How To Operate The Cash Register - Cash Register Instructions

How to operate the cash register - general video tutorial on how to operate cash registers. For more information specifically on Casio cash register please visit




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  • The casio tk 3200 got an error. E015 how to repair the machine by that kind of error

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  • Help me about the error E015 how to repair it. Thank u

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  • How can I open it right away?

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    • Hi Jose, Thank you for watching our videos and for your question. Apologies for the delay in response. The drawer will open once you have cash off the sale (by pressing CA/AMT/TEND). Is that what you meant?

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  • Wow! That was way easier than I thought it was gonna be. I was WAY overthinking it in my head.

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    • I've got an interview for a job at a supermarket Tuesday, is operating the register really simple because I feel like I'm overthinking it.

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    • @PatmanTV99 nah g the till tells you how much change to give all you need to do is typin how much money the customer is giving and if its not enough typ in how much they gave you and the till tells you how much more they need to give

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