Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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  • awesome moves and so female body shape inclusive. not a bunch of toned ladies, since its possible for all body shapes to dance well.

    Albert HoodAlbert HoodHace 4 horas
  • Such an amazing energy. ❤

    Troy BrownTroy BrownHace 5 horas
  • yo the choreography looks familiar and I just realised black pink did their choreo 😍🥰

    kikikikiHace 6 horas
  • 원조는 진짜 못 따라간다.. 이 분들 만의 그런 느낌이 있오..

    과언과언Hace 7 horas
  • 25/2/2020 so goodd

    [ZombieV4] LêTrang[ZombieV4] LêTrangHace 10 horas
  • Ahora ya se de donde sacaron la parte del baile de blackpink

    Miel MedinaMiel MedinaHace 17 horas
  • Who's until now love it and even it is your not first time to watch it you still watching it full and don't skip any details of their dance 😍😂

    Mary Ann UnsonMary Ann UnsonHace 18 horas
  • brad mondo killed it

    Ramneet GillRamneet GillHace 19 horas
  • Min 0:33, how is the girl at the right of Parris called?

    Javier HermosoJavier HermosoHace 20 horas
  • The Best dancing video ever ❤️ I’ve seen in like 100 times 🤷🏼‍♀️

    sonn41sonn41Hace 21 un hora
  • Espero que alguien me ayude me esta interesando bastante este genero de musica pero ¿como se llama? El que ayude gracias infinito❤.

    Andy VelaAndy VelaHace 21 un hora
  • C'est remarquable, y'a de la performance et du rythme !

  • 2:46 this part is my forever fav ❤❤

    Anushika SinghAnushika SinghHace 23 horas
  • 🤗😍❤️

    Yery Charloth' Yevenes MuñozYery Charloth' Yevenes MuñozHace un día
  • Thousands WOW 😦😦😦

    suri widhyasuri widhyaHace un día
  • Omg who’s the girl at 2:00 😍😍😍

    V vnV vnHace un día
  • Every move and the choreography, feels like it's really fit for the music. 👏👏👏

    Ronniel Jay MaribohocRonniel Jay MaribohocHace un día
  • 0:33: he dropped faster than my grades

    Selina AktherSelina AktherHace un día
  • Omg that rhianna sound gets annoying after a while

    RozieSubs `RozieSubs `Hace un día
  • How come they don't get tired? I will have a heart attack after the first minute

    Smart Panda07Smart Panda07Hace un día
  • When are we going to see a new routine? How long are they going to ride this old routine out? Come on guys i know your better than this. Every 2 to 3 yrs you should change your routine if you want to stay ahead of everyone else. Your looking complacent!?

    Wood DragonWood DragonHace un día
  • Me gusta el pito

    German GonsalesGerman GonsalesHace un día
  • 7:13 Danmark he looks like Tobias Dybvad!!!!🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

    Emma AndreasenEmma AndreasenHace un día
  • Лучший их номер. Ослепительно превосходно. Превзойти просто не возможно. на этом танцы закончились...

    MrUjin57MrUjin57Hace un día
  • Blackpink cover?

    Mili gonzalezMili gonzalezHace 2 días
  • Мощ

    Алина ОкотэттоАлина ОкотэттоHace 2 días
  • NCT in 2025 looks kinda different here.

    isman warsameisman warsameHace 2 días
  • *wathing this* Heart: lets do this!!!! Brain: u cant we are fat and we cant dance... Legs: thanks God!

    PeSY!PeSY!Hace 2 días
    • no excuse. there ar big ladies doing this in the video.get on it PeSY!'s legs

      Albert HoodAlbert HoodHace 4 horas
  • Я неверю,

    саша куригановасаша куригановаHace 2 días
  • 1:55 fukin awesome

    Nitansh V DharwalNitansh V DharwalHace 2 días
  • Does anyone know the name of song at 2:30

    AthulAthulHace 2 días
  • j'adore trop se groupe💪

    Ramatoulaye DiopRamatoulaye DiopHace 2 días
  • say the name of the song 5:04

    O H I K O C H A NO H I K O C H A NHace 2 días
  • I think I just got some sex education. Damn...

    Sierra McCutchenSierra McCutchenHace 2 días
  • Song 1: Bitch Better Have My Money - Remix Hip/Hop Song 2: mek it bunx up remix Song 3: Work it

    Kiên NguyễnKiên NguyễnHace 2 días
  • NAME SONG 1:38 please!

    DanielDanielHace 2 días
  • 1:46 ummm since when was brad mondo part of the royal family

    Bethany MansonBethany MansonHace 2 días
  • Hola aunque todos hablen inglés y no les entiendo a mi me encanta como bailan ya me me sé toda la coreografía bueno más o menos pero amo me encantaría conocerlos

    Monserrat JarilloMonserrat JarilloHace 2 días
  • 1:48 best dance waaaw😛😛😛

    hudaifa abdallehudaifa abdalleHace 2 días
  • NICEEE 😍😘 en el minuto 1:55 me recuerda a blackpink :v y lo intente pero nel xd

    adriana :Dadriana :DHace 2 días
  • N sei vcs mas eu vim pelo link de uma fic kkkk

    priscila p.priscila p.Hace 2 días
  • 10分間があっという間!!

    七瀬紅葉七瀬紅葉Hace 2 días
  • name of the song please 2:33

    Insane CuberInsane CuberHace 2 días
  • Ok... After that i can't breath

    Tia MoonTia MoonHace 3 días
  • 😮🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    yohana alvarezyohana alvarezHace 3 días
  • 7:44 she looks like ariana😂😍

    devendra singhdevendra singhHace 3 días
  • They must've been practising since the womb

    muna alghamdimuna alghamdiHace 3 días
  • 3:00 What is the name of the girl in the center?

    S U SS U SHace 3 días
  • Too much spice 🔥

    Gerson AquilescaGerson AquilescaHace 3 días
  • Anyone have a music list?

    erhaboriEerhaboriEHace 3 días
  • 5:27 Billie Eilish at the right

    Christian ArcigaChristian ArcigaHace 3 días

    zeenath sameerzeenath sameerHace 3 días
  • Can someone please tell me what the song is at 1:39? It's driving me insane that I can't remember.

    into the mysticinto the mysticHace 3 días

    Ruby De la cruzRuby De la cruzHace 3 días

    Celina KunzCelina KunzHace 3 días
    • GES

      Celina KunzCelina KunzHace 3 días
    • BoS BoSTA

      Celina KunzCelina KunzHace 3 días
  • awesome!

    Anthony Patrick SibayanAnthony Patrick SibayanHace 3 días
  • okay the only that bothered me so much was the creasing on the Air Force 1s 😭

    HiHiHace 3 días
  • I just can't stop watching this

    -ana--ana-Hace 3 días
  • Top 2020👍

    Patros 11patrosPatros 11patrosHace 4 días
  • alguien en español'??

    Karen TovarKaren TovarHace 4 días