Portillo's "50 Years In The Making"

This special aired on Chicago's NBC Channel 5 on December 7, 2013.




  • I'm so glad they have 3 in Portillo's in Arizona. I'm from Chicago and miss the Hot dogs, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Italian sausage and fries. I always end up spending like $50 and its so worth every penny.

    Bert DahlmanBert DahlmanHace 28 días
  • The narrator is probably the burger king door lettuce guy

    sean juthsean juthHace un mes
  • We just opened one here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We went yesterday for lunch I got the Italian Beef sandwich and med fry and large chocolate cake shake. I loved it! We want to go again today lol! 👍👍

    TaraRockRevival BeBeTaraRockRevival BeBeHace 2 meses
  • I grew up in Lombard and I remember 'The Dog House"! then my parents moved to Warrenville,Il. and always went to Portillos. I'm a vegetarian now but........ Id eat a hot beef sandwich!!!!

    Dorothy MartinDorothy MartinHace 2 meses
  • Warren Buffet bought Portillo's. Portillo still owns the land that the restaurants are on.

    mark nastmark nastHace 3 meses
  • Most don't know that the Portillo's are Hispanic, not Italian.

    mark nastmark nastHace 3 meses
  • Hey Mr. Portillio You Should Have Pictures of All Famous Italian-Americans Like in the Movie "Do the Right Thing"

    maureencora1maureencora1Hace 4 meses
    • Oops, My Bad. I Read on Youtude You're Mexican-Greek. Forgive Me, Sir.

      maureencora1maureencora1Hace 4 meses
  • I Wish We Had One Down Here in Houston, Texas. I Love Chicago, IL. (Southside)

    maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
  • He Looked Like a of Goodfellas ... I Kid. (smile) Great Food. I Love Chicago (Southside)

    maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
    • P.S. Do 62 yrs old Marines Get a Discount? Semper-Fi, Pappy.

      maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
  • Thank you Portillos for having the best food ever

  • There's plenty of Chicago transplants here in Dallas Texas that are in dire need of a portillo's here. Please come to Dallas and build it and hordes of hungry people will come!!!!

    Sean KeanSean KeanHace 6 meses
  • Lemon cake the beat

    baltazar garciabaltazar garciaHace 7 meses
  • open a portillos in des moines, ia

    Cole WadsworthCole WadsworthHace 8 meses
  • Portillos Moreno Valley....thank you God

    Derek Perry SrDerek Perry SrHace 9 meses
  • Just tried Portillos for the first time today for a mid afternoon lunch after a movie with one of my girl friends. OMG! I'm not usually a beef sandwich fan but ordered the Italian Beef w sweet peppers add onion and cheese sauce with extra gravy on the side, onion rings sm cheese fry, large coke n choc cake. I have to say, the Italian beef was BOMB! A bit of a juicy mess even before dipping but the best foods always are right!? Lol. The rest of my order was really good too. I can't wait to be back to knock off a few other items off the menu. It was BUSY but the lines move fast. Between walking in and having our food in hand, it was prob less than 15 minutes. I can see why Portillos is always a mad house. I will defenitely be back!! If it wasn't an hr away, I'd drive back for seconds! 😋😍

    Tammy BuchholzTammy BuchholzHace 10 meses
  • grew up in Villa Park, close to the first one, good stuff

    Peter AdamsPeter AdamsHace un año
  • I love poerillos because one good service good atmosphere and great food at a bargain

    RokkfelRokkfelHace un año
  • I'm a landscaper and we cut this guys lawn. He has a mansion. It's fuckin' insane.

    MatthewT-RMatthewT-RHace un año
  • I hate this narrators corny ass accent. Get the fuck outtahere

    Three Percent ManThree Percent ManHace un año
  • People in Chicago are rude!

    Tommy DavisTommy DavisHace un año
    • Tommy Davis No we’re not bitch

      MikMikHace un año
    • Tommy Davis yeah we are fack you!

      Three Percent ManThree Percent ManHace un año

    greenvalley87greenvalley87Hace un año
  • miss portillos, living in rural northwest florida the closest portillos is in brandon and tampa florida which is 8 hours away :( grew up with italian beefs and giardiniera

    PILMANPILMANHace 2 años
  • What a great story, too bad he sold the biz... Starting to notice changes in the quality and quantity of the food already... Damn shame.

    RuBluznRuBluznHace 2 años
    • The King because he's pushing 80 and wants to enjoy life in retirement. .although he'll never really slow down while he gets involved with many other business venues and traveling.

      CA CCA CHace un año
    • Because the company is no longer privately owned just by Dick & Sharon. They sold it to the Berkshire Partners, a private equity firm in Boston and according to my cousin who still works for Portillo's, they're very cooperate. If they don't start giving personalized attention to the food (the way Dick did 24/7) they won't make their money back. But none the less, if your order is not up to par - write The Portillo's Group in Oakbrook, ILL.

      CA CCA CHace un año
    • CA C damn no way really can you tell us why? 😭😭😭

      The KingThe KingHace un año
    • Yep...new owners are all corporate now and probably won't be giving the same detailed attention to things like Dick & Sharon have.

      CA CCA CHace un año
  • Place sucks. Who the hell boils dogs. I had to ask to throw mine on the grill. It was small and the bun was soggy. Sonic makes it better. Fuck this place.

    Mr. MillerMr. MillerHace 2 años
  • nothing makes me wish i was back in chicagoland like the memories of portillo's. GOD do i miss the italian beefs, the hot dogs, the burgers, EVERYTHING.

    Maxwell HenleyMaxwell HenleyHace 2 años
  • I was born in Cook Co memorial I have eaten Portillo's back in the beginning when they first started ,they are by far hands down the best Italian beef sandwich in town just wish they would open one near me in SC

    SCprepper55SCprepper55Hace 2 años
  • I love portillos, i know its kind of a stretch but i wish they made a portillos in texas, mansfield seems like a good place to set up.

    Victor VillegasVictor VillegasHace 2 años
  • I go to the one in moreno valley ca!

    Angelica RiveraAngelica RiveraHace 2 años
  • Southwest Florida Fort Myers build one they will come

    windowclean100windowclean100Hace 2 años
  • Good video. I'm a hotshot driver from New Orleans. I have a regular customer that I deliver a barge pump for in Lemont, Illinois. I have a system when I get up there. I drop my trailer with the pump at the shipyard so they can make the swap with the old one the next day. I then check in the Willowbrook La Quinta for the night on Kingery (83), and the down the street to Barnelli's Salad Bowl/Portillo's. Being from New Orleans we're not big hot dog eaters so I've always ordered from the Barnelli's side of the restaurant. Each time the food has been outstanding but after watching this I might try something from Portillo's side next time. I wish he'd expand down here.

    bthor76bthor76Hace 2 años

    • Best way to get a Portillo's in your town is to get everyone you know to order their food on line from their website. So many orders came in from California and Arizona and that's why they are now in those locations...specifically the cities the orders came from. Just inside info for you.

      CA CCA CHace un año
  • I know Mr portillo

    Union Pacific challenger fanUnion Pacific challenger fanHace 2 años
  • Oak Brook loves you.

    Elise CarlsonElise CarlsonHace 2 años
  • mr portillo should fund project clean up earth for a dollar because all the garbage that gets littered in crestwood il it gets i the cal sag channel and waterways and project clean up earth gets stuck cleaning up after all the incompetent people same with target in the same lot and their customers that throw there garbage on the ground its despicable project clean up earth will deal with it either way so support a clean green earth for all project clean up earth. org

    1,000,000,000 views1,000,000,000 viewsHace 2 años
  • I love this restaurant, and hearing the back story makes me love it even more! I could kill for a cake shake right now

    The Mystic With LipstickThe Mystic With LipstickHace 3 años
  • "Semper Fi!"

    Jack WongenJack WongenHace 3 años
  • The old Portillo's is cleaner and better. Today Portillo's is disgusting, the tables are sticky and smelly. Dripping and soggy Italian beef. I remember when I was young, the Portillo's hot dog comes with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, layout neat and clean, not anymore. The Rhythm itself makes me want to puke or makes me want to beat someone up. 102..102, get your bones to chew. Number 106..106, I'll beat you up with the stick. Number 95 .. 95, come get your dirt instead of Fries. Number 104..104, get your ass out of that door. Number 83...83 go outside and eat your tree.

    Lou M LLLou M LLHace 3 años
    • Maybe that was your experience at ONE of the stores but don't lump ALL of them in the same criticism

      CA CCA CHace un año
  • this narrator also does the Walt Disney parks videos.

    kozmobillionskozmobillionsHace 3 años
  • Greg Miller sent me here!

    Re4BiohazardRe4BiohazardHace 3 años
  • they need one in Lockport, IL

    exel234exel234Hace 3 años
  • Dicks wife needs to sue her plastic surgeon.

    tom jonestom jonesHace 3 años
  • My mom is in this video because she works at portillos

    paige jordanpaige jordanHace 3 años
  • We need Portillo's in NYC! I went to the one in Gurnee, Illinois and it was amazing!!! Can't wait to go back next month!!!

    Rosie VRosie VHace 3 años
  • I grew up minutes away from the Forest Park location. My family and I have been going there since I was little. Burgers, dogs, everything is delicious. But, the Italian beef/sausage combo reigns supreme for me.

    Kippsky45Kippsky45Hace 3 años
  • how come you don't have a Portillo's out here in California I would love to try their food

    Robert BecerraRobert BecerraHace 3 años
    • CA C Knotts Berry Farm

      Tommy DavisTommy DavisHace un año
    • There's one next to Knott's Landing

      CA CCA CHace un año
    • There are several in California, I go to the one in Buena Park all the time

      pour le pianopour le pianoHace 3 años
  • We moved to California from Chicago. Good they've opened branches in SoCal. However we miss their baked spaghetti ( Barnelli's ) so I hope they add that to their menu too. Please, pretty please...

    LastTheoriesLastTheoriesHace 4 años
  • Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum! I love you, Portillo's! My wife and I have been going the Buena Park location for years.

    Matty JuradoMatty JuradoHace 4 años
  • I love how in this video the don't want to recognize that his father was Mexican . and how his brother claim to be Italian they both 100% americans but I hate how the feel ashamed to recognize their Mexican heritage .

    venito camelovenito cameloHace 4 años
    • Joe Villegas maybe early on but now not so much

      RokkfelRokkfelHace un año
    • Joe Villegas yeah. I agree. That was unnecessary.

      CA CCA CHace un año
    • CA C yeah, but you have to acknowledge that they worded that really weird. They said the father was native, Spanish, and french and that he came from mexico. When that combination of native and European is what is most common in mexico. He was just a Mexican guy. Everyone from Mexico is native, Spanish, and french.

      Three Percent ManThree Percent ManHace un año
    • Nope. His DNA was never hidden nor would it ever hurt the business. The food is too dam good.

      CA CCA CHace un año
    • Yeah they pussy footed around it. Perhaps it would hurt business a little?

      Three Percent ManThree Percent ManHace un año
  • My cousin hasn't been here in 20 years.Brought his 17 year old son to town in June.His son has never seen a big city or left Michigan.First thing we did after they arrived was go to Portillos for lunch.

    mountnman3609mountnman3609Hace 4 años
    • Tthat's awesome that you took that kid to Portillo's. he will remember it forever. and I'm not being sarcastic either. I bet he loved it

      MrJoshuaAtwoodMrJoshuaAtwoodHace 3 años
  • Makes me hungry just watching it. I know where I'm going for lunch today lol

    T MakT MakHace 4 años
    • for real!!

      MrJoshuaAtwoodMrJoshuaAtwoodHace 3 años
  • i used to work there, long ago

    Justo LeguizamonJusto LeguizamonHace 4 años
  • Best restaurant in Chicago, I hope they expand even more

    Red AcuraRed AcuraHace 4 años
    • Wish We Had One in Houston, Texas. I was Made in Chicago, IL (Southside,)

      maureencora1maureencora1Hace 5 meses
    • A lot more people have been finding out about Portillo's in the past 5-10 years. It's not just a Chicago thing anymore... Culver's slowly expanded put of Wisconsin, and Portillo's is way better. So hopefully they keep expanding like they have, for everyone's sake!!! Lol

      MrJoshuaAtwoodMrJoshuaAtwoodHace 3 años
    • +MELISSA84008 one will be down in Tampa cannot wait

      Sean HarrisonSean HarrisonHace 4 años
    • +AccessDenied55 They will be in Milwaukee next year.

      dvferyancedvferyanceHace 4 años
    • @MELISSA84008 They need them everywhere

      Red AcuraRed AcuraHace 4 años
  • nice, I'm home sick. thanks allot!

    Ken StokKen StokHace 5 años
  • Just went to Portillos , in Crystal Lake love their beef's and fries choclate cake and strawberry short cake and much more

    4yobe44yobe4Hace 5 años
  • This place rules.

    MisterStratosphericMisterStratosphericHace 5 años
  • Confused about his nationality. The story says he is spanish, and greek in the beginning but at 5:59 the guy says "he's the first Italian" ?

    Ceejay DeeCeejay DeeHace 5 años
    • For Portillo's, He a Red Blooded All-American. Semper-Fi, Folks.

      maureencora1maureencora1Hace 4 meses
    • He's mixed lets end it at that

      RokkfelRokkfelHace un año
    • Hes everything

      RokkfelRokkfelHace un año
    • "First to tell you " dumb ass

      Three Percent ManThree Percent ManHace un año
    • He's Mexican-Greek.

      Three Percent ManThree Percent ManHace un año
  • Now this is someone people should look up to. Not going to lie, this has inspired me to work even harder. No excuses

    CoolRex87CoolRex87Hace 5 años
    • Having served as a Marine. And Mr Portillo knows (a Marine as well), "Failures NOT an option." Semper Fi!

      Jack WongenJack WongenHace 3 años
  • Used to eat at the Original in front of "Big R " retail store . Who'd a thunk.

    eddy2121eddy2121Hace 5 años
  • my dad grew up in villa park, and he used to get hotdogs from the original stand. He even said they got their fries from the chicken place across the road.

    Fishhunter2014Fishhunter2014Hace 5 años
  • You guys need Lucky dog da bomb!!!$

    UnstoppablePanda PandaUnstoppablePanda PandaHace 5 años