• Hi Guys I am a new ESprojectr uploading Career Mode and League Racing Videos on my channel. It would mean the world to me if you, the person reading this, would visit my channel and watch my videos!! Every view, every follower and every like I get means a lot to me! Thanks :) I will also follow you back if you are not private.

    Oli FrickOli FrickHace un mes
  • Why aren’t you doing the Veloce co op career mode

    SGL GrooveSGL GrooveHace un mes
  • Simply great news for you and us!

    RonniePetersonRonniePetersonHace un mes
  • "Turn nervous" ahahah

    Paolo PigaPaolo PigaHace un mes
  • Yo Jd here, turn nervous

    Manav VermaManav VermaHace un mes
  • He has a gaming chair so we can believe him

    agent vettelagent vettelHace un mes
  • Welcome Back 😍

    Veloce EsportsVeloce EsportsHace un mes
    • Veloce Esports why isn’t he in the veloce team races ?

      SGL GrooveSGL GrooveHace un mes
  • How do you look so different every time you step in front of the camera? Is it the angle? Do you lose and gain weight fast? What is it!?

    Haris MrkonjaHaris MrkonjaHace un mes
  • The comeback story of dreams

    NzL RyaN LzNNzL RyaN LzNHace un mes
  • yo JD turn nervous here

    Matt HannanMatt HannanHace un mes
  • For reference i did a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>:0something at Monaco* with a midtier Haas car.. Only 1 minor engine upgrade, 3 minor aero, and 1 minor chassis.. Just had to throw that out there i think it was pretty good lol 😆 Dont blink 😆

    Michael SMichael SHace un mes
    • I just remembered another reason that 1:11:something was pretty good... I did it with no ffb just a bungie chord wheel with oodles and oodles of dead zone... I know im being annoying lmao sorry i dont really do forums and things so youtube has been my mental release valve lately 😂😂

      Michael SMichael SHace un mes
  • Yo JD here Terminal Illness

    Jude 011Jude 011Hace un mes
  • Has veloce esport really grown that much? Their videos barely get views compared to yours

    djheckler92djheckler92Hace un mes
  • I have just gotten into "sim racing" (really just an arcade racer still) getting a thrustmaster wheel T3PA Peddles and F-GT Cockpit very soon.. I just wanted to say thank you for the videos. I'm a very impulsive buyer with stuff but the more i watch reviews and F1/ racing videos in general makes me know that I'm making the right choice. Even though it's definitely going to open the wallet a little lol. Hoping one day in the far future I can get into online races, league races and maybe just maybe on a team or something.. Just keep me in mind when I'm breaking records.. DesolateMind427 XBox and PS4.

    Michael SMichael SHace un mes
  • Love this man

    kidbyerskidbyersHace un mes
  • Are you Jordan Henderson's fucking twin or something?

    Haytham KenwayHaytham KenwayHace un mes
  • GL back at Veloce from the Belgian JD 😉

    Jochen3660Jochen3660Hace un mes
  • Congrats

    Benjamin CadenaBenjamin CadenaHace un mes
  • Veloce Limitless?

    Shielded72Shielded72Hace un mes
  • TRL Backmaker

    RubocarRubocarHace un mes
  • Why does youtube always mess up your intro. The subtitles said: “yo JD here turn nervous”

    SebniaSebniaHace un mes
  • JD is literally the best F1 ESprojectr on the platform

    HypersoftHypersoftHace un mes
  • Just like those career modes 🙃

    NicktheQuickNicktheQuickHace un mes
  • oooo nice haircut!! Lookin' good my man

    NnexxxxNnexxxxHace un mes
  • Oh damm surprising but fair enough wishing you best of luck on the light side

    james ward-gwilliamjames ward-gwilliamHace un mes
  • Make up your mind

    Jcarty23Jcarty23Hace un mes
  • Welcome back bro!🔥

    JaaamesJaaamesHace un mes
    • Tyrell illness

      NikV7NikV7Hace un mes
  • Pleaseee don‘t what am I gonna do with my life without the JD here Tyrone Limejuice Intros...

    ManuRodriguezManuRodriguezHace un mes
    • ManuRodriguez he did say that name is staying.

      yammmityammmitHace un mes
    • ManuRodriguez 😂😂😂😂😂

      TheTextGameTheTextGameHace un mes
  • Are you going to be in the squad sprint championship with the rest of veloce

    Riot BigmanRiot BigmanHace un mes
  • props to you mate, keep up the league racing and being involved in the esports scene xD

    VSR JakeVSR JakeHace un mes
  • Veloce Limitless is back! #1 Formula One ESprojectr

    HockeyfanHockeyfanHace un mes
  • Nice

    DiavoloDiavoloHace un mes
  • As long as you keep the rotation... then all’s good 👍🏻

    MrRichyboy24MrRichyboy24Hace un mes
  • Will you be doing squadsprint?

    Joshua Lumb2Joshua Lumb2Hace un mes
  • What does the "TRL" even stand for ? JD sounds better then Limitless in my opinion . Veloce JD > TRL Limitless

    Luka PavlovicLuka PavlovicHace un mes
    • team redline

      Kyle NowickiKyle NowickiHace un mes
  • Outro music?

    MLD_Sunlight70MLD_Sunlight70Hace un mes
  • yo JD here turn nervous and as you can see

    PK19911707PK19911707Hace un mes
  • Congrats

    JustBryxnJustBryxnHace un mes
  • Well you got to do what’s best for you so congratulations hope it work how you want it to

    TheNoviceSimRacerTheNoviceSimRacerHace un mes
  • JD where does the "TRL" come from and what does it stand for? I've been wondering about that for a while

    Sebastian DanckertSebastian DanckertHace un mes
    • Total Racing Leagues. It's the first league racing series I ever took part in 😄

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
    • Sebastian Danckert It stands for The Racing Line, I believe.

      Joseph EllerJoseph EllerHace un mes
  • Nice man! I wish you the best in this new adventure! 😁

    Ζαβαρα ΚατρανέμιαΖαβαρα ΚατρανέμιαHace un mes
  • Hopefully you will get to esports. You deserve it. In your day you can beat anyway

    PedroPedroHace un mes
  • prediction: part of James' race engineer team for his Gt racing this season... could be wrong

    Andrew RogersAndrew RogersHace un mes
  • Good on you mate. Followed you and your videos for years. You always helped me get ahead against my mates on f1 with your old school setup vids. Hope you become a success in f1, f1 esports. Best of luck pal 😘

    Rowey mk1G60Rowey mk1G60Hace un mes
  • NO WAY

    Adley _917Adley _917Hace un mes
  • 👀

    DDAlan 21DDAlan 21Hace un mes
  • The reason is the bad ass threads 😂 those shirts are looking 🔥

    BarryTRC RacingBarryTRC RacingHace un mes
  • congratulation!

    Bence BaranyásBence BaranyásHace un mes
  • deadass was just watching veloce esports overtakes lol, than buddy re-joins em

    rjjellorjjelloHace un mes
  • Hes good dont get me wrong but hes not good enough to make a career out of it?

    Dan GeeDan GeeHace un mes
  • James its James... Good JD as long as the content is equally amazing will be here for you!

    Zwarrior 19Zwarrior 19Hace un mes
  • What does TRL Mean, like what kind of abreviation is it??

    ScoNopleScoNopleHace un mes
    • Team RedLine

      Guilherme AmorimGuilherme AmorimHace un mes
    • Testicle Re-Location?

      JulleJulleHace un mes
  • You really cannot decide if you want to be a part of this team or not... Make up your mind.

    Giorgos KonstantinouGiorgos KonstantinouHace un mes
  • When did you leave veloce in the first place? BTW love your vids and keep up the great work 🥇🥇

    Michael SampsonMichael SampsonHace un mes
  • 'Money' is always the reason ha.

    Sid VishSid VishHace un mes
  • Great video. Best og luck for you and the team 😁👍

    Cosmos 726Cosmos 726Hace un mes
  • Yo, JD here, Veloce Tyrell Loomis here

    Bob MarlejBob MarlejHace un mes
  • Will you be joining the Veloce championship series?

    Oi Allow ItOi Allow ItHace un mes
    • TRL Limitless that’s awesome, looking forward to watching that now!

      Oi Allow ItOi Allow ItHace un mes
    • Yes :D

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
  • Will you be racing in the Veloce Squad sprint

    xDylan2403xxDylan2403xHace un mes
    • It's the reason for him making the switch.

      MalwontaeMalwontaeHace un mes
    • Yup!

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
  • good

    JamieB 05JamieB 05Hace un mes
  • Also, I will not be changing TRL Limitless - The name stays :D

    TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
    • Veloce Limitless sounds alot better tho :(

      RiddenRiddenHace un mes
    • Because you can't say veloce trl limitless that fast!

      Luca SimonettiLuca SimonettiHace un mes
    • TRL Limitless TRL Limited* haha no jk you’re amazing keep going!

      Daniel FerrierDaniel FerrierHace un mes
    • Okay turn nervous

      natha rocksnatha rocksHace un mes
    • WHAT?!?!?!?

      Matthew HildenbrandMatthew HildenbrandHace un mes
  • Niko Rossberg: Is James career over?!?!

    EitoonEitoonHace un mes
  • Why have this nice guy not 100k subscribers, that's ridiclious!!

    Lucas MeierLucas MeierHace un mes
    • @Edy Graumans lol I dont hate him. Dont throw words in my mouth man, and dont take one statement and extrapolate it to my overall view. I like his content for the most part, hes a good sim racer. I was making a comment to Lucas that dont think hes nothing but a cup of sugar based on this 3 min. clip.

      CTCTHace un mes
    • @CT yeah he always acts like he drives so clean, but it is often him doing the "dirty mistakes". He kinda always looks for excuses.

      Fabien SFabien SHace un mes
    • CT say "i hate him"? . lmao

      Juanka perezJuanka perezHace un mes
    • @CT what are you doing here if you hate him

      Edy GraumansEdy GraumansHace un mes
    • Watch how he acts during certain racing incidents, you may not say that after.

      CTCTHace un mes
  • he will become the sauber esports driver wow ehat a suprise🤪

    LukaLukaHace un mes
  • if it's going to be veloce limitless, i'll miss the tyrell lmitlss intros

    SunnaiySunnaiyHace un mes
    • it won't

      TheRoflCrabTheRoflCrabHace un mes
  • You gonna stay as TRL Limitless even tho you're back with Veloce or are you planning on changing it to Veloce Limitless again?

    ZZ9 ProductionsZZ9 ProductionsHace un mes
    • @TRL Limitless :D

      ZZ9 ProductionsZZ9 ProductionsHace un mes
    • Stay as TRL Limitless :D

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
  • How will Mercedes new magic trick work in the next F1 game.

    BIG BBIG BHace un mes
    • @Ferenc no, this won't be implemented. It is such a small change, that you can't simulate in a game. There are many other things the driver can do, that are not possible in the game...

      Hans MudsHans MudsHace un mes
    • I think there will be a button, like for ers management, and fuel. I think for mercedes there will be one more button for that

      FerencFerencHace un mes
    • BIG B It won’t

      yo GT here Tarot Limitsyo GT here Tarot LimitsHace un mes
  • Congratulations mate and good luck!

    TausifTausifHace un mes
  • So it’s jo jd veloce limitless now?

    Koen RozemaKoen RozemaHace un mes
  • Why veloce needs to be removed from f1 2019

    Jack 27Jack 27Hace un mes

    SlyvoSlyvoHace un mes
  • Mad didn't expect that tbf

    Jai FletcherJai FletcherHace un mes
    • considering his recent performances neither did i

      TheTimeTravellerTheTimeTravellerHace un mes
  • Very nice bro i like veloce really much👍

    F1 FOR FUNF1 FOR FUNHace un mes
  • JD here tirol limits

    Br TbdsBr TbdsHace un mes
  • Great to see you in Veloce again good luck 💪👍

    JackZz F1JackZz F1Hace un mes
  • lmao

    i7suisi7suisHace un mes
  • Hope you enjoy the phenomenal picture and audio quality from my phone :D

    TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
    • @Áron Lepedus Huawei P30 pro

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
    • He it came out on ESproject in 21.9 Aspect Ratio made it look like a movie and for a minute there I thought it was the next Thor movie hehe good luck to you JD

      F1 Games PlaystationF1 Games PlaystationHace un mes
    • I loved it

      Michael SampsonMichael SampsonHace un mes
    • is this an iPhone? :D

      Áron LepedusÁron LepedusHace un mes
    • Are you going to be changing you’re name back to Veloce Limitless?

      Alex O'Grady RacingAlex O'Grady RacingHace un mes