F1 2019 - Trying To Return Ferrari To The Glory Days | 100% Race @ Melbourne

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  • Hey Jimmy want to race against me? (A verstappen vs hamilton fight?)

    YorickYorickHace 12 días
  • Restart 4 sure, that was outrageous what happened in the pit stop with the double stack in front of you. I would've given the wets another lap anyway.

    Brett McNearBrett McNearHace un mes
  • Jimmer, you should turn off the driver names that are floating over the cars, in a wet race the point is you cant see anything, seeing that floating names kills the inmersion

    Victor Diaz VazquezVictor Diaz VazquezHace un mes
    • I always get rid of those ridiculous names, racing line or anything else that reminds me that I'm not driving a car.

      Brett McNearBrett McNearHace un mes
  • I would like to see you use less flashbacks but most of the time you use them, I think its just fine. However the move with Bottas was not one of them. You got beat fair and square by a far 1.5 seconds a lap faster than you. Hopefully upon reflection you see that.

    Daniel LongworthDaniel LongworthHace un mes
  • could you add the new 100 careers all into the playlist for them. Much Love either way!

    Nate SabbatiniNate SabbatiniHace un mes
  • The Ferrari strats are strong with this one

    elbeto191291elbeto191291Hace un mes
  • Jimmy forgets all the time that a car on softs is way faster than on the mediums. Thats why Kubica was faster.

    mrn95mrn95Hace un mes
  • About the flashbacks. I do not mind how you are doing it now, I probably would use them exponentially more so yeah :) But it could be an idea to maximize the # used (like 5 per race or something) or set some rules on usage (like "only when F-ed by AI" or something).

    Chiel WieringaChiel WieringaHace un mes
  • Do all cars sound the same in F1 2019?

    Jan WlazlowiczJan WlazlowiczHace un mes
    • Jan Wlazlowicz no, each engine supplier has a distinct sound in game

      DangDjangoDangDjangoHace un mes
  • this "animeholictops" person is so fucking annoying xD Giving money just to give "Advice" when nobody asked for it, none of it ever positive... Just watch and keep your opinions to yourself.

    Joey MarshallJoey MarshallHace un mes
  • Did a lot of "S Video's" comments get moderated away? Shame I would have liked to see what he was actually typing, although I get the gist of it from the responses. I thought that the AI move was very aggressive but fair as he did give room for another car to his left the whole way through the turn, just Jimmy did not expect it. But then, I'm used to Project Cars where they would pull a move like that and then run to the edge of the track on the exit, a bit like Jimmy did a bit later on. At least F1 has rewinds, playing previous F1 games without rewinds used to end up with me sulking off to do something else three quarters of the way through the race after a lapse of focus and breaking the car. I'm cool with the rewinds, it's a game, it's fun to watch Jimmy, in fact I love the whistling and laughing. It's nice to see someone having fun playing a game, that's what I tune in for.

    markypeamarkypeaHace un mes
  • Haters going to hate don’t listen jimmer if the dam a.i wasn’t so stupid half of the incidents wouldn’t happen

  • Should not of followed bottas in i always go 1 lap longer or 1 lap earlier but the a.i on this game is horrendous in every way, but like every game developer they are online interested in the esports side

    • @Guardian of the Blind acc has better ai in my opinion but ai in this game is still pretty good

      Jashanjeet Singh JhajjJashanjeet Singh JhajjHace un mes
    • Guardian of the Blind that’s your opinion

      BEERM0NST3RBEERM0NST3RHace un mes
    • to say that the ai is horrendous in every way is maximum BS. There are no games out there, that give you such a competitive single player environment. the AI is sometimes too aggressive and it sometimes ignores you, but they are actually able to pull of great moves.

      Guardian of the BlindGuardian of the BlindHace un mes
    • Meanwhile at Codemasters, the AI is vastly improved in many ways between 2018 and 2019

      Fetus GamingFetus GamingHace un mes
  • 2:29:30 Excuse me, coming through!

    Samira PeriSamira PeriHace un mes
  • that pit stop tho, 10/10 best game ever

    Levy AsuLevy AsuHace un mes
  • How are the Williameseseses so fast? They went supernova on the last season's races.

    MPLouraMPLouraHace un mes
  • 1:24:35 Fully experience the mighty concept of karma in a mere 15 seconds...

    MartinMartinHace un mes
    • Martin bloody hell 😂😂😂

      Ste365Ste365Hace un mes