Cash Register Express (CRE) - General Cashiering

Cash Register Express (CRE) - General Cashiering
00:02 - Time Clock & Cashier In/Out
01:12 - Using Discounts
01:55 - Processing Returns
03:00 - No Sales
03:44 - Placing Items On Hold
05:30 - Price Checking & Searches
06:48 - Taking Payment
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  • anyone got robbed?

    Differential EquationsDifferential EquationsHace 20 días
  • This guy is going too damn fast, uh, helloooooo we're trying to learn for a reason, so why go fast? 😒📢 SLOW THE F*** DOWN

    Luis BurgosLuis BurgosHace un mes
  • yo boys the real question is wtf is this shit and why am I getting recommended it in 2019

    David NunezDavid NunezHace 2 meses
  • I could 'feel' my brain learning

    Kawaii OtakuKawaii OtakuHace 2 meses
  • I'm only watching this because I'm looking to start a fintech startup

    EldaneuronEldaneuronHace 2 meses
  • I start my first day at Walmart tomorrow at 11:15 am

    Lilmama JohnsonLilmama JohnsonHace 3 meses
    • I start my first day at wendys at 4:00 pm today

      RappersRappersHace 2 meses
    • Hanane Fouad it’s easy it might take you a week or 2 to get finished with everything before you get on the floor

      Lilmama JohnsonLilmama JohnsonHace 2 meses
    • @Lilmama Johnson glad to hear that! was it hard or easy to learn?

      Hana FHana FHace 2 meses
    • Hanane Fouad it went well

      Lilmama JohnsonLilmama JohnsonHace 2 meses
    • How was it ?

      Hana FHana FHace 2 meses
  • can we actually change the currency from Dollar to Rupiah?

    Grv Gaming VlogGrv Gaming VlogHace 3 meses
  • He can't really teach 🙄

    Nicki MonteaNicki MonteaHace 3 meses
  • I happen to accidentally step on the switch that turned the whole system off. After turning the system on, when i click on the cash register express icon, the restaurant pro express app (it appears in the top left corner) opens and i can't log in with my employee id and password. What usually showed (top left corner) was cash register express. Now, because of that we are unable to log in to the system for transactions in the store and taking only cash transactions. Somebody please suggest if there is a way to be able to get back in the cash register express. Thank you.

    Nishant PradhanNishant PradhanHace 3 meses
  • Oh im so nervous for my work tomorrow 😥

    mai yomai yoHace 4 meses
  • I'll stick to choosing to be a stocker instead of cashier😓

    Faint 33lFaint 33lHace 4 meses
  • Omg thank u so much!!!

    Jewel HamiltonJewel HamiltonHace 5 meses

    John Kaisser SisonJohn Kaisser SisonHace 5 meses
  • Holy FUCK this is a lot

    Raven BaxterRaven BaxterHace 6 meses
  • I didn’t know Ryan Reynolds worked at KFC

    NYPONYPOHace 6 meses
    • Lol

      Omniboi365 A hecking seal productionsOmniboi365 A hecking seal productionsHace 3 meses
  • This is helpful but at the 0.75 speed

    Ravannah SelanRavannah SelanHace 7 meses
  • So does the computer tell u how much change u owe them ?

    Rest easy SKRest easy SKHace 7 meses
  • & this is how you replace a person with a self cashing out bot & have nice day.

    castlev1986castlev1986Hace 7 meses
  • Why is this nigga so ugly, and why am i watching this

    AxablAxablHace 9 meses
    • Axabl bruh

      Raven BaxterRaven BaxterHace 6 meses
  • One question I don’t know what I did wrong but the price and quantity change is not there along with the delete item toolbar how do I fix it

    Daquan KellyDaquan KellyHace 9 meses
  • LMFAOO retail stores turn you into a robotic clone talk all proper and become a professional associate when you step in to your retail work job but when you leave out into the real world you start to act retarded blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    Romello KeithRomello KeithHace 10 meses
  • This is one of the most underrated videos on all of the internet.God bless your soul good sir.

    james allsup juanjames allsup juanHace 10 meses
  • I wanna get a job at my local dollar tree but it would be my first job ever and I am afraid they will put me as a cashier since it would be the only best job for someone’s first job I guess . Give me some tips y’all 🤯

    only here to have funonly here to have funHace 10 meses
    • i would like to apply there but im nervous theyre gonna screw me over by putting me at the cash register instead of stocker

      littytittylittytittyHace un mes
    • i feel that

      littytittylittytittyHace un mes
  • This is why I always have patience for Cashiers

    Sharkmankill GamesSharkmankill GamesHace 11 meses
  • but this is from 2013. A lot can happen over 6 years

    DestinyDestinyHace 11 meses
    • Destiny Don’t see much of a difference. It’s pretty much still the same.

      SallyWindSallyWindHace 20 días
    • Destiny fr 😂

      Sharkmankill GamesSharkmankill GamesHace 11 meses
  • thank god i'm good with computers, otherwise i'd be so lost.

    Brianna MartinezBrianna MartinezHace un año
  • anyone else see that he discounted the coke but then gave the full price as a return o_O

    Johnny NagolJohnny NagolHace un año
  • Barely doing training today and I’m tripping out lol how Saturday goes good 🤣

    teno_drewteno_drewHace un año
    • Lmao

      Agon LeedAgon LeedHace un año
  • I am.... still nervous...

    Ms. Ender MageMs. Ender MageHace un año
  • Can you make a video on how to close a daily report step by step. Please 😣🤗.

    Maria HernandezMaria HernandezHace un año
  • If the customer use credit/debit card, I should press 'external credit card' on the Pay type's menu and after that I use POS external machine ?

    Panos KoklasPanos KoklasHace un año
  • I hope you make more information about this because we need this I want do this in my future job I really like it

    Mawlah KhanMawlah KhanHace un año
  • Very good information for us

    Mawlah KhanMawlah KhanHace un año
  • but can it run doom?

    mohamed ouhibimohamed ouhibiHace un año
  • It's a point of sale.

    Al MiAl MiHace un año
  • Wtf😲😲😲😲

    James BlackshireJames BlackshireHace un año
  • Everyone nervous about their first retail job, don't stress too much. You'll do amazing

    Elise JohnstonElise JohnstonHace un año
    • Go project your insecurities to a mirror.

      Kahnyay WheastKahnyay WheastHace un año
    • @Kahnyay Wheast except you. You're gonna fail miserably

      Agon LeedAgon LeedHace un año
    • I appreciate the positivity.

      Kahnyay WheastKahnyay WheastHace un año
  • Thank you!

    YGYGHace un año
  • This guy went too fast for me. I wish someone would make a video showing different cash registers. The place where I'll be working (a dept. store) will probably have a register that's different from this one. So I'm a little nervous!

    Bonnie OlesBonnie OlesHace un año
  • Too fast!!!!!

    Roxana RoxyRoxana RoxyHace un año
  • what happens when you scan an item that's not in file??? what kind of response do you get?? notification? dialog?? sound?

    YemenPMYemenPMHace un año
  • This guy is making it harder than it is.

    Roy M Cooper IIIRoy M Cooper IIIHace un año
    • That's what it seemed like to me. Basic shit, just over-explained.

      Kahnyay WheastKahnyay WheastHace un año
  • I start training register at Claire’s tomorrow and I am so nervous. Any advice?

    The Crimson CureThe Crimson CureHace un año
    • @crim perfectly fine. Some mistakes but it's normal i got better everyday

      The Crimson CureThe Crimson CureHace un año
    • How did it go

      crimcrimHace un año
    • The Crimson Cure how did it go

      LaylaLaylaHace un año
  • I just got my first job at CVS and I have hella anxiety. I will be beginning pretty soon do any of you guys have some word of advice? I could really use some of it as I’m not a very confident person.

    Jose MorfinJose MorfinHace un año
    • Jose Morfin I don’t know if you still use this ESproject account haha, but how was the job, did you get the hang of everything

      Shazy KazmiShazy KazmiHace un año
    • R A I can’t do much help on that one man. I have anxiety as well, and the only reason I got the job was because my cousin got me in. I blew that interview, but my cousin basically talked to the manager to convince her I was good for the job.

      Jose MorfinJose MorfinHace un año
    • Jose Morfin I hope I’m not bothering you but how did you get through the interview? I have anxiety so I end up stuttering and tripping over my words 😔 I’m so bad at answering the questions too.

      Rebecca ARebecca AHace un año
    • Edison Verdugo Well CVS is my first job, but I’m thinking it will be easier. Here are a couple reasons on why. So at CVS we have lottery tickets, Money gram/ order, paying rent, and passport photos. Not only that, but at times you get teenagers trying to do a beer run which they’ve done to me already but we can’t really do anything. I don’t see footlocker having all that because it’s not necessary for them to have that. The basics of a register I learned in a week so you should be good. Only thing you might have to do other than take a credit card or cash is make them an account for a membership on the register. I believe you’ll be fine, but I’m sure you’ll still get anxiety on the first day but trust me if I was able to learn all that then you will have no problem. Good Luck!

      Jose MorfinJose MorfinHace un año
    • Jose Morfin bro I also have hella anxiety. LOL I’m going to apply for a cashier role at Foot Locker which I think would be easier than CVS. What do you think?

      Bow helloBow helloHace un año
  • oh god I hope I survive my first day..

    Emma AlfordEmma AlfordHace un año
    • with those pair of boobs i'm sure u will

      Night KingNight KingHace 25 días
    • Andre Arman where the you work? Like is it a supermarket? A clothing store? Is it packed? I just feel like the pressure is going to get to me.

      Bow helloBow helloHace un año
    • Pudding to be honest I was kinda nervous at first, but you get the hang of it as you keep going

      Andre ArmanAndre ArmanHace un año
    • Was it simple? I am a super nervous person..

      Bunvee PuddingBunvee PuddingHace un año
    • Andre Arman it’s really easy

      Emma AlfordEmma AlfordHace un año
  • your going too fast you got to slow down

    foxsykittenfoxsykittenHace un año
  • Dont let me get good at dis shit right hand ona mic stand

    Sean DafnySean DafnyHace un año
  • Nigga im deep into this shit

    Sean DafnySean DafnyHace un año
  • Bro if they want us all to be cashiers anyway then wtf

    Sean DafnySean DafnyHace un año
  • Can you make a list of prices and link them on to another computer? It would be the Same computer just in a different store. I want to link all my inventory

    Crystal KhanCrystal KhanHace un año
  • This looks easy, after you realize what he is talking about. I am pretty sure that I could handle this, as long as I would be given a sufficient training course or training resources.

    Healthy PersonHealthy PersonHace un año
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    • Shut the fuck up.

      Kahnyay WheastKahnyay WheastHace un año
  • Thank you man.

    Udaya Raj RasailyUdaya Raj RasailyHace 2 años
  • This is CRE or POS ???

    SulaisSulaisHace 2 años
    • It says CRE

      Kahnyay WheastKahnyay WheastHace un año
  • Great demo!!

    peter zelayapeter zelayaHace 2 años
  • Wow! Thanks a lot for this information. I'm planing to apply in a fast food restaurant at least im aware about cashiering. Thanks.

    JCItchyFeet ChuladakornJCItchyFeet ChuladakornHace 2 años
  • I'm gonna be a cashier at churches y'all. I'm nervous because it's my first job. Wish me luck!

    Kassie kingKassie kingHace 2 años
    • C'mon man, you don't need "luck". All you need is punctual determination, and a wholehearted submission to your Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

      Kahnyay WheastKahnyay WheastHace un año
    • How is the job?

      shannnshannnHace un año
  • For those who find this to be too fast: There's a nifty .75 / .5 speed on youtube (the gear on the bottom right)

    MeMeHace 2 años
    • Me he sounds drunk in 0.5 speed

      Ali EsmatAli EsmatHace un año
  • You are a horrible teacher, slow down 😣😓👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Azul TequilaAzul TequilaHace 2 años
  • You were awesome...sighhhh!

    ฯMsRoniฯฯMsRoniฯHace 2 años