Laura Dern: Award Acceptance Speech | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT

Laura Dern receives the Actor® for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for her performance as NORA FANSHAW in MARRIAGE STORY.
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Laura Dern: Award Acceptance Speech | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT




  • Meh I don't really think she deserved it. There wasn't anything challenging about her role. Nothing emotional or powerful in her performance. You barely notice her in Marriage Story, because both Scarlet and Adam stole the movie. Her performance was solid though but wasn't something I'd call Oscar worthy.

    Chicken WingChicken WingHace 17 días
  • Scarlett looks so pretty and Adam looking like a snack!

    Nina C.Nina C.Hace 17 días
  • Oh my goshhhhhhh I love that she hugged her dad!

    Nina C.Nina C.Hace 17 días
  • definitely deserved it

    Mertcan OzlukMertcan OzlukHace 18 días
  • For those who didn’t realize, Bruce Dern is Laura Dern’s father.

    Montravius DanielMontravius DanielHace 23 días

    aisha äaisha äHace 24 días
  • Love love Laura and she was awesome in Big Little Lies.

    thelaurels13thelaurels13Hace 25 días
  • Interesting fact: Dern's first film role was in the 1985 movie Mask with Eric Stoltz & Cher.

    Touche BitchTouche BitchHace 27 días
  • The ViceAdmiral Holdo in action!!!. Great job Laura!!!.

    BrainyCesarin1BrainyCesarin1Hace 28 días
  • I feel like JLo should AT LEAST have been nominated for an Oscar, I never saw her wining but I do think she was robbed of a nomination.

    JrJrHace 29 días
    • I disagree. She isn't a that talented compared to people who's put their all into it like Laura dern

      Rene SRene SHace 25 días
  • Meryl gives a standing ovation to everyone.

    Nasir AbbasiNasir AbbasiHace un mes
  • Wow Ricky Gervais was right. Just give the award to Netflix and call it a day

    t zt zHace un mes
  • If u notice how JLo is really wanting her name to be called much so she's not looking up until the very last minute...the disappointment is sorry to say that an Oscar will never be hers...she just doesn't have 'IT' in my opion...which I am well and truly entitled to

    Wolfie ButlerWolfie ButlerHace un mes
    • Totally agree.. she posses a quality that's kinda dull/2 demential .. even the fact that shes obviously mad she didn't get chosen just reveals even more that she doesn't have IT

      Rene SRene SHace 25 días
  • 0:53 Rockwell really lives out his name😂😂

    lala blulala bluHace un mes
  • 😴😴😴😴😪

    Lucas Patricio SoriaLucas Patricio SoriaHace un mes
  • Margot Robbie looked so surprised when Laura Dern hugged her father Bruce Dern, as if.... she didn't know the two were related all along... 😂

    BuenomarsBuenomarsHace un mes
  • Pretty sure Adam Driver was the first one to stand... Speaks volumes

    Nobody KnowsNobody KnowsHace un mes
  • JLO looks really disappointed that her work in Hustlers has not been acknowledged.

    Sophie ASophie AHace un mes
    • I mean, I think being nominated is still a acknowledgment, no?

      JrJrHace 29 días
  • She deserves it really! What an amazing actress ♥️

    CerenCerenHace un mes
  • Jlo so dissapointed That the didnt win and didnt get Oscar nominated. You can just tell

    BambiiiBambiiiHace un mes
  • Stop showing Adam driver every time someone makes a speech

    Larry The FoxLarry The FoxHace un mes
    • Dont you just get the feeling that these awards are rubbish for him once you see his face? 😂

      Read-to-hellRead-to-hellHace 24 días
    • He looks dead and scary 😂

      AishwaryaAishwaryaHace un mes
  • She deserves it SOOO much. She's amazing.

    GhostdialoogGhostdialoogHace un mes
  • Please tell me why there are rarely any hired gentlemen *(or women) to assist these elegantly dressed people on and off the stage and stairs?!! They really could fall and be seriously hurt one of these days!! How inelegant would that be? AND, it's a nice job for an up-and-coming actor or dancer!

    Ty StephensTy StephensHace un mes
  • Wild at Heart 🔥

    u betu betHace un mes
  • Of course she has to win because it's the only category the movie will win,same as the OSCAR later,now she has even brighter chance because the OSCAR snubbed J-Lo LOL what a joke

    Irwan ShahIrwan ShahHace un mes
    • jlo isnt that good of an actress. period.

      Maven NicoleMaven NicoleHace 19 días
  • Sorry but Jennifer Lopez is so overrated. Not a good actress or singer.

    Julie NewmanJulie NewmanHace un mes
    • @Sophie A she's a good but dry 2 demential

      Rene SRene SHace 25 días
    • @Sophie A no thanks, I have enough GOOD TV to watch .

      Julie NewmanJulie NewmanHace un mes
    • Julie Newman she’s a good entertainer. Btw, watch The Cell if you don’t think she’s a good actress.

      Sophie ASophie AHace un mes
  • Damn she’s got a great ass 😍

    MrRadford22MrRadford22Hace un mes
  • She's awesome!!!

    anybodycanartanybodycanartHace un mes
  • She's a timeless beauty ❤

    YveYveHace un mes
  • Her voicing of Sue Murphy is beyond funny.

    Nostradumbass 8Nostradumbass 8Hace un mes
  • GO JLO

  • Jlo being nominated alone is such a slap to everyone in that room yikes

    Jay W11Jay W11Hace un mes
    • Hahaha I know she's a performer not an actress

      Rene SRene SHace 25 días
    • Why? She was great in Hustlers. The fact that she didn't get an Oscar nom is a really big slap in the face.

      East KazzEast KazzHace un mes
  • I only learned in these awards shows that she is Bruce Dern's daughter.

    F7F7Hace un mes
    • @MHCE444 Bruce Dern, the great actor. If you don't know him just google his work

      F7F7Hace un mes
    • who bruce dern?

      MHCE444MHCE444Hace un mes
  • How many award shows they need

    Samuel ASamuel AHace un mes
  • I tried hard to watch Marriage Story but *OMG!!* *IT SUCKED!!*

    Nee Nee ONee Nee OHace un mes
    • Bill Weasley very true

      Robert BurnsRobert BurnsHace un mes
    • Maybe your brain has become dull because of mediocre disney movies, Unable to understand sensitivity and emotion.

      Bill WeasleyBill WeasleyHace un mes
  • She was so brave in The Last Jedi.. so, so brave.. especially her bravery. That took courage 🌊

    Whiskey ShredWhiskey ShredHace un mes
  • There's clearly something I missed in Marriage Story. I thought she was good but not Oscar-worthy.

    StikWitClassicsStikWitClassicsHace un mes
    • Really? She brought that character to life! you're crazy.

      Rene SRene SHace 25 días
    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laura Dern to death but I agree. There wasn’t much in her performance. I think there giving it to her to makeup for the film and lead actors not winning any.

      jonah smathersjonah smathersHace un mes
    • @Hoogla Boogla But it most likely will be.

      StikWitClassicsStikWitClassicsHace un mes
    • StikWitClassics this isn't an Oscar

      Hoogla BooglaHoogla BooglaHace un mes
  • Laura was the best thing about "Marriage story" ... she is amazing.

    missisfreddiemercurymissisfreddiemercuryHace un mes
  • How sweet when she went and hugged her dad first

    missisfreddiemercurymissisfreddiemercuryHace un mes
  • It's interesting how all the ladies expressions were genuine and they were happy for the other winner but when it showed the dude's...... all the guys were like I wanted that. The guy's expressions were not genuine. Not every guy had that horrible expression but some did. Just proven my theory that the media feeds on negativity ,they look for that. NOT GOOD.

    Paul BrownPaul BrownHace un mes
  • She is getting an Oscar now

    Nina SawyersNina SawyersHace un mes
  • JLo wasn’t happy 😃

    The Last RingmasterThe Last RingmasterHace un mes
    • The Last Ringmaster I think she was disappointed due to lack of diversity once age this year.

      northwoodlandhillsnorthwoodlandhillsHace un mes

    Viral VirusViral VirusHace un mes
  • 0:16 did Margot just found out that George in once upon a time in Hollywood in Laura derns father 😂..

    forza juventusforza juventusHace un mes
  • And the award goes to, Ricky Gervais!

    thαílαnd pαrαdísєthαílαnd pαrαdísєHace un mes
  • Margot Robbie deserved that!

    Rafael CuthbertRafael CuthbertHace un mes
    • she hardly had screen time or much dialogue in that movie. wtf are you talking about. it wasnt a stretch in acting at all.

      Maven NicoleMaven NicoleHace 19 días
  • She's great since Jurassic Park

    PJ ChJPJ ChJHace un mes
  • I love how uncomfortable Noah Baumbach looks at awards shows. And this was no exception, like he was thinking, is Laura gonna make Marriage Story out to be a metaphor for climate change, again.

    Jeremy OcelotlJeremy OcelotlHace un mes
  • I really never thought I would say this but JLo is getting robbed

    siddharth nagarsiddharth nagarHace un mes
  • Love her!

    Vileplume 48Vileplume 48Hace un mes
  • She is so talented as an actress! She deserves this win

    andria Biebsandria BiebsHace un mes
  • She's so beautiful... My God...

    Wellington FilhoWellington FilhoHace un mes
  • Adam Driver deserves to win. Fight me

    Emma Why can’t my user just be EmmaEmma Why can’t my user just be EmmaHace un mes
  • The fact that she’s held her own as a mega-star for over 25 years since Jurassic Park her pinnacle of cinematography, is amazing. We stan Dern.

    Max MMax MHace un mes
    • I remember her being in the film "Mask", as Diana, the vision-impaired girl Rocky Dennis falls for.

      Sharon JensenSharon JensenHace un mes
  • Oh yeah...right....I saw this movie/show....She was great....she is great in any possible role........her facial expressions.....such a genius actor...congrats to Laura Dern...........p.s. Marriage story was a good movie, boring as heck a few times more than I ever want bt subject matter is ...that...ok cool but everyone popping boers and being given every award I say whoa boy, settle down....come on now, Good movie, .....that all, stay calm people.

    • ...

      Sophie ASophie AHace un mes
    • KAMANTHA Q. KLYMAXX are you ok?

      MS CMMS CMHace un mes
  • Love how this woman only speaks with love, gratitude and class. Always an education to listen to her and can't wait to see her win the Oscar!!!

    Patricia de PastorsPatricia de PastorsHace un mes
  • the queen herself...

    wndxxiwndxxiHace un mes
  • who the fuck watches this garbage

  • 0:17 The hug with her dad was so touching

    Film ToppingsFilm ToppingsHace un mes
  • Nicole is such a sweet heart☺️💗

    Lisa-Marie VdkLisa-Marie VdkHace un mes