F1 2019 Review

F1 2019 reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Also available on PC.
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  • Im sticking with f1 17 in my sim as i only race cockpit mode. The fooking halo il never get used to them.

    SMSMHace 14 días
  • I have not played any f1 games to date and wanted to get into one. I could get 2018 one for half the price than the 2019 and wanted to know if the changes and upgrades are significant to get 2019. I know he talks a lot about similarities, so I was not sure about what might be better. I do seem to like the lighting more in 2019. Also, I am more of an arcade person and enjoy forza horizon 3 and 4, not the motorsport series.

    Nishant RaghavNishant RaghavHace un mes
  • No mention of the night time graphics? *okay*

    Fetus GamingFetus GamingHace un mes
  • Has this dude even watched the “ real thing “

    FiltiarinFiltiarinHace un mes
    • I don't think so.

      Albert JackinsonAlbert JackinsonHace un mes
  • hows the framrate on ps4, how louds the fan get pls reply

    Martin NMartin NHace 2 meses
    • Martin N 60 fps

      aleks gameraleks gamerHace un mes
    • I play on original xbox one, framerate is a constant 60 during gameplay and I can't really hear the fan while playing. You may get higher noise from the ps4 tho.

      Flight SimmerFlight SimmerHace un mes
  • Who is here after the release on ps now to see if the game deserve it !

    Alaa gamer علاء جيمرAlaa gamer علاء جيمرHace 2 meses
  • Got this game 5 minutes ago!

    William BudiacWilliam BudiacHace 2 meses
  • 2.34 What is Robert Duvall doing in the pits lifting tires....

    Lucky StrikeLucky StrikeHace 2 meses
  • Gday mate

    Ricky FulbrookRicky FulbrookHace 2 meses
  • It's on sale for Black Friday. Should I get it? Yay or Nay?

    Aiman S.Aiman S.Hace 2 meses
    • I bought it

      No Name :vNo Name :vHace 2 meses
  • Okay I just got the Senna Vs Prost edition for £25 happy with purchase. On medium difficulty it's giving me a challenge in a Renault for sure!!

    MagicAyrtonforeverMagicAyrtonforeverHace 2 meses
  • Led Zeppelin reference, anybody?

    PatfeihcPatfeihcHace 2 meses
  • Honestly I don't want to watch reviews so... Is this game worth?

    Farty PantsFarty PantsHace 2 meses
  • So does this mean Williams finally achieves a podium finish?

    ZE_GERMANZE_GERMANHace 3 meses
  • Haha interesting

    szewei85szewei85Hace 3 meses
  • Ive avoided buying these F1 games since 2016 as i feel the changes from year to year arent enough. I just bought F1 2019 in a sale. The changes from the 2016 game are for me a great improvement and im loving the career mode. For me this is a 9.2 score.

    SPLaTTm4nSPLaTTm4nHace 3 meses
  • Great game and I've played alot over the years. Code masters nailed it. Cheers guys!

    C64remixerC64remixerHace 4 meses
  • It would be nice if an actual fan did the review, someone hasn't been watching F1 lately.

    Marko ZivanovicMarko ZivanovicHace 4 meses
  • *makes you feel like car*

    jack stesseljack stesselHace 4 meses
  • since when has the heat effect behind the car been missing?

    johan burgerjohan burgerHace 4 meses
  • I own both games F1 2018 and F1 2019 and I must say it is valid that lots of stuff from 2018 do repeat 2019 is still better with lots of improved ways AI drivers drive and not to mention some graphical improvements. While I personally am not a bit a fan of career modes in this kind of games and I did played it only a bit of F2 parts where I find interviews really irritating I prefer to make my own championship and play as one of famous drivers (but that is my personal preference) in general game offers lots ways to play, one of most interesting ones I find in time trial mode where you can drive against your own ghost on the track best time ofc, but also against players ghost online who had best time above you in the ladder. That makes it much more interesting imo. In general game is well worth the price especially if you do not own 2018 F1 game and wanna try F1 game and also because settings can be set in million ways, you can even redesign your hud. All in all great game, with imo best view from full cockpit camera with halo right there standing.

    Marko ZecMarko ZecHace 4 meses
  • Any option to turn off the flip-flop

    ash hamnettash hamnettHace 4 meses
  • Does this guy play on a game pad ?!?!

    thomas gattothomas gattoHace 5 meses
  • F1 2019 is a great game glad I bought it and please keep on with this gaming format or even better for F1 2020

    Dean JoubertDean JoubertHace 5 meses
  • We need Codemasters on IndyCar and NASCAR projects now. That'd be awesome.

    Little Nicky ☑Little Nicky ☑Hace 6 meses
    • @RayHausen That too lol.

      Little Nicky ☑Little Nicky ☑Hace 6 meses
    • Formula E would be awesome

      RayHausenRayHausenHace 6 meses
  • Best game is actually F1 2006 world championship...

    Ethan BrandonEthan BrandonHace 6 meses
    • 🤣

      MeanGeneSanDiegoMeanGeneSanDiegoHace un mes
    • @FHD 🤣🤣🤣

      Darth VaderDarth VaderHace 6 meses
    • Ok

      FHDFHDHace 6 meses
  • Career mode is broken. AI upgrade ridiculously fast in R and D. Its impossible to keep up.

    Henry WalterHenry WalterHace 6 meses
  • Do you need ps plus

    SyuunSyuunHace 6 meses
  • I wish they had the feature, where you could make your helmet from scratch, but it would look like they're copying motoGP and grand turismo.

    CallMeTheMadManCallMeTheMadManHace 6 meses

    PRISPRISHace 6 meses
  • Wait 4 steam sale... got it

    Struggle GamingStruggle GamingHace 6 meses
  • f1 2019 must have commentators, anyone agree with my opinion ??

    firdza sharifffirdza shariffHace 6 meses
    • Awesome idea.. During the race

      MagicAyrtonforeverMagicAyrtonforeverHace 2 meses
  • This actually got a 90% on metacritic for xbox one. I'm excited.

    christian martinezchristian martinezHace 6 meses
  • Excuse me wtf the interviews have improved

    my mom says no spaghetti for u sonmy mom says no spaghetti for u sonHace 6 meses
  • If you put it on the easiest difficulty, it makes you feel like Lewis Hamilton

    philly624philly624Hace 6 meses
  • Nobody: Not a Single Soul: Lukas Weber: Ing_mtp_new_teammate_f2ant_02_TEAMMATE.

    Cian ByrneCian ByrneHace 6 meses
  • 1:35 Claire: You and Devon BUTLER have some history. What's it like being teammates? WEBER: lng_mtp_new_teammate_f2ant_02_TEAMMATE Sums up Codemasters well.

    CypherCypherHace 6 meses
  • Question do hoy race in a team?

    Aztec147Aztec147Hace 7 meses
  • Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

    TimTimHace 7 meses
  • Someone played on the slim and noticed some lag or drastic frame drops?

    Daigo PescaliDaigo PescaliHace 7 meses
  • Is this playable on a basic PS4?

    Saint JabroniSaint JabroniHace 7 meses
    • @Saint Jabroni Yes that's because he reviewed it on that

      Mike2004 FedeMike2004 FedeHace 7 meses
    • Mike2004 Fede Thanks. It’s just that in the bio the person put “PS4 Pro”...

      Saint JabroniSaint JabroniHace 7 meses
    • Of course...

      Mike2004 FedeMike2004 FedeHace 7 meses
  • Let's hope it's more exciting than the real thing...

    Bj CavaliereBj CavaliereHace 7 meses
  • Great review. If you have F1 2018 is it worth buying F1 2019?

    StormStormHace 7 meses
  • ok but can we talk about how the driver number is 69

    SoggyWalnutsSoggyWalnutsHace 7 meses
  • 8.5/10

    pewc fpvpewc fpvHace 7 meses
  • More rewarding than real life? Yeah it doesn’t break your neck at high speed corners or you don’t have life threat

    Ba5ic •Ba5ic •Hace 7 meses
  • F1 is a game and marketing tool for a selected few car companies with the intent of racking up millions but 22 F1 drivers are actually the ones having some exciting fun. F1 2019 is a videogame product with the intent of racking up millions but where anyone can have some fun with anyone else on the planet. $60 for F1 2019 is worth it imo; $60 for watching an F1 event in situ, not so much... at least not with the current state of things...

    PrimiusLovinPrimiusLovinHace 7 meses
  • Microprose Grand Prix only 4 sequels games impressed much more and revolutionized each game with many real important details, than these 10 clone games of Codemasters with no oponent games. Yes not so far away there was opponent companys on F1 games... Formula 1 and Formula 1 97 (psx) were 2 games of wight quality and details for the consoles.... Think again when you make these reviews with 10 sequels, of an company, the engine game is an update from 2014 game... Something is wrong today calling this kind of games "THE BEST"... You right Motogp games suffers the same...

    R AlvezR AlvezHace 7 meses
    • @shadoekim yeah, yeah shut up kid and bring that cold tasty beer...🙃

      R AlvezR AlvezHace 5 meses
    • Lol u drunk bro

      shadoekimshadoekimHace 5 meses
  • Sorted. Follow my usual method, get f1 2019 once they announce release date for f12020 👍🏻

    JoshJoshHace 7 meses
  • F1 2019 is more for wheel base player rather then controller user. Disappointing that codemaster focus this F1 2019 more for players with wheel

    Blackjack 91Blackjack 91Hace 7 meses
    • Get a wheel. You will never want to go back to a controller again. You will also demand all racing games to be sims.

      Tom CTom CHace 7 meses
  • Amazing review

    DugBingo951DugBingo951Hace 7 meses
  • Any motion control controls for ps4 controllers?

    Bryson WBryson WHace 7 meses
  • 2:00 She's IRISH!!!!!!!!

    LikeWildFireLikeWildFireHace 7 meses
  • I never really liked F1, until I got my wheel and picked up 2016 for a bargain. This series is actually really really nice.

    TMNuclearTMNuclearHace 7 meses
  • This is the career mode assetto Corsa competizione needs

    tony yimbotony yimboHace 7 meses
  • the opening statement alone tells me that I can trust this review. hehe

    Jon 309Jon 309Hace 7 meses
  • Man, I wish someone would do an authentic WEC super season game.

    Mohammad HassanMohammad HassanHace 7 meses
    • @T Wooten World Endurance Championship.

      Mohammad HassanMohammad HassanHace 7 meses
  • Gadle someone who knew about F1 doing a review on F1 2019 game.

    Pao XiongPao XiongHace 7 meses
  • Tire wear is broken during practice and qualifying if you do a 25% or 50% race. If tire wear rate is 4x during qualifying on a 25% race, that only works if qualifying is 25% too (hint: it's not). Makes me wonder about some of the more complex physics if they can't properly model tire deg for 1 outlap, 1 hot lap, 1 in lap.

    John DoeJohn DoeHace 7 meses
  • Is this game playable with joystick?

    Pegi HermawanPegi HermawanHace 7 meses