Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag | Caribbean Open-World Gameplay

Gain new insights from game director Ashraf Ismail and explore this vast and diverse Caribbean open world. Hunt for lost treasures, upgrade the Jackdaw and recruit crew to conquer enemies.
Rated Mature: Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol, Violence




  • En algún momento, este video aparecerá en tus recomendaciones, ya sea en unos años o en poco tiempo después de haberse publicado este comentario. Todos los comentarios son de hace 6 años y en inglés, así que espero no perderme entre la multitud.

    Hugo RizoHugo RizoHace 18 días
  • Ahh the nostalgia... I’m the newest comment XD

    FilmMakerFilmMakerHace un mes
  • this is the best AC game and a real OPEN WORLD AC game by far in my opinion. 1st one was epic

    PwenlyNeighborhoodJayPwenlyNeighborhoodJayHace 6 años
  • i like the fact that once you hold the steering wheel, the ship jumps starts right away.

    lee aldaylee aldayHace 6 años
  • No entendí ni una palabra porque hablo español

    Brandon PatiñoBrandon PatiñoHace 6 años
  • Before was not sure if I was gonna buy this now I AM!!!

    JustinSTeam2JustinSTeam2Hace 6 años
  • This version is PS3 they've only recently shown next gen version

    carljthatsme94carljthatsme94Hace 6 años
  • I believe that it runs at PS3 maybe not but the graphics are very good but i can see some lugs.

    Peter GiannaklisPeter GiannaklisHace 6 años
  • NO LOADING SCREEN. THANK YOU I was pretty sick of them

    Wolf ReignWolf ReignHace 6 años
  • I don't see Jamaica.

    Kartez DrakeKartez DrakeHace 6 años
  • Tan pocos likes?

    Adrián RodríguezAdrián RodríguezHace 6 años
  • This has got to be the most ignorant thing I think I have ever read. (Excluding my visit to some of the Xbox fan sites....) and before you start talking shit I originally, and still have an Xbox, however I am choosing to leave due to the complete idiocy, violence and general lack of intelligence of the community of which the average age is about 11 and they all play COD. PS4 for me

    Thomas CharlieThomas CharlieHace 6 años
  • And that's what I call open world game

    Adrian lamburAdrian lamburHace 6 años
  • Now thats a game.

    Ian NorrisIan NorrisHace 6 años
  • ele só nada ele não mergulha ?

    Dalton AlvesDalton AlvesHace 6 años
  • ele só nada ele não mergulha ?

    Dalton AlvesDalton AlvesHace 6 años
  • an extremely fun game to play and sweet graphics but honestly not as good as GTA V but man still an amazing game this!

    Big RussBig RussHace 6 años
  • looks really amazing the only assassins creed I have played is AC1.

    Big RussBig RussHace 6 años
  • Sooooooooooooooooo Far :(

    Rickie HCARickie HCAHace 6 años
  • When you think of this as an ac game, it looks like a mutation. But when you see it as a pirate game with ac's mechanics, its fucking awesome.

    sb792079sb792079Hace 6 años
  • So Far So Good

    Nic FibNic FibHace 6 años
  • Ok

    Pedro Vendramini PrettoPedro Vendramini PrettoHace 6 años
  • look for something new then lazy bum

    YamazuYamazuHace 6 años
  • you sir have failed miserably on opposing ps XD

    YamazuYamazuHace 6 años
  • closes to one of my dream game. Only thing missing is creating my own character lol. But im happy with what we got here, it also looks amazing - high quality game.

    AgyonAgyonHace 6 años
  • Release date(s) PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 NA October 29, 2013[4] AU October 31, 2013[6] EU November 1, 2013[7] JP November 28, 2013[8] PlayStation 4[9] NA November 15, 2013 EU November 29, 2013 Xbox One November 2013 Microsoft Windows[10] Q4 2013

    J SanJ SanHace 6 años
  • Is this running on ps3 or ps4

    Quiet DemonQuiet DemonHace 6 años
  • I do experience the same shit every day, that's why i get bored.

    Pedro Vendramini PrettoPedro Vendramini PrettoHace 6 años
  • OMG! Cannot wait for this game!!! #PS4

    Luis FloresLuis FloresHace 6 años
  • PS4 , and those of you who say they suck , well i guess you can't afford it , sorry

    John TovarJohn TovarHace 6 años
  • Its for PS3 & PS4

    John TovarJohn TovarHace 6 años
  • this is on ps4.

    Random ClipsRandom ClipsHace 6 años
  • Is this Ps3 or PS4?

    t850terminatort850terminatorHace 6 años
  • Remember when AC was about hiding in crowds to stab people so you could unlock more weapons to stab more people? I miss that.

    t850terminatort850terminatorHace 6 años
  • would be awesome if the crew members were assassins too

    Mohamad Ali KassemMohamad Ali KassemHace 6 años
  • that song at end is so cool

    RobEarthRobEarthHace 6 años
  • take advantage of this that's all he's saying I'm gonna feel like a rapist

    RobEarthRobEarthHace 6 años
  • Looks better than I thought it would to be honest, looking forward to playing it next month at Eurogamer!

    Stand Your Ground GamingStand Your Ground GamingHace 6 años
  • What music is playing when they take on Board the ship?

    Илья ХарламовИлья ХарламовHace 6 años
  • @dmydwpx yeah thats what everyones been saying btw! if your bored check this good time waster! >>>

    Sami Al masagediSami Al masagediHace 6 años
  • @dmydwpx yeah thats what everyones been saying btw! if your bored check this good time waster! >>>

    Faraz SediqFaraz SediqHace 6 años
  • hahahaha very nice

    elmoijtoelmoijtoHace 6 años
  • Looks great.

    Randy VitaRandy VitaHace 6 años
  • Where did you get that information from?

    RED EngineerRED EngineerHace 6 años
  • is it going to be on the psvita too

    jack jarjourahjack jarjourahHace 6 años
  • will it have the same graphics and like look the same on ps3 and ps4? or will it change? im still confused when the next gen games are going to be on current gen as welll...

    DeumuDeumuHace 6 años
  • PS4 and XBOX one both suck, Xbox 360 forever.

    Stealth PilotStealth PilotHace 6 años
  • To be honest ac3 wasn't as good as I thought it would be but this looks great

    WastelandCourierWastelandCourierHace 6 años
  • @AishaKhalil this game is for both xbox one and xbox 360 as well as ps3 and ps4

    Nick MarzolaNick MarzolaHace 6 años
  • are you FUCKING kidding me? are you retarded? no I should'nt have asked that, you ARE retarded.

    peaaanuuutzpeaaanuuutzHace 6 años
  • I wonder if you can fully explore those Islands, or is there only some locations that you can have access to.

    peaaanuuutzpeaaanuuutzHace 6 años
  • ps4 all the way

    HighRollerHighRollerHace 6 años
  • ps4 all the way

    HighRollerHighRollerHace 6 años
  • the Place looks like far cry 3 which is nice

    goodq8ygoodq8yHace 6 años
  • Kutre. That was the Spanish flag during the 1700 you facefuck full of shit. Go hate somewhere else, and make sure you do it properly.

    birbbirbHace 6 años
  • I just can't wait to play this on next gen!

    peaaanuuutzpeaaanuuutzHace 6 años
  • shutup

  • Holy shit.

  • Both

    AkwardSilence12AkwardSilence12Hace 6 años
  • It is ;)

    AkwardSilence12AkwardSilence12Hace 6 años
  • Amazing.

    Daan JordensDaan JordensHace 6 años
  • In all the games there are dumb guy who flirts woman and she always declines

    Brooks HatlenBrooks HatlenHace 6 años
  • Is this PS3 or PS4?

    We were hereWe were hereHace 6 años
  • I❤ this game so much -..

    アジアンローズAjian RozuアジアンローズAjian RozuHace 6 años
  • Lol guys if you can ser the dolphins in yhe beggining of the video are bugged

    Caio SoaresCaio SoaresHace 6 años
  • Xbox one is gay go for PLAYSTATION 4

    M3RKiN LAP00NM3RKiN LAP00NHace 6 años
  • I was gonna get Xbox one, but I'm just looking and all this gameplay and the controller and all just looks so sexy

    Adzy learyAdzy learyHace 6 años
  • Looks good!

    GamingWithMiami ™GamingWithMiami ™Hace 6 años
  • In Brazil, a television misinformed detonated the game "Assassi's Creed", and blamed the game for the death of a family, killed by son 10 years old.

    Doublekick GamingDoublekick GamingHace 6 años
  • This game looks awesome man

    papo1964papo1964Hace 6 años
  • both

    ZoMbZascensionZoMbZascensionHace 6 años
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="433">7:13</a> That wasn't the spanish flag at that time. Ubi doesn't give a fuck about history, how surprising.

    kkutrekkutreHace 6 años
  • PS4, but Xbox One footage is very similar so this is a good idea of both systems.

    Minako ArisatoMinako ArisatoHace 6 años
  • looks 100000000 times better than assassins creed 3

    smellyburitos21smellyburitos21Hace 6 años
  • *&&*&&

    Jilleon MahanJilleon MahanHace 6 años
  • grand theft assassin - gta

    KingletKingletHace 6 años
  • this is on PS3

    BlazeStoneZBlazeStoneZHace 6 años
  • My bad no it's not a sequel. They are explaining the story of Conors grandfather Edward.

    LeggitGamesLeggitGamesHace 6 años
  • Not it's not

    LeggitGamesLeggitGamesHace 6 años
  • ps3*

    Vato AMVato AMHace 6 años