Prince Swanny - Marrow Ago Fly

Prince Swanny - Marrow Ago Fly (Official Video)
Song Produced by Slaybad Musiq
Song Written by Prince Swanny
Video by Reality Films

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  • All that gold an gun an they cant even spend money on a good fence lol

    Treyvon NicholasTreyvon NicholasHace 2 días
  • Ajfy

    netasha sacroolnetasha sacroolHace 3 días
  • Hi P

    Percy LezamaPercy LezamaHace 6 días
  • ALYUH could sing fking shiiitttt boi

    kill batty boikill batty boiHace 6 días
  • Annnnnnnthem!

    RkSmith 051RkSmith 051Hace 7 días
  • Prince swanny is the real deal

    Sacha McleanSacha McleanHace 7 días
  • D war done big up d swan boss

  • Hi

    Robin AchaibarRobin AchaibarHace 7 días
  • Ztekk empire fi life

    David BobbDavid BobbHace 9 días
  • Marrow ago fly🔥❗️🇹🇹

    Top DawgTop DawgHace 10 días
  • Zetek

    Shayne FletcherShayne FletcherHace 10 días
  • Up top swanny

    shemar dundasshemar dundasHace 10 días
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    Melissa GuerraMelissa GuerraHace 12 días
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    Melissa GuerraMelissa GuerraHace 12 días
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    Melissa GuerraMelissa GuerraHace 12 días
  • Swanny real bad dog respect

    Foster ReidFoster ReidHace 13 días
  • kill dem all

  • Love you swan dan keep it up

    Izeia CudjoeIzeia CudjoeHace 16 días
  • Need a link to the artist ASAP

    jermaine blacklionjermaine blacklionHace 17 días
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    Aaron AllisonAaron AllisonHace 18 días
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    Roy BishopRoy BishopHace 19 días

    Roy BishopRoy BishopHace 19 días
  • Swanny all d way

    Jaden GrantJaden GrantHace 19 días
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    Robin RobertsRobin RobertsHace 21 un día
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    Robin RobertsRobin RobertsHace 21 un día
  • Das it day Swanny win

    Reanna CharlesReanna CharlesHace 21 un día
  • eh this meh fav song and meh doh even know de words '-'

    Jamie HoseinJamie HoseinHace 22 días
    • He just saying yuh not bad he doh beg no friend and if yuh feal he not bad he friend down cassava go show him what is baddness

      ꧁•RAI STAR࿐꧁•RAI STAR࿐Hace 17 días
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    eric williamseric williamsHace 22 días
  • Big up ntekk

    boss manboss manHace 23 días
  • Prince swanny is the best song I Love this song

    Jenissia BaptisteJenissia BaptisteHace 23 días
  • That rose gold lookn nice

    Jamie SargusinghJamie SargusinghHace 23 días
  • H

    Quincy SupersadQuincy SupersadHace 24 días
  • Trini ah tek over now .Big in Soca now some of the biggest and now have some of the most talented dancehall artists . 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 Trini2dibone

    d dyald dyalHace 25 días
  • Real bad men Swanny you bad

    Foster ReidFoster ReidHace 27 días
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    Kennith SearsKennith SearsHace 27 días
  • Ztekk Prince swanny

    Leona CoxLeona CoxHace 29 días
  • Big up trinibad artist

    Leona CoxLeona CoxHace 29 días
  • Marrow ago fly

    Leona CoxLeona CoxHace 29 días
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    Ishy DawgIshy DawgHace 29 días
  • World wide track

    Rich KidRich KidHace 29 días
  • Going through these comments I have 1 question how can u imitate what someone else created then disrespect them...don't work like that mi g...yaady badness....big up mi triny linky dem 1 motion...gangsta ova yasu fools ova desso

    Rhoan ReidRhoan ReidHace 29 días
  • This Have to be the best swanny ever Not 6 or 9

    Aaron DebanceAaron DebanceHace un mes
  • Swanny bad men respect

    Foster ReidFoster ReidHace un mes
  • Sombody is a traitor cuz I see this sam gun in Toppy Boss video <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> .To be real 2 people who backing different teams cyah have d same gun with d sam stock and everything

    Tym CymTym CymHace un mes
  • 😈😈😈

    sharon hackettsharon hackettHace un mes
  • Swanny war hard

    Kram NimajnebKram NimajnebHace un mes
  • z tekk boss

    maconie benjaminmaconie benjaminHace un mes
  • Hi mad things this sweet vibration big up prince swanny I am ibrahima jaiteh kabba in Italy jah bless

    John IbrahimJohn IbrahimHace un mes
  • Prince mad zetek

    Latoya WrightLatoya WrightHace un mes
  • No matter what is in the message this is art. Trinibad art. This artform is a world wide break through. Some soca artist doh even get 1M views. These fellaz passing 2M. We world wide. In the early times I had a chance to work wit Zebrence a member from Ztek and this youth and Swanny used to push rel hard. And i cud tell you that these youths had it from long time. So this is not what they feel to sing or wake up one morning and select madness. They live the life, been around the life and they will leave the legacy behind. One lesson learn that will be positive in their message "never forget where you come from". And most of us does play big wen we making chedda, watch swanny, in a shorts, white T's and ah fucking goldmine around his neck. Swanny one love brother.

    • @JAM TRACK RECORDS you seems to be brainwashed or just badmind to soca and it artists Both genres has very different values . Trini youths can't sing about violence,guns and hate in soca ,dancehall would provide those platform to express these views some of these Trinidad dancehall artist struggle to do a live performance vocals all over the place ,auto tune is needed then you talk about take over😂😂😂 when in fact anyone can upload a music video on YT Soca is generally festival,cultural, unifying and happy music,don't know what IG or You Tube has do with an artist putting out their respective music Apparently your assignment are base on your limited knowledge of different music genres and cultural differences your inability to understand the basic information that artists are dominated by airplays and performances which makes great music artists ,social media just helps to promote them and their music .Hope as your name suggests your not really in the recording industry because your thinking are very immature to say the least

      Evans ParrisEvans ParrisHace 16 días
    • @Evans Parris views do make artistes, times has change brother. I came from the time when airplay made an artist. Performance is basically 20% of and artist marketing scheme. Today youtube hit and IG hit artistes are way popular than most well executed performers. ESproject paying for every Million views. What them promoters paying them youths? Some rum, weed and pussy. (Boy boy- Rabia) Upcoming soca artist will only get to perform on the big stage when they song get social media recognition or viral. Other than that them eh getting to perform nowhere. They might get ah lil shine up on synergy TV. Lol. TRINIBAD dj PUN is creating a stream for these dancehall youths and the underground market is huge. Bigger dan you feel.

    • Views don't make artists performance do which most soca artists has I don't like how promote soca vs dancehall when in fact both are Caribbean genres that are influential music

      Evans ParrisEvans ParrisHace un mes
  • Oui frangin👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Familly LouisFamilly LouisHace un mes
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    Akil WilliamsAkil WilliamsHace un mes
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    Akil WilliamsAkil WilliamsHace un mes
  • Brem my boss

    Justine SamuelsJustine SamuelsHace un mes
  • Swanny and plumpy and medz boss

    Judah ChapmanJudah ChapmanHace un mes
  • Ztekk empire prince swanny the killer

    kamal Sergeantkamal SergeantHace un mes

    Dex GreenDex GreenHace un mes
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Gloria RossanGloria RossanHace un mes
  • 90s Brooklyn Seh Prince Swanny & Boy Boy Bodness

    Coolie GyalCoolie GyalHace un mes
  • That is. D same clothes u had on in canival

    Ish BandsIsh BandsHace un mes

  • 🇹🇹🇯🇲🇺🇸 representin

    Kriston RupertKriston RupertHace un mes
  • Song fkin hard "Marrow ago fly"👌🤙🤙🤙🤙

    Stacy ClarkeStacy ClarkeHace un mes
  • Corona Virus 😷😷😷😷

  • I'm from Jamaica can someone tell me who is he talking please? Song tuff thou

    Marvin StewartMarvin StewartHace un mes
    • This was a diss for Rebel 6

      MarlonMarlonHace un mes
    • Marvin Stewart 🤴 Prince Swanny from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

      Shem DesouzaShem DesouzaHace un mes
  • Bad an evil sawn dan

    Hail UpHail UpHace un mes
  • looking like ah black elmo

    WeapoN RyaNWeapoN RyaNHace un mes

    VEVO realtime music#exclusive JahlinkVEVO realtime music#exclusive JahlinkHace un mes
  • Big up swanny for this tune

    Kriston RupertKriston RupertHace un mes
  • Love it

    Sheneece. RobertsSheneece. RobertsHace un mes
  • TRINIBAD yuh dun know big up ztekk

    YaBoiRae 129YaBoiRae 129Hace un mes
  • Put it on 1.25x ..thank me later

    Jus TinJus TinHace un mes

    nyte visionnyte visionHace un mes
  • shit

    Tall ManTall ManHace un mes
  • Gjhjhhyyyg9te Hi

    Onika LouisOnika LouisHace un mes
  • Look like mr Vegas son

    Saint TymezSaint TymezHace un mes
  • damn boy bad tbcl

    Nickson A JulienNickson A JulienHace un mes
  • big up ztekk 🤙🤙

    Samantha QuowSamantha QuowHace un mes
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    SuhpremeBossVEVOSuhpremeBossVEVOHace un mes