GoPro Ski: Backcountry Skiing in Chile - The Magic of the Super C

Join GoPro athlete Chris Davenport as he takes us to one of the best lines in the world. Nestled in the Chilean Andes is Ski Portillo, an old mining town turned world-renowned ski resort home to some of South America’s best terrain. Just outside the ski area boundary is a couloir called the Super C. It’s a huge climb from the ski area, but it all pays off with a 1,706-meter (5,600 ft.) descent.

Many film crews use helicopters to get to lines like the Super C, due to heavy camera gear. But it’s a rite of passage to earn your turns on the Super C and in fact, taking a helicopter isn’t an option. By shooting 100 percent on GoPro, our media team was the first professional production team to climb and document the Super C.

Huge thanks to Ski Portillo for showing us some of the best skiing in the Southern Hemisphere. With significant early-season snowfall and the continuation of El Niño, Portillo is shaping up to have another great season.
Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪
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  • 2:24 when I first saw it I thought they were in some kind of cave/indent in the ground because of the angle and when the camera angle changed it looked like they were warping space

    Brandon MuellerBrandon MuellerHace 6 días
  • Honestly I think the fact they climbed the mountain in the first place is more impressive than the line

    Kool KiddKool KiddHace 11 días
  • Super 👍 video !!!

    Max PzMax PzHace 22 días
  • Music remind anyone else of stranger things?

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  • We should set up a group and go to Chile. Who's down?

    Rodolfo ValadezRodolfo ValadezHace 27 días
  • Stop using feet kk thanks

    Anthony BaneAnthony BaneHace un mes
  • wow

    Zach SelzmanZach SelzmanHace un mes
  • Almost more impressive that they climbed that in their ski boots

    hayden blankhayden blankHace un mes
    • They have special clips on the bottom of them that come off they actually get there foot melted into the boot for such a perfect fit

      Bryan SmithBryan SmithHace un mes
  • Just wondering why you didnt skin up that initial slope....less knackering than stepping with skis on your back.......looks fab though😎

  • amazing

    J RJ RHace 3 meses
  • Yes!! Magic I love you guys can share this with us!!

    Greg bGreg bHace 4 meses
  • #waterskiingsuperuoritygang

    Technically DifficultiesTechnically DifficultiesHace 4 meses
  • WOW

    Sandra TessemSandra TessemHace 5 meses
  • That looks amazing....what a gorgeous place. 😍

    Cool DesignerCool DesignerHace 5 meses
  • wat they just did like zig zags the whole way down lmfao

    • thats how you're supposed to ski....

      Paolo IsolaniPaolo IsolaniHace un mes
  • So lucky to have so much Mountains to ski in my own Country I love deep snow

    Geht dich Einen Schiess anGeht dich Einen Schiess anHace 6 meses
  • M

    Tu morento 199Tu morento 199Hace 7 meses
  • The most amazing thing...they hiked up the mountain in *_ski boots!_*

    jb hannjb hannHace 7 meses
  • Simply Awesome!!!

    Princess Wears Hiking BootsPrincess Wears Hiking BootsHace 7 meses
  • Can anyone answer why these guys hiked the mountain? They could’ve easily skinned the way up until the rocks, which was only a minor part of the climb

    Tyler HortonTyler HortonHace 9 meses
  • Snow cant be that good if you hike without snowshoes....

    Steven McDabbinSteven McDabbinHace 10 meses
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  • Is the girl Lindsey Vonn??

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  • Can I just fly here with my gear and hit this?

    Chase ForestelloChase ForestelloHace un año
  • don't see in the comments, I'm curious of the hike time to the summit?

    Ken HeinrichKen HeinrichHace un año
  • 2:30 would be 32°50'08.9"S 70°09'11.7"W if anyone is interested

    XoneSpecialsXoneSpecialsHace un año
  • Really liked it. :)

    Douglas DonoghueDouglas DonoghueHace un año
  • aren't they scared to trigger an avalanche?

    julioplayajulioplayaHace un año
  • Love it - thank you! I probably had 1/5th as much fun watching this in my living room as you had doing it, and I didn't have to take the risk of ending my life.

    GR28GR28Hace un año
  • This video should be titled 'How to Kill Two of Your Buddies in an Avalanche You Set Off Above Them'

    Charlie FosterCharlie FosterHace un año
  • thank you for share it...thank you for inspire others!!!! great tunes by the way!

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  • GoPro you should do something in India too. We need you. We have everything you need. And also gov might allow us to do something crazy ;)

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    Che loChe loHace un año
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  • Brilliant video, thank you for sharing the experience. There are some truly beautiful and amazing places, still unseen by most.

    Vox in TenebrisVox in TenebrisHace un año
  • Literally looks like something out of a PS4 video game

  • So, if you happen to have a change of heart once you get to the top, can you have Uber come pick you up? :-)

    Becarac74Becarac74Hace un año
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  • Damn that looks amazing. Definitely on my bucket list.

    I hate you, vyvanseI hate you, vyvanseHace 2 años
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    Konstantin BogomolovKonstantin BogomolovHace 2 años
  • Shame there is no ski lift

    Andrea GarciaAndrea GarciaHace 2 años
  • This would be the most fun thing ever

    LANCER 1262LANCER 1262Hace 2 años
  • ¡¡¡¡¡¡espectacular descenso!!!!!!.

    Hernan BenaventeHernan BenaventeHace 2 años
  • The last time I skied in my life, it was with that same descent. Exciting memories!

    Waldo FunckWaldo FunckHace 2 años
  • Those places show that we have a beautiful earth

    BJR InfosBJR InfosHace 3 años
  • We need a winter olympics in Chile, sometime in the southern hemisphere.

    Cristian RiquelmeCristian RiquelmeHace 3 años
    • OlDoinyo we just could make it in july. The main problem is that those countrys arent interested in wintersports

      JulianJulianHace un año
    • Good luck with that---they like to do it in February. Perhaps Antarctica would have enough snow then...

      OlDoinyoOlDoinyoHace un año
  • I can't wait to head to chile snowboarding now

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  • now all you need it 50 gopros and 5 drones to make a video like this

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    • lol yeh

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    • Jon cheney and also not dat attitude :^)

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  • Your Soul goes so well with this

    Jack ShanahaJack ShanahaHace 3 años
  • it must be painful hiking in ski boots, i mean i can barely walk on flat ground in ski boots so i couldn't imagine walking uphill.

    Garan BergelinGaran BergelinHace 3 años
    • Segma Gaz Touring boots. Hike like mountaineering boots.

      Timothy GillisTimothy GillisHace 2 años
    • totally agree

      WelshGIBWelshGIBHace 3 años
  • これはマジで行きたい…GoPro持っていこ

    EDM erEDM erHace 3 años
  • I LIVE IN CHILE... but im moving back to the south of chile.

    Rodrigo Parra PalmaRodrigo Parra PalmaHace 3 años

    KIRA 1987KIRA 1987Hace 3 años
  • what editing program did you use to stabilize the video?

    xavpawxavpawHace 3 años
  • WOW!

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  • i feel like i could jave done this. then again it is hard to tell how steep it is

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