Barcelona vs Borussia Dortmund [3-1], Champions League, Group Stage 2019/20 - MATCH REVIEW

Barcelona sealed their place at the top of Group F with an impressive win over Borussia Dortmund at the Camp Nou on Wednesday. Lionel Messi scored and provided two assists, one for Luis Suárez and one for Antoine Griezmann.
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  • A vital Champions League win for Barça on a night where finally we saw some Messi/Griezmann combinations! What was your overall thoughts, culés?

    TalkFCBTalkFCBHace un mes

      BorrussiaCore Futbol TVBorrussiaCore Futbol TVHace un mes
    • Great seeing Raki back and playing very good blocking up that MF, he may not have the style of Arthur but I think he adds more to the game

      James K. GoodJames K. GoodHace un mes

      MesSIXMesSIXHace un mes
    • @Swapnesh Sangle No. He dragged his foot expecting contact. Many players use this trick. He realized there was no contact so he got up right away.

      Marcelo BarrosMarcelo BarrosHace un mes
    • @Catherine Monroe Food Vlogs Ironic Statement right? 😅

      marinerphil xavimarinerphil xaviHace un mes
  • Messi Top

    sam pattysam pattyHace 19 días
  • Griezmann is sooo fast. lol I mean like the defender was front of him when the pass was coming, but Griezmann bypassed him. Messi's pass was perfect. Griezmann is always giving his best, but I rarely see it get rewarded.

    Flying CopperFlying CopperHace un mes
  • Msg

    박수현박수현Hace un mes
  • Barca messi let's go to the CHAMPIONS

    Rusdy TonyRusdy TonyHace un mes
  • fuck off wanker where is the football match high lights?

    dan dandan danHace un mes
  • First of all why i am watching this shit i don't like football may i don't know why people are crazy about shit game.i am not big fan of football totally useless game in my opinion i am supporting any football team or club.

    Sohail KhanSohail KhanHace un mes
  • Neymar is the King of footbol

    Jorge Pereira BatistaJorge Pereira BatistaHace un mes
  • Messi with that dribbling

    Javier GarzaJavier GarzaHace un mes
  • Bro a question Did we use to buy. Players this expensive and at this frequency. Please put out a comparison. From the 2009 era and the current spending I feel. Alienas. Career is on its downfall already mainly becz of signings like Vidal. Paulinho. Dejong etc It's ok to buy players when there is no one to that fits from the academy. But we have,/had , players like arnaiz aliena. Fati. Perez piuge musa Gomez All of their slots. In the first team was taken by new signings I guess the only one who broke through was Roberto

    Junaid ShaikhJunaid ShaikhHace un mes

    Yanto Dani02Yanto Dani02Hace un mes
  • I love this umtiti guy his passes was spectacular, I hope Valverde continues to use him

    Oladejo TundeOladejo TundeHace un mes
  • Junior Earning his place in the first team, is Heart warming.. Recover quick My Dembele...

    Anas FalconAnas FalconHace un mes
  • Wow SMG🎉 Top The king Leo Messi ❤️💙⚽️🏆👑🙌🏼✌🏼

    โอ ฮานามิ ฮาจุงเบยโอ ฮานามิ ฮาจุงเบยHace un mes
  • All champions league finals of all time!

    Velson VeliVelson VeliHace un mes
  • Referee prolly upset that he got hit by the ball in the first half and booked Messi for diving😂😂

    Daniel AjayiDaniel AjayiHace un mes
  • Fuck off please

    For SetiFor SetiHace un mes
  • I feel baaaaaaaad for dembele i love that player 😣😣😢

    Nadia's lifestyleNadia's lifestyleHace un mes
  • So Barca fans are feeling happy just because we escaped Europa league and qualified for knock outs. Thanks to Ernesto Valverde for bringing the mindsets of Barca fans just to his level. Mark my words, we will lose in knock out round yet again.

    Rohith ReddyRohith ReddyHace un mes
  • I cry😢 when Dembele get injury because he is my best player in the world I just love to see him playing I just feel bad.

    Ibrahima BahIbrahima BahHace un mes
  • Rakitic needs to stay and Vidal must be sold wenever rakitic plays Messi plays some of his best football but with Vidal Messi lacks something and our midfield is mostly overruned and out played

    amoateng josephamoateng josephHace un mes
  • Like for messi ballon d oro!

    Abdulahi AbdulahiAbdulahi AbdulahiHace un mes
  • We need Johan Cruijff. But we stay strong Ajax and barca 4 life

    G. AlonzoG. AlonzoHace un mes
  • When is dembele not injured? Honestly, let that guy go. Only costs money, brings back fuck all

    Greatest Mother F*ckerGreatest Mother F*ckerHace un mes
  • hello, there is something wrong with the audio/voice in the video. it irritates and not good for the ears. plz make necessary adjustment. thanku.

    Mujeeb RehmanMujeeb RehmanHace un mes
  • Good performance against a very poor poor troubled dortmund. Lets not get to excited

    Greatest Mother F*ckerGreatest Mother F*ckerHace un mes
  • I am glad Griezman score a goal. Firpo did a great job this game. But overall the defense of Barca is still very shaky, I doubt this team will go very far in Champion League.

    tommy songtommy songHace un mes
  • Fuck you

    Sijo Antoine griezmannSijo Antoine griezmannHace un mes
  • Bad second half again

    Armstrong MotyArmstrong MotyHace un mes
  • Im curious about Arthur's case why is he being dropped? A friend told me today it could be due to his word exchange with messi during the international game. I hope that isnt the case.

    ChainMailChainMailHace un mes
  • Am i the only one that hears the Barca Intro Song?

    Jeffrey OdogbaJeffrey OdogbaHace un mes
  • Enjoyable moment of the match Griezmann scoring and Messi jumping to him. Seeing Griezmann happiness that made my day💋💋💋

    Sheriff bekoSheriff bekoHace un mes
  • Visca el Barca

    Tolu JawandoTolu JawandoHace un mes
  • Dembele is a massive massive massive flop. Sorry for his injury but he can't even go past players, shoot, or pass. İt's just not fair how he earns a lot of money by doing NOTHİNG. Rakitic is also terrible I'm afraid. Griezmann has also been Barca's worst ever signings. He is a good player but he does not bring the quality that Neymar did. He did score a goal, but let's face the reality.. He's not as good as Neymar even if he plays as a striker, winger, etc. I'm sorry... Should've stayed at Atletico of gone to a different club rather than going to a club ruined by the manager. Ter Stegen... He does make good important saves but he always concedes outside the box too often. People say he's world's best goalkeeper but he's CLEARLY NOT. The world's best goalkeeper would easily save a shot like that against Dortmund. İt was heading to the near post but he couldn't even save it... I'm not saying he's bad but PERSONALLY, i want to see ANDRE ONANA as our main goalkeeper in the future. His ball control, distribution, reflexes, diving... İs far better than TerStegen's. Maybe they could fight for the number one in the future and make things more entertaining. Sergi Roberto... He DEFİNİTELY deserves to play over Semedo at that Right back in some games. Semedo is slightly better at helping the defence and is a little faster. Roberto's technical ability is huge. His passing and attacking brings a lot of impact. He probably played the best in that game to be fair (note: alongside Suarez, Messi, and Umtiti). He's just a world class player when he's in form and should be treated with more respect. Especially a player who scored a historical winner in the champions League. Lenglet... A terrible clown. He's just another player starting to flop. İt's sad that a lot of fake plastic Barcelona fans prefer him and Todibo over Pique. I don't care how good or bad Umtiti, Lenglet, and Todibo is but defensively Pique is still better. Especially when he's in form he's a world class center back. He did have sloppy times. A lot. Especially these last months. But... Because Umtiti's back as well, he combines perfectly with him. Puig... Riqui Puig is world's best youth midfielder. Clearly without a doubt. And the whole Barcelona midfield's most creative player. Puig, DeJong, and Arthur should start every game. Neymar... Hope he'll be back as soon as possible because he's world's best left winger after Ronaldo and Barca DO NEED HİM.

    el profesorel profesorHace un mes
  • Look. This is why we’re not a top team anymore. When we’re we last happy? We should expect to be happy after every game. This is the first time/video in a long time that we’ve actually had more than 90% positive things

    Peter KyndePeter KyndeHace un mes
  • I think Umtiti should be starting over piqué,he was amazing last night.

    revenge spartarevenge spartaHace un mes
  • No matter what Suarez ALWAYS scores. Sergi Roberto was the best on the pitch alongside Suarez, Messi, and Umtiti. TerStegen does make good important saves but he always concedes outside the box. For the people saying he's the best goalkeeper in the world.. the best goalkeeper in the world would easily save a shot going to the near post. How can people not see these things?? You're being so delusional. DeJong is a world class midfielder but under Valverde he lost his style like he played at Ajax.

    el profesorel profesorHace un mes
  • Sergi Roberto was the best on the pitch alongside Suarez, Messi, and Umtiti.

    el profesorel profesorHace un mes
  • opinion and views on Messi winning 6th Ballon D'or according to Mundo Deportivo, who claim the France Football team travelled to Barcelona for an interview with the winner. Also, after it was revealed the winner has been informed Messi posted him posing with his 5 Ballon D'ors. Coincidence? Idk

    ツNadimツNadimHace un mes
  • Why you don’t comment about Ivan Rakitic? What this guy is doing in this club no one in that’s medfielder can do trust me

    Bubanasara DembaBubanasara DembaHace un mes
  • Ter stegen is the best gk right know he's gonna get in the toty possibly Messiwill win ballon d'or and get in the Toty and probably the puskas and January transfer get neymar keep Rakitic and Griezmann

    George MannGeorge MannHace un mes
  • I was happy with the outlook. Rakitic worked hard as he seems to know he’s replaceable now. Umtiti and Firpo put on great performances for players who haven’t had many minutes. It’s sad that Dembele is injured AGAIN but I feel like he’s all pace and no quality with his constant fumbling. Griezmann finally scored a well executed finish from a beautiful pass from King Messi. Griezmann is a quality player and I want to see him succeed in Barca. I have to commend De Jong. He has my utter respect. He is the definition of quality and discipline with amazing work ethic

    William SodononWilliam SodononHace un mes
  • I am really sad for Dembele, you can see that he's trying hard to get his form back. I hope this is the last time he got injured and if the board eventually decides to sell him, I hope he gets a good team and can show his true potential as one of the most talented players out there. Get well soon, Dembele!

    TheVermilion99TheVermilion99Hace un mes
  • Dembele is a waste of money. Period. He had multiple chances to pass the ball or shot on goal and failed every time. He loses a lot of balls. He is becoming the new Coutinho

    Rater XRater XHace un mes
  • Dear jeemy. plz make update for dembozzz. How many day we miss him.

    Jafar SajeebJafar SajeebHace un mes
  • This is the start of the MSG trio. Griezmann is getting his confidence back. He might not be himself at 100% by the end of this season but I'm pretty sure he will be phenomenal next season if he keeps up like this. He needs some time just like Suarez and Neymar at their debut. It is good to see Barça play like that!

    Meng Hun HeangMeng Hun HeangHace un mes
  • 🐐 goat

    Dobre Twins TopicDobre Twins TopicHace un mes
  • Just MASHALLAH MASHALLAH MASHALLAH, ALHAMDULLA, amazing and convincing victory, please keep it up barca! FORCA BARCA 💪

  • Finally Griezmann scores he debut goal in champions League fuck yes! but we should have kept a clean sheet and they worked good defensivley. That was never a yellow card to Messi its should have been penalty because it was contact Roman Burki fauld messi.

    Nikita ZaikinNikita ZaikinHace un mes
  • This is all the media made up. Messi is not that kind of guy who has time to dislike anyone. He values team and team mates more than anyone else in the world. He is loyal,humble and most honest player despite being the best ever. These are his strengths which makes him simply the GOAT. The only problem with griezmann is he was not finding back of the net. Now as he got one,its good for Barça. At least people will stop talking about messi-Greizmann relations

    Nirjhar BiswalNirjhar BiswalHace un mes
  • I’m surprise he didn’t talked about Messi nearly scored freekick

    Steven 10Steven 10Hace un mes
  • I'd like to see more of Lenglet - Umtiti pairing in the back line. Samu is such a world class defender and it's quite unfair that he's been pushed aside while we have to watch the tennis man's dreadful performances.

    Stevan MilanovicStevan MilanovicHace un mes
  • Messi and Suarez can easily destroy any Defense.. it’s doesn’t matter if they playing with Coutinho, Dembele, or Griezmann. Those 2 guys just untouchable..

    Lynchino bleekLynchino bleekHace un mes
  • Don't let this mask our current state, keep the pressure on Valverde. It was still a mediocre performance, sub par possession vs an also failing team that was drilled by Bayern. You really believe we can beat teams like Liverpool, City, Ajax, PSG, and even Tottenham? NO, demand more from this sinking ship!

    Markerz101Markerz101Hace un mes
  • Up messi Up Barcelona

    Nicholas VictoryNicholas VictoryHace un mes
  • Its good but it doesnt mean that we are now playing good we have to keep up this form at home and start playing better and more confident away from home

    Nikola TodorovicNikola TodorovicHace un mes
  • 3 takeaways from this game: #1 Our attacking thrives when Messi plays as false nine #2 Our defence is a little better when Pique is left out #3 Rackitic, De Jong and Busquets in the midfield works well

    nepotiumsnepotiumsHace un mes
  • It was a nice game.I was happy seeing MSG playing Good Understand each others movements but it was sad seeing Dembele Gone off injured again wish him speedy recovery.#Forza Barca.

    Muhammed SeckaMuhammed SeckaHace un mes
  • Man, u are really funny.. I love your comment that Messi was booked by the ref because they smashed the ball on his face in the 1st half. lol

    Obinna EgboObinna EgboHace un mes
  • come on guys ,why we talking as if we did something spectacular , this is the worst Dortmund side who almost lost toa bottom team from the Bundesliga ,they were giving ball everywhere, with the right manager and right tactics we would have humiliated Dortmund , Valverde fools us with his tactic he is 4-4-2 minded that really is destroying busquet , Valverde can't take us anywhere because he just can't help us , Messi is good with ball but for the past 2 years his walking rate has been costing us a lot he needs to run and put pressure like any other player in pitch, don't get me wrong he is the goat but he needs to help his teammates

    Molamin ChanterMolamin ChanterHace un mes