F1 2021 Gameplay: Spa & Zandvoort
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  • 3:55 Red Bull has managed to buy the entire F1 grid and Gasly still couldn't managed to be in a Red Bull. They had to put one extra car on the grid for Gasly😂🏎

    ADON1SVADON1SVHace un mes
    • at least there will be room for 2 teams at zandvoort.

      aXYZGamingaXYZGamingHace un mes
    • Falak Saini i didnt know redbull had honda units in 2018

      Angelo CareyAngelo CareyHace un mes
    • hey same first name me.

      Adonis PaulinoAdonis PaulinoHace un mes
    • Red Bull has been on a shopping spree but Gasly forgot his wallet

      VannDoesDirtbikesVannDoesDirtbikesHace un mes
    • Whats funny is that gasly didnt even get this years car as these were 2018 livery

      Falak SainiFalak SainiHace un mes
  • Is this asseto corsa

    Immanuel Blaychie-BourouImmanuel Blaychie-BourouHace 2 días

    leewatleewatHace 15 días
  • The 'Alpha Tauri' still says Toro Rosso on the halo!

    Alfred WinnerAlfred WinnerHace 18 días
  • F1 car designer : not for me...!

    jh bjh bHace un mes
  • My God they are ugly as fuck

    xzn1989xzn1989Hace un mes
  • 3:39 you really shouldn't have put that crash #AH19

    Vuk VidicVuk VidicHace un mes
  • the new wheels look stupid

    cody casselcody casselHace un mes
  • The 2021 cars look really cool. As long as they make racing close to other cars easier, it’ll be worth the new regs. 👍 Hopefully there’s more of these as the updates arrive.

    RobbyTHD98_UKRobbyTHD98_UKHace un mes
  • People complain about everything

    Joao CaladoJoao CaladoHace un mes
  • 4:31 i didn't want to remember that accident :/

    Elías Benjamín Uribe ParraElías Benjamín Uribe ParraHace un mes
  • Personally I think they look better than the current f1 cars

    No one likes JaystationNo one likes JaystationHace un mes
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    A3 GamesA3 GamesHace un mes
  • I hate absolutely hate the look of the 2021 car

    Jack GriffithsJack GriffithsHace un mes
  • I like this video reaction and this video game looks awesome just awesome and the twenty twenty one cars look awesome as well rugbymadfan

    Carl AspinallCarl AspinallHace un mes
  • Where is Alpha Tauri?

    TntgurkeTntgurkeHace un mes
  • Why are you talking so much and whats with the Camera angle?

    FatherOfWeirdFatherOfWeirdHace un mes
  • F1 2021 is still a thing in videogames and it still have to happen. 2020: *Am I a JoKe To YoU?!*

    Mattia LonghinMattia LonghinHace un mes
  • Looks like he's got the ai on 80 😂😂😂

    Jordan BakerJordan BakerHace un mes
  • Ughhh the cars in that game look sooooooo bad. You can better drive with your eyes closed so horrible. Luckily the real cars do not look that bad, bad but not that bad.

    Johan NLJohan NLHace un mes
  • i like your videos i have been watching them since f1 2015. a huge fan. dont know how to pronounce your name though

    Yaw AsieduYaw AsieduHace un mes
  • I would rather have the dutch GP in circuit assen. Could you do a assen gp for 2021 in asetto corsa?

    aXYZGamingaXYZGamingHace un mes
  • Paid mod my ass

    Lucas MedonLucas MedonHace un mes
  • wait you went to kingston park raceway omg ive been there

    T0min8t0r 22 Hunter222T0min8t0r 22 Hunter222Hace un mes
  • My God they re ugly as hell

    PedroPedroHace un mes
  • Why in the F do I feel like this is more under steering now,where is the turning advantage?

    lokhim711lokhim711Hace un mes
  • This game is 100% realistic quote of the year

    Rjay AdamsonRjay AdamsonHace un mes
  • Three thinks I don't like about the car: 1) the halo still kinda bothers me. 2) the winglet over the wheel I personally don't like. 3) lack of 2017 style shark fin. Other than that it looks cool

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliqHace un mes
    • aydan khaliq eh only thing that really matters is the racing right?

      AzeriaAzeriaHace un mes
  • looks like a 2016 and 2019 car combined with a parachute

    Pj PettigoPj PettigoHace un mes
  • F1 2012 theme omg

    TheSilentSnake36TheSilentSnake36Hace un mes
  • I hate you ok

    King BorrelliKing BorrelliHace un mes
  • F1 fans- I wanna hear the car! And not the music or talking! >:( Also F1 fans- Argh, those V6 Hybrid sounds soooo baaad! ;-;

    /Høwłıtə/ /JackTheEmerald//Høwłıtə/ /JackTheEmerald/Hace un mes
  • Was it easier to follow other cars?

    The Forever LastingThe Forever LastingHace un mes
  • "This game is 100% realistic" It's really not Ben.... The physics of Rfactor 2 and Iracing are more realistic...

    ZodFiZodFiHace un mes
  • 7 gears in 2021

    digi 83digi 83Hace un mes
  • Gasly start of 2019: Finally, i got to red bull (gets demoted) \ Gasly 2021: WTF guys why wasn't i included!

    VannDoesDirtbikesVannDoesDirtbikesHace un mes
  • the 2012 music makes me feel so nostalgic my first and favourite f1 game

    AJ the one 04AJ the one 04Hace un mes
  • It’s too bad that they’re going to be slower, but if it solves the issues regarding close racing then I’m sold when the changes eventually come in 2021

    Anthony MarantoAnthony MarantoHace un mes
  • First time in 2021 f1 car:a FIA:nope

    Lucas DKLucas DKHace un mes
  • 3:32 *Happy Vettel Noises*

    Vedang SharmaVedang SharmaHace un mes
  • 4:32 _Sudden nightmare flashbacks of F2_

    Haqem_HQ_25Haqem_HQ_25Hace un mes
  • What for pc do you have? Because I want to buy one for games like ac

    BwasBwasHace un mes
  • can assetto corsa PS4 adding this mod ? pls someone reply it for me 😭

    firdza sharifffirdza shariffHace un mes
  • As a 43 year old I resent the 40 year old comment you made and I'll be writing your grand parents to tell them how disappointed I am. 😂 Love your channel, love your commentary. I think you're funny as hell! Keep being you Ben. Piss on the old farts. 👍

    shawn m.shawn m.Hace un mes
  • Ben: Asetto Corsa is a realistic simulator Also Ben: *shows a car going under ground*

    spænish or vænishspænish or vænishHace un mes
  • It's so boring when u don't talk

    Matthew GarnerMatthew GarnerHace un mes
  • There is only one thing worse than obnoxious ESproject comments. ESprojectrs obnoxiously whining about comments on their videos.

    Simon HolmboSimon HolmboHace un mes
  • Fix your fov already

    vjollila96vjollila96Hace un mes
  • There is no DRS!!!!

    Justin OdhiamboJustin OdhiamboHace un mes
  • The dimensions of the car looks waaay off what they probably will be

    tomeddie14tomeddie14Hace un mes
    • tomeddie14 maybe some changes to the wings but not many of anything else

      J ReddenJ ReddenHace 26 días
  • Now the racing is good & they change the rules , it’s always like that in F1 once the racing becomes good they mix it up and becomes trash

    Igehay NationIgehay NationHace un mes
  • Please do another video with the 2021 cars😍

    Nick KaramNick KaramHace un mes
  • Do more carrer videos

    OzoneSparkOzoneSparkHace un mes
  • I still think that the race of the Netherlands is going to Assen

    rossiroy2rossiroy2Hace un mes
    • Then think again

      Jasper GerritsJasper GerritsHace un mes
  • The slower you go in these cars the less downforce hence why you were probably understeering at low speed. The ground effect requires higher speed air to pass through the venturi tunnels to create the Bernoulli effect which creates low pressure air when passing through the tunnels which creates the suction/downforce or if you apply on an aircrafts wing you can manipulate this to create lift. At least thats what I have learnt from doing aeronautical engineering.

    Hello pepzHello pepzHace un mes
  • I don't think the engine sounds may be accurate cuz F1 is going "carbon zero" and that may led to some engine changes...🤷🏻‍♂️

    SomeOneSomeOneHace un mes
  • Rear wing 🤮

    Stephen HamblinStephen HamblinHace un mes
  • I hope the game will not be like this! Why you english Cook sukers are doing this type of videos!you are fucking this game!

    Minca BogdanMinca BogdanHace un mes
    • learn some english or don't talk at all

      GeoffAznableGeoffAznableHace un mes
  • Zandvoort is gonna be the worst track F1 has ever seen

    SportsGamingCubingSportsGamingCubingHace un mes
  • I dont think that Williams will be in F1 in 2021

    Zandre LambrechtsZandre LambrechtsHace un mes