Nine dead after gun attacks on Germany shisha bars - BBC News

A suspected far-right extremist carried out the attack on two shisha bars in western Germany, killing at least nine people, officials say.
Federal prosecutors are treating the case in the city of Hanau as terrorism, with authorities saying indications point to an anti-foreigner motive.
In both places targeted on Wednesday night the clientele were reported to have been predominantly Kurdish.
The suspect was found dead at his home along with the body of his mother.
Police say the 43-year-old suspect killed himself. The Bild tabloid reports he was a German citizen with a firearms licence, and that ammunition and gun magazines were found in his car.
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  • Part and parcel of living in a big city..... oh well... just light some candles pretend you care and move on !! (is how we do it in the UK). Unless the perpetrator is white then you will see real outrage violent protest's and back to back news reporting (bbc) for month's. !! probably have some new laws put into effect also. Equality is non existent here in the UK, THE MSM Like the BBC Make sure of it. !.

    crsbt surfercrsbt surferHace 26 días
  • Say it properly . He is a terrorist not an extremist

    Salie Abdul RahmanSalie Abdul RahmanHace 29 días
  • Anti-humanity virus it's the most dangrous than Corona

    Kãbÿłë KãbÿłëKãbÿłë KãbÿłëHace un mes
  • Europe die. Protect Migrante and they will help you kids

    D. ÁrpiD. ÁrpiHace un mes
  • To bad the police don't respond when the German citizens are attacked by the immigrants.

    Victoria WilsonVictoria WilsonHace un mes
  • Scum6 shit7 motherfuckers9!!!!

    Bella CiaoBella CiaoHace un mes
  • You4 will all5 die6 scum6 nazies9!!!!!!

    Bella CiaoBella CiaoHace un mes
  • *'s damn a big risk to smoke a shisha!!!*

  • There are 2,5 millions of houses that a foreign language is spoken in Germany and, in these stats, Turkish language speakers takes %17. Although it is quite small, neo-nazis still keep killing Turkish. They cannot dare to kill any other nations like any other europeans or indians etc. That's what Germany does. They are still ignoring these attacks because there are many racists among police officers, politicians

    keykeykeykeyHace un mes
  • Fuck off bbc

    callmeisty YTcallmeisty YTHace un mes
  • He was not a far right, he was a schizophrenic...

    Cara CarissimaCara CarissimaHace un mes

    Lux meeLux meeHace un mes
  • maybe i missed it , but nowhere in this video does it state it was an anti-muslim attack . Shisha bars are a tradition which goes back hundreds of years in muslim countries from Morocco to Egypt to Iran all the way to Indonesia . At Shisha bars , Flavored tobacco is smoked in a hookah(sort of like a bong), usually mixed with molasses or honey and often fruit pulp or dried fruits. In Europe and elsewhere today, they probably also serve food and coffee and other non alcoholic beverages

    emoemoHace un mes
  • There should be a proper character building and positive mind making amongst these people of such society. I hope there will be a positive response on these activities

    qadir sharifqadir sharifHace un mes
  • Makes a change..........

    TheWhite DevilTheWhite DevilHace un mes
  • We have to call him a terrorist not a gunman

    Zaki AbdiZaki AbdiHace un mes
  • Funny how all white countries are calling anyone white a far right extremist and making it seem like these illegals are little angles, multiculturalism is anti white genocide

    American PatriotAmerican PatriotHace un mes
  • BBC keeps deleting my comments. No wonder people hate the BBC with there bullshit propaganda fake news FUCK THE BBC

    hoddsy1hoddsy1Hace un mes
  • Sure there is a link between this violence and the political debate, especially on the right side, cause even a mentally ill person doesn't get these ideas of its victims without a present idea in media and politics of some people being worthless or even dangerous. The ill mind just ads the criminal energy but the basic idea has been formed by people stereotyping muslims, people of color, etc. into something negativ/ evil, or even by making a difference between "us" and "them" in the first place. We need a larger open debate here in Germany! The dealing with the terrorist attac in media and politics is not adequate. There must be an open discussion about right speeches and right terror!

    Sarah20048Sarah20048Hace un mes
  • Bang bang bang

    Ultraflame 2017Ultraflame 2017Hace un mes
  • Surprised BBC even allow us to comment

    Sean BarkerSean BarkerHace un mes
  • According to witnesses, it was a group of at least 4 men, allegedly Russians, who went on a killing spree to a couple of bars all owned by the same family. There’s a clan war happening. This has nothing to do with politics or racism (as the deluded left is trying to frame it) and everything with honor, money and business of criminals.

    Franz HuberFranz HuberHace un mes
  • Thx. Pls upload full news .

    Hossein TalaeeHossein TalaeeHace un mes
  • As a German I am horrified. But don’t mistake Terrorism with Hate crime. Let the police do their job and investigate before jumping to conclusions. And than let’s take a sharp look towards our gun laws which must minimize the chance that this can happen.

    Mareike DreggerMareike DreggerHace un mes
  • When I saw this on the news I thought it was another terrorist attack so I was surprised when it turned out to be a man with mental health problems, if only that poor man got help for his mental health problems then maybe him and his mother would still be alive today 😢

    hoddsy1hoddsy1Hace un mes
    • Far Rights are all mentally i'll, btw what about the 9 others

      Hassaim Al-QarimHassaim Al-QarimHace un mes
  • This is not the way,

    Tom BondTom BondHace un mes
  • Oh my, the BBC has stupid viewers....

    José HoppenstedtJosé HoppenstedtHace un mes
    • Stupid viewers? How do you work that out

      hoddsy1hoddsy1Hace un mes
  • It was not part of their blood, It came to them very late With long arrears to make good, When the English began to hate. They were not easily moved, They were icy-willing to wait Till every count should be proved, Ere the English began to hate. Yes this is Germany not England, but the white man's patience has its limits! The more you destroy our homelands the more you will die!

    B0omer96B0omer96Hace un mes
  • To everyone who is saying call him a terrorist too (lmao, this is what you get when your govt sells out it's citizens and tries to replace them with those of poorer education and living expectations) you are thereby acknowledging that the other side are indeed terrorists. By saying call them both terrorists it is an attempt at equalization and you don't even notice you just undercut your entire argument. People don't like being marginalized. Immigrants need to assimilate or go home, not continue to turn the country they arrive in into the shithole they left. ( Which has far more landmass, so it ain't space that's the problem. It's their cultural impact on infrastructure )

    Psychic BearPsychic BearHace un mes
  • Yes u will mention him as only GUNMAN not a terrorist.......

  • my thoughts and prayers goes to Germanistan

    Nate HiggersNate HiggersHace un mes

    Braxton WilliamsBraxton WilliamsHace un mes
  • Are you shure he shot his mum and him self . I heard there was more than one shooter . That guy would of been the perfeckt pupet ! And to close the case! he shot himself and and mum .? I dont believe merkell

    Markus BuelowMarkus BuelowHace un mes
  • His main crime is matricide. An awful sin.

    Sibole StalineSibole StalineHace un mes
  • Say christlichen Terroristen

    Suliaman KhawariSuliaman KhawariHace un mes
  • TR TR TR

    Hakan 3458Hakan 3458Hace un mes
  • this terrorism

    legartlegartHace un mes
  • Germany and her people were never really held accountable for their crimes during ww2, so it’s not surprising they struggle with hate groups and racism now

    thereisnocarolinHRthereisnocarolinHRHace un mes
  • i thought there were 11 dead? (the Killer and his mother included)

    [TOEH] Rocyle VR[TOEH] Rocyle VRHace un mes
  • He was a terrorist. Killed people because of political motive.

    Kavya ReddyKavya ReddyHace un mes
  • Trump hasn't given his condolence remarks yet.

    Striving NafsStriving NafsHace un mes
  • This a pure terrorism attack full stop! Don't create other terms

    Elisee Rudahigwa NshimyumuremyiElisee Rudahigwa NshimyumuremyiHace un mes
  • Far right terrorists/terrorism on the rise. Very dangerous

    Gavin HeerGavin HeerHace un mes
  • Was für ein gebrochene Übersetzung

    KuMiiKa DEKuMiiKa DEHace un mes
  • It’s hookah bar not shisha blyaaaat

    KuMiiKa DEKuMiiKa DEHace un mes
  • Ha there at it again shooting people of middle eastern Origins. Lol

    Winter is comingWinter is comingHace un mes
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  • This is terrible. The BBC called this a racist attack. Stop putting your twist on things. I want the news not your Liberal elite twist. Was it a racist attack or a religious one? Stop jumping to conclusions. Just give us the facts, you know news.

    klemthegemklemthegemHace un mes
  • There will be more of this id say

    LFC ShanksLFC ShanksHace un mes
    • especially when the winged hussars arrive

      Steve TerrySteve TerryHace un mes
  • RIGHT WING TERRORIST! Eradicate that cancer! Evangelical Christians are with the right wingers.

    Sueto TamabikoSueto TamabikoHace un mes
  • Whats happening in europe is first signs of Civil wars...what were they thinking it will happen when you put multiple cultures and ethnicities together ? They will sing and dance together ?

    3a9lani3a9laniHace un mes
  • Mental illness

    Aaron was innocentAaron was innocentHace un mes
  • What happened to 'LONE GUNMAN^ or Dissafected Youth, what about Mental illness?

    Knight 99Knight 99Hace un mes
  • Bij bij Kurdistan ❤️💛💚 inshallah Kurdistan nd tha whole Ummah stay protected! Ameen❤️🤲🏽

    vSwiftyvSwiftyHace un mes

    dpremi1126dpremi1126Hace un mes
  • Extremist ooooohhhh i see he is not muslim

    Mohsin AliMohsin AliHace un mes
  • Tide is turning in Europe toward the Muslims. They have out stayed their welcome.... Time to go to the middle east.... They'll have you. The afd is rising. Its gone from a joke to the third most powerful party in Germany. And 2 things are different this election. Merkel isn't standing.... And the afd are rising. It gojng to be a fun election

    Ooopsy poopsyOoopsy poopsyHace un mes
    • @Ditmar Müller people laughed at Hitler... Sure he committed a few terrorist actions and blamed the socialists.... But he went from being a joke. Now I don't idolize Hitler in the slightest... But the one thing in politics is nothing is certain. People thought brexit would never get the vote... It got the vote. In fact the odds of brexit were 9/1 while Staying in the union was 2/9... The odds of staying in the union was so bad, no one actually bet on it because you'd win less than you bet if you won. Everyone laughed saying Donald trump would never win... They said that from the first second he announced his plan to run, to the last second of the election count... Its a fact, Europe is fed up of Muslim migrants who come to rape, terrorise, and live off welfare. The fact Austria said work, and learn the language... And then they all left?..... Says a lot

      Ooopsy poopsyOoopsy poopsyHace un mes
    • It is going to be an election with the result that the CDU stays the biggest party, followed by the Greens, and they will form the government together. The AfD will stay a joke, and the only thing they are 'good' for is undermining the economic power of germany, as well as destroying societal climate by agitating against immigrants. Do me a favor and stay real with your predictions.

      Ditmar MüllerDitmar MüllerHace un mes
  • BBC would blame China for oppressing Muslims but the irony is they are safer in China ! The Great Wall was a rampart to keep GOG and MaGOG out ! Ask Ezekiel in heaven 😍😍😍👊💥🐼

    Scooby SkullxScooby SkullxHace un mes
  • I think german officials should unbiasedly look at ( without far left crap) how middle eastern refugees integrating into germany. Are they even trying to change themselves, or trying to turn this magnificent country into new Germanistan?!

    Logan RoganLogan RoganHace un mes
  • The first question is what caused such extreme xenophobia.Maybe some european countries that have a lot of UNintegrated "refugees" flooded into their country , have pretty valid reason to be "xenophobic". This is just my opinion.

    Logan RoganLogan RoganHace un mes
  • since when patriotism is suddenly racism ?

    John DoeJohn DoeHace un mes
  • why doesnt philip schofield give his wife one up the arse! no lawyers

    jeremy westernjeremy westernHace un mes
  • This was a terrorist attack. BBC is understating this fact but people aren't buying it. We can see through your deceptive double standards f4ke news

    Glass Half FullGlass Half FullHace un mes
    • Glass Half Full Any of you know what the Mafia is? Well, there’s many of such organizations in germany. According to witnesses, this is a war between a Russian clan and a Kurdish clan. It’s not political. Politicians in Germany are using it to frame everyone who stands right of Stalin.

      Franz HuberFranz HuberHace un mes
  • Dear far right scumbacks. This is the consequence of your hate speech on the internet. If you are searching for someone to blame, just look in the mirror. Shame on you!

    Fritzgerald StupidusFritzgerald StupidusHace un mes
  • Terrorist...... Not extremist you mother fukers.

    Bilal AkbarBilal AkbarHace un mes
  • Shisha bars don't belong in europe! Go home muslims

    Revolution89Revolution89Hace un mes
    • US is in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      Robo RedneckRobo RedneckHace un mes
  • freedom

    我来了台妹儿我来了台妹儿Hace un mes
  • Mentally ill lone gunman again with a manifesto? Exactly the same as New Zealand? BULLSHIT.

    Mono WomanMono WomanHace un mes
  • Gee, I wonder who he was talking with right before he went off? I know Hillary had her henchmen setting off people including Tashfeen and Farook and Lutchman the Isis idiot before he got caught.

    Joe HoltonJoe HoltonHace un mes
  • His long manifesto had been available to the responsible authorities since November. No one reacted. Now the 'Alternative for Germany' party (a right-wing conservative party) is accused of being partly responsible for the massacre. It all fits again: tomorrow there will be elections in Germany's second largest city

    GabrielleGabrielleHace un mes
  • to get this straight: this guy was a psycho. Even the german DA stated the gunman had reported to the german state that there was an organization who would hack into the brains of people in germany and use this information to control the world. He tried to warn the state! How psycho can you be? Putting all right-winged people into this box means, even taking the german right party AfD into responsibility for this act is pretty much as cracy as this gun man was. You want to be treated fairly? Doesn't seem to me you're affording the same right to political opponents

    hate Google samehate Google sameHace un mes
  • This is not the way, to follow what they do is not the way

    Paul ButterworthPaul ButterworthHace un mes
  • This is clear results of broken home by germans. By giving power to women. The evil that men do follow them. Men in Germany have become woman. Women have become men. What a shameful act 😩

    Austine MilesAustine MilesHace un mes
  • Why dont you send fake tukey land president down there maybe he can analy fuck a shish? Well he has been running around the globe like he dam important by the ashkenazi sodomites .. he went to Pakistan did he not to analy fuck that coke taking imran Khan:)

    shoplifting began in ancient phoeniciashoplifting began in ancient phoeniciaHace un mes
  • There is still no evidence that his terrorist was far-right. He was a hater full of conspiracy ideas and a crazy man, but his father was with the green party. So we will see whats all behind ist. This will take time and there is no sense to blame someone without knowing whats all about. What I mean is: look for the evidence.

    Gender PolitikGender PolitikHace un mes
  • They were salafists so no loss there. Over 300 Christians were murdered last year on Easter Sunday by islamic terrorists.

    Alex RhoneAlex RhoneHace un mes
  • Obviously the act of a psychopath. There has been a fair amount of terror in Europe for around four years -.---- In 2015 the EU was unable to protect its borders. At the EU internal border with Austria, the soldiers were simply pushed aside by the migrants! - Without Mrs Merkel there would probably never have been a Brexit and the new party AfD would probably never have been established.

    Oberperfuss1945Oberperfuss1945Hace un mes
  • Obviously the act of a psychopath. There has been a fair amount of terror in Europe for around four years -.---- In 2015 the EU was unable to protect its borders. At the EU internal border with Austria, the soldiers were simply pushed aside by the migrants! - Without Mrs Merkel there would probably never have been a Brexit and the new party AfD would probably never have been established.

    Oberperfuss1945Oberperfuss1945Hace un mes
  • The fruits of mass immigration and unworkable multiculturalism.

    Chris DonnellanChris DonnellanHace un mes
  • Fuck him let him burn in hell! And you who likes such actions it'll come back around! Just wait and see ;)

    エコーEkkoエコーEkkoHace un mes