Eminem biggest ever freestyle in the world! Westwood

Eminem & Kon Artis spittin' fire feat. Alchemist live at Maida Vale




  • Love this guy!! One of the best ever

    G JG JHace 30 minutos
  • 2020 anyone?

    H RH RHace 33 minutos
  • Legend has it Westwood is still banging his head

    Rickey OrtutayRickey OrtutayHace 39 minutos
  • 👏 EPIC👏

    MLGLP 1MLGLP 1Hace 44 minutos
  • tfw his freestyle is better than 90% of rap songs today

    AwesomeJLKAwesomeJLKHace 3 horas
  • Race aside he’s the greatest of all time -

    Dexter AndrewsDexter AndrewsHace 7 horas
  • “I walk the streets looking for some puss to fetch me” 😂

    Jmushrkid XxJmushrkid XxHace 10 horas
  • I get da chills err time i hear da 2nd beat n freestyle! Sheesh!!

    Dustin DunnDustin DunnHace 12 horas
  • trying too find comments from 2009😂

    Cleveland SifoniiCleveland SifoniiHace 13 horas
  • 5:33 - 5:38 Me during the Math Exam

    FaranelHDFaranelHDHace 20 horas
  • 0:01 - 2:56 and 5:28 - 8:29 🔥🔥

    Eli jahEli jahHace 23 horas
  • Though I couldn't understand 80% of what he(THE RAP GOD) said but overall enjoyed it.I keep listening to this again and again.Respect for Eminem.

    subhojit mukherjeesubhojit mukherjeeHace un día
  • i love how juice wrld destroyed this freestyle length record by going on all em beats, on westwood, for an hour, twice.

    ImagimanImagimanHace un día
  • Acá está tu comentario en español que tannto esperaba like pa no desaparecer

    Fabrizio Ezequiel RamosFabrizio Ezequiel RamosHace un día
  • Who would like to see THIS Em vs Today's Em? Call it Guinness world records longest freestyle rap.

    Brandon HendricksonBrandon HendricksonHace un día
  • at 3:00 it goes to a different level.

    Anthony ColomboAnthony ColomboHace un día
  • YEAH EM.. LOVE IT...

  • The greatest and the best... Eminem👌

    Kingerwille TagubaKingerwille TagubaHace un día
  • Trueno : Jaja

    AzxrehAzxrehHace un día
  • Who is here after Godzilla?

    MH HolmezMH HolmezHace un día
  • That black dude picking his nose during freestyle lmaooooo

    MrPlayDayMrPlayDayHace un día
  • There is no way its free style, fake style it is

    Melodic HardCoreMelodic HardCoreHace un día
  • Te superó Trueno amigo 👿

    tarek zerostresstarek zerostressHace un día
  • You can just see it in his eyes it probably takes him a good hour to come out of that zone... just look on his face

    philzzfan## 856philzzfan## 856Hace un día
  • He was literally killing that so hard they went to like a mini commercial came back and was still going......or was I just like in another world

    philzzfan## 856philzzfan## 856Hace un día
  • 何言ってっかわかんないけど、これだけは言える。 かっけぇ!!!!!!!!!

    どらぱんどらぱんHace un día
  • Em eats all... like trump

    William MccaskillWilliam MccaskillHace un día
  • Who is here after 'RAP GOD' 1billion views

    Bruno GrevasBruno GrevasHace un día
  • Genius. Gives me goosebumps

    jbarkerhill92jbarkerhill92Hace un día
  • 🔥

    Extraterrestrial LaboratoryExtraterrestrial LaboratoryHace un día
  • Best freestyle ever haha Westwood didnt even know what day it was haha

    Jamie JonesJamie JonesHace un día
  • 6:59 any need

    xLeprichaunxLeprichaunHace un día
  • That was good

    Zhi LiZhi LiHace un día
  • Who’s here after music to be Murdered by

    James MaxwellJames MaxwellHace un día
  • That MIC should be in a museum. PS: F*ck Trueno

    BlueCar3BlueCar3Hace un día
  • Fuck those 10k people disliking this video

    amir3Bamir3BHace un día
  • God at work

    RaulLeo StanRaulLeo StanHace 2 días
  • Hey you that is seeing this, please you must see the freestyle of the argentina rapper called trueno it already have 80 M of views and has overcome this of eminem

    Alumno xAlumno xHace 2 días
  • Es el trueno Pai

    erick bautistaerick bautistaHace 2 días
  • In 5:01 , you can see DJ asking for a drop from Mr.porter . He was like " Nah man , I can't take that hot"

    Berno rajBerno rajHace 2 días
  • Any Mgk fans comming by...?

    Lam BoiLam BoiHace 2 días
  • That mic 🎤 EM is holding is nice.

    4 Kings4 KingsHace 2 días
  • Man there’s 60000 plus comments lol I’m just here to agree

    Justin LucasJustin LucasHace 2 días
  • "dick so big its like elastic i tie it in a knot it looks like mr fantastic" - eminem

    MMHace 2 días
  • I'm battery acid dog You dont wanna tick me off I'm harder than playin basketball While I'm going through crack withdrawl

    Owen WalkerOwen WalkerHace 2 días
  • This man said “I like jello” hEs tHe gOAt

    Abel CastilloAbel CastilloHace 2 días
    • My pee is bright yellow

      Martin SorianoMartin SorianoHace 14 horas

      King MathersKing MathersHace un día
  • Pero ya llegó el trueno pay yyyy

    super Fsuper FHace 2 días
  • You got 4given Dog Shit.

    artur szumlanskiartur szumlanskiHace 3 días
  • Just a man doing what he was born and meant to do.

    territorial pissterritorial pissHace 3 días
  • How much of this do y’all think is off the top?

    Angelo DengAngelo DengHace 3 días
    • @Angelo Deng keep doubting.

      Muh ammadMuh ammadHace 2 días
    • Muh ammad I doubt that

      Angelo DengAngelo DengHace 2 días
    • Everything.

      Muh ammadMuh ammadHace 3 días
  • First my shit

    MrSandmanMrSandmanHace 3 días
  • He's not a Human 😕

    Vishwa BasnayakeVishwa BasnayakeHace 3 días
  • Em the freaky genius!

    Conrad PapaConrad PapaHace 3 días
  • Rap God chilling...

    Prince NavacillaPrince NavacillaHace 3 días
  • I remember watching this as a 10 year old. I memorized it. Went to school next day thinking I was the shit lol.

    Travis HillTravis HillHace 3 días
  • Este ya no es el freestyle más escuchado jaja

    Salv1Salv1Hace 3 días
  • This goes harder than all this new rappers

    isaac sanchezisaac sanchezHace 3 días
    • Muh ammad Denzel curry, J.I.D., YBN cordae, Conway the machine, Kendrick, j cole, DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, polo g. That’s just what I can remember off the top of my head at the moment. There’s plenty of good rappers out now you guys are just close minded as hell. This whole “mumble rap is ruining rap” thing hasn’t been true since like 2015-2017. That’s when it was most prevalent but now there’s plenty of talented rappers out

      BryanBryanHace 2 días
    • @Bryan name one.

      Muh ammadMuh ammadHace 3 días
    • Stop it. There’s a lot of good new rappers out

      BryanBryanHace 3 días
  • 2020 still

    rinor behlulirinor behluliHace 3 días
  • WoW!! Its very cool!!

    Владимир ГорячевВладимир ГорячевHace 4 días
  • I’ll back here in 2030 🔥

    Lassanah GlasbrennerLassanah GlasbrennerHace 4 días