Courtney Opens Up About Her Sexuality - SmoshCast #3 Highlight

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Courtney talks about Lilly Singh’s recent coming out post and opens up about her own journey with discovering her sexuality.
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  • As I said on Twitter, thank you guys so much for the support you’ve been sending my way. It means more than you know. I wanted to come out and be open about who I am because that’s what I’ve always done. And I want to instill that openness and freedom in all of you. Again, thank you. 💓

    Courtney MillerCourtney MillerHace un año
    • I really dont care about youre sexuality♥️♥️

      LukeLukeHace 2 meses
    • Courtney Miller we love you and always support you, your awesome no matter what ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      VG_ HyteVG_ HyteHace 7 meses
    • 🤩😘🥰❤🧡💛💚💙💜

      Albert EscobedoAlbert EscobedoHace 7 meses
    • Courtney Miller I’ll always support you personally I’m a attack helicopter ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Daily Jones GamingDaily Jones GamingHace 10 meses

      E FlutyE FlutyHace 10 meses
  • i fully support courtney for coming out.

    ShoyoShoyoHace 23 horas
  • I'm gay but it depends if the guy is kinda hot but has an amazing personality

    Liam KellyLiam KellyHace 2 días
  • Im 99.9% straight, that 0.01% are for Courtney Miller❤️

    Dis gurl Is meDis gurl Is meHace 2 días
  • We all luv u Courtney

    fherdegfherdegHace 3 días
  • My gaydar went through the roof when i first watched Courtney on smosh, and like her, i think everybody is hot, im pansexual, so Court may be pan too! (not saying she is but there is a chance)

    JentatoJentatoHace 7 días
  • Is it still trendy to think that anyone gives a fuck about someone's sexuality? 🤦‍♂️😆

    SURESH0T9292SURESH0T9292Hace 7 días
  • bisexual is two or more genders pansexual is regardless of gender it just depends which one you want to identify as

    Olivia CondorOlivia CondorHace 7 días
  • I didn't know Courtney was raised in the mormon community 😮 Is there a Video where she talks about that time?

    Jana BoxwoodJana BoxwoodHace 11 días
  • I feel like the kid who needed to hear this was me. It took me a while to figure out my sexuality, too. Would it be corny if i said that i very much relate to this?

    The GabbitVilleThe GabbitVilleHace 12 días
  • Wait so is Courtney fricken Miller not straight...

    Sahara GuambanaSahara GuambanaHace 13 días
  • my friend hates gay people, does not respect my religion, and my friend even said that out bible is fake just because his christian and he is angry all the time and bossy

    rosenourosenouHace 13 días
  • Courtney: everybody is hot Me a gender fluid pansexual mess: I have never agreed to anything more in my life

    Addyson HusterAddyson HusterHace 14 días
  • Why are all the most attractive girls lesbian?😢

    Caleb TheckstonCaleb TheckstonHace 14 días
  • Damien has a point about how there could be a kid or someone who needs to hear it, especially from Counrtny....that kid is me😊💕thank you Courtney, you’ve def helped me except myself

    PHiLbErTPHiLbErTHace 16 días
  • she could be pansexual?

    Josephine CusackJosephine CusackHace 17 días
  • Damn. I was tryna smash

    Jimmy123 RacecarJimmy123 RacecarHace 20 días
  • I really needed this. Just knowing that she is talking about this and bring attention to this really makes me feel more valid.

    wolf eclipsewolf eclipseHace 20 días
  • The dark side of this is where does it stop? You can't help being into a man or women or trans but its wrong for people to be into animals or children? Of course it is but why is theirs wrong and yours isn't you cant say one is close minded cause it affects you but the other is sick minded because it doesn't.

    Lionheart_2411Lionheart_2411Hace 20 días
  • They really used an pop filter for a shure sm7b

    AppleJuisAppleJuisHace 20 días
  • I watch di Vidio like hundred of Times but i still don't get it. Ia Courtney Miller gay or not???

    blender enakblender enakHace 20 días
  • Courtney=Pansexual🏳️‍🌈

    Aishik ChakrabortyAishik ChakrabortyHace 22 días
  • Wow i didn't know that

    Minecraft graceMinecraft graceHace 22 días
  • Courtney is just Genderless I HAVE PROOF Courtney: Everybody's hot

    ScorchyScorchyHace 23 días
  • have y'all ever just wondered how a rubber chicken is made?

    Kylie GuerinKylie GuerinHace 23 días
  • I already knew she wasn't straight because on many occasions she said she was attracted to Olivia

    Hannah ShippeyHannah ShippeyHace 24 días
  • Its hard coming out im pan (it means that like men women and trans) its fucking hard to say that to you friends family and just people

    Gacha GeekGacha GeekHace 25 días
  • i love her!! her description here pretty much matches my sexuality - "idk man everybody's hot" is exactly it

    Mica YoungMica YoungHace 25 días
  • Damien: nodding

    Taco MillTaco MillHace 26 días
  • “EVERYBODY’S HOT” - Courtney Miller

    Toxic and SurgeToxic and SurgeHace 28 días
  • She can be anything. I mean you can like Women and Men at the same time. Do whatever you want, because it's your life and your choice how you What it to be.

    J SprJ SprHace 28 días
  • OMG thank god cause Courtney is SO FRIKIN HOT

    Ashi OneillAshi OneillHace 28 días
  • She said everybody's hot so she's pansexual

    {•Melody Chan•}{•Melody Chan•}Hace 29 días
  • This resonated so very much with me. I got the goose-flesh when I thought "omg, someone else who's not sure either!" You keep doing you, Courtney. Know that someone else in the world has resonated on that same frequency and supports you.

    WeirdHJSWeirdHJSHace un mes
  • so there is no chance for shotrney :(

    DTGloreDTGloreHace un mes
  • i just realized that im bisexual 😶

    nin10do fannin10do fanHace un mes
  • Pansexual Courtney?!?!?!?!?!?! 💛💖💙

    M SM SHace un mes
  • Is she bi?

    Adam PerkoAdam PerkoHace un mes
  • Shes pan is what I'm getting from this portion... Not bi bc thats limiting gender and she like everyone so pan? Yes

    Emma HeiseEmma HeiseHace un mes
  • omfg I'm sister shooken I don't know Courtney was gay omfg she's like me

    Clod UniverseClod UniverseHace un mes
  • So I think she is pansexual because she said “everyone is hot”

    Annaleise MooreAnnaleise MooreHace un mes
  • Hey Country I have been on the fence with being trans because before I couldn’t come to terms with it like my parents would always make like rude comments to trans people and say all this stuff so I have always hid it,but thanks to you I just gained a whole lot more confidence.

    Leolanie FloresLeolanie FloresHace un mes
    • same my mom and dad say rude things about lgbt+ people and I'm lesbian Soo ya

      Clod UniverseClod UniverseHace un mes
  • is courtney gay or bi???

    kaya cheetahkaya cheetahHace un mes
  • Is that why Coutney is always kissing Olivia? 😂 im pan so i know where you're coming from. I love you so much Courtney and im glad that you told us 😁

    Kendall SnyderKendall SnyderHace un mes
  • Hey everyone in the comments show ur sexuality/ gender with emojis. I’ll start 💗💛💙 and 💛🤍💜🖤

    UwUimsooorandomandquirkyXDrawrUwUimsooorandomandquirkyXDrawrHace un mes
  • Lol lesbian

    Epic GamesEpic GamesHace un mes
  • I thought she really liked Chris pratt

    Kerwwyn GonzalesKerwwyn GonzalesHace un mes
  • I'm 50% straight but the other 50% is for my homies

    OwlDay OwlNightOwlDay OwlNightHace un mes
  • ILYSM this is amazing and so are u welcome to the ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈 RAINBOW SQUAD ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈 I would probs say shes pan 💗💛💙 considering she likes any gender so yh if u are welcome u ligit are why I came out lol so thanks

    flyingpotato Gamer03flyingpotato Gamer03Hace un mes
  • My type is wonder women Shayne: *has wonder women on his tinder profile* oh no

    That kid U know whoThat kid U know whoHace un mes
  • Not a lot of people who are newer to the LGBT+ community know this, but bisexuality actually covers any gender identity! Whether it's the person who feels the attraction, or the person they are attracted to. Bisexuality isn't limited to man or woman at all, and the term predates pansexuality and covers the same basic description. Choosing a term is basically a preference on what you feel more comfortably describes you (bisexual here who loves all my bi and pan brethren under the umbrella!) But for sure, it's okay to change the term you use to identify yourself to whatever makes you more comfortable in your identity. If you want to identify as not-straight, queer, questioning, bi, pan, demi, or anything - the letters that people associate with you will never change what is inside of you. Stay safe, stay confident!

    Ruth KRuth KHace un mes
  • thats epic 👏

    Andrew TrentAndrew TrentHace un mes
  • Dameon speaks the truth, i don't really know, got a BF but like that girl over in the corner over there is hot so

    sleepy_ wolfsleepy_ wolfHace un mes
  • Courtney if you think that everyone is hot then you may be pansexual which means you love someone bc of their personality and not just there gender. So whatever you sexuality is we will love you no matter what!!

    It’s meh_ ????It’s meh_ ????Hace un mes
  • She is bi that's the term lol

    dell10781dell10781Hace un mes
  • Courtney don't worry about it if you like girls and guys that's OK so if you want to open up the smosh gang and the fan base are here for you

    LifesDeath and my scytheLifesDeath and my scytheHace un mes
  • ok I 100% support Courtney but I had no clue she wasn't straight I thought she was secretly dating Shayne.

    Ryan CoxRyan CoxHace un mes
  • I’m 99.9% straight, the other 1% is for Alycia Debnam carey

    Hannah GriceHannah GriceHace un mes
  • Pansexual?

    starswitchstarswitchHace un mes
  • this made me cry towards the end and the tears came outta NOWHERE

    ew whyew whyHace un mes
  • For me the best part of being BI is that I find both Shane and Courtney cute

    AGoddamCarrotAGoddamCarrotHace un mes
  • Sooooooo ur pansexual

    memes are epicmemes are epicHace un mes
  • she could be pansexual

    Gustavo Gomez Miriam BarreiraGustavo Gomez Miriam BarreiraHace un mes
  • I’m trans female to male

    Måšøń MâńMåšøń MâńHace un mes
  • It took me a while to find out I was bisexual and took me forever to tell my parents gladly They were ok

    madog ggmadog ggHace un mes
  • Sounds like she's Pan

    Anna MAnna MHace un mes
  • I’m not crying you are. I’m a transgender ftm and pansexual at a young age and I’m was so afraid to say anything but hearing her saying this makes me feel much better

    Ellyott EdwardsEllyott EdwardsHace un mes
  • U go girl !

    Lil 42Lil 42Hace un mes
  • Lily is a poor role model fo the LGBTQ community in my opinion because her representation often comes, almost as an excuse to mock those different from her. Once she came out as bi, she immediately proceeded to mocking hetero people in her routines. What she is seems not to define her, but rather who she can insult and make fun of. Pride should never come at the expense of others. Courtney is a much better role model since he is kind and acts as a good person to everyone, be they similar to her or different. She respects all humans. I respect that.

    Digital DreamscapesDigital DreamscapesHace un mes
  • Omg go girl your such a big inspiration to me love ya b ♥♥♥♥♥💯💯💯

    Gaster StreamsGaster StreamsHace un mes
  • courtney:EVERYONES HOT! me:YOUR PAN! also me:JOIN THE CLUB!

    Mr.DasaniMr.DasaniHace un mes
  • "My type is Wonder Woman"... Umm... heh. ya.

    BowChickaHonkHonk1BowChickaHonkHonk1Hace un mes
  • “Everybody’s hot!” Me: ....... *Pansexual like me?*

    Dempsey JarvisDempsey JarvisHace un mes
  • I know that olivia has a boyfriend but I ship u guys SO much, courtivia for life

    Coolkrae 77Coolkrae 77Hace 2 meses
  • Im gay too. What's up

    jesus christ lordjesus christ lordHace 2 meses
  • She maybe pan 🤔

    Skylar WadlingtonSkylar WadlingtonHace 2 meses
  • pannnnnnnnnsexualLLlLlLlllLLl

    Jordan WalkerJordan WalkerHace 2 meses
  • While the intention is good and wholesome, keep in mind that normalizing "everything" typically does not work out well for a society. The Institute of Sexology, ran by a man named Hirschberg, would routinely experiment on children and their sexuality which would involve convincing children that they were the opposite gender. Normalization of mental illness, as well, leads to an imbalance when it comes to empathy and proper treatment. Being "too empathatic" towards a certain group and "normalizing" it can lead to higher mortality rates than if they were to be treated normally. It pains me to say this as I do love Courtney to death but there is a flaw to the idea of "normalizing everything". I'm going to err on the side of caution and I assume she did not mean "everything" but normalizing such things as pedophilia probably is not going to do too well.

    GrailsarvasGrailsarvasHace 2 meses
  • I feel u Courtney I think your really hot but I also think Damiens hot too so idk what to do

    Nolan HuffNolan HuffHace 2 meses
  • so she’s pan?💕🥺

    iikokichi Kiahiiiikokichi KiahiiHace 2 meses