THE BOX - Roddy Ricch Dance Choreography | Matt Steffanina & Josh Killacky

Congrats to Roddy Ricch for The Box hitting #1!! Posted a tutorial for this dance for you guys!
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Song: The Box - Roddy Ricch
Choreography by: Matt Steffanina & Josh Killacky
Filmed by: Ryan Parma
Location: Studio V
Featuring: Bailey Sok, Nicole Laeno, Tati McQuay, Amanda Lacount, Sage Rosen, Helene, Jadyn Hernandez, Mia Muggs
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Matt Steffanina is a hip hop dance choreographer, DJ and producer from Los Angeles, CA. He's worked with pop and hip hop artists such as Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, and appeared on shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Ellen, The Tonight Show & Step Up. Whether you’re into learning or watching dance choreography, there’s a special playlist for you under the Playlists tab. Thanks for watching, supporting, and subscribing!


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  • Bailey and Nicole killed it. Their styles are very different so it was very satisfying watching them dance together. Nicole has a more flowy type of style and Bailey has a poppy style which was cool because I could watch the two different dance styles at the same time

    BAngTaN tEABAngTaN tEAHace 12 horas
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