REGINA COPIES ME - SHE WON'T STOP! (Chad Wild Clay Vy Qwaint Spy Ninjas)

Chad Wild Clay Vy Qwaint friend Regina copied me again, YUJSTER,yugster in their latest video by wearing a hood. Regina secrets still exist.Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint friend Regina is hiding something in her room. What is in Regina's room and what is Regina's secret?Chad Wild Clay new video, PZ9 identity clues are revealed.Chad wild clay and vy qwaint are seeing who is pz9. In daniel and regina new video, chad wild clay, vy qwaint, daniel and regina figured out pz9 name is melvin. I, YUJSTER, found clues on pz9 identity and present them to the spy ninjas today. Chad wild clay new video, chad wild clay newest video, vy qwaint new video and vy qwaint newest video, chad and vy are searching for pz9, pz9 face reveal, pz9 identity, pz9 unmasked, who is pz9, who is melvin pz9. Melvin seems to be a former project zorgo member but I, YUJSTER, will continue to watch chad wild clay pz9 video and vy qwaint pz9 video to figure it out.
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  • That’s a coat not a hoodie BIG DIFFERENCE and anyone can wear a hoodie

    Tameem HussainTameem HussainHace 12 días
  • Everyone weres black and hoodies not just u she can were what she wants

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  • She is being here self she is wereing a hood because it is windy and cold

    euan Scott-andersoneuan Scott-andersonHace un mes
  • That WASENT a hoodie its a cloth its a jacket dude

    Larina ShalaLarina ShalaHace un mes
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    Huang Cui PingHuang Cui PingHace un mes

    Golden Glory123Golden Glory123Hace un mes
  • She was even wearing grey not black what matters I wear black hoodie when I go somewhere and it's in the shop so we can't get it from the shop like OMG lOSER and POOPER and maybe you are a project zorgo member because you are wearing a black hoodie and you are inside not outside so why are you wearing your disgusting sun glasses 😂😱 and you are copying her I have 25 friends and they say they hate you and you are wrong and there are 14 boys and you are a boy but they still hate you HAHA!!!!!!!!

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  • And I know that you don't want all the people like spy ninja and you think Regina love you, that just your dream.

    Hi SamsungHi SamsungHace un mes
  • Just that all but it don't mean she copy you

    Hi SamsungHi SamsungHace un mes
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    Maria VargassMaria VargassHace un mes
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    Jagroop DhillonJagroop DhillonHace un mes
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  • Why don't you have a battle royale with Chad and VY quaint Daniel Regina and Melvin Sky is blind but Rigene but he but Regina's not even wearing a black hoodie she is wearing a gray hoodie you don't have CWC merch who I want you to be a spy ninja you don't even have the skills to be a spy ninja because your videos are the worst videos I've ever seen you're going down huge the CWC rock You have to be so Gosheff they just wear the same thing because she Regina because they might be cold you are a hacker you

    Sokha SoSokha SoHace un mes
  • If they were the same thing as a huge picture why are you saying they copied you know every everyone wears the same clothes but I don't but they were the same clothes does that mean that the spinal injuries are going to call Regina a hacker

    Sokha SoSokha SoHace un mes
  • Are you stupid? She was wearing a hooding what's wrong

    Su Ling HoeSu Ling HoeHace un mes
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