Stephen A. has a problem with Le’Veon Bell going bowling after being ruled out sick | First Take

Stephen A. Smith explains why he has a problem with RB Le’Veon Bell allegedly going bowling until 1 AM after being ruled out by the New York Jets due to the flu.
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  • Bowling is like walking

    Rs DhillonRs DhillonHace un mes
  • He's a Loser no where near Zeke Elliot or Mccaffery

    Boss PinsonBoss PinsonHace un mes
  • These two are Disney's employees of the month. Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit

    Ne AskewNe AskewHace un mes
  • Longtime Steelers fan here; Mike Tomlin was the ONLY coach who could handle AB for 9 years; he handled Bell, and is now winning without BIg Ben, and as most boneheaded Tomlin haters erroneously stated for years-COWHERS PLAYERS. He 100% should be coach of the year-which will probably enrage some of the ‘hiding in the basement’ so called Steelers fans. You know who you are. Thanks Mike Tomlin! Go Steelers!

    Michael ClyburnMichael ClyburnHace un mes
  • He didn't even get 1000 YARDS. 😂. I mean WOWWWW I'm in SHOCK LIKE YOOOOO. He didn't even earn that money smh.

    Wax DoeWax DoeHace un mes
  • He ain’t got bowling lanes in his house?

    BenSoCrazyBenSoCrazyHace un mes
  • Nobody cares about your family Molly Geez moderate don't interrupt

    Maynard BainesMaynard BainesHace un mes

    Sam KingSam KingHace un mes
  • SAS gives his straight out opinions no matter the who whereas Kellerman sticks to his pandering mode.

    Stan LongStan LongHace un mes
  • I'm a store manager at a major department store and one of my employees called out on me then had the nerve to come to the store and go shopping....She was fired on her next work day!!!

    Catina YelvertnCatina YelvertnHace un mes
  • School skipper mentality

    Michael RooneyMichael RooneyHace un mes
  • 3:16 you’re welcome 😂

    Juan CobianJuan CobianHace un mes
  • wow molly is annoying

    Cold WaterCold WaterHace un mes
  • How's that contract working out for the Jets???

    Michael RomanMichael RomanHace un mes
  • AB and Bell making the Steelers management look like geniuses for letting them go

    brutha darknessbrutha darknessHace un mes
  • His running style doesn’t fit the jets , I like him but I think we should trade him , our line is trash and his style doesn’t fit

    Salem OfficialSalem OfficialHace un mes
  • They have no chance of going to the playoffs at all!!

    tu .vJOHNNY WELLShtu .vJOHNNY WELLShHace un mes
  • mY FamILY HAs ThE FlU🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    Tramir HerringTramir HerringHace un mes
  • We talking about bowling, not the football game..... but bowling smh

    lucas trotterlucas trotterHace un mes
  • Just because you're sick doesn't mean you can't have fun

    KeymanKeymanHace un mes
  • Let's be honest LeVeon Bell doesn't want to play,so let this man outta his contract and be done with it.....

    Anthony ArmstrongAnthony ArmstrongHace un mes
  • Carrying water for New England Patriots Belichick and Tom Brady but pulling the rug from under Le'Veon Bell's feet Steven A is a Minstrel show

    monstarr Bluemonstarr BlueHace un mes
  • It's bowling man we're talking about bowling I ain't talking about the game we're talking about bowling

    Lyle BarnardLyle BarnardHace un mes
  • SAS doesn't leave his house unless he's 100% healthy.

    jmorrow6406jmorrow6406Hace un mes
  • I can't get over how much of a reach for a story this is. Wow.

    jmorrow6406jmorrow6406Hace un mes
  • But the Jets told him to stay home, and last I checked, bowling is so much different than football. This should be a NON-issue. ESPN thirsty for stories

    jmorrow6406jmorrow6406Hace un mes
  • Molly: "Shout out to my family at home with the flu. Hey y'all, it's ya' girl. I'm a sports talk show moderator and stuff."

    H.D. ArmstrongH.D. ArmstrongHace un mes
  • Walter Payton broke the rushing single game rushing record with the flu 😷

    Ray Ray DewittRay Ray DewittHace un mes
  • Facts sas facts Bell on that bs

    rob lennrob lennHace un mes
  • Its like when I was younger and I'd stay home from school because im sick, my parents wouldn't let me go out and play with my friends if I stayed home.. because if I did that, they wouldn't believe I was really sick

    Soph xSoph xHace un mes
  • If I could've been anything growing up it would've been a football player, but, man the politics of being an employee. 😷

    BigMoonShot 2020BigMoonShot 2020Hace un mes
  • With all that money.. Get couple of bowling lanes installed in ur bedroom... 😂😂😂

    Piyush JainPiyush JainHace un mes
  • Molly STFU!

    Janez KlečJanez KlečHace un mes
  • I thought Leveon was a "game changer" stupid analysts

    Z LZ LHace un mes
  • Or have a bowling alley at your house

    al23 16al23 16Hace un mes
  • Can someone tell George Jefferson to STFU forever!?

    kevin daviskevin davisHace un mes
  • The Jets forced him not to play he tried to play TF y'all talking bout?

    Kobebeabb2481Kobebeabb2481Hace un mes
  • Cmon lev stay home get well. O i guess da flu was jus a common cold. Lol. So talented but i think its a gerbil on a wheel n his brain.😂😂😂😂🏈💯

    K Platt Jr.K Platt Jr.Hace un mes
  • Pay me 50 mil and I’ll play with the flu are u kidding

    James SpringerJames SpringerHace un mes
  • Stop telling half the story! He told them he can play, that he is good. They (boss) still sent him home. Okay fine I'll go do something with my family then... no issue with that.

    Antwan EdwardsAntwan EdwardsHace un mes
  • Molly shut up

    Edward CarrollEdward CarrollHace un mes
  • Team told him not to show up to the hotel and you not playing on Sunday GO HOME. Let talk about what's really wrong with the Jets if Adam Gates called good plays Bell would actually have decent number or was an average coach the Jets would won a bit more game.

    Tavares PriceTavares PriceHace un mes
  • When ruled out bowl with no doubt 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    jacob romerojacob romeroHace un mes
  • Le'veon Bell is a fucking joke seriously I mean why go to the jets poor work ethic honestly 🤦

    tyler moseleytyler moseleyHace un mes
  • The jets didn’t “let” him off. They told him to go. They didn’t want him in the locker room sick.

    Joseph WilliamsJoseph WilliamsHace un mes
  • A bowling 🎳 alley not in a building?

    andre johnsonandre johnsonHace un mes

    andre johnsonandre johnsonHace un mes
  • But Stephen A is cool with the Patriots cheating tho...STFU

    King MorrisonKing MorrisonHace un mes
  • First of all if you have the flu you can't even get to the kitchen, leave alone bowling. Second, there is or there should be a value called decorum that would keep a millionaire athlete from going bowling in public as he is ruled out with the flu.

    ElephantRageElephantRageHace un mes
  • I do appreciate SAS liking Bell enough to hold him to a leader caliber standard.

    Edward SmithEdward SmithHace un mes
  • If he tried to play and the team tells him no, then that's on the Jets. He doesn't have to stay home especially considering he had family in town to see him play.

    Brandon LanierBrandon LanierHace un mes
  • It's called load management

    legendary soldierlegendary soldierHace un mes
  • Wow it’s like Bell is an overrated egotistical baby who wasn’t worth the money.

    Josh VirziJosh VirziHace un mes
    • Jean Louis i cant tell if you are agreeing with me or not

      Josh VirziJosh VirziHace un mes
    • bell was never that good, he was a product of the Steelers system, PERIOD....he’s just overpaid and overrated like a lot of players in the NFL....a RB’s best years will be early on because they break down quickly, that’s why the NFL doesn’t like paying them long term and Leveon is proving them right

      Jean LouisJean LouisHace un mes
  • Molly makes the show unwatchable at times

    nbalive2408nbalive2408Hace un mes
  • At least no the facts FIRST he was told to stay away

    K GrantK GrantHace un mes
  • It's the opposite. You should be sick at home keeping your germs to yourself.

    Russell MondyRussell MondyHace un mes
  • Molly talk to much man smh

    Wes DanielsWes DanielsHace un mes
  • Steven always have a problem with back men!!! Not surprised!!!! Co•owning at its best. Good boy! Now go tell massa that!!!!!

    All MuscleAll MuscleHace un mes
  • He showed exactly why you don’t pay a running back

    ChristopherChristopherHace un mes
    • Facts, bell was never that good, he was a product of the Steelers system, PERIOD....he’s just overpaid and overrated like a lot of players in the NFL....a RB’s best years will be early on because they break down quickly, that’s why the NFL doesn’t like paying them long term and Leveon is proving them right

      Jean LouisJean LouisHace un mes
  • Somebody please give Molly the flu so she can stop interrupting Stephen and Max!!!

    Lorenzo SpencerLorenzo SpencerHace un mes