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April 5, 2017 - My first interview for PA School!
April 7, 2017 - Phone call of Acceptance into PA School!
May 30, 2017 - My first day of PA School! (Orientation Week)
June 20, 2017 - I was voted First Year Coordinator of my Class for the Student Society of my school!
August 18, 2017 - Passed my first Semester of PA School!
August 26, 2017 - Received my short WHITE COAT!
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Adanna The PA (Correct Spelling)
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  • Who out there want's to be a PA?

    Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
    • Is PA school part time

      Kimberly RogersKimberly RogersHace 3 meses
    • Me

      OlympityOlympityHace 6 meses
    • meh

      Piggy's magicPiggy's magicHace 9 meses
    • @Kimberly Payne-Brown hi iam graduted with a B.A in English from 20 years too. Did you applied for PA school?

      sallysallyHace 10 meses
    • I want to be one because im an esthetician

      idk my nameidk my nameHace un año
  • I've been a social worker in the medical field for 10 years. Does this count as medical experience?

    julia Chavezjulia ChavezHace 5 horas
  • Hi am from East Africa and we do clinical medicine and surgery which is basically PA and I would wish to specialise in anaesthesia or ER in America is it possible and how can I go about it

    Akinyi CynthiaAkinyi CynthiaHace un mes
  • Hi everyone, can someone help me figure out how I can earn PCE hours without a certification?

    Angelica GAngelica GHace un mes
  • the school i’m looking at has a biology requirement with a lab; if i have taken microbiology w/ lab does that count?

    Tanner McGowanTanner McGowanHace un mes
    • Not likely. Typically when they are asking for a biology class with a lab its General biology and then they will have subsequent requirement that says upper level biology with the lab and then micro would fulfill that requirement

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace un mes
  • Hi, I wanted to ask when is it best to actually take the GRE exam because I'm currently a freshman in a UC at the moment? Also, do you have to pay for this exam?

    Kari PopKari PopHace un mes
    • Karina Her usually it’s $200

      Tanner McGowanTanner McGowanHace un mes
  • What did you do to get experience? Why did you choose to become a PA?

    Lauryn RogersLauryn RogersHace 3 meses
    • CNA, and I liked the work life balance.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 3 meses
  • Can anyone help me with choosing the right Associates degree that will ultimately help me with reaching my PA school pre reqs. I’m thinking Health sciences or biology? Or are either ok?

    HandygirlHandygirlHace 3 meses
  • hi Adanna, I hope you can reply. can I apply to a PA school with a public health administration degree? secondly, can those hours count if im a phlebotomist? thank you!!

    Alondra ArambulaAlondra ArambulaHace 6 meses
  • As an upcoming senior in highschool what can I do to prepare for this job and set my bars of competition? I am currently enrolled in an EMT program in my school and I was apart of clinical rotations last year where we basically visited a hospital 2-3 times a week and at each visit we assisted nurses working in different areas of he hospital. also another question I have would be does what college you attend to study for this job matter and by that I mean in terms of competition as in if someone coming from Harvard university was applying against someone coming from UNT or another public university?

    TrilifyTrilifyHace 8 meses
  • Hi ! I juste recently heard of the existence of PA, and It immidiatly caught my attention, it seems like a really good job that fits my personality, I live in switzerland and I strated searching for PA school here in switzerland, but I couldn't seem to find anything but nurse or medical school nothing about you know if PA is a profession in every country ? Or is it juste in north america and uk ?

    Flora WirzFlora WirzHace 9 meses
  • Can I asked you a question?

    Khushal singh RajputKhushal singh RajputHace 10 meses
  • Hii

    Khushal singh RajputKhushal singh RajputHace 10 meses
  • Awesome video. Quick question, do I still make a Caspa app even though I’m barely starting college?

    Mr MysteryMr MysteryHace 11 meses
    • Oh okay, thank you!

      Mr MysteryMr MysteryHace 11 meses
    • O the best time to make your app is Jr yr of undergrad

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 11 meses
  • Do you do the pance test in PA school or before it?

    AbbyAbbyHace un año
    • After PA school

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace un año
  • Do you fill out the CASPA application before or after you finish getting your undergraduate degree?

    Damian RamirezDamian RamirezHace un año
    • So it all depends on how many prerequisites you still have outstanding for each school so if you don't have any prerequisites and you're just doing classes for your major that may not be a science major then you can fill out the application prior to graduation and you would get acceptance on the contingency that you graduate

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace un año
  • I’m still in highschool right now, but I did research on PA I am really interested in it. It said you need Medical Experience what or how would I do to get med experience?

    AmeenaAmeenaHace un año
    • Ameena You too!!!

      John WilsonJohn WilsonHace un año
    • John Wilson oh that’s great! Good luck

      AmeenaAmeenaHace un año
    • Ameena Yes!!! I’m excited to be a PA one day. I’m currently finishing my first year at The Ohio State University as a neuroscience major.

      John WilsonJohn WilsonHace un año
    • John Wilson yes I know, I’m really interested in human biology or any science fields. Are you looking forward to becoming a PA too?

      AmeenaAmeenaHace un año
    • Ameena Great choice! Do something that interests you! Doesn’t necessarily have to be a science major either.

      John WilsonJohn WilsonHace un año
  • How long does it take to become ap

    Nate HIggersNate HIggersHace un año
    • It varies but if you're going traditional post bac degree, then 24-36 months

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace un año
  • I am graduating with a BA, a non-science major. However, I want to be a PA. I was thinking I could take CC classes to satisfy the PA school pre-req.'s while obtaining my MA certification and working as an MA. Do you think I could get into PA school like that?

    Ayde Guerrero RosasAyde Guerrero RosasHace un año
    • I’m curious as well as I am doing the same

      Camielle SlaterCamielle SlaterHace un año
  • i have a big, big question for you. I am currently in London, UK, and want to migrate to america. I have recently finished a degree, but want to change careers to a PA. Do you recommend me complete the PA degree in UK prior to migration, or migrate first, get some (more) work experience then complete the degree over there? PS: the PA role is quite new here in the UK, where it is not fully a protected title as yet.

    monabrown101monabrown101Hace un año
  • I am working to be an RN with a BSN , would this type of bachelors degree be acceptable for a PA entry? Do PA’s requiere internships ? Can my patient experience hours be completed while working as an RN or do I have to shadow another PA?

    lucero colindrezlucero colindrezHace un año
    • lucero colindrez Hi, I know this is 4 months old but, yes you can become a PA depending on the program or school you want to get your PA masters in. The basic prerequisites you need include Microbiology, Chemistry, and Biology as well as basically everything that they teach you for your BSN. You are set. The experience as a nurse would most likely count but it is very dependent on which school and program you are trying to get into.

      Courtney FullerCourtney FullerHace un año
  • Thank you!

    Kimberly Payne-BrownKimberly Payne-BrownHace un año
    • Your welcome ☺

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace un año
  • I have a question. I really want to become a PA someday and I just graduated in hs. Is it fine if I go to a community college first to take some pre-med courses and THEN transfer to a university to get my bachelor’s degree? Also, what do you recommend a major for a person like me in order to get to PA program? And lastly, how many hours of healthcare volunteer should I have? Thank you!

    dullcheydullcheyHace un año
    • you can go to community college and transfer to a university to get your bachelor's. A major in biology would be helpful. It depends on what PA school you will be applying, required patient contact hours vary from school to school.. it can be from 500 hrs to 2000 hours depending on the school.

      sallamevryonesallamevryoneHace 6 meses
    • blackvelvet going to a community college is totally fine!

      Rochelle BonnerRochelle BonnerHace un año
  • Thank you for the info. It's sad many people don't know this information. I had a friend who graduated from an online unaccredited school, she has a hard time getting jobs

    Hello ThereHello ThereHace un año
  • I want to be a PA. Watching your videos give me so much helpful insight of what I need to do in order to be accepted in a PA program. Right now I'm taking my prerequisites courses. Also I'm planning to do job shadowing. I know I have some years ahead of me. But I'm willing to do it. 🙂

    JanessaJanessaHace un año
    • Adanna The PA Thanks! I tried thinking of other health professions I could be in. And PA sounds more fitting for me. I have a lot of work to do. And watching your videos and tips makes it a bit easier for me. Wanted to give you a big thank you for this channel. ❤

      JanessaJanessaHace un año
    • Janessa girl that's the first step. If you're willing to put in the work a d not be complacent you're well on your way to becoming a PA.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace un año
  • I am studying in India pa and I want to go to USA for job. What are its formality’s plz reply

    basil k eldhosebasil k eldhoseHace un año
    • I would suggest to contact to get a better answer for your question.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace un año
  • I currently work as a direct support professional, do you think that could be considered something similar to HHA?

    Nakina CNakina CHace un año
  • Hi Adanna! Thank you so much for your wonderful vidoes you've helped me out so much for the near future! My only question left: Is a BS in Public Health a good major to go with before applying to P.A. School? Or do i need a masters in public health to be accepted for P.A. School??

    Mohammad EhtshamMohammad EhtshamHace 2 años
  • I am 18 year old and am new to this whole career uni thing . Please advice me coz i want to become PA

    smile stay happysmile stay happyHace 2 años
    • There is really not advice someone can give you via a message on youtube as there is a lot to learn about the profession. However I would encourage you to research the profession. A great place to start is and from there you can do a google search on more specific questions you may have... and of course you can binge watch my videos :)

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Do you have to become a CNA or MA prior to applying to PA school?

    beautysoulfoodbeautysoulfoodHace 2 años
    • beautysoulfood yes

      Maria JMaria JHace 3 meses
  • Is it hard to get a stable/permanent job as a physician assistant?

    Gwyneth Nicole CachaperoGwyneth Nicole CachaperoHace 2 años
  • How many hours do you have to shadow a PA? I’ve heard 1,000? I’m an RN, so I have patient care experience.

    TwinkieToesTwinkieToesHace 2 años
    • Honestly there's no set amount of hours not for shadowing a PA typically it's like anywhere from 20 hours to 200 hours I've seen I've never seen anything that said 1000 hours that's more so for patient care experience or your Healthcare experience. It's really school-specific so you would have to go to whatever school you're applying to and see if they have any requirements or not.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Love your videos they are so informative and helpful! I plan on applying to PA school in 2019! Some of the schools I’m applying to don’t require the GRE but others do.. how early should I take the GRE before applying in April of 2019 and what is a passing/good score?

    Stacy LoveStacy LoveHace 2 años
    • +s 6217 thank you so much for watching the videos I would suggest that you take the GRE either this month or in March this month would be good because it gives you a month to still take the GRE so if you take the GRE now you still have some time in April to take it before Caspa opens at the end of April if you take it in March pretty much what score you get is the score that you would apply with unless you wait to apply to Caspa in May

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • I work full time as a NOC RT. Will that conflict with being in a PA program?

    Marquise Cruz-SmithMarquise Cruz-SmithHace 2 años
    • +Marquise Cruz-Smith so here's the thing I know of people who have worked while attending PA school but I'm not really sure to what extent you will want to work because it's definitely a grueling program. Ultimately I don't know you as a student or as a worker so I can't say that it will conflict with you being in PA school but it's just something that you would have to look into and then also kind of do a little bit of trial and error for yourself because what you may be able to do others may not and vice versa. Hope that answered your question.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Hey! Im really loving your videos so far. They're incredibly informational and useful. I'm in Highschool and I really want to become a P.A. but I have no idea where to start. Do you have any advice for anyone that is barely testing the waters?

    MilfLoverManateeMilfLoverManateeHace 2 años
    • TobyHasNoNuts The first thing you should do is make sure that the profession is for you. Go to and learn about the profession and see if it's still interesting to you and then you can work towards getting some healthcare experience. I know a lot of people start of in the ER as scribes and go from there. since you're still in high school, you may be able to try and get into a program, upon graduation that allows you to already have experience in healthcare right out the gate like a surgical tech. you will have to get a bachelors degree, so once you complete high school, think about what you want to major in (I suggest the sciences) that will allow you the opportunity to get most if not all of your prerequisite requirements for PA school.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Could you make a video about how to study for the GRE? I took the practice test and it was veryyy hard.

    Miata WallaceMiata WallaceHace 2 años
    • Adanna The PA thanks soooo much. Cant wait to apply in april!

      Miata WallaceMiata WallaceHace 2 años
    • +Miata Wallace I can do that. I'll work on getting the tools that I used.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Hello! What did you personally do to gain your HCE? I'm currently majoring in biology and am trying to figure this out.

    Eden DEden DHace 2 años
    • +eden dawit hi. I was an HHA, MA, CNA, and clinical scheduler.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • I am in high school but I have a question about health care experience. When should I do that experience? Would doing it during undergraduate school or after?

    Emily HEmily HHace 2 años
    • +emster h the more hours you can get the better so starting in high school would definitely not hurt it would only help your chances of getting into PA school because that just means that you have more experience with dealing with patients. Therefore if you're able to get a job that allows you to get Healthcare experience in high school then do it it's only going to be to your benefit!

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • If i wanted to become a PA in the future what bachelor degree should i major in? Would it be better to get a degree in science Could i be a CNA ?

    Erika De La MoraErika De La MoraHace 2 años
    • would majoring in psychology be a good plan as well? just to get into a PA program

      amayiah jadeamayiah jadeHace 11 meses
    • Erika De La Mora I say yes to everything that you just stated. I do believe that you should major in the sciences. It just makes it easier to understand the background information that is required for PA school. Being a CNA or an MA is definitely productive to getting you health care experience and just understanding how to interact with patients.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • im 27 is it too late to start a PA education?

    KoricomethKoricomethHace 2 años
    • NEVER!

      KhyKhyHace un año
    • I am 28 and am pursuing a PA career.

      Alea C'de BacaAlea C'de BacaHace un año
    • Koricometh NOOOOO! lol you are never to old to gain more education. There are many PA students that are older in age. Well into their late 30s and 40s. For many of them PA is there 2nd and 3rd career. Go for it!

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Hey please reply I'm going to start by bachelors in Biology from next summer .do you prefer I start healthy care experience from the summer ?or at what point should I start earning those hours

    tasnim islamtasnim islamHace 2 años
    • tasnim islam yes they are the same thing, sorry about that. Essentially your healthcare experience should include patient contact, although some of them do not, like being a scribe.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
    • Adanna The PA thank you ! Also is HCE and patient contact same thing

      tasnim islamtasnim islamHace 2 años
    • tasnim islam the sooner you can start acquiring HCE, the better. You can never have too many HCE, just don't be pressed about HCE, and allow your school work to suffer.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Hey Adanna :) I am currently a senior in college and I am planning a gap year for PA shadowing/research, prepare for the GRE and gain direct patient contact hours. I have a question: on school holidays, I work as a recreational specialist at an organization working with people who have intellectual, developmental and/or emotional complexities. I was wondering if this would count as direct patient care hours in the eyes of a PA school? Your channel is inspirational to me, thanks!

    SierraSierraHace 2 años
    • Adanna The PA Thank you, I will definitely do that. :)

      SierraSierraHace 2 años
    • Sierra M not really. Typically your HCE must consist of direct patient contact, like being a CNA, MA, GNA, EMT, PTT, OTT. Some schools accept ER scribes but a good majority of them want you to actually be taking care of patients in some medical form. If you are concerned, I think you should ask whatever school you're interested in that exact question. They're pretty good at answering questions from prospective students.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Peace be to you Adanna! This was a WONDERFUL video! It was VERY informative! Can you do a video about how you balance your time as a mom, wife and PA student, AND ESproject (if you haven't done that topic yet)? Thanks! I'm SO PROUD of you! 😁😀😄Peace! Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, PA-C

    Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-COmar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-CHace 2 años
    • Hey Dr. O! I did an entire Vlog on that exact thing... you can check it out here:

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • So, how long would it take to complete pa school at a graduate level? I'm 25 and I want to become a PA. I've never been to college, but I want to get my GED go to community school and get my Associates in Nursing and then transfer to a University where I can get my bachelors. After, I'd have to apply to PA school, right? So about how long do you think it'll take me? 7-8 years? Thank you for your video! You're an inspiration to me. God bless!

    LoveSeoulLoveSeoulHace 2 años
    • Can you do the bridge program despite if you have graduated from a university?

      Ciara M.Ciara M.Hace 10 meses
    • .

      Kay ObiohaKay ObiohaHace un año
    • you are seriously in the same boat as i am in. I'm trying to get my ged (24). I also want to get into nursing than become a pa. i really mean this, i hope you succeed and become successful. what specialty did you want to get into once you become a pa?? i think i want to get into surgery

      High KittyHigh KittyHace 2 años
    • Adanna The PA o wow! Thank you so much. I will also research those programs.

      Krissy S.Krissy S.Hace 2 años
    • Oh, thank you for your response. I will definitely do my research! :)

      LoveSeoulLoveSeoulHace 2 años
  • Can you make a video on your favorite subjects in PA school versus your least favorite?

    Angel BrownAngel BrownHace 2 años
    • Angel Brown yes i can.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • I love watching your videos. They remind me to focus on the bigger picture. School tends to feel like a jail sentence for me!

    alexis singletonalexis singletonHace 2 años
    • alexis singleton school can definitely feel constricting, and when you're counting down your time it can get draining but yes, stay focused on the end goal and you be happy in the long run.

      Adanna The PAAdanna The PAHace 2 años
  • Second!

    Stephanie LandaStephanie LandaHace 2 años
  • First

    Jay KhokharJay KhokharHace 2 años