Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song)

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You're a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
Get back in the saddle
You're on the front line
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We're getting closer
This isn't over
The pressure's on
You feel it
But you got it all
Believe it
When you fall get up, oh oh
If you fall get up, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
'Cause this is Africa
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa"




  • Nice Song

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  • its now 10 year later

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  • I love this song, and also he ruled the world for a while lol

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  • Why she look like lele pons?

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  • 1:06 Я одна слышу : Водка водка ,сам на лей

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  • Thiis song will lives forever in our hearts ❤️

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  • 2:10 If you're not touched by this song ... smh

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  • Its not about privacy of humanity needed for humans but its how to fix the problem or it can be a great issue

    Thomas GuanThomas GuanHace 12 horas
  • That inspired my motivation to lose my weight to become who I want to be but some people are unnormal and crazy and mentally illed

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  • Shikira good singing😝

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  • After this song she dissapeared for 6 years until zootropolis/Zootopia released

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  • I thought Shakira was wife of President of Fifa

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  • Kon kon 2020 me dekh rha h ye popular song🤘

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  • I love listening to this song it reminds me of my African Heritage It makes me proud to be African

    Exter TNTExter TNTHace 13 horas
  • These were actually world cup anthems

    Noobie 13Noobie 13Hace 13 horas
  • Hello guys please watch the music video of “Lose you to love me” by Selena Gomez. Thank you 🙏

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  • Indian present hai

  • This song really united the whole world for a bit

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  • this song still slaps in 2020

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  • Canción del diablo

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  • Man! What a good times. this song gives me so much emotions still to this day and makes me nostalgic to know that my youth is flying away from my hands and can’t do nothing about it 🥺

    Asi NomasAsi NomasHace 15 horas
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