MEGA HITS 2020 - Winter Mix 2020 | Best Of Deep House Sessions Music Chill Out Mix By Music Regard

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Regard - Ride It: Out Now

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  • Songs at 25:23 and 29:45 plz🌹

    clash with hussein alsalmanclash with hussein alsalmanHace 4 días
  • Fajn 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶❄💓

    DlucDlucHace 4 días
  • What's the song at 49.40 ? Sounds awesome!

    The Random YT ChannelThe Random YT ChannelHace un mes
  • Dear DJ REGARD we love your work amazing but the advertisements is disturbing my mode so mush at least every 25 minutes pls thx.

    musin treemusin treeHace un mes
  • Flying Start to 2020 DJ REGARD....!!!!

    Chiranjeeth RaiChiranjeeth RaiHace un mes
  • New Channel ChrisDiart Radio ;)

    ChrisDiart RadioChrisDiart RadioHace un mes
  • Cool one.. Btw, just listened to a single named "Raptor" by some dude named Ozkan Balci on Spotify.. Give it a go. I am addicted to its beat..

    ozzieboeeozzieboeeHace un mes
  • Love x

    GooseGooseMoose gooseGooseGooseMoose gooseHace un mes
  • Song at 21:00 please?

    Ruth gRuth gHace un mes
    • @Miloka thank you :)

      Miriam Naty Gamboa HuillcamasccoMiriam Naty Gamboa HuillcamasccoHace 11 días
    • Serge Legran - Touch The Sky (Extended Mix)

      MilokaMilokaHace un mes
  • Give me artits you think are underrated. I'm gonna make a list about that.

    Christian LipaChristian LipaHace un mes
  • Best mix mate

    hqmusic.hqmusic.Hace un mes
  • Кто скучает по Moonbeam, ставь лайк. Гении Deep House

    Храм ВасильевХрам ВасильевHace un mes
  • very super music Dj so you are cool

    Zsuzsanna KissZsuzsanna KissHace un mes
  • а плейлист можно с этими треками плиз

    Helios MusicHelios MusicHace un mes
  • Another amazing mix carnt wait for your album to be released then everyone will know how good you are your the top banana

    danny Warddanny WardHace un mes
  • Song at 12:00 pls

    Nguyên ĐìnhNguyên ĐìnhHace un mes
    • The distance & riddick - Something I don't know

      Themis SyrvanidisThemis SyrvanidisHace un mes
  • 16:30 track name plz ??

    Undercover94Undercover94Hace un mes
    • SEVDALIZA - Sirens of the Caspian ( Q O D E S Remix)

      MilokaMilokaHace un mes
  • Dude give a playlist to this

    CHRISZIO MusicCHRISZIO MusicHace un mes

    An NgocAn NgocHace un mes
  • Set top, meus parabé inscreve no meu canal tbm . 😀😀😀

  • Deutschland 🇩🇪?

    BUTTI _ChristianBUTTI _ChristianHace un mes

      Toad ZeroToad ZeroHace un mes
  • your are a pretty ignorant :) Great to see that your follow your quantity upload path as well in 2020. I hoped you would consider quality this year well hope dies last

    Didi™ HänschDidi™ HänschHace un mes
  • To many reklams in the clips. Sorry but i quit the sub.

    Jan KowalskiJan KowalskiHace un mes
  • Nice job, thanks man:-).

    Wayne BorkovichWayne BorkovichHace un mes
  • Another AMAZING album. :) YOU are the BEST . Can't wait for you to receive the Award of Best DJ one day soon... . You are the GREATEST out of all

    Carol ParedesCarol ParedesHace un mes
    • you are right he is the best ever

      oualid bernharoualid bernharHace un mes
  • On point once again - k'pow!!!

    Dilip RoyDilip RoyHace un mes
  • NEW MUSIC 2020

  • Liked dear friend 🙏✌️

    Width.Sound MusicWidth.Sound MusicHace un mes
  • No track list? Come on guysss

    Connor BrunmeierConnor BrunmeierHace un mes
    • It should be a regular to post the track list together with the video,most others do now in these days,its puts me off straight away if there is none.

      Gregory AxlerGregory AxlerHace un mes
  • more more add!!!

    Roman VorozhkoRoman VorozhkoHace un mes

    Sr. Tec DivulgaçõesVEVOSr. Tec DivulgaçõesVEVOHace un mes
  • #Brazil #2020

    paulo brandaopaulo brandaoHace un mes
  • Brazil 🇧🇷💯🤙

    Alex CrescencioAlex CrescencioHace un mes
  • This is perfect writing music! Thanks for the upload!

    catzius1212catzius1212Hace un mes
  • Best DH channel, alongside Magic Club

    Brazilian LadyBrazilian LadyHace un mes
  • Full MiX 🔥🔥 !! 👍

    Harmonieux Et Effet ChriStophEHarmonieux Et Effet ChriStophEHace un mes
  • Song at 12:00 please?

    Laurel HjelsandLaurel HjelsandHace un mes
    • @aisy 223 Thank you very much:)

      Laurel HjelsandLaurel HjelsandHace un mes
    • The distance - something i dont know

      aisy 223aisy 223Hace un mes
  • 1 song Zak Down-i have nothing

    Leila RodriguezLeila RodriguezHace un mes
  • big up

  • Nice

    Nam Le HoaiNam Le HoaiHace un mes
  • j'aime 😉...

    Belvisi AntoninBelvisi AntoninHace un mes
  • Nice one!!

    Crazy BeatCrazy BeatHace un mes
  • How do I upload music to ESproject

    Claude IrwinClaude IrwinHace un mes
    • Rubn Knvb Thanks

      Claude IrwinClaude IrwinHace un mes
    • Create a gmail account, in the bibliotec there is an section called "my videos" to upload your videos or you can use de camera icon to do a live videos. youtube show you what you have to do.

      Rubn KnvbRubn KnvbHace un mes
  • Great Mix. Thanks for the Upload!!!

    Gary HaywoodGary HaywoodHace un mes
    • @gandalfwhi40 @Gary Haywood - 100% 👍👍👍👌👌👌🥇🏆

      Carbon Footprint Music ProductionsCarbon Footprint Music ProductionsHace un mes
    • Agreed!!! 💜💜💜💛💛💛

      gandalfwhi40gandalfwhi40Hace un mes
  • wow, so nice , i love this channel, 1st song name plz

    Muhammad SHAHBAZMuhammad SHAHBAZHace un mes
    • @Leila Rodriguez thank You, Much Love

      Muhammad SHAHBAZMuhammad SHAHBAZHace un mes
    • Zak Down-i have nothing

      Leila RodriguezLeila RodriguezHace un mes
  • really good songs. *-

    Kazuto Arase 荒瀬 和人Kazuto Arase 荒瀬 和人Hace un mes
  • *Где хиты, срань какая то*

    John FisherJohn FisherHace un mes
  • chilled in the office work

    zvanillanzvanillanHace un mes
  • 🙌

    IndigenousNorwegian EuropaIndigenousNorwegian EuropaHace un mes
  • thnx for the songs u are the best 👍🎉🎊

    mohamed Mohamedmohamed MohamedHace un mes
  • Funny moments .

    German BadenesGerman BadenesHace un mes
  • dis is te best song ever

    Tycho NijssenTycho NijssenHace un mes
  • Very nice , thnx fam

    Орхан ГасановОрхан ГасановHace un mes
  • Got some mean as songs keep doing what ur doing bro

    Dee PimmDee PimmHace un mes