Poland is pushing the EU into crisis

Poland’s far-right party is subverting democracy, and setting the country on a collision course with the EU.
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For more detail on the 2017 Independence day march, read this excellent piece by Christian Davies in the Guardian: www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/18/more-girls-fewer-skinheads-polands-far-right-wrestles-with-changing-image
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Poland is changing. In 2015, the far-right Law and Justice party, or PiS, won both the presidential election and a slim parliamentary majority. Since then, they’ve been working to cement their power by firing judges, purging the military and civil service, and cracking down on protesters and the media. All of this has put the country on a collision course with the European Union that could threaten Europe’s hard-won peace and prosperity following centuries of conflict.
To truly understand the international conflicts and trends shaping our world you need a big-picture view. Video journalists Sam Ellis and Liz Scheltens use maps to tell the story and chart their effects on foreign policy.
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  • Two corrections: At 7:17 Viktor Orban is incorrectly described as President, when he is actually the Prime Minister. At 5:27 and 7:32 Finland is mislabeled as not being a member state of the European Union. Finland joined the EU in 1995.

    VoxVoxHace un año
    • @Bart Hrk no not really.

    • Poland is just smarter then to accept the totaltarianship of the Eu councel which in agenda is not to help people nor the trade but to force political extreme leftism apon countrys by force and also to make 1 state owning countrys and attacking there sovergnity

      mscape Hmscape HHace un mes
    • *coughs* You mistakes title EU is pushing Poland in to Chris not the other way

      ShadovShadovHace un mes
    • You are the very reason god created a heart attack

      GremlinGremlinHace un mes
  • I love Poland from croatia 🇭🇷❤️🇵🇱

    mikhmikhHace 8 horas

    AstroLanceAstroLanceHace 8 horas
  • EU should be only about economic, nothing more. No leftie can dictate what to do to the countries with own culture and history, btw anything that defends rights of the local population is considered as a far-right movement in modern Europe We lost everything we had, my dudes

    Yurii GromykYurii GromykHace 8 horas
  • Americans,french and england left us after the ww2 with the soviets so why are you suprised

    Jedrzej KlakowskiJedrzej KlakowskiHace 9 horas
  • Typical lefty media, focusing one 1 sign rather than the 60,000 people

    Real Life NeanderthalReal Life NeanderthalHace 10 horas
  • A talk about the rise of democracy in Poland without a mention of Pope John Paul II is not a good talk.

    Random PersonRandom PersonHace 10 horas
  • Yeeeah. Let's blame Poland. That makes sense.

    Clever HamsterClever HamsterHace 16 horas
  • Left is falling worldwide!

    Dr. DevrajDr. DevrajHace 19 horas
  • Well you got you facts wrong....Vox is full of sh

    John HolguinJohn HolguinHace 22 horas
  • Half Polish Half Filipino. I’m usually all just on my Filipino side and I don’t feel worthy of my Polish inside.

    FV N • 55 years agoFV N • 55 years agoHace un día
  • Come and join the UK,, free trade with no immigration of EULaws.

    Gross HermanGross HermanHace un día
  • I love Poland

    Andre TolesAndre TolesHace un día
  • Great work Vox uncle Stalin is Proud of you

    Marek CwalińskiMarek CwalińskiHace un día
  • Lies lies lies. Not worth my time. Bye

    Paweł FryghtcyPaweł FryghtcyHace un día
  • *Sigh* Someone got Germany and Russia's number?

    Martin IvanovskiMartin IvanovskiHace un día
  • Love from the USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇵🇱🇵🇱

    It your boi SoupIt your boi SoupHace un día
  • Polish people showing their love for their country. “Everyone else😐😐”

    It your boi SoupIt your boi SoupHace un día
  • Thanks for the good commercial. Right wing has not coming yet!.

    Jarosław JodłowskiJarosław JodłowskiHace 2 días
  • Not a fan of Pis. But, the EU has no right to get into those affairs. Basically trying to bribe Poland with those funds, to be part of a project that is failing.

    Alan BaranAlan BaranHace 2 días
  • Pis =PO only Konfededacja

    Greg KOGreg KOHace 2 días
  • polska gurom

    cutiecutieHace 2 días
  • The Polish people have had their country taken away from them. They fought and died to liberate their homeland and they will never let ANYONE or anything threaten their home again. Not even the EU. Poland is Polish and that’s why we love her. 🇺🇸❤️♾ 🇵🇱.

    Mel HMel HHace 2 días
  • most hated video ^^

    StrethorStrethorHace 2 días
  • Lol vox Kosovo is Serbia

    Daily Dose Of Geography & PoliticsDaily Dose Of Geography & PoliticsHace 3 días
  • Get out of Eu or change Poland. You are like europen Saudi Arabia. You dont belong to club of civilizated countries. Bye from Czech rep.

    I like StefanI like StefanHace 3 días
  • This American has been to Poland , they love there culture !

    BlowsBlowsHace 4 días
  • Americans failing at informing the world about Europe, lovely what else is new?

    Card dealerCard dealerHace 4 días

    DonnieDonnieHace 4 días
  • I will coment this with one and cool XD. Poland dont push EU into crisis, EU pushed into crisis itself. Poland is the mirror of this crisis.

    Tavemik BastetTavemik BastetHace 4 días
  • Spain brutalizing Catalans EU and Vox: ZZZZzzzZZzzzzzzzz Poland and Hungry breathes EU and Vox: OMGRABBLERABBLERABBLERACISTFOAMINGINMOUTHGARGLEGARGLE

    Sabrin IslamSabrin IslamHace 4 días
  • We need a strong help from EU to throw PiS out of our country

    ahaahahaahHace 5 días
  • Everything started from France and Germany, when they opened the gate for migrants, forcing the european citizens to accept and suffer. Poland don't need punishment, Poland need medals for bravery.

    Alex_______ CTNAlex_______ CTNHace 5 días

    Garry HostGarry HostHace 5 días
  • The thing is that PIS is left wing party, trying to hide it

    Patrako WiatrakoPatrako WiatrakoHace 5 días
  • Ovvio che vogliono levare di mezzo l’Europa

    Paolo PischeddaPaolo PischeddaHace 6 días
  • 4:33 coug* cough* kile th * cough them

    welcoom from polandwelcoom from polandHace 6 días
  • W Polsce morzna wszystko, u was tylko to, na co Wam pozwolą!!!

    Bartlomie PatulBartlomie PatulHace 6 días
  • Thank you, Poland!

    danieldjzdanieldjzHace 7 días
  • as a polish american this greatly hurts to watch

    Feral ClownFeral ClownHace 7 días
  • Stay strong Poland. USA is with you.

    FincaDelSol PRFincaDelSol PRHace 7 días
  • we will destroy the eu and make the ussr grate again !!

    Sn4piSn4piHace 7 días
  • Poland should be uprooted from Europe and place it on the north pole

    Jay MarcusJay MarcusHace 7 días
  • There’s a repeating pattern here that I’m noticing. Nobody likes vox.

    BIG tiny PANDABIG tiny PANDAHace 8 días
    • @Adi B 1. Learn how to spell. And 2. Look at paris after the migrant crisis for example. And there are many more places negatively affected like that. Most people in countries like those will strongly disagree with you.

      BIG tiny PANDABIG tiny PANDAHace 9 horas
    • Poland and East Europe are just racist white nationist. They should be kicked out of EU. The EU pay huge amounts to those countries and they give nothing back.

      Adi BAdi BHace 10 horas
    • @Adrian what? tell me with a straight face you agree with them.

      BIG tiny PANDABIG tiny PANDAHace un día
    • Except 7 million subscribers?

      AdrianAdrianHace un día
  • This is a special kind of trash.

    BEARBEARHace 8 días
  • Jak menda kłamie

    EniśEniśHace 8 días
  • Poland stay strong and defend your country you gt full support from Serbia

    Mrcasual100Mrcasual100Hace 9 días
  • Im from Hungary, i love polish ppl ,keep protesting

    Dark KnightDark KnightHace 9 días
  • Love Poland from Brazil 🇧🇷

    João MarceloJoão MarceloHace 9 días
  • Im from Poland . Its not true !!!!!

    teken322teken322Hace 10 días
  • Leave the polish alone.

    Jake’schannelJake’schannelHace 10 días
  • Maybe because the EU is supposed to be an economic union not a federation who controls countries borders and economic policies 1300 kilometers away in Brussels by non-Polish politicians who understand nothing about Poland and why it is like it is

    ShrekShrekHace 10 días
    • Justus Lötrich It’s original name was literally Coal and Steel community, it was made to tie the economies together to prevent wars between the nations, not dictate how other countries should govern themselves

      ShrekShrekHace 7 días
    • Shrek nope the eu was never supposed to be a economic union. It’s goal was always maintaining freedom

      Justus LötrichJustus LötrichHace 7 días
  • L.E.A.V.E. P.O.L.A.N.D. A.L.O.N.E.

    neolegionarneolegionarHace 10 días
  • It makes me happy to scroll through my feed and know that you people are losing.

    Barter SystemBarter SystemHace 10 días
  • Poland is right, the immigrants dont come in Europe to Integrate, they come to bring and force their extremist cultures to us and take our money

    WillWillHace 10 días
  • Full support for Poland from Austria ❤️

    Großösterreichisches ReichGroßösterreichisches ReichHace 10 días
  • There is a reason why Poland hadn't been hit with terrorist attacks in the same scale as Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Italy.

    GG AllinGG AllinHace 11 días
  • Love all my fellow Poles. Keep your country free from being over run like the rest of Europe.

    Nerds PlayhouseNerds PlayhouseHace 11 días
  • Our country - our rules -dont like it?- well bad for you.

    TonyVercettiTonyVercettiHace 11 días
  • I trust very little that VOX puts out!

    Christian WeberChristian WeberHace 11 días