F1 2019 Career Mode Part 76: ITS BROKEN, ITS BROKEN

F1 2019 Belgian GP Career Mode - Season 4
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  • Codies.....what the fuck?

    Inna7eInna7eHace 15 días
  • Hülkenberg/Magnussen when trying to pass Ben on lap 15. Nico: I’m gonna pass both of you! Kevin: “suck my balls honey”

    IcemanIcemanHace 28 días
  • 11:00 gave me ptsd That Lando radio calmed me down tho

    IcemanIcemanHace 28 días
  • Good job man keep this up!!!

    Elias NElias NHace 29 días

    KRystAL _KRystAL _Hace un mes
  • That radio is exactly from lando f1 belgian gp race and lando car is broken on the last chicane

    Putra YudaPutra YudaHace un mes
  • 14:22 That’s Raidillon actually

    LarryJoeLarryJoeHace un mes
  • It is Bwoken not broken

    Sil de WitSil de WitHace un mes
  • That's bwoken actually

    Emil Christian HinzEmil Christian HinzHace un mes
  • Is the title supposed to correspond to Norris' team radio from the 2019 Belgium grand Prix?

    Features GamingFeatures GamingHace un mes
  • Take notes of your improvements in the Racetrack Coach App! 😎👍💯

    Florian BoehnischFlorian BoehnischHace un mes
  • From Ferrari to Torro Rosso... But why? :p

    TucBroderTucBroderHace un mes
  • The funny thing is that his broken radio also happened at spa, so that’s just a lucky radio moment

    Moon’s gamingMoon’s gamingHace un mes
  • I want Dani Ric back in a Torro Rosso

    TheFive Oh4TheFive Oh4Hace un mes
  • Literally everyone "charging at these guys like a bull in a china shop" Tiametmarduk "charging at these guys like a bull in a crowd of people with red shirts on" Never change bro!!

    Chris WhitmoreChris WhitmoreHace un mes
  • Great race! You were at the right spot when cars DNF'd.

    Marc CastellsMarc CastellsHace un mes
  • Good strategy and good race overall Ben. You should pratice more your last corner. You lose a lot of time on that one alone.

    Philippe GousyPhilippe GousyHace un mes
  • Mate, I'm in SEASON 7

    Joe BaileyJoe BaileyHace un mes
  • Can Ben please fix the TV pod offset to what nekrews 51 has

    Jack OwensJack OwensHace un mes
  • 😂 “IT’S BROKEN, IT’S BROKEN! - Lando Norris, 2019

    SydneyPhotography2019SydneyPhotography2019Hace un mes
  • Antoine Hubert disliked the video

    Troll486Troll486Hace un mes
  • Where can I find the speed trap's standings in the garage?

    Mateus BichelsMateus BichelsHace un mes
  • Toro Rosso are making progress although I didn’t know that glitch in qualifying affected you as well. Very bizarre that Kvyat lost a whole second worth of lap time in the same session there.

    RobbyTHD98_UKRobbyTHD98_UKHace un mes
  • "I hope it doesnt have an affect on the downforce" No I'm sure they just put it on the front wing for extra weight :)

    Louis WoodwardLouis WoodwardHace un mes
  • I'm concerned about you! Please consult a doctor, cuz I feel something wrong with the way you breathe in recent videos. Take a scan or an x-ray bro. With love from India!!

    Githin George PonnachenGithin George PonnachenHace un mes
  • Ben: Plays F1 2013 Also Ben: Uses music from the F1 2013 OST

    HypaNovaXHypaNovaXHace un mes
  • 2013 music

    EnellGmzEnellGmzHace un mes
  • The Norris retirement location kinda reminded me of Hubert 😭😭!!

    Slega Formula 1Slega Formula 1Hace un mes
  • Fuck this game lmao

    Dra GrochDra GrochHace un mes
  • I have noticed that if you flashback in Qualifying, it will change the lap times of some drivers...

    J MortarJ MortarHace un mes
  • Can tou just stay for 5 seconds on the screen with all the results? Next video of course

    BujighBujighHace un mes
  • 01:02 get used to it

    Philipp_GonzalesPhilipp_GonzalesHace un mes
  • yeah flashback glitch, see when you fast forward in quali, the ai gain time, as some already know, but if you did a flashback, the ai revert back to a slower time they set, its weird.

    RazorBurnerRazorBurnerHace un mes
    • RazorBurner I don’t think Ben uses flashbacks

      SN13K3RSN13K3RHace un mes
  • Have you ever done a racing point season

    Luke MulliganLuke MulliganHace un mes
    • Luke Mulligan He did a Force India season in season 3 on F1 2013 :)

      SN13K3RSN13K3RHace un mes
  • that was smoooooooooooooooooth operator dude

    Vinicius NascimentoVinicius NascimentoHace un mes
  • Some nice racing! Awesome videos man, keep it up!! 👍🏁

    DaveKennedyJrDaveKennedyJrHace un mes
  • If you skip the time at the end all the AI go in order depending on the performance graph

    Iveelt SukhbaatarIveelt SukhbaatarHace un mes
  • I'm kinda interested in seeing 100% race distance for career mode, but great race, that was smooth operator haha.

    DixieLand OutlawsDixieLand OutlawsHace un mes
  • Lol

    Shadow 1695Shadow 1695Hace un mes
  • Apologies to bring it up, Ben's avoiding manoeuvre at Radillion(?) I know it's in a sim/game but demonstrates how the 2nd part of the crash in the F2 race this year happened, well puts it into the view of Juan anyhow

    Shoe HornShoe HornHace un mes
  • I dont think the changing the camera is much of a challenge. How about you invert the steering wheel?

    Scott EdwardsScott EdwardsHace un mes
  • Appeal to the FIA about the glitch for Kyvat lol

    Roberto AguiarRoberto AguiarHace un mes
  • Luckily Ben doesn't have a massive crashed after Raidillion

    Tan Ren YangTan Ren YangHace un mes
  • plz dont give up

    VannDoesDirtbikesVannDoesDirtbikesHace un mes
  • Last race u said is it time to give up 🤔

    VannDoesDirtbikesVannDoesDirtbikesHace un mes
  • Bulls are attracted to movement, not the color red.

    xXLarryTFVWXxxXLarryTFVWXxHace un mes
  • (Sees title) the wheel and brakes?

    Justin M.Justin M.Hace un mes
  • like f1 here

    Veloce SupremeVeloce SupremeHace un mes
  • Man, that radillon moment gave me flashbacks...

    PaneYTPaneYTHace un mes
    • RIP...

      ReV_DeatHReV_DeatHHace 22 días
    • poor Antoine😢

      THe ORangeTHe ORangeHace un mes
  • 11:21 Some family friendly content for you and your kids

    Cskin qBeCskin qBeHace un mes
  • What is up Tiametmarduk, and welcome to a brand new comment section.

    ELBuAR7oELBuAR7oHace un mes
  • Challenge: Win an online race in every camera mode

    heyAceeheyAceeHace un mes
  • 18:41 *camera settings?????*

    MoonshineMoonshineHace un mes
  • Anti-stall It's off Fuuuuckkkkkk

    ValarynValarynHace un mes
  • did anyone else clench there buttholes when stroll retired or was that just me hahaha. damn that shat me up

    Matthew GoddardMatthew GoddardHace un mes
  • Ugh, the compression makes 1080p look like 720 at best

    Drake TamerDrake TamerHace un mes
  • ANTISTALLL IS OFFF FU****************************

    Captain PriceCaptain PriceHace un mes
  • Question, hope somebody can help: I started doing a 100% races carreer mode (which are so more epic then 50% by the way) with Red Bull, and on some tracks I started to notice that at the midway point the power starts to drop heavily. Then for Spa I chucked in a new engine (which already has like 3 upgrades) and again the same happened. I was happily in P1 with a 15 sec gap to Bottas in P2, suddenly I start topping out at 270kmh at both high speed sections. Within 10 laps I dropped from P1 to P4, even got overtaken by Max in the second Red Bull. Anybody else having the same issue?

    Robert KeusRobert KeusHace un mes
    • No, it was on Haas

      Leonardo TotaroLeonardo TotaroHace un mes
    • @Leonardo Totaro also with Red Bull / Toro Rosso?

      Robert KeusRobert KeusHace un mes
    • Same happened to me in S1-Spain. It never happened again in the last 4 seasons tho. I don't really know what's the gimmick behind this

      Leonardo TotaroLeonardo TotaroHace un mes
    • @our2chance I actually did check that during the races, and it usually stays between 105 and 110

      Robert KeusRobert KeusHace un mes
    • i'm not sure about that, but have you tried to check your engine temps? cos the optimal is 125 degrees (i mean, if it's above or right on 125 you're on the edge, so the engine gets too hot and you start to lose performance). idk if i'm right, but i recall somebody else having the same issue, about losing performance.

      our2chanceour2chanceHace un mes
  • Noooooo... And you actually put the radio in as well... not the 'noooooo' but still. Feels like it's been a while since you've put actual team radios in.

    Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The DreamerHace un mes
  • Video Idea: trying lapping 110 AI without tracklimits on Most tracks possible

    Pila47Pila47Hace un mes