JOSEPH BANKS & HACKER are BEST FRIENDS? Scientist Traps Vy Qwaint Spy Ninjas in Underground Hatch!

After Chad Wild Clay made the video "IS THE SCIENTIST EVIL? SPY NINJAS Spending 24 Hours Testing if Joseph Banks is Good or Bad!", Vy Qwaint created "I BECOME BEST FRIENDS WITH HACKER PZ FUNF to Save Chad And Melvin From Project Zorgo Escape Room", and Daniel uploaded "REGINA REVEALS SECRET CRUSH! Who Knows Me Better Challenge (Boyfriend vs. Best Friend Valentine)" to the Exposing Project Zorgo ESproject channel, Melvin and I return back from Project Zorgo with an envelope that contains important information regarding the mysterious and infamous Project Zorgo Leader, the head of the organization. The clues almost lead the team to another end, until we realize that the information we did find, was old polaroid photos taken of the secret underground bunker! The Spy Ninjas split up so Daniel, Vy, and Regina could go back down into the bunker to search for more clues, while Chad and Melvin tracked down the mysterious and eccentric scientist Joseph Banks to test his morality. During the test, Joseph took Chad's wallet! But, he gave money inside to a man living on the street. Underground, Regina, Vy and Daniel found an old photograph that appears to be the Project Zorgo leader and Joseph Banks shaking hands. Were they friends? Are they friends? The team decides to get back above ground to warn Chad and Melvin, but not before Joseph Banks locks the hatch, trapping Vy, Regina, and Daniel! Can they escape? What is the truth about Joseph Banks? Is he a hacker? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Hello SPY NINJAS! What do you think is the truth about Joseph Banks? Can he be trusted?

    Exposing Project ZorgoExposing Project ZorgoHace un mes
    • 14325467 KorsekovsHace un día
    • Exposing Project zorgo hey,hey!!!

      Ana PlavsicAna PlavsicHace 12 días
    • SUFeofaTngfeg💓💕💗💙🦄❤😞😍😘🤩🤗😜😱💩😸👨‍🍳👩‍🍳👨‍🍳👨‍🔧

      Ruben FloresRuben FloresHace 28 días
    • Hegegwgdywgfgeteffywyydfy

      Ruben FloresRuben FloresHace 28 días
    • No

      Celestial WolfCelestial WolfHace un mes

    Minyin PikersMinyin PikersHace 5 horas
  • Melvin wears earrings

    Jade SolisJade SolisHace 7 horas
  • Don’t trust Joseph banksBecause remember when I The radio said the science test is evil so I’m not trusting Joseph Banks!

    Sujitha KbSujitha KbHace 10 horas
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="868">14:28</a> Regina "old folks love there sleep ... Right Chad?" Chad *offended face*

    Hiven AlkhateebHiven AlkhateebHace 12 horas
  • Spider-Man dress Joseph bait is evil spy ninjas

    Natalie JimenezNatalie JimenezHace 14 horas
  • He’s lying

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a> that's not very nice regina lol

    maison bartlettmaison bartlettHace un día
  • The scientist is evil

    Genesis RodriguezGenesis RodriguezHace un día
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="989">16:29</a> Who is that

    Allen JonesAllen JonesHace un día
  • I think the person who is wearing a black hat and holding a radio on his shoulder is pz314

    Aaron Stokes-lynchAaron Stokes-lynchHace un día
  • Pz leger he name is kevin

    Michal PavlisinMichal PavlisinHace un día
  • you should have unmasked JB when he was asleep

    Micah MMicah MHace un día
  • No

    Stacey RhodesStacey RhodesHace un día
  • You guys are just assuming things

    Vely GonzalezVely GonzalezHace un día
  • The code to the safe is 70982

    Rashidul BokulRashidul BokulHace un día
  • Ref

    ibraheem jamjoomibraheem jamjoomHace 2 días
  • HMU Ever California Kansas day

    ibraheem jamjoomibraheem jamjoomHace 2 días
  • Iol is illegal in ohm the ik c💄🦾🇸🇦🤑🤑😷😷😷🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧. The fGt ij has to

    ibraheem jamjoomibraheem jamjoomHace 2 días
  • Joseph banks did do it on purpose

    Lilian TiloLilian TiloHace 2 días
  • Ggr

    Bella FBella FHace 2 días
  • No you cat

    Sofia LawlorSofia LawlorHace 2 días
  • Joseph Banks: Don't listen to things on the radio. Me: Okay boomer

    Ronald MatosRonald MatosHace 3 días

    Wah ChanWah ChanHace 3 días
  • Exposing project zorgo yoooooooo

    Despina NeophetouDespina NeophetouHace 3 días
  • I think he did that on purpose

    Stephen MitchellStephen MitchellHace 3 días
  • So you don't have to be in the same place and you can be used.

    Dylan BillingsDylan BillingsHace 3 días
  • What if joesh bank’s trip because he try to make it look like he trip so he had the chance to close the hatch so he doesn’t get exposed

    Kenward ZhangKenward ZhangHace 4 días
  • Hi r ccu tf guy

    Rebecca HamiltonRebecca HamiltonHace 4 días
  • Joseph is a little bit evil I think Joseph Banks spell the 78x on purpose

    Mohanad KaraanoMohanad KaraanoHace 4 días
    • Don't truss Joseph bangs on a long time ago he was friends with project project zorgo

      Mohanad KaraanoMohanad KaraanoHace 4 días
  • Friends that’s not a bad thing because you know Joseph Banks is going to protect you because Joseph Banks is well you know his friend and you’re friends with Joseph Banks and he’s friends with a hacker so friends with in the friends so if he tries to attack you the The leader won’t attack you because friends listen to friends

    Aurora TalleyAurora TalleyHace 4 días
  • No

    Kendrick MathisKendrick MathisHace 5 días
  • Your dumb haven’t you seen he did capture jb

    fus fusfus fusHace 5 días
  • He's with project zargo like if you trust me,

    Rachel KajosRachel KajosHace 5 días
  • tacke a lei dector test

    maria rodriguezmaria rodriguezHace 5 días
  • What does. TMI. Mean

    Andrea MartinezAndrea MartinezHace 5 días
  • Spy ninja stop saying Josef his name is joseph banks because I’m telling you don’t say joseph because that’s the name in the Bible

    maan abedmaan abedHace 5 días
  • Hit the gym Daniel

    Oluwasegun OgunbameruOluwasegun OgunbameruHace 5 días
  • Hello sponges I know who is behind us it’s not your sis thanks Joseph Banks was a PC number then he quit they get out because the project rid of Tic Tac Toe because he went out because he want to be a sponge he wasn’t he was the first want to make a ESproject channel and this whole tire world can he quit and then he wanted to

    Shannon Faloon-KitchenShannon Faloon-KitchenHace 5 días
  • Zorgo spyng 3410

    Eloisa QuizonEloisa QuizonHace 6 días
  • it a lie the hatch look open like if i comes outside

    Allison Moran-RamirezAllison Moran-RamirezHace 6 días
  • joseph banks can not be trusted

    Thomas BenderThomas BenderHace 6 días
  • Hi is a bad guy

    Alaina PotochnikAlaina PotochnikHace 6 días
  • D#kfl Mcarbins

    Michea CarbinsMichea CarbinsHace 7 días
  • Jobanks is rgnys dad

    HollyHollyHace 7 días
  • Hit the gym Daniel

    Rylan BacuRylan BacuHace 7 días
  • um oops look behind u

    hillbillyjohnsonhillbillyjohnsonHace 7 días
  • no he cant

    hillbillyjohnsonhillbillyjohnsonHace 7 días
  • Joseph banks is dead beacuse he was born in 1743 and died in 1820 that was a long ago

    Alexander Erlandsen GomezAlexander Erlandsen GomezHace 7 días
  • Mr. e. Uy.

    María Elena Castro HernándezMaría Elena Castro HernándezHace 7 días
  • Someone in the right photo is mr. E

    Ariel MarcumAriel MarcumHace 7 días
  • Yes

    Ariel MarcumAriel MarcumHace 7 días
  • Daniel do you have a baby

    Abby SmithAbby SmithHace 7 días
  • L

    latifa alshraimlatifa alshraimHace 7 días
  • and the. Number is. 561- 906-6168

    561 Boost561 BoostHace 7 días
  • This is my. dads. Phone 📱

    561 Boost561 BoostHace 7 días
  • Ih. My. Name. Is. Emily

    561 Boost561 BoostHace 7 días
  • Are hackers saved Joe says bangs

    Nour AlmaskariNour AlmaskariHace 7 días
  • Joseph banks is guava juice

    Shavon BennettShavon BennettHace 8 días
  • Douse pz funf want to be a spy ninja

    Mason McwhirterMason McwhirterHace 8 días
  • Call the pulese

    Chloe StipoChloe StipoHace 8 días
  • Thank you for all the love

    Yusra AbdiYusra AbdiHace 8 días
  • No he shut the hatch

    Van NguyenVan NguyenHace 8 días
  • Wow

    Kholoud RefaatKholoud RefaatHace 8 días
  • No

    Elizabeth CameronElizabeth CameronHace 8 días
  • That was posted 16 days after my birth days

    Julia SlavovaJulia SlavovaHace 9 días
  • Yes you can trust him

    masuda nurjahanmasuda nurjahanHace 9 días
  • no hes sucpicous

    M DogM DogHace 10 días
  • no you can't trust him

    Yessica LópezYessica LópezHace 10 días
  • the third one is m x

    Yessica LópezYessica LópezHace 10 días
  • Zückerberg

    Ali ShirzaiAli ShirzaiHace 10 días
  • Johsev is not evel

    Jamie HornJamie HornHace 10 días
  • Joseph banks is not evil he would have told the leader where you live

    Dejamo LadashinobiDejamo LadashinobiHace 10 días
  • Yes

    mr1310012mr1310012Hace 11 días
  • The other person in the picture is holding a radio or boom box is that the same one in the hatch

    Diego LomeliDiego LomeliHace 11 días
  • Is the hacker true.........

    Winifredo M. JicaineWinifredo M. JicaineHace 11 días
  • HEY l am a big fan

    Lynn SnowLynn SnowHace 11 días
  • Joseph Banks his a ESprojectr

    Deljin KhaledDeljin KhaledHace 11 días
  • Joseph Bank closed it 👇🏻

    jackie lijackie liHace 11 días
  • Hi

    TikTok KingTikTok KingHace 11 días