Make Candy Ramen at Home - ラーメンセット

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This is a fun set from Kracie. It's not too expensive and you can use it to make candy ramen. The soup is not sweet, but the noodles and gyoza are like candy. Please enjoy my video!
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You can eat this candy.
This is soy sauce and grape taste.
This set comes from food store near to my house.
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  • Who used to watch this a child and still hasn't bought this?

    Sandy StarSandy StarHace 11 días
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  • I used to watch this when i was 4 This is so nostalgic

  • 2020?

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  • I was 6 when i first watched this...

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  • ok i will make ramen candy at my house

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  • The ramen is not so yummy

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  • Canhabolerocahbo

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  • Check out Dianamarie Garcia she just uploaded a video of Asian candy video and she also made a popping cookies video.... If you go to her Channel and you subscribe and you comment down below done she will subscribe back to you she's supporting small ESproject Channel Good Luck

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