GR Mailbag 20.FE.21 - Parts Storage, Light Pipes, Things & Other Stuff

Here's this week's haul:
30 bin storage rack
8 pin DIP sockets
0805 Resistors
Audio Screw Terminal Adapter
3.5mm male/female 10 foot cable
Acrylic rod for light pipe
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  • The problem with part assortments is that you use up all the common values on the first project, and that's why it's best buying bulk amounts of the commons at the same time. Imagine a grid of neo-pixels feeding a tightly packed grid of light-pipes, you could make a display. lol

    SidneyCritic ComedyHoundSidneyCritic ComedyHoundHace un mes
  • I've been doing the same with those audio-to-screw adapters. Ordered an assortment of them at auction (I probably was bidding against you at some point...)

    pileofstuffpileofstuffHace un mes
    • I don't have any of those and you guys make me feel like I'm missing out :)

      Another MakerAnother MakerHace un mes
    • I think we’ve had domestic bidding wars on previous items over the past couple of years as well.

      Gadget RebootGadget RebootHace un mes
  • I always knock those bins down when I reach my clunky hands in to dig for stuff. I'm still glad I have them though. I think you'll like them for your odds and ends.

    Another MakerAnother MakerHace un mes
    • If they give me any trouble I'll glue gun'em

      Gadget RebootGadget RebootHace un mes
  • Did you try the new ATtiny generation? I'm currently waiting for my first order of them, but i think they're pretty exciting. Especially the smaller ones like the Attiny412 as a Attiny85 replacement or the 1614 for larger projects. They need much less pins for programming (just 1 pin which is the often unused reset pin, VCC and GND), are a bit more powerful and they're pretty cheap in trusted stores (like 0,40$). Bitluni did a nice video about them and how they're programmed.

    LeifLeifHace un mes
    • Gadget Reboot No problem. Will PM you with the deets. 👍

      onecircuitonecircuitHace un mes
    • @onecircuit if you have an extra part in those families that you could part with and slingshot over to the PO Box, I would definitely be interested in checking those out and doing a few project videos with! It may be a while before I can order them myself.

      Gadget RebootGadget RebootHace un mes
    • Gadget Reboot I’ve tried them (202, 402 and 804) but the pinouts are different from my favourite Attiny85 or Attiny13 which means I had to make a new rig to program them. I used this ( as a template. I have a few extra if you want one. 👍

      onecircuitonecircuitHace un mes
    • I haven't bought any yet because I think when I looked in the usual places, they were cheaper in trusted online retailers, which meant a minimum order price to get free shipping, so I'm saving up a list of things that must be bought reputably. Then I want to see if I can adapt my existing AVR ISP/Fuse programmer to talk to it...

      Gadget RebootGadget RebootHace un mes
  • Great post! I’m constantly amazed the number of times I post on a topic and then up comes another post about the same topic! Thanks ESproject algorithm! I definitely lean towards 1206, and have made breadboard friendly adapters to help corral them into usefulness. Now we just wait to see how the eyesight copes over time. 🧐

    onecircuitonecircuitHace un mes
  • Good items

    Elektronik AtölyemElektronik AtölyemHace un mes
  • I dont like plastic bins anymore, after 2 years, the plastic on a batch turned brittle and disintegrated :(

    Adam BryantAdam BryantHace un mes
    • @The Embedded Hobbyist I thought it was bad enough when I had old silicone caulk tubes start to ooze after a couple of years on the shelf unexpectedly due to ignorance, and it was a plastic shelf with sort of a mesh pattern so it dripped all the way down, coating any tools in its path. That combined with the bug spray leak, I think moving forward I will always leave these things in shallow basins of some sort. I have an old metal can of turpentine that’s looking a little rusty around the bottom rim, but still dry so far!

      Gadget RebootGadget RebootHace un mes
    • @Gadget Reboot We had a guy in the UK who had a polish spray container under the sink that rusted through and when his boiler turned on it blew the house to bits. Propane is good a pushing the contents out but a bugger if it comes out in a room all at once.

      The Embedded HobbyistThe Embedded HobbyistHace un mes
    • I haven’t had that happen yet, I still have one set from the mid-80s going strong. although I once had a can of “off” bug spray sitting on a shelf for too long and the can leaked and turned any hard plastic it touched into goo. then I decided maybe I don’t want to spray that on myself anymore.

      Gadget RebootGadget RebootHace un mes
  • cant wait to order from China again...I think some stuff hasn't shipped yet

    Simple ElectronicsSimple ElectronicsHace un mes
    • I have some small, innocuous orders that have been held up -- probably on the US end. Could blame Chinese New Year, or the Kung Flu. Really do not know.

      GnuReligionGnuReligionHace un mes
    • I think some of my Aliexpress orders have the virus as they are still in the air since Jan 7th and 20th! :(

      The Embedded HobbyistThe Embedded HobbyistHace un mes
    • @Gadget Reboot Exciting!

      Simple ElectronicsSimple ElectronicsHace un mes
    • when I was in my aliexpress order history today I noticed a bunch of things I ordered days ago are still awaiting shipment but slowly I keep getting emails that things are getting up in the air....pun inevitable.

      Gadget RebootGadget RebootHace un mes
  • I don't use 0805 normally I'm a 1206 guy. so i went a bought a 0805 resistor book to build your PCB, I've got a 1206 book and just buy 100 off when i get to about 3/4 used up. cheep way of getting all the 1% values just in case you need them.

    The Embedded HobbyistThe Embedded HobbyistHace un mes
    • @Gadget Reboot 1210 are good for current shunts I think that might have a higher voltage rating than 1206.

      The Embedded HobbyistThe Embedded HobbyistHace un mes
    • I still have a pile of assorted 0603‘s that I have no idea what I will use for now but maybe if I get a microscope I will be more inclined. I need to get some larger parts like 1206 or 1210 or so just for when I need extra wattage.

      Gadget RebootGadget RebootHace un mes