I found an old box of memories in my closet | Courtney Miller

Thanks for watching my videos! Edited this while sick as heck. I'm gonna go order some spicy ramen. That counts as chicken soup, right? Get ready for something weird next week!
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  • Sorry for the sound quality UGH I edited this while sick and definitely DIDN'T DO A GOOD JOB

    Courtney MillerCourtney MillerHace un año
    • Lol it okie

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    • I was gonna be like "Cort Bort the audio though" But I'm glad you are aware :'D

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    • K

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    • I have a gf and it’s exactly like u

      Deadly LoxDeadly LoxHace un mes
    • 1+2 nvm about one year jezuuuz

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  • Emergency Kit Kat

    melv.vmelv.vHace 7 horas
  • can you please tell SMOSH we need more SMOSH Tank shows ok please and thank you and please!!!!

    New Day RisingNew Day RisingHace 4 días
  • Why is nobody talking about her not posting in a year?

    Alannah Tiedemann :3Alannah Tiedemann :3Hace 5 días
    • @Alannah Tiedemann :3 👍

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    • BAMGEdits ok thank you

      Alannah Tiedemann :3Alannah Tiedemann :3Hace 2 días
    • She posted on her Twitter a while back that she will be making videos again soon.

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  • Shayne 2018 randomly pulls out a kit kat from his hat

    Carissa AndradeCarissa AndradeHace 6 días
  • Wheat thins needs to start making the buffalo wheat thins again they were the best

    Khloey FisherKhloey FisherHace 6 días

    hailey modichailey modicHace 7 días
  • It's not in Greenland. The global seed vault is in Svalbard, which is Norwegian domain. And it's fuckin' huge!

    Rune JeskenRune JeskenHace 8 días
  • "Get ready for something weird next week!" WE ARE STILL WAITING CROCHTNEY

    GregGregHace 8 días
  • you have inspired me to do a memory box!

    Jacob NicholsJacob NicholsHace 8 días
  • What happened to her dog??

    Kali TiptonKali TiptonHace 8 días
  • Pulls a KitKat out of hat

    Katrina HullKatrina HullHace 9 días
  • RIP headphone users(me) lol

    Hayden RuscoHayden RuscoHace 10 días
  • A savory muffin! Life's full of enough disappointments

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="355">5:55</a> 2020 Watching❓

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  • The way Shayne's "Kitkat?" joke was totally wasted on the girls :D

    GalevGalevHace 11 días
  • So I recently rewatched this video and how did I not notice that the GOAT card was when she went to goodwill and met pool and was surprised with him !!! Wow it took me 2 years to realize 😁

    Lary With 1 RLary With 1 RHace 12 días
  • Well..we are in a quarantine so why dont you post videos here?

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  • I miss these videos 🥺

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="787">13:07</a> olivia box promo

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  • for fucks sake...start this channel again

    Jeremy CovertJeremy CovertHace 13 días
  • This was the last video we found of her

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  • Growing up me and my mom would put cream cheese, pickles, and wheat thins and eat it 👌

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  • Shayne just yeeting Jango out of the way his hilarious

    Zoe ChapmanZoe ChapmanHace 16 días
  • Her work girlfriend and her work boyfriend👹

    MaryAnn EmmiusMaryAnn EmmiusHace 17 días
  • people saying that olivia is third wheeling but i dont see it i just see a big brother, little sister, and big sister

    GraceGrapesGraceGrapesHace 18 días
  • Best trio this one video = Courtney Miller, Mari Takahashi and Olivia Sui !!!!!!!

    LaJardinLaJardinHace 18 días
  • Why did Shayne casually have a KitKat in his hat

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  • No mames amo a esta guera❤

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  • If Courtney replied to my comment then I will eat banana with hot sauce

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  • still waiting for that muffin video

    ace boyace boyHace 21 un día
  • I just found out I have the same birthday as Courtney

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  • Does anyone still remember COURTNEY F*CKING MILLER

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  • Guys, what if Courtney is dead!

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  • upload more omg

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  • you guys realize that shane was more into the dog more then the memories

    I collect too muchI collect too muchHace un mes
  • Shayne probably found Courtney's box

    Matite Colorate BaneswitchMatite Colorate BaneswitchHace un mes
  • Hello Courtney I am a big fan of you and I first saw you on smosh!!!!!

    StarMasterStarMasterHace un mes
  • you are cute

    Jr. CJr. CHace un mes
  • I’m so fucking depressed but every time I watch ur video I always laugh

    Bnha_ ShipBnha_ ShipHace un mes
  • Shane and court are the parents and Olivia is the older sister that everybody loves and Jango is the family pet that nobody likes sorry jango I love you

    Tieryn OehrleinTieryn OehrleinHace un mes
  • You and Shayne should react to the videos of you guys being shipped

    my artmy artHace un mes
  • Wow everyone is so white- olivia 2018

    Isabella HallIsabella HallHace 2 meses
  • bran muffins freaking slap

    Lexie SchonauerLexie SchonauerHace 2 meses
  • I'm ready for something weird next week!

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  • What happens

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  • I love this intro

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  • You should probably make videos during quarantine HAHAHAHAHAHA

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  • I just realised she hasn’t posted in a year

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  • cortney helped me open up and say i am Pansexual and i even cut my hair like cortneys because it looked good and i liked it what i am saying here is cortney has made me say thing and do things that i am proud of and that i dont regret ! i love you cort!

    Laura NorrisLaura NorrisHace 2 meses
  • no you did a good job

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  • hi how are you

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  • Bruh

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  • You should watch the st trinian’s movies

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  • She's so fake

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  • I can't believe its been a year since she has posted.

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  • Who else is excited for the video shes editing?

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  • “Next video we’re makin bran muffins” never releases another video

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  • Holy shit she can wear the collar

    JoJoHace 3 meses

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  • Check the expiration date of the wheat thins

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  • Shayne screamed at the ex letter! They are so cute!

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  • muffins when?

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="295">4:55</a> courtney wich ones the one that strangled me-courtney miller 2018

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  • Was that a hyena?

    Tobyas SantosaTobyas SantosaHace 4 meses
  • If you want him to fight me its a bad idea. I promise this.

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  • Courtney in description: Get ready for something weird next week! Me, over a year later: 😥

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  • Why don’t u make video Anymore Bruh

    Kid AustinKid AustinHace 4 meses
  • Nice vid I just recently found your channel congrats on coming out sorry I just saw the vid

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    • Is she lesbian or somethin'?

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  • Courtney are you still alive or are you still being Courtney

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="316">5:16</a> shayne is third wheel?

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  • Just for this one comment. *plane noises* *plane noises* "cant fuckin land yet." *plane noises*

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  • Shayne come on let the dog harass you

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  • Um I think we need a new year update.

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  • Sooooo, I think we need more videos 😭

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  • listen to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> at .25 speed.

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  • where’s the weird thing next week? it’s been a year

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> Kindergartners after they here a new word

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