How Germany's Universal Health-Care System Works

Germany’s health-care system spends nearly half as much as the United States but still manages to cover 100% of its population through a mix of public and private insurance schemes. There are two different systems that residents can turn to for insurance in Germany: SHI, which stands for Statutory Health Insurance and PHI or Private Health Insurance. Here’s how they work.
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How Germany's Universal Health-Care System Works




  • We in Germany will now have problems because the United States simply confiscates our masks and this not only from germany. america first just means... let all others die, we're the king, and we take what we want. if you had asked nicely, you probably would have gotten some. but this path is contemptible. shame on you.if this continues, the third world war will start from you ...

    BergwachtBergwachtHace un hora
  • The reason I'm never ever leaving Germany is the healthcare...just saying

    Chris ChristiansenChris ChristiansenHace 3 horas
  • this portrait of our system is so distorted it's unbelievable. No wonder us americans cry for that system when they hear those stores. "The people like it" is so plain wrong, nobody likes it and everyone hates many things.

    volp3volp3Hace 7 horas
  • I guess here in Belgium we’re much better off than the Germans. At first glance we seem to have all the perks they have, but we pay 7,45 euro per person per month. We have all the best doctors, the best hospitals in the world -yes, the world- with excellent equipment, a lot of equipment, only the very best of the best, it’s amazing. (Sound like something Trump would say, right ? 😉)

    Stefan Van pellicomStefan Van pellicomHace 8 horas
  • Yep, you're right, I was totally surprised by the fact that your health insurance companies can deny you entering their program or kick you out in the case that you actually get ill. There's flaws to our system here in Germany, sure, but I'm generally pretty happy with it and feel safe and well taken care of 😊

    LunaBianca1805LunaBianca1805Hace 11 horas
  • The Americans had it coming. It must hurt to be so stupid.

    Mr.BananaramaMr.BananaramaHace 11 horas
  • The Problem in Germany ist that there‘s a two class system right not. The ones who has private insurance and those who have public insurance . Most of the times doctors prefer patient who have private insurance by giving them earlier appointments because private insurances pay more for the treatments. That‘s why many germans think that we need a „Bürgerversicherung“ like one public insurance for everyone.

    Jayden TaubitzJayden TaubitzHace 11 horas
  • No I know enough people without Healthinsurance in Germany But yes the system is much better than in USA

    Etienne HeinenEtienne HeinenHace 14 horas
  • Just to inform the U.S. that Bernie would be perfect

    kcherrekcherreHace 15 horas
  • So the reps trust the people to make the right choice, problem is, the American people haven't a single clue what is good for them, due to a deep rooted ignorance and thinking the American way will save them every time. WRONG.

    Paul FreedmanPaul FreedmanHace 15 horas
  • So happy to life in Germany...

    Jannes LohrJannes LohrHace 16 horas
  • The ones back in and all the money is a lot makers and the doctors in insurance this is happening in America the biggest theocracy and corrupted number one country in the world

    Jerry LozaJerry LozaHace 16 horas
  • Well that's what Bernie Sanders wants and we all 1 Medicare for all

    Jerry LozaJerry LozaHace 16 horas
  • Corona Virus gives this a whole new perspective. But hey, at least america has a strong Army :D

    Bady89Bady89Hace 17 horas
  • I ride Mountainbike and went to america to ride my bike 6 Times in the last 2 years. Most of the people on the trails are either touristis like me or wealthy Americans. Why? Because the poor population can not afford crashing while doing what they enjoy and then going bankrupt. Nice......not!

    sacul bewresacul bewreHace 17 horas
  • The german system sucks. I study medicine in Germany and we have major problems. Our system is ok but it is expensive. For way less money Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy and the UK have a better health system. Yes. If you look at the numbers the NHS is better. We in Germany are masters in unnecessary treatments like giving a 90 year old new hips even though they ate to weak to walk or everybody that has an AP gets a stent. Just because its easy earned money. But to get an sonogram from your GP or an appointment with a rheumatologist is almost impossible because those things take time but are paid to little

    Pumme luffPumme luffHace 21 un hora
    • @Pumme luff If you really study medicine in Germany, I hope they will make you stop doing it. Never seen so much nonsense in two posts.

      geekofixgeekofixHace 14 horas
    • @TeXoN our testing recourses are the best. Also the believe that intensive care has an major impact on the death rate is wrong. We haven't figuerd out how to treat the patients so we just use the same methods that are used on other lung infections. But they are not really effective and we haven't made a lot of progress in finding a better alternative. Germany has lower death tolls due to a younger population and due to a different way of counting the dead. The last one doesn't make a huge difference (the death toll would be about 4 percent higher if we would count in the same way as italy or France)

      Pumme luffPumme luffHace 17 horas
    • All of the above mentioned countries have less than half intensive care beds per inhabitants. Sweden even has less than a fifth of what Germany has. Scandinavia gets praised a lot, but in the current crisis you see that Germanys healthcare system seems to be the best.

      TeXoNTeXoNHace 17 horas
  • I'm paying almost 9000€ (50% me + 50 my employer) per year into a healthcare system. Since I'm young and healthy right now, I don't use a lot of healthcare services and basically I'm paying for others, but I'm happy to do it. We all should live in a more social world, where everyone get a proper healthcare and covered basic needs. It's not about socialism it's about basic human rights.

    NaftaNaftaHace 21 un hora
  • PBS FRONTLINE documentaries: 1) Sick around the World (2008), , 2) Sick around America (2009), .

    Res NicaRes NicaHace 21 un hora
  • In the time of the coronavirus pandemic we will see, which healthcare system is more efficient. Right now USA is obviously not winning. I hope people there won't pay for their government's failure.

    NaftaNaftaHace 22 horas
  • 840 euro / month?

    Joseph1NJJoseph1NJHace 23 horas
    • @Masssdz Gkjfj Are you German?

      Joseph1NJJoseph1NJHace 13 horas
    • 130 for low income 1 family l

      Masssdz GkjfjMasssdz GkjfjHace 22 horas
    • up to if you an billionaire

      Masssdz GkjfjMasssdz GkjfjHace 22 horas
  • The US citizens pay one of the most expensive health systems in the world, but half of the population does not have access to a single hospital when they're sick. Why? The lobby of the Medical Ensurances on US Congress is massive. Health insurers in the United States have been telling a lie for decades: "Universal health care is a bad idea". And for decades, American citizens have believed in that lie !!! Nonsenses of this "rich" country.

    VictorLawyer _PtVictorLawyer _PtHace un día
  • Germany health-care system: one of the worst in Europe by cost but still way better than the US one.

    Bob IncognitoBob IncognitoHace un día
    • britain italy france are bad

      Masssdz GkjfjMasssdz GkjfjHace 22 horas
  • Too bad a lot of the information is NOT correct. Health insurance is not really mandatory for everyone in Germany (still we're close to a 100% rate). Of course you can (actually when your income falls below a certain level you have to) switch back from the private to the public side of the system. In the private part of the system you can be turned down. Private insurance doesn't get more expensive because the person becomes older and an increasing risk but because expenses increase. Most hospitals are not private - they don't operate for profit. And THAT'S the big difference which is not addressed here.

    Florian WehdeFlorian WehdeHace un día
    • lcnbc ist bekannt dafür dass die oftmals themen oberflächlich behandeln und zu eigenen Gunsten oder auch konträr berichten (theranosfake /Krise durch .../kauf schiffahrtsunternehmen/kauf diese blblabla/cramer./wetold so)

      Masssdz GkjfjMasssdz GkjfjHace 22 horas
  • You can currently see during this COVID-19 crisis which health care systems are really good and which not. So, compare death rates of US with Germany and other countries.

    Joachim KJoachim KHace un día
    • @Spencer Wilton Deathrate ist Not Infectionrate.

      Gunnar Jupp von Bohlen und KruppGunnar Jupp von Bohlen und KruppHace 23 horas
    • Joachim K you can't directly compare, for example some countries have a much older population. However by any measure America is doing very badly with corona, and sadly it's going to be catastrophic for them. I couldn't believe that the hospital being set up in Central Park was being built and funded by a charity! Where is the government? Why aren't they building emergency hospitals? Instead they have individual states trying to outbid each other for essential supplies, driving the cost ever higher. And a president who's greatest desire is to push everyone back to work as soon as possible.

      Spencer WiltonSpencer WiltonHace un día
  • I wonder what Trump’s universal translator would make out of this....

    Thomas AmmannThomas AmmannHace un día
  • Welcome to the greatest Nation in the World -> Germany

    Sar gentSar gentHace un día
    • germany has no free market dude no business opportunities only their big and medium size firms high taxation almout nobody owns stocks or have property (average people) same retirement crisis like uspoliceman who have goveementreirements we have poor people too.

      Masssdz GkjfjMasssdz GkjfjHace 22 horas
  • Welcome to the greatest Nation in the World -> Germany

    Sar gentSar gentHace un día
  • Look to Norway. No insurance needed. You're covered.

    Kent Olaf SteinhaugKent Olaf SteinhaugHace un día
    • or north Korea 1000%

      Masssdz GkjfjMasssdz GkjfjHace 22 horas
    • Just like Denmark 💯

      CurlyheadCurlyheadHace un día
  • STFU Amy and Peter! The only people who love their health insurance is our government officials!

    Carla CostaCarla CostaHace un día
  • The best thing is: It doesent matter how sick you are. All people pay the same.

    Rob SchmittRob SchmittHace un día
  • china lying & killing the world. and now acting like ccp is here to save the world... america health system & salesman trump with sly cronies are killing americans... nothing's perfect but germans are transparent, logical & sensible..

    Patrick LioPatrick LioHace un día
  • End the insurance companies they are cancer.

    IronPort CreativeIronPort CreativeHace un día
  • Really sleazy how nbc is anti single payer. Wonder why that is?

    IronPort CreativeIronPort CreativeHace un día
  • Merkel s and Schäuble s "austerity policy" does help to linder the pain and economic burden for - well estimated - 2 months ... its going to be much tougher than ... but for now Germany is happy with its government "in crisis" and yes: God be blessed, the gov. debts are not too high. And well the Nato defence system is not too efficient in this case - although Germany must pay its 2% Nato membership, as PotUS Trump never stops to point out. But ... would that help us out of the vicious situation we are now in ?

    Elements-CreactiveElements-CreactiveHace un día
  • In the time of Corona now, I am happy to be in Germany. The system in Germany is maybe not perfect. Nobody's perfect. A lot of nurses not earn much money for that heavy job.

    Don PietroDon PietroHace un día
  • Learn from the german

    TillTillHace un día
  • germany: *HEALTH CARE * usa: heltker

    pineapple Lordpineapple LordHace un día
  • I live in Germany and can't understand why peolple in the US dont Vote for healthcare.

    Nico RoblickNico RoblickHace un día
    • Nico Roblick As you well know it's because the average American is a brainwashed moron.

      Spencer WiltonSpencer WiltonHace un día
  • In Germany ist alles verboten , who cares about Health-Care. In Germany sind viele Nazis. In Germany hat ein Bürger fast keine Rechte. In Germany hat ein Migrand kaum Aussichten auf einen Job. In Germany sind zu viele alte Menschen.

    R. S.R. S.Hace un día
  • Propaganda. M4A is the answer

    ddarksiderrddarksiderrHace un día
  • Here in Norway 85% own their own home. We got free healthcare and education. 5 weeks paid vacation. Kindergarten cost MAX 3000 NOK a month. Thats less than $300

    Alex NorwayAlex NorwayHace un día
  • They does not understand that most won't need these insurances.. Its so frustrating. We have private and public health care and it works fine...

    Svend TangSvend TangHace un día
  • You need to be insured (social insurances, unemployment, health care etc) when you work. You cannot work without being insured. However, the system will fail because socio-parasitic are on the rise - including people such as politicians who don't contribute directly into the common system but into a different system.

    oliver Lisonoliver LisonHace un día
  • In america money is the most important thing. In europa people are the most important thing.

    Greg KollaegGreg KollaegHace un día
  • And its Not true That you have to make private insurance when earning More than 60000 a year this is a old law That has been put down years ago

    Mr SekirororoMr SekirororoHace un día
  • I am a german living in germany, all i have Too Say To the People in the us is Wake up Guys we have 26 Different political Partys but you only have 2 demos. And repubs. Why? I had 9 surgerys on My left knee because i Driove Ma Bike while Drunk hat Go spend 1 year in rehab guess how much i paid....0€ and Im have no privat insurance its all gouvermental healthcare.... its even in our law That everyone needs Go have healthcare no matter of Working of not if Poor of Rich

    Mr SekirororoMr SekirororoHace un día
  • American has a corrupted culture where everyone thinks money is above everything. American Freedom is exclusively meant for people with a lot of Money.

    aclock2aclock2Hace un día
    • Do agree. It's capitalistic freedom

      AntoninaAntoninaHace 3 horas
  • Summary: 10€ for each day at hospital, about 70€ for 10 times physical therapy. 5 to 10€ for each medicine. Thats it. As long as you do not want to speak to the head of the medical department or want to have your own room in hospital. TV and phone there usually costs some money.

    Stefan LugingerStefan LugingerHace un día
  • Hahaha 😂 das Deutsche Gesundheitssystem ist im Arsch. Die wollen alle Geld aber nicht füt die Versicherten bezahlen.

    Noob GamerNoob GamerHace un día
  • The only taxes i like to pay as a german. I've been multiple times at the hospital due to broken arm, hand and many dislocated joints and shoulders. Rugby.... And i didnt pay a Euro. We germans complain too much about our system instead of being happy with what we have.

    OlrushkaOlrushkaHace un día
  • What i don't get is, why health care in the USA is so expensive. I my country doctors earn much more then in the rest of europe, but still my insurence pays my medical bill in every foreign country exept for the US, cause you guys are just crazy expensive. Why? I want a system that's between America and Germany. The people who have enough money should decide themselve if they go to a doctor when they have a slight cold and also pay themselve. But i don't want anyone in my country to die cause they don't have a insurence and i don't want medical bill to destroy my life.

    TanjaTanjaHace un día
  • And now with the Covid-19, by the worst and sad way, americans will understand the importance of a social and public healthcare system for everyone.

    Jossué Alejandro Arce OrozcoJossué Alejandro Arce OrozcoHace un día
    • Yeah, it is not just the health care system….due to the various provisions in place to protect jobs, a lockdown is easier to realise.

      swanprideswanprideHace un día
  • I don’t believe anything the liberals say.

    Moca 12Moca 12Hace 2 días
    • liberalcommunisim

      Masssdz GkjfjMasssdz GkjfjHace 22 horas
    • Who is a liberal for you?

      LupusLupusHace un día
  • To date, the propagandists have lied to america. Now u know better. You have the worst system in the western world. by far. why? billionaires need mo money

    Kai morfKai morfHace 2 días

    Trevor SanchezTrevor SanchezHace 2 días

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> most shocking: The American health insurances are there to make a profit, not to keep people healthy. The one thing I don't understand is that Americans don't protest more. Like the North Koreans, they probably think that they are the best there is.

    poldpoldHace 2 días
  • yes

    NicolasaNicolasaHace 2 días
  • Insurances yes we have enough of those. Doctors on the other hand no. Doctors can choose freely, and mostly choose patients which are private insured. My children didn't have a doctor in Hessen for two years. And none wanted to see them even when they were sick. I and my wife still don't have general practitioner. It's been three years like this..

    SAA B_SAA B_Hace 2 días
  • That’s all great but all those statistics where Germany has lower deaths etc. are not just due to its health system.

    Chris tianChris tianHace 2 días
  • I'm german and this clip is correct mostly. Think about it my lovely friends from the US. Don't be scared about that, it works quiet good and have just a couple of problems, which we will solve.

    NiNo LiBiBerNiNo LiBiBerHace 2 días
  • I’m German and I hope we get rid of that dumb private health insurance. In some jobs you’re required to get private health insurance. Only few people actually choose to have it I also hope labs and hospitals will we nationalized again. Something like that shouldn’t be in a competitive market. 200€ is a lot in Germany. Most people here don’t make a lot of money or pay the 840€ into public health insurance. Waiting times aren’t a problem in the major cities. They’re a problem in rural areas because there aren’t enough doctors there.

    CherryJuliCherryJuliHace 2 días
  • Thank you for making it clear that even in Germany there is different coverage for the wealthy.

    David CraigDavid CraigHace 2 días
    • @Spencer Wilton No. Merely pointing out that those who can afford better care and better doctors make 'equal treatment for all' the lie it has always been.

      David CraigDavid CraigHace un día
    • David Craig Optional coverage. Are you suggesting it's right to restrict people from taking additional cover if they wish? It's the same in the U.K. Everyone is covered by the NHS, but anyone is free to pay for extra private medical insurance if they wish, perhaps to get a private room in a more hotel like hospital. Because the basics are all covered by the NHS private insurance is affordable, because they know you won't be claiming for minor issues or emergency surgery.

      Spencer WiltonSpencer WiltonHace un día
  • America has to realize That capitalism isnt it

    Ramos RamosRamos RamosHace 2 días
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 70% say American Health Care is in Crisis. I am German but the American Health Care System is the Crisis

    Ramos RamosRamos RamosHace 2 días
  • Here in the Netherlands I pay around 120€ a month (that's minus a small discount I get via work). Check-up visits to my gp are free. If I, God forbid, were to get something serious, I would have to pay the first 385€, and the rest of my treatment is entirely free. Yes, that's what we pay taxes for and I am proud to do so! In the US so many public goods and services are ruined and it is really sad. I pray for all the poor people in the States with this pandemic going on.

    pr hpr hHace 2 días
  • EVERYBODY should have the right to be covered by a health insurance. And USA HAS the possibility to fullfill it, cause it is a rich country. I really cannot understand why so many Americans don't wanna have it for their population. More and more i am proud of european countries like Skandinavia, Netherland, Swizzerland,Austria and Germany. Yes, our Systems were getting worse in the last years, yes, we cannot make it total equal for everybody, but, when you compare it to many countries in the world, we are far better of than them. To pay a higher tax etc for this system makes completely sence to me. We have to reformate our system permanently, cause situation is permanently changing. I hope now, we are learning from the corona crisis, that it was really bad to let produce for example medicaments in China or India

    Dörte Kühler- OtuekpoDörte Kühler- OtuekpoHace 2 días
  • From my salary my health insurance gets 16,2% every month, this amount is shared by the employee and employer to I only pay 8,1% out of my own pocket... In return I get the best possible free treatment in Germany. And now during Corona it shows what can be done with this Healthcare system... we can even admit seriously ill people from neighbouring countries while their hospitals are already overwhelmed. Before you start complaining, there is a nice documentary about US healthcare "Sicko" by Michael Moore... watch it!!!

    Nico B.Nico B.Hace 2 días
  • as a student in germany my monthly healthcare fee is 100 €, when you are an employee you just have to pay half of the cost, cause the employer is paying a half so its <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3050">50:50</a>

    Thelama19Thelama19Hace 2 días
  • Of course you can choose! Even if in you are in public health care you can go to a privat doctor if u wish!

    Irene Garcia ToresIrene Garcia ToresHace 2 días
  • Avoidable death per 100000 people. Oh man, who would have thought, that this statistic would be outdated so quickly.

    st0oxst0oxHace 2 días
  • In the Netherlands, you pay a monthly fee based on your personal contribution. Your personal contribution to health costs range depending on how much you pay for ensurance. If you pay very little you have to pay the first few hundred euros of medical costs yourself. If you pay a lot on a monthly basis you will pay almost nothing in medical costs. This means that from your total yearly health costs you pay up to 200~300 euros yourself and after that the rest is covered by ensurance. The monthly ensurance cost can be as low as 100 euros. It makes me sad to see Americans avoid ambulances and treatments. I hope the system can improve so everyone can get healthcare without going in debt

    Marije VrolijkMarije VrolijkHace 2 días
  • i’m only here to push my german ego

    Karl T. D.Karl T. D.Hace 2 días
  • America: something goes wrong Also america: oh let's look how germany does it

    lutz Meyeringlutz MeyeringHace 2 días
  • Probably one of the best Western countries to be in right now if you consider Corona... Really happy to be a part of THIS system over the one that the US has.... Whew...

    Glassed SilverGlassed SilverHace 2 días
  • Its very simple.. Americans DONT know that socialism is actually 65-75% capitalism and 25-35% (it can be lower than these percentages too) ESSENTIAL social services like health and education (by the way thats what a social democracy is). they think that socialism (that's closer to the right) is communism (that its extreme far left) , they think that they will lose freedom and that everyone will be equally poor and that they will have a corrupted oligarch thats going to rule them (name a country that this is happening thats a social democracy and is the same as china or venezuela policy wise).. unfortunately the cold war propaganda taught them otherwise and they have an allergy on everything that has the word socialism in it.

    JoeySkate24JoeySkate24Hace 2 días
  • Hate to break it to you but not only Germany but a whoooole lot of countries some way less wealthy than the US or Germany have managed to provide that for their citizens too...

    Jennifer GrafJennifer GrafHace 2 días
  • Population difference. U.S.A population 10x bigger than Germany. Low population plus developed economy with High GDP results in better insurance and in entire Europe in general.

    Silver ShroudSilver ShroudHace 2 días
    • Silver Shroud The population of the US is only about four times as big but its GDP calculated in PPP is actually higher than Germany. Germans are just better than Americans at this. They’re better in a lot of things. Not just better than Americans either.

      Edwin LucianoEdwin LucianoHace 2 días
    • Silver Shroud The population of the US is only about four times as big bit its GDP calculated in PPP is actually higher than Germany. Germans are just better than Americans at this. They’re better in a lot of things. Not just better than Americans either.

      Edwin LucianoEdwin LucianoHace 2 días
  • German here....ours is bad. Yes it is "free" but as a normal person who isn't DON'T get treated right. The Healthcaresystem is at i'ts Limit....please stop lying. The best doctors aren't free so you have to go to the bad ones. You get wrongly diagnosed or net even that at all. You have mental problems and you want to know whats wrong? Have some pills and go away. This is the reality over here.

    Horst HackerHorst HackerHace 2 días
    • @Horst Hacker Yes she is under public insurance

      Dennis BünningDennis BünningHace un día
    • @Dennis Bünning The german system is at the breaking point. Just look what happens when maybe 50000 People of over 80 million get sick. And now imagine this with 300 Million people. Does your mom have just the mandatory healthcare or is she covered in the private sector? Because this makes a huge difference.

      Horst HackerHorst HackerHace un día
    • You do get the good and right treatment. My mother had a serious car accident last year, in the countryside and was freed from the car, in a rescue helicopter and at Frankfurt Uniklinik within an hour and now one year later she can walk without any problems without ever seeing a bill or paying a cent for all the money that had to be invested (intensive care, künstliches Koma, Rehab and 3 months of Hospital) I just don't understand why US citizens are unwilling to switch to a universal health care system. Yes there are disadvantages like long wait times but denying an ambulance to be called because you can't afford it shows the clear dilapidated state of the US healthcare system.

      Dennis BünningDennis BünningHace 2 días
    • Lügenlord

      Mer WerMer WerHace 2 días
    • Your right nothing is perfect in this world. But compare to the U.S System i really happy to live in Germany. I think the biggest Problem with Doctors is, that it depends where you live in Germany. If your city has an Universitätsklink like Heidelberg or Freiburg your get the best doctors for free. But on the county thats an another story. But your right heath care for mental problems is a big issue. I think in a county where FUNKTIONIEREN is witten in capial letters most people dont understand mental heath care.

      EmLC SteveEmLC SteveHace 2 días
  • Free education .. Even PHD.. Good education is Foundation of Health conditions.

    Ke Qin Yang MuseumKe Qin Yang MuseumHace 3 días