F1 - Bahrain GP 2019 FULL RACE - 1080P - ENGLISH COMMENTARY - Bahrain




  • 23:19 Intro to “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park

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  • 1:07:25 Seb Vs Lewis 😍💪

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  • 💪💪💪

  • جميل ان نرى بلد من بلداننا العربية بهذا الازدهار.تحياتي دامير الذبحاوي العراق

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  • Upload the Hungarian race please 🙏🙏

    Jorge NapidoJorge NapidoHace 6 días
  • what a disappointment a clear 1-2 for Ferrari,just not lucky

    Shaban SatanShaban SatanHace 8 días
  • 1:04:00 I prefer Kimi over Vettel,even if hes older

    Shaban SatanShaban SatanHace 8 días
  • Thank you for the upload :)

    Jeremy AlmquistJeremy AlmquistHace 10 días
  • 25:12 He's got that "I just farted" look on his face.

    Apophis ChaosApophis ChaosHace 13 días
  • new to f1. watching this to learn. I dont understand how the 2 ferrari cars maintained their position at 1 and 2 even when they pitted. Wouldnt the other cars that were behind them take over the position and those 2 cars fall behind and have to catch up? what am i missing here?

    Beardy McBeardfaceBeardy McBeardfaceHace 13 días
    • Driving through the pit lane and doing a pit stop combined takes about 24 secs here. when LEC pitted he had a 3.7 second gap to VET, VET had a 1 second gap to HAM, and HAM had a 14.4 second gap to RIC. this is 19.1 seconds from LEC to RIC. you'll see that LEC did fall behind RIC, but stayed 3rd since HAM drove into the pits right behind LEC. This puts VET 1st, RIC 2nd. When VET pit he had a 21 second gap to HAM (4th). he fell behind HAM when he came out of the pits. This exchange promotes RIC to 1st and LEC to 2nd. LEC passes RIC on track to get to 1st. HAM passes RIC on track to get 2nd. VET passes RIC on track to get 3rd. VET passes HAM on track to get 2nd.

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  • Look at all that pollution.....get rid of gas engines,,,,replace with compressed air engines.

    anthony winteranthony winterHace 13 días
    • Of course there's that one person...

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  • Suck that Ferrari

    Swami NSwami NHace 14 días
  • When you’re waiting for the 2020 season so you rewatch races from last season

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    • Same here bro

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    • same

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  • There is an apparent dislike against Ferrari in the voice of narrator.

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  • I’m not lazy. I just don’t like doing jack shit.

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  • that audio was awful. the entire time it was a good 2 secs ahead of the visual.

    John Paul BoudreauxJohn Paul BoudreauxHace 27 días
  • i’m crying god damn,poor charles

    Sofia NotarantonioSofia NotarantonioHace 28 días
  • Thank you please more like abudhabi with Ferrari double double put stops in 2019

    Sarang SharmaSarang SharmaHace un mes
  • Wonderful race well done LEC....Hamilton always lucky...vettel always unlikely

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  • I like haamilton but he is a bit obsessed with his hair

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  • Great race, great driving... if only they gave more credit to the engineers.

    Benjamin ClarkBenjamin ClarkHace un mes
  • Amazing race. Congrats Lewis Hamilton

    Michael Rainer IIMichael Rainer IIHace un mes
  • Can you upload the 2019 braziliën grand prix??

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  • Thnx for this

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  • Link the audio

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  • 1:28:50 man I can feel the heartbreak from here.

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    • I am also knowing that Mercedes car in some tracks having the same struggles like others. So, if Lewis win some races, it is NOT just because Mercedes. But also because His skill and he perform better than Valterri Bottas in the same car. :)

      sianne ribkah meliawaty Handayanisianne ribkah meliawaty HandayaniHace 23 días
    • It's okay. :) That Boy will learning how to dealing with failure like Lewis in past. It is racing. Whatever can happened. At least by this way we can see Mercedes win because Ferrari driver got bad luck.

      sianne ribkah meliawaty Handayanisianne ribkah meliawaty HandayaniHace 23 días
    • It's Leclerc, just don't care

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  • Thanks for the upload 👍🏼

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  • Can you Canada 2019

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  • Germany pls full race

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  • It’s funny. After France and that string of great races, people forgot how good this race was!

    Arslan GüngilArslan GüngilHace un mes
    • they all the same good

      James FrankoJames FrankoHace 12 días
    • Well this one the one good race until Austria!

      Luke TaylorLuke TaylorHace 19 días
  • where's chinese gp 2019 full race??

    aditya bagusaditya bagusHace un mes
    • @vishal dalvi probably FOM

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    • @GlobalSportAnalysis who has blocked ur video

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    • @GlobalSportAnalysis still blocked mate

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    • @GlobalSportAnalysis it's ok mate keep it up and i still waiting for another full race as much as you can

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    • It's loaded but yt blocked it... sorry

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  • THANK YOU MAN, please post more full races!!

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  • Can U do Azerbaijan Gp 2019 as Well

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  • plz upload chine grand prix 2019 full race???

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    • Youve got to say. Hamilton going the same distance on softs as vettle did on mediums for 2nd stint and not loosing to much time. Very impressive tire management

      derick gracderick gracHace un mes
    • @Undxfined Abu Dhabi was ok. Every other race, mostly Austria, Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan and Brazil were amazing.

      Connor BlairConnor BlairHace un mes
    • @Connor Blair not all but they have been more lively.

      UndxfinedUndxfinedHace un mes
    • @Undxfined same here. all races since Austria have been good.

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    • @Connor Blair I even forgot what happened in those races lmao

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