Future F1 Car First Look | Formula 1's 2021 Car In The Wind Tunnel

Glimpse into the future with the first video of the current iteration of the 2021 Formula 1 car design - including bigger wheels, new rear wing and a remodelled floor - all developed with racing in mind!
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  • I want back the V12 ;) pls

    drivas 19drivas 19Hace 6 horas
  • 0:23 yes, I agree...

    GDS05GDS05Hace 19 horas
  • 0:42 why is the car in neutral?

    The Icklest LadThe Icklest LadHace 2 días
  • "Sauber" Ironic how this was already Alfa Romeo era

    Bastard GOOSEBastard GOOSEHace 5 días
  • Wheel covers🤮👎

    Max TMax THace 6 días
  • People: why does it look like a indycar me: are you delusional? Do you suffer from a mental illness

    Snow Master Is Klejdi [JFFC]Snow Master Is Klejdi [JFFC]Hace 10 días
  • Why cant we just keep the cars that we have right now or the w12s

    Lasse korsholmLasse korsholmHace 10 días
  • short wheelbase > long wheelbase, if i want to see long vehicle race i go for 18 wheeler

    Dimas adiDimas adiHace 10 días
  • Put a manual gearbox.... this is a real competition

    Paulo CésarPaulo CésarHace 10 días
  • FIA gonna ban it

    RadionRadionHace 13 días
  • F1 has innovation unlike most sports.

    Carcinogenic ThalidomideCarcinogenic ThalidomideHace 15 días
  • Very interesting

    Wall CutterWall CutterHace 16 días
  • I want williams to win. How about that?

    lol beginnerlol beginnerHace 17 días
  • v10 please boss

    9 09 0Hace 18 días
  • Holly hell how much does that treadmill cost?

    PucktechnologyPucktechnologyHace 20 días
  • Getting uglier

    Melissa WANGMelissa WANGHace 21 un día
  • Fck me

    Didzis KalnietisDidzis KalnietisHace 21 un día
  • Good old days when F1 cars had regulations like: Min weight 500kg, rollbar 5cm above head, non active aerodynamics, 1500ccm turbo or 3000ccm N/A..................today? This 20mm, this 56000mm....WTF FIA...

    Martin CoufalíkMartin CoufalíkHace 22 días
  • Weels...👎👎👎👎👎👎😡

    Alberto VieiraAlberto VieiraHace 22 días
  • Looking good F1 👍 excited for the years racing ahead of us ❤️❤️

    Andy PieAndy PieHace 22 días
  • Bring back thr V12....

    MK JMK JHace 22 días
  • I love the new design!

    Rutt KongasRutt KongasHace 22 días
  • Isn't stopping/slowing your opponents good

    Magma FangMagma FangHace 22 días
  • Daaamn that render at 11 seconds looks sexxy as fuuuuuck 😍

    Steve BertramSteve BertramHace 22 días
  • Just bring back v10's early 90's cars and consider it fixed.

    Merdith RoachMerdith RoachHace 23 días
  • Its all good but the wheel covers were trash to look at before. The 2020 cars will be way better looking.

    Ryan DalzielRyan DalzielHace 23 días
  • Get rid of this gay ass halo

    victor valencavictor valencaHace 23 días
    • It's bloody crash protection you don't just get rid of it.

      Muhammad ChoudhuryMuhammad ChoudhuryHace 21 un día
  • If Colin Chapman was around for 2021, he would make an OP ground effect machine 👌

    Ebin BabuEbin BabuHace 24 días
  • How about less tweaking and bring back driver's talent

    Ben WilliamsBen WilliamsHace 24 días
  • Make the cars more faster gonna be cool

  • Weird f1 ever lol

    龙哥Ryuga主频道龙哥Ryuga主频道Hace 24 días
  • The definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different result..

    Sam SoniteSam SoniteHace 24 días
    • What?

      Muhammad ChoudhuryMuhammad ChoudhuryHace 21 un día
  • If you want to make the cars more safe and interesting, why don't you take all of the BS off of them..? 🤔

    Sam SoniteSam SoniteHace 24 días
    • You clearly have no clue what f1 is do you?

      Muhammad ChoudhuryMuhammad ChoudhuryHace 21 un día
  • Get rid of that stupid ass hoop around the drivers face

    pmm4177pmm4177Hace 25 días
    • That's a crash protection system used in Forumula 1, 2, 3, and Formula E. It's called Halo also known as safety.

      Muhammad ChoudhuryMuhammad ChoudhuryHace 21 un día
  • F1 really is losing its identification...It's the lack of competition, too much dominance, too much politics, no consistency, the no rules apply to Ferrari, blatant rule breaking etc.....it's just not about pure racing anymore! Ive moved over to mainly watching E racing nowadays.

    Matt manMatt manHace 28 días
  • From 50 down to 5 is a big difference!!

    xtscarface Mxtscarface MHace 28 días
  • 0:49 that impacted leclerc from wing was a rip off??

    María del Rosario MosqueraMaría del Rosario MosqueraHace 28 días
  • 0:43 anyone notice that the car is in neutral but still running?

    HopesHopesHace un mes
  • “Supporting the new 18” wheel rims.” ...What?!?! It’s just wheels, just wheels.🤦🏼‍♂️

    FrankieV 116FrankieV 116Hace un mes
  • Okay, so from what I understand, we’ve now come full circle. Less dependent on front wing downforce, more of the downforce is generated from the floor/diffuser system. You may loose a lot less downforce, but I’m willing to bet that tyre deg is still going to be a major factor, most likely magnified significantly. To counter that, Pirelli is most likely going to have to come up with a lot harder compounds. Know what that means?? Slower lap times. Unless they seriously ramp up the engine power, we are going to see PAINFULLY slow f1 cars. That’s my prediction.

    ZackstaaZackstaaHace un mes
  • Only thing people care about is the engines, they're shit and they haven't changed.

    Nedim Ali-MehmetNedim Ali-MehmetHace un mes
  • Best aerodynamics were 2018. It was so extreme they had to change the rules to tone it down.

    DoukenDoukenHace un mes
  • 0:42 why is the F1 car in N but it's moving

    Quinn FisherQuinn FisherHace un mes
    • Simulation.

      Muhammad ChoudhuryMuhammad ChoudhuryHace 21 un día
  • This gon be gud.

    Sean WarrenSean WarrenHace un mes
  • And... They just made f1 more boring

    hodei segurolahodei segurolaHace un mes
    • @Muhammad Choudhury i wish f1 where like it was in the 80s

      hodei segurolahodei segurolaHace 20 días
    • In what way? More downforce for the car behind means that it gives more chance for overtakes which makes the races more interesting.

      Muhammad ChoudhuryMuhammad ChoudhuryHace 21 un día
  • Better DRS

    qishuo wangqishuo wangHace un mes
  • So they're still going to sound like James may singing queen?

    AIR SlaphappyAIR SlaphappyHace un mes
  • And then they also removed loopholes, so basically 109% the same car with a different engine

    phyrexkasgamingphyrexkasgamingHace un mes
  • F1, What are you on about if the 2021 is gonna be slower than the previous cars? Better performance in lap times or more easier overtakes for the fun of the race?

    EpicJoi15EpicJoi15Hace un mes
  • I like how it looks

    Danny LamDanny LamHace un mes
  • Don t like dis car

    Guillem SerraGuillem SerraHace 2 meses
    • then make ur own

      Lemon[レモン]Lemon[レモン]Hace un mes
  • +3.5 sec and Chasis mounted front wings🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

    DominicanRacing SuspectsDominicanRacing SuspectsHace 2 meses
  • Why do the 2021 F1 car looks like the stadium car from Trackmania?

    SONICX1027SONICX1027Hace 2 meses
  • But what about 2020? What will those cars look like?

    EmployedHawk885EmployedHawk885Hace 2 meses
  • We haven't even started 2020 season, and they are developing car for 2021, damn!

    shantanu jainshantanu jainHace 2 meses
  • I'm so salute to this man 0:42 he driving with netral

    Hero GameHero GameHace 2 meses
    • "I'm so salute"

      Lemon[レモン]Lemon[レモン]Hace un mes
  • Surely that strut right in the centre of the drivers field of view has got be a hinderance?

    Gavlar ZGavlar ZHace 2 meses
    • for safety

      Lemon[レモン]Lemon[レモン]Hace un mes
  • Before : B R O O O O O O M Now: nyooom

    Never Ender & Weekender GirlNever Ender & Weekender GirlHace 2 meses
    • The sound hasn't changed.

      Zaeen CamilZaeen CamilHace un mes
  • Looks good, reminds me of the older, sleeker cars of the 90s.

    Elliot WElliot WHace 2 meses
  • WHEN AN ENCLOSURED COCKPIT GUYS!? IT'S SAFETY. Not kidding. Give that halo up and try to have some real solutions.

    fabipr23fabipr23Hace 2 meses
    • Why don't you make one then? I'm pretty sure all the drivers would be glad to have it if they ever flipped.

      Muhammad ChoudhuryMuhammad ChoudhuryHace 21 un día