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In this video, Julie and I try Teds Footlong, Bacon Cheeseburger and Onion Rings for the very first time!!!
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When Greek immigrant Theodore Spiro Liaros came to America in 1913, his pockets were empty and he didn’t know a word of English. Though he had energy and optimism to spare, there was little reason to suspect that he would one day establish one of Western New York’s most beloved traditions. Ted, as he came to be known, invested years of hard work in a variety of business ventures, including a horse drawn hot dog cart that he operated in a park on Buffalo’s West Side, in close proximity to the construction site of the new Peace Bridge. The sister of the construction site’s foreman was using a tiny nearby tool shed to sell sandwiches to the workers and passersby. When the bridge was finished in 1927, she offered to sell the shack to Ted.
By today’s standards, her $100 asking price is pocket change, but to a poor, struggling immigrant in those days, it represented quite a risk. Nonetheless, Ted made that investment, opening his first hot dog stand at the foot of Massachusetts Avenue under the newly constructed Peace Bridge.
Ted’s son Spiro reminisces about the early days in that first building, “That little shack was held together by forty coats of paint. When the trains went by, the whole place shook! Back then, you could get a hot dog and a drink for $0.22. No sales tax, no cash registers. We just served the food and kept the money in cigar boxes. Those were much simpler times.”
In 1948, Ted’s opened its second location on Sheridan Drive in the Town of Tonawanda, which remains part of the Ted’s family today. Though several hot dog stands also sprang up in the area, only one captured the hearts and satisfied the appetites of local diners.
As Western New Yorkers’ love affair with Ted’s grew, so too did the business, with more restaurants opening across the area and new items added to the menu to complement the charcoal broiled hot dogs, handmade onion rings and real milkshakes. Over time, new generations of customers came to savor the flavors and atmosphere of Ted’s.
Today, 89 years after first opening its doors, the family owned and operated business has grown to nine locations across Western New York, our Charcoal Chariot Food Truck and one location in Tempe, Arizona.
The principles that were set in 1927 by Ted, continue to be the foundation of the company today. Serving the highest quality food, cooked to order, in a clean and friendly atmosphere over the last 89 years has made Ted's a Western New York AND Tempe, Arizona tradition - one that will continue for generations to come.




  • Looks like a great dog! Not too many hot dog joints here. And usually they are sub par..

    Lior NachmiasLior NachmiasHace 3 años
  • love me a good dog!

    It's Only Food w/Chef John PolitteIt's Only Food w/Chef John PolitteHace 3 años
    • thats what she said

      It's Only Food w/Chef John PolitteIt's Only Food w/Chef John PolitteHace 3 años
    • Pretty awesome dogs John - Although not as thick as we are accustomed to!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • we need a In N Out burger location in new York ! u ever been there ? ps if you ever venture into queens New park Pizza & Sapienza bagel/deli is a must ! check the yelp site and many agree with me ! have a great holiday weekend !

    MajorMomentMediaMajorMomentMediaHace 3 años
    • No, never been there - But would like to try it for sure! Thanks very much for the tip - Stay Hungry and have a awesome weekend buddy!!!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • julies going to take a bite of the footlong. its so big she says. something this dude has never heard..

    umbrela ramboumbrela ramboHace 3 años
    • Thanks for watching - LOL

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • Nice one Joe!

    Russell WitkemperRussell WitkemperHace 3 años
    • Thanks very much Russ

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • Great dual review buddy! looks great!

    WilsonEatsASMRWilsonEatsASMRHace 3 años
    • Thanks buddy! Much appreciated!!!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • Everything looked really good

    jason callanjason callanHace 3 años
    • Thanks Jason!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • i enjoy you;re vids mate keep up the work even if you dont get famous you make some people smile like me;)

    Jordan GoltzJordan GoltzHace 3 años
    • Your the best Jordan - thanks very much for your encouraging comment!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • i love all of youre videos dude i rlly like it to watch them pls keep up greetings from Ger i didnt forget that i want to sent you some german stuff haha sry 4 english

    Virus exeVirus exeHace 3 años
    • +JKMCraveTV oh yeah pls do that Leberkäse is very delicious :)))

      Virus exeVirus exeHace 3 años
    • Sehr GUT!!!! I may do a review of some Leberkasse we can get here at the German Butcher

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • Great review! I cant wait for the next! You should do drug reviews!

    GhewokGhewokHace 3 años
    • Thanks for the comment! Food is my drug my friend - LOL

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
    • Haha

      Lachlan FarahLachlan FarahHace 3 años
  • the bacon looks 60% fat

    Gordon 2000Gordon 2000Hace 3 años
  • Great opening Joe!...was this place out of town...looks like you and Julie in a motel room somewhere..also the restaurant was a bit reminiscent of the old and fabled Jolly Rogers in Bethpage!

    daniel lackdaniel lackHace 3 años
    • Sounds great Bob - We loved Buffalo - Will be heading up in October for family weekend!!! Love your videos Brother!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
    • Buffalo has some good sausage and hot dog places, you should try Camellia's sausages, the best Buffalo sausages I ever ate, if you're in the Buffalo area you can find them all over Buffalo and at Tops markets, Toronto has some good foot long hot dogs by street vendors too

      Food DipFood DipHace 3 años
    • Hi Dan this was shot in Buffalo NY

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • definitely on the road food bucket list for sure!

    Goodi2shoozGoodi2shoozHace 3 años
    • It was really great Jane!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • Great review!!!

    The Showstopper ShowsThe Showstopper ShowsHace 3 años
    • Thanks for watching buddy!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • great review!!!

    ossieossieHace 3 años
    • Thanks Matey!!!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
  • yay!!!!!!!! I loved this!!! that looked like the location on Sheridan dr or Niagara falls boulevard ha, I could be wrong but those are the ones we always go to, im so happy you liked everything!! i always get my hotdogs super charred at teds, not to the point to where they're totally black but, a lot o char'

    kitty friendkitty friendHace 3 años
    • Thanks for watching guys!!!

      JKMCraveTVJKMCraveTVHace 3 años
    • I still love those camellia sausages from Buffalo, that's so good! Especially the hot ones made from beef

      Food DipFood DipHace 3 años
    • ha, yeah i was right ... that's so cool!!!

      kitty friendkitty friendHace 3 años
  • Awesome review Joe

    Joshua PallaskeJoshua PallaskeHace 3 años