F1 2019 Career Mode Gameplay! Driving for Mercedes
Season 4, Part 84: The Brazilian Grand Prix!
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Our journey to Formula 1 begins here and our eventual full F1 2019 Career Mode Road to Glory begins with episode 1! F1 2019 Gameplay of the full Formula 2 (F2) Story Mode playthrough with ART!
And then the full F1 Career on F1 2019 as I start my Career Mode. Season 4, driving for Mercedes alongside Lewis Hamilton!




  • @ 21:53.Timetmarduk is your pit man? It burns, it burns. 😜

    Mac CattMac CattHace 13 días
  • Ferraris are red Racing points are pink No, no Kimi You cannot have the drink

    MCLambMCLambHace 28 días
  • Imagine Aarav jinxing the point gap and not winning the WDC 😂😂😂

    Lada is the bestLada is the bestHace 29 días
  • -It’s that glock ? -No.

    Gerson GborfuGerson GborfuHace un mes
  • Lewis, let Aarava pass for the championship

    jackgruberjackgruberHace un mes
  • You don’t even control it !

    Gogol-Space ChannelGogol-Space ChannelHace un mes
  • Vatarl let Lewis through

    nicholas sandhamnicholas sandhamHace un mes
  • Get in there, Aarava!

    BSH 1833BSH 1833Hace un mes
  • Congrats mate, great race you had there at my home hahah

    H44NT GamesH44NT GamesHace un mes
  • Road to glory plz. Love the vid btw

    Azoon FCAzoon FCHace un mes
  • congratulations on your 3rd title..keep up the good work

    CroClanOsijekCroClanOsijekHace un mes
  • Aaaaaaa, gAsLy

    Loek TubeLoek TubeHace un mes
  • Aarav, it’s Jeff good drive

    Moon’s gamingMoon’s gamingHace un mes
  • 21:43 is that considered a selfie?

    Jay137xJay137xHace un mes
  • Aarava pulls a Verstappen at 18:45

    Julian MolJulian MolHace un mes
  • Can you idiot followers stop copying this moron, don't drive T-Cam because he does....experiment for yourself don't default to T-Cam or you'll just be like him.

    Edward JamEdward JamHace un mes
  • road to gorry

    max thedragonmax thedragonHace un mes
  • I got a 1.827 in a Willams pitting

    Edward 02Edward 02Hace un mes
  • Alfa Romeo is the highest maxed out car Please do it See if Lewis moves😂🤣

    Quinn PartingtonQuinn PartingtonHace un mes
  • 😒boring

    Morty BrownMorty BrownHace un mes
  • What happend with the rarri's ?

    BeGeniusBeGeniusHace un mes
  • hate to see the r&d part edited, would love to watch all your points being spent, utterly enjoy the development element in games. anyhoo what a race what a year can't wait to see your decision to either stay with merc or go someplace else

    Stefan KatsStefan KatsHace un mes
  • That was cracking. I loved watching you push that hard. I could definitely tell that meant a lot.

    Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The DreamerHace un mes
  • could you go to racing point for season 5

    PiKa4HD GamingPiKa4HD GamingHace un mes
  • Just let gasly win he needs it for his future irl

    Kieran SlapmanKieran SlapmanHace un mes
  • Is it me or is this the first time he wrapped up a championship early?

    Pranav GummaluriPranav GummaluriHace un mes
  • Guys he really did it. He finally wrapped up a drivers title before Abu Dubai

    Red LightningRed LightningHace un mes
    • Its Abu Dhabi not abu dubai

      Matteo EidMatteo EidHace un mes
    • 😂

      Sameer AhmedSameer AhmedHace un mes
  • Congrats!! Champion of the World!!

    Daniil PanovDaniil PanovHace un mes
  • How can i set the view mod in the game like in 9:48 min

    Rares RPGRares RPGHace un mes

    Martin JanosikMartin JanosikHace un mes
  • Can you pls play a game called FL manager?

    HughHughHace un mes
  • Would it be worth to even buy f1 2019 when the 2020 version would be comin out soon? I think?

    LloydsterLloydsterHace un mes
    • If you don't have any f1 game then maybe since 2020 is coming out mid year

      Flight SimmerFlight SimmerHace un mes
    • Probably not worth it

      everything_is_depressing_123everything_is_depressing_123Hace un mes
  • We are the CHAMPIONS

    Cabs opCabs opHace un mes
  • Nice vid Aarav love it

    Cabs opCabs opHace un mes
  • "Top job, top job! That was a fantastic drive!" Really, the drive, the strategy, the narration -- all have come together this time. Would upvote 10 times if I could!

    Ivan PozdeevIvan PozdeevHace un mes
    • It really was masterclass driving and masterclass strategy, and it was well deserved with how insane his concentration was catching up to Hamilton.

      AmethystPhoenixAmethystPhoenixHace un mes
  • Butler is kicked out of F1 in my Career 😂

    Milan LangerMilan LangerHace un mes
    • bruh

      WH 37WH 37Hace 26 días
    • Your lucky, I have that dickhead for my teammate

      Dragon RacingDragon RacingHace 29 días
    • Karma

      BSH 1833BSH 1833Hace un mes
    • Serves him right.

      Matthew SlatesMatthew SlatesHace un mes
  • Hopefully next season Hamilton doesn’t have as many issues and he can have a fair shot at the title

    Josiah Boateng-MyrieJosiah Boateng-MyrieHace un mes
  • That voice crack tho... : D

    BlackGhost BgBlackGhost BgHace un mes
  • here you are your button to skip directly to the race: 9:20

    lelecolo02lelecolo02Hace un mes
    • lelecolo02 thanks I was trying to find it

      Awesome TNTAwesome TNTHace 24 días
  • They make a same strategy to me

    Kaan AykutKaan AykutHace un mes
  • Can you please also show the middle field when showing the race

    Mhalba NdlovuMhalba NdlovuHace un mes
  • 10:06 so ist Hamilton from Butler myself and crucially weve got Hülkenberg in p4 ahead of Gasly in p6 ... Quick maths 🤔

    lil Revaxxlil RevaxxHace un mes
    • lil Revaxx Quick English more like 🙄

      Just ChillinJust ChillinHace 10 días
  • go for four and more titles

    Ηλίας ΓρηγοριάδηςΗλίας ΓρηγοριάδηςHace un mes
  • Hi aarava live ur vids

    ASMPlayzASMPlayzHace un mes
  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly, he gets screen freezes all the time

    TheRobexClan YTTheRobexClan YTHace un mes
    • That doesn’t even rhyme

      Remodluna 99Remodluna 99Hace un mes
    • that's not how it works

      lucky Sharmalucky SharmaHace un mes
  • Today, I ordered my first wheel for f1 2019, the Thrustmaster T150 RS (not pro) I will receive it in 2 days, if anyone had it and would like to inform me about it if it’s good... how it works etc etc, i’d be delighted! Thanks!😄

    Koen KluitenbergKoen KluitenbergHace un mes
  • Hulkenberg got the best start - 10th to 4th

    DvunununDvunununHace un mes
  • What a brilliant race

    Aryan ChhabraAryan ChhabraHace un mes
  • How does he get them types of helmets there custom and they look like sick someone plz reply with this I need to know???!!!

    Malteser ManGamingMalteser ManGamingHace un mes
    • Thanks guys only new🙏🏽🙌🏽

      Malteser ManGamingMalteser ManGamingHace un mes
    • he plays on PC so he customises his helmets on photoshop and then imports them onto the game.

      Fardin MohammedFardin MohammedHace un mes
    • Pc mods

      shmetshmetHace un mes

    Mark HalfpennyMark HalfpennyHace un mes
  • Wow, Aaravra, you are a champion at this game, well done, keep up the good work, hope you can do better in F1 2020

    PastilesPastilesHace un mes
    • Ivan Pozdeev, I mean I hope he can get first and leave everyone else far behind in the races

      PastilesPastilesHace un mes
    • He's the champion, it's not possible to "do better" :-)

      Ivan PozdeevIvan PozdeevHace un mes
  • Road to glory pls

    Harald K JørgensenHarald K JørgensenHace un mes
  • Where is Road to Glory?? But still love your conten

    Shreesha ShastryShreesha ShastryHace un mes
    • Maybe in F1 2020 game?

      -Admiral Kaneki--Admiral Kaneki-Hace un mes
    • Road To Glory is the only reason I watch Aarava

      superrowensuperrowenHace un mes
    • It ended. But if you mean Season 3? He said it might be a while for S3

      JD F1JD F1Hace un mes
  • Hi

    Twitch_AlTwitch_AlHace un mes
  • Views:1 Likes:68 Me: wtf???

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    • That 1 view was Mine !!!😈😈😈

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    • 1+68=69

      06 DPA06 DPAHace un mes
  • “Lewis, it’s James”

    CRG SchumacherCRG SchumacherHace un mes
    • run......

      TtromboneTtromboneHace un mes
  • First

    The Crew 2 GameplayThe Crew 2 GameplayHace un mes
  • Great videos, Keep up the content Aarava!

    SkyFighter 507SkyFighter 507Hace un mes
  • NOT first

    Bram BeekesBram BeekesHace un mes
  • AArav Aarava CHAMPION OF THE WORLD *enter Crofty voice here

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