Peter Dinklage: Award Acceptance Speech | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT

Peter Dinklage receives the Actor® for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series for his performance as TYRION LANNISTER in GAME OF THRONES.
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Lauded by critics for its style, simplicity and genuine warmth, the Screen Actors Guild Awards ® presented by SAG-AFTRA, which made its debut in 1995, has become one of the industry’s most prized honors. The only televised awards shows to exclusively honor performers, it presents thirteen awards for acting in film and television in a fast moving two hour show which airs live on TNT and TBS. The awards focus on both individual performances as well as on the work of the entire ensemble of a drama series and comedy series, and the cast of a motion picture. These honors are fundamental to the spirit of the Screen Actors Guild Awards ® because they recognize what all actors know - that acting is a collaborative art.
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Peter Dinklage: Award Acceptance Speech | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT




  • Dinklage's face before he won the award at the beginning though.

    Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnHace 5 días
  • I definitely will accidentally kill this....thing

    hhahah hahahah 19hhahah hahahah 19Hace 8 días
  • Peter Dinklage is not only GOT, he is GOD, too. 😍

    Marey WinguthMarey WinguthHace 15 días
  • Steven Carell did not even bother attending for this joke of an award

    John AngelJohn AngelHace 15 días
  • just look how everyone stands whyle applauding,,, the great names of holywood,, brad leo meril tom etc

    Hovo AsatryanHovo AsatryanHace 19 días
  • EITRI - one of my all-time favorite characters ever!!!

    fromgentorevfromgentorevHace 24 días
  • He was a sore loser at past award ceremonies, and the look on his face before they said his name says he was about to be the same at this one.

    Michael MorrellMichael MorrellHace 24 días
    • Dinklage always has that serious/grumpy/concerned look on his face. And I think the standing ovation he gets here says the contrary of being a "sore loser", but actually acknowledges and respects his work. I doubt that a sore loser would actually get it.

      Ju CorJu CorHace 23 días
  • When Peter would climb up on his wife, She must feel so proud! Eaten out by a Tyrion Lannister ain’t joke. 😅😇

    Pakola KhanPakola KhanHace 25 días
  • Deserved !

    KIKITOKIKITOHace 25 días
  • Peter Dinklage without a doubt deserved this, but I can't help but think that some love could have been given to Emilia Clarke and others as well because that was also an exceptional performance despite any perceived writing flaws. And I don't think I know anyone personally who thought his best work was in season 8, but some Emilia's really was. Anyway, it was still a really good speech and as I said he deserved it as well, so congrats Peter! :)

    Andreas DitlevsenAndreas DitlevsenHace 25 días
  • 👌👌👌

    ali royfanali royfanHace 25 días
  • I love how Peter just walks straight out of his chair without getting up... like a boss.

    Heleve JoergonHeleve JoergonHace 26 días
  • What an awesome dude! Great job, man!

    DiamondDiamondHace 26 días
  • So sad that one of my favourite TV shows of all times was ruined consecutively from season 6 to 8 by two untalented useless writers. PD is just brilliant mega talented. North of Ireland is super beautiful.

    Mopsi BoliMopsi BoliHace 26 días
  • Class.

    LouLouHace 26 días
  • The true King!

    C SellarsC SellarsHace 26 días
  • Omg that speech. So simple.. but i almost cried lol

    Shar PnnShar PnnHace 26 días
  • 1:13 Look one half of Dumb and Dumber!

    Eamon McGillicuddyEamon McGillicuddyHace 26 días
  • Hello hello 🤗🤗🤗

    dimples samdimples samHace 26 días
  • I love that lil bastrd hes such a badazz!!!!!

    Greg IrishGreg IrishHace 27 días
  • Peter Dinklage should host SNL

    axizz100axizz100Hace 27 días
  • its all a game....

    Kunal SarkarKunal SarkarHace 27 días
  • Just came to say...that was a short...speech.

    JokerCirca66JokerCirca66Hace 27 días
  • Does anyone notice that there isn’t a slew of little people having a celebration over this? We are ALL celebrating the fact that he is a fantastic actor. Oh and it just so happens he is a little person. Take note SJWs, this is how any minority should celebrate an achievement. With dignity, and without pointing to what political statement they want to make about their own strife. Congrats and thank you, Peter.

    Terry GalloTerry GalloHace 27 días
  • Dinklage Of Thrones!

    MowacMowacHace 27 días
  • 1:47 geesh he made that speech very short

    winter ramoswinter ramosHace 27 días
  • Nice shout out to your wife

    Chewy BaccaChewy BaccaHace 27 días
  • So this is what a midget on hard drugs looks like

    philly phillyphilly phillyHace 27 días
  • I wished people in India too treated actors who are dwarf with such respect and gave them the honor they deserve rather than having them just as a comic character all the time.

    Udita SinghUdita SinghHace 27 días
  • He is a hot midget. I would do him

    nicole Kellynicole KellyHace 27 días
  • haha midget husband

    fuckerer bitcherfuckerer bitcherHace 27 días
  • The cast and Ramin Djawadi carry the whole season 8

    Talking ShinobiTalking ShinobiHace 27 días
  • Peter dinklage for president!

    Beaverj420Beaverj420Hace 27 días
  • Was he standing the whole time or is that just to much ?

    Bizarre18Bizarre18Hace 27 días
  • At least he kept his speech short.

    Martin NygardMartin NygardHace 27 días
  • The little guys little guy is getting in tonight.... bowchickabowwow!

    firecrakkafirecrakkaHace 27 días
  • Thank you!!!

    Bimmy BassBimmy BassHace 27 días
  • A little short....

    Jason HunterJason HunterHace 27 días
  • Well that was a short speech. Thank you, Goodnight.

    Luigi MartinelliLuigi MartinelliHace 28 días
  • He should never have won, not with what D&D gave him in s7&8...great actor but performance was just meh with what he was given

    Lyle JamesLyle JamesHace 28 días
  • Legendary and humble man

    RandomMikeRandomMikeHace 28 días
  • Great actor! Congrats to him! Well deserved!

    Liz MaguLiz MaguHace 28 días
  • So rude of Steve Carell not clapping when Peter Dinklage won.

    • Stone cold and still as a statue! :(

      TSTSHace 7 días
    • He looked stunned.

      Manny LugzManny LugzHace 22 días
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Alaa S.KAlaa S.KHace 25 días
    • 😂

      Aaron RamenAaron RamenHace 26 días
    • Hahahahahahah

      mike ktdmike ktdHace 26 días
  • Peter dinklage was torch bearer of game of thrones 👑

    Bruce KentBruce KentHace 28 días
  • He's a great actor and all but I can't get past the fact that he's a dwarf

    Mike BellMike BellHace 28 días
  • Well, looks like he does not give a cent any more. Great actor.

    Oscar LimaOscar LimaHace 28 días
  • Everytime I hear his voice . I smile ,cause it's just so damn cool .

    k m archeryk m archeryHace 28 días
  • Where's part 2?

    armada2390armada2390Hace 28 días
  • he does not deserve this

    LangkahKananLangkahKananHace 28 días
  • Small guy....big star :)

    John CJohn CHace 28 días
  • And your wife thanks you for the piles of money she lives on for just relocating.

    Alessandro FilippiAlessandro FilippiHace 28 días
  • Awwww he’s trying to act like a real full sized man. This is too cute.

    C IIC IIHace 28 días
  • I was GONNA say....great speech, short and sweet.......then I realized why that MIGHT not be the best way to put it....but you know what I mean 😨😂

    Little Miss StamperLittle Miss StamperHace 28 días
    • Awkward.

      MayMayHace 27 días
  • "And the actor goes to..." you had one job.... smh

    Benjamin LundkvistBenjamin LundkvistHace 28 días
  • Actors are always honoring themselves. I mean seriously. How many annual award shows do we need for actors. It’s just acting. Seriously. You’re not changing the world. You’re not making a difference. You’re just an actor. Your job is basically to entertain everyone else. That’s it. What a bunch of out of touch self absorbed ego maniacs.

    IlikebeaversandeaglesupyourassIlikebeaversandeaglesupyourassHace 28 días
  • Small man with kind heart,

    Justin IsraelJustin IsraelHace 28 días
  • Liked the video before I heard him speak 💓😊

    Heather HopfHeather HopfHace 28 días
  • Good to see the real Dr.Manhattan in the audience!

    The WatcherThe WatcherHace 28 días
  • He is such a good actor. Like all gifted actors, he is intelligent.

    Ingrid DubbelIngrid DubbelHace 28 días
    • Hi, what do you think about this?

      Fabrizio SecchiFabrizio SecchiHace 26 días
  • I have a poster board in my living room just as you go up the stairs of Peter DInklage as Tyrion Lannister that says: I drink and I know things. He is a brilliant actor. There are so many scenes to gush over. When he cried seeing his sister Cersei and his brother Jamie both dead it tore me in half. At first I felt for Tyrion then later I was floored by his performance. What an incredible actor he is. Bravo Peter!

    fusionaut23fusionaut23Hace 28 días