Cristiano Ronaldo has caused Maurizio Sarri a tactical dilemma at Juventus - Gab Marcotti | Serie A

ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens delve into Juventus' less-than-impressive displays of late, culminating with a 3-1 defeat vs. Lazio at the weekend. Marcotti says manager Maurizio Sarri has "abandoned what made him successful in order to accommodate Cristiano Ronaldo." Laurens questions if Ronaldo fits Sarri's old style of play and explains why he feels the former Chelsea and Napoli boss made tactical changes out of necessity.
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  • Sarri top 4 with chelsea, good LOL Mourinho top 2 with united parking the bus LOL chelsea getting top 4 its a normal seasson it doesnt make you a special manager lol i only use mourinho as an example

    Mundo a ParteMundo a ParteHace 13 días
  • why you're the best squad in italy and you going to get a MEDIUM coach like SARRI, you have conte that win serie A and win premier league with chelsea the best coach of the country by milles, and you go with SARRI, i dont get it, people dont know how to judge coaches, there is coaches in this world so superior to this shitty guys that are on top teams alot of times, inter being smart goes with conte and are in 1st place LOL that shows how the level of the coaches are so diferent, go get jorge jesus from flamengo or something and you see the changes in 2 weeks of work lol

    Mundo a ParteMundo a ParteHace 13 días
  • Just play a 4-3-3, Cr7 at Lw, Dybala at Striker, and cuadrado Or Douglas at the right, they have enough midfielders to Put in the middle 3 too, just buy a new attacking mid like Erickson and it wouldn’t be too bad

    wilfrido gervaciowilfrido gervacioHace 16 días
  • I thought this was a joe rogan podcast at first.

    Rajeev MogheRajeev MogheHace 28 días
  • There is no issue with sarri....sarri is THE ISSUE

    Kaling TayengKaling TayengHace un mes
  • Has nothing to do w sarri - mandzukic is out as part of an agreement with the club over a transfer misunderstanding

    deathbyowldeathbyowlHace un mes
  • the only coach I'm seeing is ancelotti..

    Antonio CassanoAntonio CassanoHace un mes
  • these clowns, after harping on about "ronaldo is finished", don't seem to be chirping now that he's scored 5 in his last 4 games for Juve.

    uchibenkeiuchibenkeiHace un mes
  • I’ll take poch cause he wanted dybala at tottenham

    Claudio EmetumahClaudio EmetumahHace un mes
  • the title is misleading he didn't say that. he said Sarri should make Ronaldo play as center forward and play around him and he doesn't. he basically said Sarri is wasting Ronaldo. And he said that Juventus has problems because of free transfers and too many injuries. and I think he's right on both counts. I think the problems Juve has right now originate from bad transfers too many injuries and the manager's mistakes.

    littlemouselittlemouseHace un mes
  • If Sarri didn’t think about this before the season started he’s set himself up for a nightmare. Why did juventus appoint a coach and not think of this ?!

    Ulrich Von . LUlrich Von . LHace un mes
  • all that negativity and then at the end =they have best points at this stage, won group, are amazing etc 😂😂😂

    Oliver ROliver RHace un mes
  • CR will return to united

    90'S KiD7 SRK90'S KiD7 SRKHace un mes
  • you are the worse ever

    Marco MurettiMarco MurettiHace un mes
  • Juve shd replace sarri with gd ebening

    Danny DannyDanny DannyHace un mes
  • Just play Ronaldo as a stricker with wingers that puts the ball in the box and Ronaldo will finish the job

    Vincent CollinsVincent CollinsHace un mes
  • If U cant coach a team with Ronaldo or Messi U have a problem , going from Allegri to sarri is a down grade .

    Josh MutasonJosh MutasonHace un mes
  • ESPN often provides Anti Ronaldo info.

    H A HH A HHace un mes
  • heaguin is the problem in juventus and the mid feilders,i think that manjuivick need to start with ronaldo,

    Leslie KellmanLeslie KellmanHace un mes
  • Sarri should get sack

    Soba waxxySoba waxxyHace un mes
  • Still early in the season and a 3-1 loss to Lazio only came after recieving a red card is being read into WAYYY to much. Costa was injured, Chiellini has been out 5 months, and the Bentancur injury affected the Juventus performance a fair deal too. The largest mistakes have been treating Lecce and Sassuolo with arrogance, and just expecting the goals to come after a walk in the park.

    John FranksterJohn FranksterHace un mes
  • Stupid Sarri sold Cancelo and kidnapped Mandzukic... nobody knows where is Mandzukic. Then he buitl a defesnesiv team ignoring ronaldo

    6Theme6ThemeHace un mes
  • Sarri gameplan doesn't match CR7 tactical profile. He needs to do something about it. Better yet sell Can,Higuain, Khedira get younger attacking players like James, Isco maybe.

    Ijaz AIjaz AHace un mes
  • Wooohh wooohh even sarri getting some attention cause of CR7 that's normal... Every where sarri these sarri that.. Lol

    just for youjust for youHace un mes
  • Why these supposed to be pundits don’t say that Cuadrado is doing a horrible job for Juventus alongside Khedira and Bernardeschi.

    Oscar 3Oscar 3Hace un mes
  • Sarri needs OUT !

    LuisLuisHace un mes
  • Allegri was better coach

    TOP 10 factsTOP 10 factsHace un mes
  • Sari plz u really need to give focus to CR7

    Karma WangchukKarma WangchukHace un mes
  • Press Google my friend there is video interview where ronaldo says “I am center foward now now I matured my game and I change position naturally “ lazy journalism how do u have even any credentials to speak about football and even more funny u got half mil subs 😂😂

    R3GARDL355R3GARDL355Hace un mes
  • These two are better than whoever else sits at the Epsn table

    Damian Murphy-MorrisDamian Murphy-MorrisHace un mes
  • Bring in Benzema to do all the dirty job and Cristiano will be fine. Otumfour Kojo Agyemang

  • Ronaldo scored Juve's only goal and the rest of the team folded for the rest of the game. This team is pathetic with players that can't make a simple pass and they don't provide any service to the forward players. Sarri has to go, otherwise, this will be a wasted season for Juventus.

    manny oliveiramanny oliveiraHace un mes
  • Yeah x126

    Hashem SaadHashem SaadHace un mes
  • Sarri is killing juve....honestly his tactics really suck since he arrived at juve their football sucks

    Renno WilliamsRenno WilliamsHace un mes
  • Ramsey>Juventus

    lol u thotlol u thotHace un mes
  • Inter is without Barella, Sensi AND Sanchez..

    Adopanci AAdopanci AHace un mes
  • Naaaaa Sarri has no Tactical idea right know at Juve

    Larry RoblesLarry RoblesHace un mes
  • Rabiot should get more game time. I liked him at PSG and he showed up in big games for example that first leg against Barca few years ago in UCL. I want to see what he looks like in Juve midfield to see if he can really cut it at top level. He rarely plays though I mean Ramsey gets more game time than him. I actually like Ramsey I just thought he would struggle to get into Juve’s team consistently. But anyways what’s the downside to starting Rabiot more often.

    Age of the GeekAge of the GeekHace un mes
  • The problem is Dybala and Higuain aren't as generous as Isco and Benzema. And Ramsey And Matuidi can't unlock the defence like Kroos and Modric i mean Pjanic can but not as good as Mid in Madrid. And there's no good offensive full backs in Juve and the last one there's no player that can penetrate a defence and fed Ronaldo Like Bale and Di Maria

    superior 7superior 7Hace un mes
  • Pls don’t exaggerate they not more talented 95% they face please that’s old team 😂😂

    birane kellybirane kellyHace un mes
  • Throw Sarri out the door, get in Pochettino or Ancelotti...

    JacobsenJacobsenHace un mes
    • Get ancelotti

      Ninja HattoriNinja HattoriHace un mes
  • The problem is not juve's squad or Ronaldo as Juls wants to put everything on Ronaldo! 😂 His hate for Ronaldo is real wonder where does ESPN find so many Messi fans all together may be they keep it the part of job description "a Messi illogically no matter what biased fan and a Ronaldo hater no matter what" Because sarri is a manager who's tactics are more hit and miss and it will never work with a top squad like juve sarri may be good with underdogs but he doesn't have what it takes to handle a top club, in a top club you can't just let your players do whatever they want and have fun and see if they all can score their own goals like juve's players are doing higuain goes for goals wastes a good chance by taking a shot from outside the box,dybala is doing the same, pianic is doing the same while Ronaldo can be seen in the box waiting in a decent opening like "what am I doing at this club where these pros are playing like Sunday league's teenagers every single one of them having their separate go at the nets" sarri's below average tactics are not good enough they can work for underdogs as teams tend to be overconfident sometimes and playing not full strength squad against some lower rank teams hence those below average "every one can have a go if they feel like they can" might work but not in a team like juve against which teams would play their best 11 even if juve doesn't have their best 11 on the pitch! These are facts.

    Anonymously YoursAnonymously YoursHace un mes
  • If your player scores 54 Gola's last year, Ronaldo, and now not even close to same ability, it's not the players fault, it's the new coach.

    Ronen BeniaminovRonen BeniaminovHace un mes
  • Actually Sarri is not the manager who can manage modern tactics.

    Ted MeyshinTed MeyshinHace un mes
  • Problem is not Cr7 it is average midfeilders

    Samarth KulkarniSamarth KulkarniHace un mes
  • Cr7 just sign for manu or sign for Barca and play together with Messi before retirement please somebody make this happen 🙏😁

    Rickess SubbaRickess SubbaHace un mes
    • @wilfrido gervacio yes he isn't figo, he is cr7. As a football fan who doesn't want to see them play together before they retire.

      Rickess SubbaRickess SubbaHace 16 días
    • No.... he isn’t Luis figo

      wilfrido gervaciowilfrido gervacioHace 16 días
  • Just these ESPN FC have problem with Cr7 not a team He was in Madrid Cr7 was problem He is in Juventus same happened here

    Airit KatwalAirit KatwalHace un mes
  • Douglas costa and dybala need to be starting, juventus needs to sign eriksen or pogba in January.

    Yeah YeahYeah YeahHace un mes
  • cr7 didn't cause anything..Saari isn't the best and clearly this panel is la liga..messi league fans

    Antonio CassanoAntonio CassanoHace un mes
    • How old is Ronaldo now? What qualities do they have in midfield better than Argentina? Do you know higuain has more knockout goals than Messi? Messi has only 4 knockout goals for Argentina??? And you’re comparing prime higuain, Aguero old higuain madzukic?

      Get EnlightenedGet EnlightenedHace un mes
  • ronaldo shouldn't leave Madrid who gave 4 ballon "d" now look at him........

    bhimsen mallabhimsen mallaHace un mes
  • I dont know why they hired sarri in the first place. They were too desperate to get a manager

    Daniel GoncalvesDaniel GoncalvesHace un mes
  • The problem is midield problem more passive players like mathudi, kedira, emrechan and even very bad foot ball distributers like cordado and sandor so juve can never win the champions leaque with these players.

    Dawit G.brhanDawit G.brhanHace un mes
  • From what I remember Ramsey was that he wasn't getting what he wanted, wages, hence he didn't get a contract extension

    elegate87elegate87Hace un mes
  • Juventus was an idiot getting him complete idiots

    Ways To PlayWays To PlayHace un mes
  • When Modric,Kroos,Busquets are good they are good for the whole team while Pjanic is not from same breed!

    khattakaykhattakayHace un mes
  • Sarri OUT

    Damy taylorDamy taylorHace un mes
  • Agreed

    babe honniebabe honnieHace un mes
  • Our midfield is total chaos!!No creativity or chemistry at all!!Leave Pjanic sell everyone else in the midfield and buy players according to a plan!!

    John MclaneJohn MclaneHace un mes
    • John Mclane no sell pjanic he’s trash 🗑

      Yahya ShikaYahya ShikaHace un mes
  • Ronaldo should get the ball early. Should be the play maker like Messi He can take long shots or pass the strikers. He's too slow for a winger He should be playing inside and use his experience/tactics not running around

    SizzerXSizzerXHace un mes
  • Nah a coach has to make the decision and not be influenced by one player

    SizzerXSizzerXHace un mes
    • @rahmat pourreza lol he is the manager of the team not a single player

      PM AspectPM AspectHace un mes
    • he is not one player he is ronaldo 700 gol not easy

      rahmat pourrezarahmat pourrezaHace un mes