did you just say?

      The Dream MerchantThe Dream MerchantHace 5 años
    • Fucking Type!

      Assassino275Assassino275Hace 5 años
    • sorry what?

      dangerdan09incdangerdan09incHace 6 años
  • I'm new to AC whats the point of that synchronization thing when you sit atop a high building and you see the surrounding enviornment

    StressedOutMouseStressedOutMouseHace 6 años
    • @Ben Kerley so u think that an assassin game where u cant even loot people and cant air assassinate in an city-only environment is better then this one, a game, a game with both city and natural environments, where u play by both a man and sail on a ship, with hunting, boarding and doing a bunch of amazing stuff??? man i know that to each is own, but opinion is just ridiculous.

      dangerdan09incdangerdan09incHace 6 años
    • play the first and second, the rest are terrible. I'm watching the walkthrough to see if this one is worth playing

      Ben KerleyBen KerleyHace 6 años
    • well new in AC4 syncing allows you to quick travel to each sync point anytime after you've synced it. wow that sentence is weird haha but other than that it opens up the region on maps, not too mention the cool action shot

      brent rublebrent rubleHace 6 años
  • am i the only one that thinks Edward looks like Heath Ledger

    TheTonyShowShowTheTonyShowShowHace 6 años
  • Me toooooooooo I say that AC3 story mode is better than AC4 because most of the missions are just in ships and pirates

    1Tap LegAcey1Tap LegAceyHace 6 años
  • what's with the messed up audio bro?

    RezRezHace 6 años
  • Why doesn't anyone I watch play this synchronize the map when they are standing right next to it? I've watched a few guys and they all do the same thing!!! Wtf??? Its the biggest part of the game so u know where u are and where u are it makes it better for watching we know where u are!!!!!!!

    Kyle RegtsKyle RegtsHace 6 años
  • In my opinion AC3 is better

    Tannya DeleonTannya DeleonHace 6 años
    • I agree it was, but how do you improve on perfection?

      GralGralHace 6 años
    • in story yes ac3 was better but ac4 is much more fun

      Bobsaggets SBobsaggets SHace 6 años
    • @NoMoreGhostCrew ur face sucks :P

      RezRezHace 6 años
    • AC3 sucks

      NoMoreGhostCrewNoMoreGhostCrewHace 6 años
  • Is seeing people through buildings a glitch?

    James ReedJames ReedHace 6 años
  • The guy in the red cape sound like the guy from ac2 and brotherhood Barolomeo

    Jamrock86Jamrock86Hace 6 años
  • why your ac 4 does not have rain effect on the first ship

    gamer evolvegamer evolveHace 6 años
  • Moi même jai fait une vidéo TEST sur AC4 en HD français !

    JOFRÉJOFRÉHace 6 años
  • The enemies wait for their friends to die before they attack your character?

    Christian DukeChristian DukeHace 6 años
    • They changed it in AC Syndicate

      LewhxLewhxHace un año
    • So like all the AC games ?

      sb12083sb12083Hace 6 años
  • why is every second man wearing jack sparrow eye makeup? a bit overdone?

    clray123clray123Hace 6 años
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a> shooting a pistol right next to his buddy's ear, what a great idea

    clray123clray123Hace 6 años
  • Is the wallhack a feature or a glitch?

    clray123clray123Hace 6 años
  • WTF is wrong with the subtitles, why are all nouns capitalized?

    clray123clray123Hace 6 años
    • I understand now. Marketing Guy: let's capitalize everything like Douchebags so that Kids start imitating us and create a Buzz about our Game because other Kids will point out Mistakes. Mission accomplished!

      clray123clray123Hace 6 años
  • remember, the first thing when you find yourself stranded after a seafight: run some parkour courses and climb some trees

    clray123clray123Hace 6 años
  • Great vid

    Mark BrandonMark BrandonHace 6 años
  • A whole new way of saying Pirate of The Caribbean....

    ikram deliriousikram deliriousHace 6 años
  • LOL this ones WAY easier than my game! at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2340">39:00</a> when tailing the guards, the stop allot an there is other guards at just about every turn, Im trying this game on the xbox one because my damn BF4 didn't come in the mail on launch..

    Norman GunoNorman GunoHace 6 años
  • Why is everyone spamming their descriptions with tags now? If you require that to get in the top viewers probably shouldn't be there.

    TheGameDevDudeTheGameDevDudeHace 6 años
  • lol they knew who davy jones was in the 18th century? when the film came out in the 21th

    Boo Hon HuynhBoo Hon HuynhHace 6 años
    • @***** I find this quite interesting exaly ;p

      Boo Hon HuynhBoo Hon HuynhHace 6 años
    • @***** Maybe i dont want to do research? But still in spongebob wasn't that the flying dutchman and not davy jones

      Boo Hon HuynhBoo Hon HuynhHace 6 años
    • @***** i'm right ^^

      Boo Hon HuynhBoo Hon HuynhHace 6 años
  • It creeps me out a bit how the women are constantly following him... O.o

    shiney4ever4shiney4ever4Hace 6 años
    • He paid them for "services" that's why they follow them.

      OnlySleepOnlySleepHace 6 años
  • Your all around assassin skills need much improvement.

    Jake EstesJake EstesHace 6 años
  • the A.I is plain horrible

    TheSharpmarksmanTheSharpmarksmanHace 6 años
  • He is sychronizing by looking at a hole..

    harryhaoharryhaoHace 6 años
  • stop hassling the guy about his ac skills. if you dislike watching it so much get a job and go get the game

    Damion VerineDamion VerineHace 6 años
    • that what ubisoft wants, i want to see if the game is purchse worthy

      TheSharpmarksmanTheSharpmarksmanHace 6 años

    Josef SpálenskýJosef SpálenskýHace 6 años
  • So he's not a part of the secret order? He just stole his clothes and ran with it?

    Devin PenaDevin PenaHace 6 años
  • Just teasing us in the shooting challenge, letting the clock run down!

    James Robertson-TaylorJames Robertson-TaylorHace 6 años
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a>:07

    xXDelta_WhiskeyXxxXDelta_WhiskeyXxHace 6 años
  • PC?

    LEGENDARY!!!LEGENDARY!!!Hace 6 años
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>:22 ı saw another assasin :D

    Onur Eren AKGÜLOnur Eren AKGÜLHace 6 años
    • I think that's an Easter egg. My friend said ubisoft puts other assassins in the game for Easter eggs such as ezio or Connor. I think this is one of 'em.

      asdf_julianasdf_julianHace 5 años
  • wow you suck at fighting...

    Amy ThebruyckerAmy ThebruyckerHace 6 años
  • man u need to improve your skills in~fight

    Andre PiresAndre PiresHace 6 años
  • is this part at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1200">20:00</a> desmond

    CrownsnekCrownsnekHace 6 años
  • Booby

    Johnathan CrawfordJohnathan CrawfordHace 6 años
  • if desmund died if assassin's creed 3, then who is in the animus with this guy?

    Undead ArtistUndead ArtistHace 6 años
    • Supposedly yourself.

      Nathan WilkeningNathan WilkeningHace 6 años
  • another assasin okey...

    EDVINAS pranukeviciusEDVINAS pranukeviciusHace 6 años
  • A bit! And it is almost the same armor ^^

    Munsch Pierre-louisMunsch Pierre-louisHace 6 años