Portillo On Thatcher

michael portillo examines the power margaret thatcher has over the tory party and uk politics




  • She was a sociopath with abhorrent ideas. My childhood was spent in the Thatcher years; a majority of kids in my class at school were on free school meals because of the mass redundancies of her policies. It was brutal; we just didn't matter. In her utilitarian philosophy of economic figures we were expendable. Outside the south-east of England there was real hardship, but she didn't give a fuck. She never went to bed hungry and without hope. I will always hate her.

    trafficlight9199trafficlight9199Hace 2 días
  • The title wouldn't have surprised me

    BFCBFCHace 22 días
  • Very few things in life please me more than knowing that this godforesaken, evil whore is now rotting in Hell. 😂😂😂😂

    Barry AllenBarry AllenHace un mes
  • Margret Thatcher is lucky she wasn't in America for the poll tax issue. poll taxes are illegal in the USA. They were that during the whole era she was in power in the UK.

    Joseph ParkerJoseph ParkerHace 3 meses
  • Note that this very interesting documentary was made in 2007. David Cameron was leader of the opposition and Tony Blair was in the process of handing over to Gordon Brown. The date of posting on ESproject (September 2012) should be disregarded when looking at the political context in which this film was made. See last frame with date' MMVII'.

    marc21091marc21091Hace 5 meses
  • The exchange between Portillo and Howard starting at 57:00 is recreated almost word for word in Portillo's "Trouble with the Tories" from last night, filmed in 2019. Of course this documentary is from about a decade earlier, but it makes me think that there must be an element of scripting to these interviews.

    Sidney Woolf-HoyleSidney Woolf-HoyleHace 5 meses
  • Margaret Thatcher was a fixer. When everything was fixed, she had a crisis of identity. That was around the time she quit. I do agree with the guy who said she should have lost an election rather than be booted out the way she was.

    Doron BergerDoron BergerHace 5 meses
  • i am a scot from a working class miners village from the east end of glasgow,my village and many others lost jobs that were seemed to be bedded in the bedrock,yet i still believe,Margaret Thatcher was the saviour of our nation,the industries that we used to rely upon were all dead in the water,she knew this,yes it was extremely harsh,but we needed it,now look at Scotland,a vibrant economy and a sector of private industry that will last for centuries....thank you Mrs T,you laid the foundations for what we have today.

    Dave SimpsonDave SimpsonHace 5 meses
  • John Major one of the great British Prime Ministers was absolutely correct when he described some of his ministerial colleagues as "the bastards". What twisted evil treacherous cxnts they were. Deluded Tories who thought England still had an empire.

    john groganjohn groganHace 6 meses
  • David Cameron was a big fat nothing burger, who's only claim can be that he held jobs for the boys, and whose policies were anti Britain.

    able adelaideable adelaideHace 6 meses
  • Michael Portillo had something the other post Thatcher Tory leaders never had: GLAMOUR. He would have been the only one to have a slight chance against Tony Blair. It shouldn't be the last time that Tories chose the wrong leader.

    Pro & Contra DeutschlandPro & Contra DeutschlandHace 7 meses
  • Portillo is a cunt

    Keith KeeganKeith KeeganHace 8 meses
  • Thatcher was monumental, and the Tories only fully reunited with David Cameron as a one nation Conservative. The country’s relationship with Europe is even more problematic and has been the Tories Achilles heel for 50yrs. It’s destroyed May.

    Simon HellierSimon HellierHace 8 meses
  • 11:55 - Do Not Be Fooled! Ed Vaizey saying he was a Thatcherite is no surprise. Born the son of a Labour peer. Educated at St Paul's School London and Oxford. Qualified as a barrister. Not exactly your typical teenager interested in politics. Yes, he is probably now a moderate Tory.

    John KingJohn KingHace 10 meses
  • anyone purusing the comment section do not be fooled. She was an extreme conservative, in her first term her economic policies were such a disaster, she had to u turn and it caused a mini recession.Only reason she got re-elected was bcs of the falkland war and how it boosted her popularity. And let's not forget the poll tax

    MrASxYMrASxYHace un año
  • The miscalculation of the tory Party by ejecting a three tíme electoral winner rather than letting the voters remove her caused a very disastrous dynamic within the whole Conservative government, her downfall led to emergence of the Blair witch project and its insidious effects on global security.

    Alan O BrienAlan O BrienHace un año
  • Thatcher was the matron who injected horror and pain on the British economy, she used an economic model unknown to the socialistic Europe aswell as Britain. Her determination to undo the consensus of decline accepted by her own party and Labour opposition left many gobsmacked at her audacious sternality. Only thatcher with her brilliant cruelty of self sufficiency could have reversed the stagnation of previous decades, I say this clearly and sadly, her like wil never be seen again

    Alan O BrienAlan O BrienHace un año
    • Sternality.......

      Walter DelahuntWalter DelahuntHace 5 meses
  • I really disliked Margaret Thatcher but I wish we had her in charge of the Brexit negotiations.

    christine liveseychristine liveseyHace un año
    • Same here

      John KingJohn KingHace 10 meses
  • The poll tax is very socialist thinking. How can not one of the spineless cabinet of the time stand up in cabinet and denounce her as turning red. Conservatives cut tax, we do not raise it. The slimy cabinet had no balls to tell her she was entirely wrong and call her out and tell her she should join Labour. She could not possibly defend this tax from any kind of perspective as being a Conservative policy. What a weak drab load of yes men in cabinet at that time. There was opportunity here for someone strong to "out Thatcher" Thatcher on a ticket that this would create a high tax economy.

    nudisco300nudisco300Hace un año
  • The conclusion of this, that a successful leader must stylize after the fads of Neoliberalism & Globalism...has been totally rebutted by BREXIT, Trump, Orban & Salvini. Howard was on target running on tighter immigration in 2005...he should have done so more forcefully. The Tories should also have opposed the Iraq war.

    Great Lakes NationalistGreat Lakes NationalistHace un año
  • So sad portillo didn’t quite make it. This is an honest, nuanced and graceful documentary.

    Peter SwindleyPeter SwindleyHace un año
  • I have to say that I never agreed with Maggie's politics or how she was towards the end especially towards people like Geoffrey Howe. However, I will give her these things. You knew what she stood for. There's none of the flip floppery we have now. Also, in that last question time we saw, despite all what was going on, she hit back with humour. I'm not sure I could have done that. And thirdly, while I do think she was in an untenable position and had to go, the way it was done was quite bad (It's happening again now). If possible, an election should have been called. The guy who was campaigning for her probably knew she wasn't going to win. However, what he did was underhanded - he should have said straight up what he thought. That said, she shouldn't have assumed that she could rely on him or at least kept a regular check on his actions. Given how things were, she should have been aware that winning wasn't certain. Very interesting documentary though.

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  • Portillo would have been a great PM, . Thatcher had a job to do she done a great job looking back at it now, Labour closed more coal pits than Thatcher.

    andrew brydenandrew brydenHace un año
  • Portillo still hot

    Bruno AlvarengaBruno AlvarengaHace 2 años
  • Without conviction. Boring and managerial is precisely who David Cameron is.

    ThrowbackSoulThrowbackSoulHace 2 años
  • cunt.

    simon lloydsimon lloydHace 2 años
  • Pledge something then@

    A AlbulescuA AlbulescuHace 2 años
  • I'd never vote for these populist conservatives! Thatcher's policy of conviction over consensus is completely lost on them - principles aren't supposed to be changed with fashion, her ideas didn't need "modernizing" because they work in any time!

    Matt ArnoldMatt ArnoldHace 2 años
    • Matt Arnold nothing populist about them

      Josh KusiakJosh KusiakHace 2 años
  • Absolute certainty as to right and wrong is a valuable commodity in politics.

    Richard LaversuchRichard LaversuchHace 2 años
  • Conveniently forgets all the Tory sleaze which was a huge factor in the downfall of the Tories. Makes it sound like it was a noble disagreement over policy that brought them down.

    Christopher FoxonChristopher FoxonHace 3 años
  • I found this shocking. "Grown men with tears in their eyes". This is not the Conservative Party that I had supported all of my adult life. Whimps and poofters.

    Reggie von ZugbachReggie von ZugbachHace 3 años
    • Reggie von Zugbach like you butt sniff

      Richard FarleyRichard FarleyHace un año
  • Michael Howard's a bit of a hostile witness throughout most of this programme.

    phoebephoebo .sydneyphoebephoebo .sydneyHace 3 años
  • none of them had the leadership or courage of Margaret Thatcher!!they were like a group of kids that lost their toys when she left office.

    martin mc tiguemartin mc tigueHace 3 años
  • Best PM EVER. Could do with her now

    Anthony HowarthAnthony HowarthHace 3 años
    • Anthony Howarth : Thatcher's thinking still affects England today...Many towns & areas still economically & socially devastated. Bought japanese war ships, cause they were slightly cheaper than domestically built. Crooked cheating bankster "industry" ripping off the public purse. Finances & banking is not a secure main sector for a country's economy. Bankers should be our national accountants. Not our profit skimmers. Public housing sold off, homelessness very high, & house prices have become a market game. Working class standard of living is much much worse than it was in the 60s. Sold off income assets like British rail. Now every fair gives profit to the Netherlands. 100% of electric utility sold in England today is foreign owned. Thatcher was an ignorant, narrow-minded, heartless, bitch.

      Marten DekkerMarten DekkerHace 2 años
  • If the problem with socialism is running out of other peoples' money, when will your channel run out of other peoples' content?

    David SmithDavid SmithHace 4 años
  • I thought you libertarian types respected the sanctity of private property? Yet here you are knocking off Universal Studios' title card.

    David SmithDavid SmithHace 4 años

    rcx8666crcx8666cHace 4 años
    • @Generalissimo Genesis I HOPE HE ALSO HAD A MOTHER...

      rcx8666crcx8666cHace 3 años
  • She was, at least, economically a 19th century Liberal And God did Britian need one -Ireland now does

    West BritWest BritHace 4 años
  • Thatcher blew it, plain and simple.

    Cedric HunterCedric HunterHace 4 años
    • @rcx8666c ??

      Cedric HunterCedric HunterHace 3 años
    • @rcx8666c A blow job? Since I wasn't there I neither care nor do I wish to have had one from her myself.

      Cedric HunterCedric HunterHace 3 años

      rcx8666crcx8666cHace 3 años
  • Tramp

    iR GiR GHace 4 años
  • There are some brilliant pieces of music used, does anyone have a listing for the different tracks?

    Peter RobertsPeter RobertsHace 4 años
    • @Peter Roberts Mainly Philip Glass & Michael Nyman music. If you pinpoint a specific track I can tell you what it is.

      Christopher D. LewisChristopher D. LewisHace 4 años
  • Just not conservative enough these days. We punish the job creators and reward the poor. To think people actually believe this rubbish Keep the Red flag flying

    12from12112from121Hace 4 años
  • Sounds cuts out a couple of times around 1 hour through

    Matt BurdettMatt BurdettHace 5 años
  • Mr Portillo has also been implicated and unless the establishment manages to keep the lid on things which is looking more unlikely by the day...unlike the deceased Witch Thatcher, he will, along with many of his piers, end up having to face the music. roll on.

    Urien RhegedUrien RhegedHace 5 años
  • Thatchers legacy used to be about enriching the international masonic elite whilst destroying what was left of British industry....in the future she will be seen as the Hag that surrounded herself with paedophiles and turned a blind eye to their brutal and sometimes murderous ritual abuse of kids.

    Urien RhegedUrien RhegedHace 5 años
    • @Hil Belloc Too true, that is the way the kids see her today.

      cucking funtcucking funtHace 4 años
    • @MrAeronuk1 Powell was of the same ilk. He was actually responsible for the beginnings of "mass immigration" when he was a minister back in the 1950's at the behest of "the city" and at the expense of the average working man. what turned him against the idea in later years was that he did'nt like the cultural influences brought by these masses, he was indeed "anti-multiculturalism" but certainly not "anti-multiracialism". Like other elitist tories, as long as these immigrants "intergrate" with the rest of the 'goyim', pay taxes and do not threaten the status quo, they are welcome by the million and purely because of greed disguised as "tolerance".

      Urien RhegedUrien RhegedHace 4 años
    • @Hil Belloc It's usually easy to tell who is on the side of the people and who is not but I just can't tell with thatcher. The privatisation agenda seems like it was for the elite although thatcher would have argued that shares were open for the everyone to take advantage of. But, as I already said she did rail against the EU in her later years and that was NOT in line with the agenda of the elite.She was also very close politically to Enoch Powell and he certainly wasn't for turning the white european race into a african/asiatic race in your words..

      MrAeronuk1MrAeronuk1Hace 4 años
    • @MrAeronuk1 the kind of patriotism thatcher and her ilk support is a perverse form. it is not about the people. the elite despise the brythonic majority of these isles, they care not if we turn from white european to an african/asiatic hybrid race just as long as we wave the flag and kiss the arse of the saxe-coburg usurpers and their masonic minions.

      Urien RhegedUrien RhegedHace 4 años
    • @Hil Belloc She was a bit of a mixed bag really. Undoubtedly she served the elite in her early years but later she turned against the EU and that certainly wasn't on the script! I'm still confused as to whose side she was on; the people or the elite.

      MrAeronuk1MrAeronuk1Hace 4 años
  • Strange how Portillo has re-invented himself as a liberal minded and wise broadcaster. His voice is grating: listening to him is what I think a bucket of warm shit would sound like could it speak.

    Josh TateJosh TateHace 5 años
    • @Josh Tate Very true but Thatcher FFsakes, was a talking pile of excrement.

      cucking funtcucking funtHace 4 años
  • Thatcher thought the sun shone out of Pinochet's arse, the same Pinochet who tortured and murdered thousands of men, women and children. Given the right circumstances she would have done exactly the same. Thatcher was a cunt of monumental proportions.

    james banvillejames banvilleHace 5 años
  • please remove your right wing junk from forums that could influence our children you odious piece of crap.

    philip gagephilip gageHace 5 años
    • Philips a commie. You're not allowed to disagree or have different opinions with a lefty. They don't allow it.

      nudisco300nudisco300Hace un año
    • You make it sound like there's only one right way to think, philip...

      zufghzufghHace 2 años
  • There are some cracking music choices.

    Alex BoltonAlex BoltonHace 5 años
    • Cracking music, but what are the pieces? I can only name one...

      Peter RobertsPeter RobertsHace 4 años
  • Margaret Thatcher: the most overrated politician of the 20th century. Her reputation largely rests on mythology propagated by newspaper barons.

    Josh TateJosh TateHace 5 años
  • It fails to mention that Blair had to steal all Thatcher best policies, that is the only reason he won 3 elections. Labour had to change to win elections. Blair kept the 40% tax rates, he invested in the NHS as Thatcher did, he refused to nationalise, and ruin, industry. Ok, Brown removed Thatcher's regulations on the Banks and energy companies which damaged us all. But Blair won based on moderate Thatcher policies, I am afraid.

    warriorprince101010warriorprince101010Hace 5 años
    • Incorrect many Labour movements the world over moved towards a more center left postion ie: Anthony Giddens Third-Way. That was the basis for the shift in the UK and it started with John Smith. It's as simple as that. Please go read something on the Third Way before spouting off at the mouth Ps: Fuck Maggie Thatcher :) Fuck her class genocide and war on the working classes

      spankmeharder83spankmeharder83Hace 2 años
    • We are useless eaters as far as he is concerned Revol. Ignore the ignorant fuck and take heart from the fact that one day we will rise and put bastards like him behind razor wire, then take care of the many instead of the few.

      philip gagephilip gageHace 3 años
    • Go back to lala land. Bliar and Thatcher invested in the NHS? Thatcher imposed "regulations" on financial casino's rather than helping to create them? Don't remember the "big bang" she helped to create in the 1980's whilst simultaneously dismantling all manufacturing industry and workers rights at the same time? Socialism is the cause of all poverty? And capitalism is an unremitting drive for justice and equality I suppose? Tell you what - If you see Sid tell him - he might believe you because he's a moron too.

      philip gagephilip gageHace 3 años
  • Thatcher was a moderate, not conservative in any way. Her opponents were extremists.

    warriorprince101010warriorprince101010Hace 5 años
    • She was closer to a Libertarian; she certainly wasn't a compromising centrist.

      Matt ArnoldMatt ArnoldHace 2 años
  • God blast Thatcher

    +ollie cromwell+ollie cromwellHace 5 años
  • I am an uneducated Japanese of humble means but I am inclined to believe that no party will ever do the like of this again. Japan has not been entirely democratic over the last 150 years but even for an average Japanese, what has been done to Mrs Thatcher later the Lady Thatcher does not make sense.

    tnakai1971jptnakai1971jpHace 5 años
    • Not as great as the Japanese Liberal Democrats... 40 years in power!

      Joe BrownJoe BrownHace 6 meses
    • tnakai197tjp..."Humble means" MAYBE---i've not seen your mansion---"uneducated"? -----"Education" is what one makes of it, & it's awfully-often confused with "wisdom"; worse, wisdom is often sneered at by "educated" fools, the greater the "education" the nastier the sneer. This brings us to "what has been done to Mrs. Thatcher". -----I imagine you've seen the famous engraving of Gulliver "restrained" by the Lilliputians. Thus are statesmen*harried by demagogues. -----From Japan to America to every place in the world, your perception should be visible and your humility your honor. Any who differ with what you said show deficiency of perception, if not of wisdom; folk so hobbled very often show deficiency of humility. Funny how they're widely honored--- -----But by each other, my friend, and only by each other. -----BRAVO for your defense of the Lady's honor. * YOU know i mean the term GENERICALLY, Snowflake. You've been listening to too many damn demagogues.

      Angel SaltamontesAngel SaltamontesHace 7 meses
    • tnakai1971jp You Japanese conservatives are less monetarist compared to Thatcher. Her policy was more dictated by market forces. Japan's government cares more about way of life, such as safe guarding manufacturing jobs, I believe.

      The Respected LexThe Respected LexHace un año
    • tnakai1971jp : She changed England to more money to the rich, less money for the poor. Her facts were really lies. She was a heartless bitch.

      Marten DekkerMarten DekkerHace 2 años
    • tnakai1971jp We couldn't wait to get rid of her.

      Elsie Joyce LargeElsie Joyce LargeHace 2 años
  • lol watching this documentary, seems tories are repeating history. always going too right

    Joe MarkJoe MarkHace 5 años
  • ding dong

    Aaron GallantAaron GallantHace 6 años
  • socialism died in the 1970s

    daniel clarkedaniel clarkeHace 6 años
    • @zufgh How sad today is... Our worst fears became true.

      Joe BrownJoe BrownHace 6 meses
    • Seems to be having a resurgence of popularity now that Corbyn's arrived. God help this country if that fool ever gets in.

      zufghzufghHace 2 años
    • daniel clarke - Thank God.

      Reggie von ZugbachReggie von ZugbachHace 3 años
  • Michael Howards even worse in interviews where he isnt being critisised

    Connor KearneyConnor KearneyHace 6 años
  • Thatcherite Scot? Oh... you're the one!

    pgI0897pgI0897Hace 6 años
  • Lets not forget this so called woman ordered a shoot to kill policy in Northern Ireland ordering the British troops to shoot any catholic man from the age of 16 to 65 dead if they left their own homes after 10pm. You english dont know about this because the BBC was too busy spurting non news, lies and propaganda that today you all pay for. The government does not represent people it represents itself. Do you really believe that a public hand fed school boy is man enough to represent you?

    Barn AWordBarn AWordHace 6 años
    • Barn AWord I'm sensitive to the problems faced by catholics in Northern Ireland for many decades and this if flat-out horseshit. Until the invention of a firearm that is self-laser guiding to the shoulder, a so-called shoot-to-kill policy is not physically possible, much less practicable.

      Jamie SleemanJamie SleemanHace 2 años