After Vy Qwaint created SHOCKING HACKER FOUND US During Mystery SAFE Keep Away Hide And Seek Challenge at the Park, Chad Wild Clay uploaded PZ9 is BACK!? Is He Best Friend of Spy Ninjas or Hackers? Spending 24 Hours in Project Zorgo Meeting and Daniel uploaded SAVING HACKER PZ9 to TRADE SAFE during 24 Hour Hide n Seek Challenge in Project Zorgo Meeting to the Exposing Project Zorgo channel, the Spy Ninjas try to open Project Zorgo's secret safe. Chad uses their 1 try per 24 hours and gets the passcode wrong. The mystery safe responds to them and Vy Qwaint realizes that Project Zogo is spying on the safe house via security cameras! Vy decides to go on a mission to disable the cameras at the Project Zorgo headquarters while CWC, Daniel, and Regina protect the safe house. Vy makes it to the PZ basement and successfully disables the cameras when hacker PZ 314 walks in the room. Vy uses her tiny Spy Ninja skills and hides under his desk. She sees PZ 314 putting away Spy Ninjas' secret files and sneakily takes the folder from his office. Vy discovers that Project Zorgo is keeping a treasure map of all the Spy Ninja belongings! Chad, Vy, Daniel, and Regina make their way to find the treasure when they run into PZ9 training other Project Zorgo members! This is a bad thing because PZ9 will make these hackers more powerful. PZ9 is still under the mind control, so the Spy Ninjas come up with a plan to get PZ9's memory back. Hopefully, their plan works! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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  • Hi SPY NINJAS! What do you think these secret files about the SPY NINJAS mean?

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  • But I also do believe in this cause I’m going to work with you guys and I’m gonna help so all the cases else on my birthday’s coming up in three days

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  • I don’t think the project Origo people are real because when I went to the tattoo place I saw those masks

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  • Regina is the best Funn for not letting you in a secret room I love you cwc

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  • V do you know him to the bathroom look a buffet do you know do you have a camera of it so the house has cameras everywhere so you have to check everywhere

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  • Vy and chad had bin so cool 😎

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  • Safe is 12134

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  • Who is self-destructs you’ll be able to get what’s inside

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  • The passport is 5667899221

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  • There is a camera 📷.

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  • Guys I think try 1029

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  • Theres a camera on the safe so they can see you

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  • Chad I Used to be a project zorgo Member So He Told Me The Coad is 1294

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  • Plz try 1625 because it is the number of Vy in the alfabet.

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  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> there is a camera on one of the doors behind you

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  • The code is 1029

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    Makayla BarberMakayla BarberHace un día
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