Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5-0)

Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid ( Xavi, Pedro, David Villa*2, Jeffren)
Real Madrid were humiliated in the El Clasico on November 29, 2010 as Barcelona thrashed them 5-0 at the Nou Camp. The Spanish Prime Minister had predicted a 4-2 for Barcelona, but the Catalans did even better as they thrashed Los Blancos 5-0.
It was billed as a Messi vs Ronaldo game, and Messi clearly won this one.
Sergio Ramos also got sent off for Real Madrid.




  • 11:24 Sergio Ramos bien gay que nunca sabe perder vlv

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  • messi like ronaldo comment

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  • Anyone in feb 2020..??

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  • The GOAT!

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  • Jaja cuando veo eso risa da porque el madrid siempre cuando juega con el Barça se ve superado

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  • Messi should have won an Oscar for this game...

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  • This Barça is the greatest team group of all times in my opinion

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  • Creo que si algo le dolio al Real madrid y aun le duele fue esta humillación que le hizo pasar el barza

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  • 2/17/2020 and still gives Goosebumps

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  • 🤗Barcelona -VS- Real Madrid 5'0#2020

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  • Messi e un livello troppo alto diventano tutti normali gli altri compreso Ronaldo

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  • XAVI XAVI XAVI man of the match

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  • Barcelona tiene que ser el destinatario

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  • Real playes are so fucked up,haha

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  • the brits commentator are the best they really know how to lit up the moments without being too overhyped and forcing things.

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  • Messi🐐

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  • Actualicen. Hasta cuando partidos pasados.

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  • Our Jesus Christ is Great .. Also FCB is also Great..

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  • Barcelona Messi best ever⚽️⚽️💪💪 Real Madrid players very bad behaviour and Real madrid wrost players👎👎

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  • Umilinta maxima pentru Real Madrid !

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  • 2:15 Even with slowmotion this Ball looks fast

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  • This barca team is the BEST football team ever assembled..... sachi's ac milan team will come 2nd

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    • Facts

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    • Generic Guy no 2009 Barca is better

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  • Real mandrid 🤣👎

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  • Xavi&Iniesta the only players in the world with 5 consecutive Final Wins with Spain and Barca 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

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  • Ronaldo xúc vật

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  • This two iniesta and xavi will beat the whole team

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  • Messi só perde para o maior é mais habilidoso de todos os tempos "Ronaldinho Gaucho"

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  • Pep's Barcelona & Ajax 1995- the 2 best club teams forever and ever, infinity times better than any other club side. Far behind, in 3rd place, is Bayern 2012-13. Thumbs up if you agree with this!

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  • I love barca

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